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ThermoPro TP06

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Digital Meat Thermometer

  • Backlit LCD display】: Professional digital meat thermometer with timer mode and colored light system for party festival holidays to show your perfect culinary skill.
  • Easy to set up & 9 Preset modes】: Bbq thermometer with preset temperatures for 9 types of meat and their various doneness levels recommended by USDA; all of the preset temps can be reset to your desired tastes.
  • Built-in timer】: Smoker food thermometer with count-up and countdown timer ability up to 23 hours, 59 minutes to monitor both cooking temperature and time, so you never overcook your food.
  • Highly accurate & Wide temperature range】: Grilling oven thermometer with 40″ Durable food-grade stainless steel probe with STEP-DOWN tip design to get temperature more precisely and quickly; probe wires are Rated for 716°f.
  • User-friendly & Easy to monitor】: Our intuitively designed probe thermometer allows for you to see both the meat cooking thermometer mode and countdown timer mode on the display without having to press a button to rotate between both modes.
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ThermoPro TP-06S use with any cooking application

ThermoPro TP06S Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer for Smoker Oven Grill

ThermoPro digital thermometer is so versatile, accurate and efficient when it comes to assisting with the cooking process. Cooking thermometer with a highly accurate sensor and a broad temperature range allows for you to cook any type of meat you desire. With the large, smart backlit LCD display that switches color during the cooking process and an alarm that sounds when your meat is cooked to perfection, you’ll never under cook or overcook your meat again!

ThermoPro TP-06S preset temperatures for different meats

If you’re not an experienced cook, we’ve got you covered as our unit includes preset temperatures for different meats at different doneness levels. You no longer need to remember the correct temperatures for every different type of meat. Just select a preset temperature and Cook Like a Pro!

Programmed with preset USDA approved temperatures for different types of meat (Ground Beef, Ground Poultry, Beef, Veal, Chicken, Pork, Poultry, Lamb and Fish)

Programmed with preset doneness levels for a different types of meat (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well and Well Done)

Prefer your own desired temp? can also set it manually!

ThermoPro TP-06S Package


  • Temperature Range: 16 to 482°F (-9 to 250°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
  • Resolution: 1°
  • Probe Length: 6.5″ food grade stainless steel probe
  • Cable Length: 40″ stainless steel mesh cable
  • LCD Display Size: 1.5×1.3 inches (39×34 mm)
  • Uses: BBQ Grill Oven Smoker Candy Food Meat Thermometer

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Digital Thermometer
  • 1 x Food Temperature Probe
  • 2 x AAA battery
  • 1 x Manual

Probe sesnor with a high accuracy of ±1.8°F/1°C, and a wide temperature range from 16 to 482°F (-9 to 250°C), plus a durable probe wire that can withstand up to 716°F (380°C), allowing you to cook any type of meat with mouth watering results.

No need to set or purchase another timer as the thermometer features a timer function which will keep track of all your vegetable side dishes while still monitoring your meat temperature.

The timer can be used not only in the kitchen, but also for homework, exercise, games and more.

  • Count Up Timer: 23hr 59min
  • Countdown Timer: 23hr 59min or 99min 59s
Smart Backlight & Alarm

Large, back-lit LCD display changes color during the cooking process to act as a visual aid to inform you of the food’s temp. Cooking thermometer will also flash and beep when the current temperature reaches the set temperature.

  • Turns Blue: When the temperature rises by 10˚F
  • Turns Green: When the temperature is within 15˚F of the set temp
  • Turns Red: When the temperature reaches the set temperature

104 reviews for ThermoPro TP06

  1. Raymond Turner

    can this be used as a replacement transmitter for the tp-20s

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, this cannot be used as a replacement transmitter for the TP20.

      If you are experiencing issues with your device, please contact our service team at for assistance.

  2. Alana

    I have only used it a few times as I just got it It is very accurate and seems to be very durable I would recommend it totally

  3. Karl Thulin

    Cooked great meat with this product, functions as advertised

  4. Alejandrina Pouk

    This is truly the best thermometer I’ve ever owned. Simple to use. Accurate. Great quality. I’m extremely please with this product!

  5. Johnetta Moppin

    You can cook a steak, roast chicken, whatever perfectly. I don’t agree with the temps they recommended
    for beef but if you use the standard temps published almost anywhere else it works perfectly. As an example
    the instructions and the built in recommendations say 140 for medium rare. 125 then let it rest is more accurate.

