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How to Clean Meat Thermometer Probe

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If you’re wondering how to clean a probe thermometer, you came to the right place.

Cleaning a meat thermometer isn’t a difficult process, but it does take a bit of caution and attention to detail. So, we’ve listed the four steps that you should take to properly clean your meat thermometer, and we’ve created a list of the ten best tips to keep your meat thermometer in the best shape possible.

The Importance Of Thermometer Probe Wipes

An unclean meat thermometer can produce a few food-safety hazards. So, it’s important to clean your meat thermometer before and after each use, and you want to properly clean it with cleaning wipes between testing different foods.

An unclean thermometer can spread contaminates between different foods. This can cause food poisoning and other food-related illnesses. For instance, if you take the temperature of a pork chop, and then you take the temperature of a medium-rare steak, any microbes or other contaminates in the pork will be transferred to the steak when you take its temperature.

Between each reading, you should use a thermometer wipe to properly wipe the probe.

How To Clean And Sanitize The Thermometer Probe

Here are the four steps that you must take to properly clean your new ThermoPro meat thermometer properly.

Step 1. Wash The Thermometer In Warm Water

Washing your thermometer probe wish warm water will remove any residue that may be on the probe, and it’ll help start the sanitizing process. Continue rinsing the thermometer until fat and other food remnants are visually gone.

Step 2. Sanitize The Thermometer With Alcohol

Once you’ve rinsed the thermometer in warm water, you have to use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to fully sterilize the probe. Be extremely gentle while you apply the alcohol. The probe is very delicate.

Step 3. Rinse The Thermometer

Now, it’s time to rinse any residual alcohol from the thermometer’s probe. A simple rinse with warm water will work just fine.

Step 4. Air Dry The Thermometer

Finally, allow the thermometer to air dry in a clean environment. Do not try to use a towel or anything else to dry it. An hour or so in a clean environment will do the trick.

8 Thermometer Probe Maintenance Tips

Here are eight tips to help you keep your meat thermometer in the best shape possible.

1. Don’t Stab Food

When you’re inserting your thermometer’s probe, don’t try to stab the meat you’re testing. The vast majority of food can easily be penetrated with a gentle push. If you do stab at your food, you’re likely to bend your probe.

2. Avoid Bones

The probe of your thermometer is very sensitive. It can easily penetrate the meat, but bones can bend it. When you’re inserting your thermometer, try to avoid bones at all costs, and be very gentle.

3. Do Not Lift Food With It

Lifting heavier foods with your thermometer will likely bend its tip, and that will ruin its ability to read food properly. You can technically lift lighter foods, but it’s best to just use your thermometer the way it was meant to be used.

4. Do Not Use It As An Ice Pick

Your new meat thermometer might look like a great alternative to an ice pick, but that is definitely not something that we suggest using it as. You’ll destroy the probe.

5. Do Not Pry Or Puncture With It

Your meat thermometer is meant to be inserted into food. Using it to open food packages or any other non-food items can easily break it.

6. Keep It Away From Heat

Your meat thermometer is meant to take the temperature of hot food items, but it can’t withstand direct flames or other high temperatures. Never allow the thermometer probe to come into contact with fire or extreme heat, and never let the thermometer’s temperature surpass its reading limit.

keep away from heat

7. Don’t Lift It Buy Its Probe

The probe is delicate. When you go to handle your meat thermometer, only lift it by its handle. Lifting it by the probe can easily bend it.

8. Watch The Pins

When you plug your meat thermometer in, you’ll notice a series of pins that are used to connect it to its base. Do not allow those pins to bend, or it won’t be able to connect properly.

The probe of the thermometer can safely be submerged in liquid that doesn’t exceed its temperature limit, but you should never allow the handle to be submerged. The handle houses electronic parts that aren’t waterproof, and submerging it will break it.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to clean the thermometer probe, you’re ready to start accurately reading all of your favorite foods. Properly cleaning it will allow you to safely read the temperature of any food you may be cooking, and it’s something we recommend doing every time you try to use your thermometer.

We recommend buying some wipes specifically meant for sanitizing meat thermometers to make the process even easier.

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