  6. Patrick Guthrie

    Works as it should, very nice for the price.

  7. Steven Kalandek


  8. Matthew Ortlieb


  9. Senaida Mullet

    Great.Easy to use, very versatile, and accurate, used to cook beef and med is med. I use on my grill and in the oven in my home. Great in both places.

  10. Adolfo Satawa

    Very accurate thermometer. The first thing I did was check it against a calibrated thermometer. It was within a degree throught its heat range. I had a problem and the company was more than willing to fix it months after purchase. I learned it has a year warranty. I wish it had a magnet, other than that it is really nice.

  11. Loan Denski

    this really works well

  12. Darron Goffigan

    I like this item a lot. it does exactly what I need, makes it easy to know when my meats are near the recommended temperature.

  13. Catrice Holbein

    I love this thing. If you treat the probe cord nicely it will last a long time, but they offer replacement probes and the customer service is great.

  14. Eduardo Hagene

    I just received this a few days ago. I love the cover on the unit. to protect it from falls I used it Sunday cooking hamburgers and it worked just great. I preset temp for grnd burger which was 160 med. They were perfect. I think it will work great for cooking briskets too, which will take place this weekend. I will let you know.

  15. Priscilla Greig

    This is best meat thermometer I have ever owned. It gives you several types of meats to choose from and also allows you to set a timer. I think for me the best part is that it has a background that changes color as you get closer to your desired temperature. It makes grilling, cooking and any other uses that,much easier.

  16. Terrance Hipple

    Work as described.Love it.

  17. Sherley Kallen

    Held temperature entire smoke. Stuck it in some wings followed up by a full smoker of elk jerky and it did it is job flawlessly. Would love to try out the wireless model down the road. Very easy to use, shoot I did not even read the owners manual. Must have for any smoker/bbq king

  18. Jody Mcgrann

    Excellent! My brother bought one and I liked the color and the price so I purchased one too. As someone who cooks a lot, I never really found a thermometer which was not problematic until this one! Highly recommend it, works beautifully and color-codes at the end to let you know your nearing the selected temp!

  19. Dion Kutsch

    Easy to program and read. Makes tracking temperature while smoking so much easiest!

  20. Zenia Hospkins

    I like how easy it is to use and has clear instructions.

  21. Tracey Michaelsen

    Used it only couple of times but works great! Can not believe I have been grilling, baking without this all this time. The meat is cooked perfectly if you follow the suggested temperature. Easy to set up.

  22. Cher Ledford

    Arrived, packaging looked fine. I was anxious to receive this digital thermometer, w/ probe. Very nice, professional looking product, display and user interface. Intuitive operation, functions as I expect, still checked the manual just to look for anything I was missing.

  23. Carson Creitz

    Looks great,works grea

  24. Maira Gauthreaux

    I have really enjoyed the ThermoPro TP06S Upgraded Version Digital Single Probe Kitchen Cooking Meat Thermometer. It was an excellent investment. I bought this item to smoke my first brisket and it was very handy and accurate. The probe itself was easy to insert into the meat and the cord was able to withstand the heat of the smoker. I would definitely recommend this to all cooks!

  25. Rudolph Hollinghurst

    Easy to use and very accurate. The alarm is very noticeable.

  26. Ellamae Maillard

    Thermometer works well. Has nice features on it. After 10 months of use, it did start to read wrong but I emailed the company and they sent me a whole new unit for free. Great costumer service! Best seller

  27. Sandy Noakes

    These are about the most reliable ones I have used.

  28. Rachael Killough

    The ThermoPro TP06S Digital Grill Meat Thermometer, sold through, by iTronics

  29. Alphonse Dubrock

    Product overall it is a good device to use in the prevention of food borne illness. For the correctional environment it is an excellent device to use.

  30. Mario Rados

    Very easy to use. Accurate readings. I would recommend for anyone

  31. Dewey Jaurigui

    It is easy to use, has a large display and works well. I did develop an issue with mine and I want to give kudos to iTronics for their customer service. I started experiencing some temperature issues with mine and did some testing. I determined it was a malfunctioning probe. I reached out to iTronics and they quickly offered me a new probe. When a company stands behind its product like they did you can not go wrong.

  32. Blake Polcovich

    works good

  33. Dong Kauffeld

    Probe works wonderfully and it is preset temp controls for completeness of cooking is great! Easy to use.

  34. Britta Mathers

    Very pleased with this thermometer. Excellent quality all around. Very easy to operate the functions. Highly recommend this product.

  35. Toby Dilly

    I have this Thermometer for about 7 months and it works great, I have used it with different types of roasts, like whole chicken, pork roast, pork ribs, picanha (top sirlon roast) and the result has been excellent.

  36. Terese Callaham

    Very happy with this product. I bought a new smoker and have smoked several things now. I have used the temp probe with the temp alarm set and I have used the timer function. It is simple to use and works great.

  37. Laurence Kushiner

    Very easy to use

  38. Royce Gedney

    When I first got the unit in May I really liked it. As an Instrumentation Technician, the first thing I did was check calibration of the unit; it was very accurate.

  39. Dana Breland

    Great purchase for the price. It has made cooking a breeze. I put it in the oven and walk away. easy to use.

  40. Nona Peels

    Used it once so far and seems to work great.

  41. Gil Pribbenow

    Excellent product and service,good seller

  42. Darline Frink

    Works great thermometer. Very accurate!

  43. Elton Nierer

    Tthe high temperature readings to be consistent and the food no longer overcooked. Very fast temperature measurement. Probe and cable seem very well made. Would highly recommend!

  44. Glory Giberson

    Five Stars Prime Rib perfect!

  45. Lorenzo Stinchcomb

    Works well! I am always afraid of undercooking chicken and overcooking steak. This makes it easy to tell when they are done.

  46. Tristan Corke

    Wish I had gotten this sooner. It is a big help with cooking and very easy to use. If you do lots of grilling especially with larger cuts if meat, I recommend this. I like that it stands on its own and that the probe detaches for easy cleaning.

  47. Isiah Bottom

    I have used the product several times, it is very accurate, it has a lot of options for different cuts of meat,it alerts you when the set temperature is reach etc… (Recommended)

  48. Adell Idemoto

    Great product! Offers a lot of options and the price is great.

  49. Loren Nevison

    Great product very accurate

  50. Phyliss Taylar

    Excellent product

  51. Brian Hiday

    Easy to use and worked great

  52. Erlinda Westover

    works perfectly, cable is definitely long enough, easy to operate. I use it with my charcoal grill and used it with my stove to cook my meatloaf to a perfect 160 degrees instead of using the stove timer.

  53. Alfonso Minniefield

    This product works great and is very easy to use.

  54. Jenise Dilox

    Not sure how I even grilled without one. Perfect to make sure you dont overcook pork and chicken. Havent used inside the kitchen but imagine it would be good there too.

  55. Winston Ziemba

    this was bought as a gift for family and they are very happy with it is performance.

  56. Marhta Cohenour

    Used it yesterday to roast an Easter lamb, worked perfectly;Accuracy

  57. Deon Mackillop

    This is a great probe thermometer! The display is easy to read and the color coding makes it easy to see even from inside if you are using it on your grill.

  58. Marcene Huettman

    ThermpoPro TP06S Works Great and very accurate.

  59. Fabian Burgy

    Works great thus far. Cable a touch short, but works for my stove to counter distance thus far.Fast shipping

  60. Alene Maya

    Excellent accurate thermometer.

  61. Hugh Bispham

    I like the display features, works great, glad I purchased it!

  62. Yesenia Messler

    This is a fantastik thermometer.The display flashes Blue until you near your programmed temperature.Then the display flashes Green when you get within 15 degrees of your set temp.When you reach your programmed temp, it flashes Red and the alarm sounds…

  63. Herman Barninger

    Great-use this every week in my smoker!

  64. Marcelene Flad

    We used this for our cold smoker. It worked great and the timer was a definite plus.

  65. German Jimenes

    Works as advertised. I like the pop out stand that allows me to keep it upright on the grill for easy reading. Very easy to program.

  66. Mavis Dieng

    Love this gadget! Will be buying a second one so we do not have to carry ours from the house to the camper!

  67. Abel Doughty

    Easy to use and very durable!

  68. Le Landazuri

    I have used it once for tri-tip and once for steaks. I have not used for BBQ yet but so far so good. More reliable than using only a timer.I had a major flair up that damaged the probe. Itronics is sending me a new probe. Great customer service.

  69. Giuseppe Wiggers

    We are very pleased with this product. We have already used it three times and is holds up well and seems very accurate. Would absolutely recommend it to others.

  70. Tami Andy

    Product works great!!

  71. Carol Wallander

    Extremely pleased with this digital thermometer. It also is very easy to use and does its job well.

  72. Lory Leef

    Worked perfectly

  73. Tory Emano

    With this thermometer I was able to insert the probe in the middle of the roast, set the temperature maximum to my desired temp., and walk away awaiting the alarm. I was very impressed with my roast, and with the thermometer. It does what it is made for, and seems very well built.

  74. Camille Mulanax

    Work as described.Love it.

  75. Kraig Mattler

    Works better than others with more bells whistles and cost. Love it

  76. Trang Goth

    Works great.

  77. Nestor Weatherwax

    easy to operate.

  78. Oretha Schaper

    I like this thermometer. You select the meat, desired temperature and it tells you when it is done. The colored led screen gives constant updates aids you in timing for the rest of the dishes in your meal. My favorite feature of this thermometer over regular over thermometers is that I do not have to constantly open the oven to check the temperature.

  79. Alfonzo Vandewater

    Love it.

  80. Mirta Nead

    It is a gift, so we have not used it yet. It looks very heavy duty and nice though, especially for the price.

  81. Dave Goedde

    Works precisely asvertised.

  82. Althea Mantuano

    A great kitchen help.

  83. Everett Malave

    This is a great thermometer for the smoker, I bet we have used it 15 times already and the meat is always cooked perfectly.. I would have given it 5 stars.

  84. Dina Cash

    Works well in pork hind quarters both dead and alive.

  85. Conrad Siebenaler

    it worka great!

  86. Kathyrn Kraner


  87. Stuart Anes

    I use this in the making of cheese.The ability to set a temp for the alarm to go off is just awesome. It makes so I can leave the room for short periods.Love it!

  88. Jaime Granby

    I love this product! The color display is really handy when you are doing other things while cooking. Also love how you can set the temp to how you like your meat prepared and it actually works every time. I would recommend to anyone.

  89. Gino Reagans

    Love this probe! Makes baking and grilling a breeze! more constantly opening the oven door to check oven temptures…

  90. Corrinne Fellenbaum

    We love the way this thermometer lets you select the type of meat . The therometer we had only gauged the temperature and I was constantly having to look up the temp of each meat we were cooking. This is a great product!!

  91. Galen Mallory

    Is better than expected

  92. Trudi Rittie

    Absolutely met my expectations. Love it. Especially great for the grilling we do. Would recommend to family and friends. Seller was awesome!

  93. Monte Caspersen

    I have used this a couple of time now and everything works exactly how it is suppose to work with no problems.

  94. Lonna Scoleri

    a helpful tool in the kitchen.

  95. Gino Godbold

    Very accurate thermometer. The first thing I did was check it against a calibrated thermometer. It was within a degree throught its heat range. I had a problem and the company was more than willing to fix it months after purchase. I learned it has a year warranty.Use well

  96. Maryam Gregus

    Very easy to use and provides accurate temp read outs. The presets are really helpful and the color changing screen is a really cool feature. Very satisfied with this purchase.

  97. Graig Gasquet

    Great with the changing color to let you know things are almost done.

  98. Mindy Bresemann

    I just finished a Beef Brisket on the smoker. I used the ThermoPro TP-06 to monitor my internal temperature during the smoke. I was very happy with the display and its accuracy. The brisket turned out incredible. I have followed several BBQ masters direction on cooking the brisket and it turned out EXCELLENT following their directions to cook to temperature. I look forward to my next project on the smoker.

  99. Lou Sjoquist

    Received thermometer yesterday and used it right away. Worked great. Would highly reccomend.

  100. Daniella Brohn

    Product works perfectly!!

  101. Claude Kirkley

    I used it straight out of the box to cook a rare prime rib roast. The operation was simple and straight forward. The alarm was loud enough for me to hear it in the living room. Most importantly, the temperature was spot on. It was cooked perfectly.

  102. Tiffaney Cirillo

    Very easy to program.

  103. Shon Tursi

    This probe works great. It is a bit cold for barbecuing but I have used it with my oven and I am very happy with it.

  104. Roberta Swiggum

    Super… It takes the guess work away….

  105. Jeramy Becherer

    Easy to use & very durable!

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TP-06B Specification

Temperature Range

14to 572˚F (-10 to 300˚C)


±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±1.5%

Refresh rate

4 second

Sensor Type


Wire Probe

Total length: 47 inches (1200mm)

Probe length: 6 inches (155.5mm) 


LCD, 1 9⁄16 Length x 1 3⁄8 Width inches (39.5 L x 34.5 W mm)



Unit Size

2 11⁄16 Length x 4 15⁄16 Width x 1 1⁄8 Height inches (68.0L x125.5W x 28.0H mm)


3.0V (2 x AAA batteries)


Instruction Manual

Key Definition

ThermoPro TP-06 Key Definition

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)  Displays all icons, temperature and timer. The back light will flash Blue once the temperature increases 10ºF, will change to Green when the temperature is within 15ºF of the set temperature and will turn Red when it reaches the set temperature. See LCD diagram for detailed information. CLIP – Battery compartment clip. Sensor socket – Probe cable outlet hole. BATTERY COMPARTMENT–  Holds 2 AAA batteries.



  1. MODE – Press to select thermometer or timer mode.
  2. HR – In timer mode, press to set hour. Press & hold for 2 seconds, the hours will increase 10 hours per second. In thermometer mode, press to increase the temperature value. Press & hold for 2 seconds, the temperature value will increase 10 degrees per second.
  3. ON-OFF/ºF-ºC</strong> – Press and hold it for 2 seconds to turn on/off the unit. In thermometer mode press to select temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  4. MIN – In timer mode, press to set minutes. Press & hold for 2 seconds, the minutes will increase 10 minutes per second. In thermometer mode, press to decrease the temperature value. Press & hold for 2 seconds, the temperature value will decrease 10 degrees per second.
  5. MEAT – In thermometer mode, press to select meat type, PROG (program), GBEEF (ground beef), GPOUL (ground poultry) , BEEF, VEAL, CHCKE (chicken), PORK, POULT (poultry) , LAMB & FISH. In Timer mode switches between hour/minute timer to a minute/second timer and back.
  6. START STOP – In timer mode, press to start or stop the timer.
  7. TASTE – In thermometer mode, select the meat taste level, RARE, MED RARE, MEDIUM, MED WELL and WELL DONE.

    Installing Batteries

    Open the battery compartment and insert two AAA batteries with correct polarity.

    Turn On/Off The Unit

    Press and hold ‘ºC/ºF/ starter u201d for 2 seconds to turn on/off the unit.

    Using the Timer

    Count down

    1. Press MODE to select timer mode. The upper display will show a small TIMER and 0:00.
    2. Press HR and MIN button to set the timer. Press START/ STOP button to start countdown. “▼” will blink for every second.
    3. To stop the countdown process, press START/STOP button. The “▼” becomes solid.
    4. Press HR & MIN buttons together to clear the setting back to 0:00.

      Note: The minimum setting for the timer is 1 minute. When the timer counts down below 1 hour 1:00 the display will change to 59’59’ display advising 59 minutes 59 seconds. The seconds will be shown counting down then. When the countdown reaches 0’00’ the timer starts counting up and it will beep for 60 seconds. The timer and “▼▲” will blink. Press the START/STOP button to stop beeping. When the count up reaches 23:59:59 (59 seconds are not displayed) the display will turn to 0:00, the unit beeps and “▼▲” will blink for 60 seconds. Count up

      1. Press MODE to select timer mode. The upper display will show a small TIMER and 0:00.
      2. Press START/STOP button to start count up. The “▲” will blink for every second.
      3. To stop the count up process, press START/STOP button. The“▲” becomes solid. Press CLEAR button to clear the setting back to 0:00.
      4. Cautions

        • Always wear a heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. Do not touch with bare hands.
        • Keep the stainless steel probe sensor and wire away from children.
        • Not Intended for Use by Persons ages 12 and Under.
        • Clean the stainless steel probe and dry thoroughly after each and every use.
        • Do not immerse the probe or wire in water. Use a damp, soapy cloth to Clean.
        • Do not expose the plug of the stainless steel probe or the plug in hole of the transmitter to water or any liquid. This will result in a bad connection and faulty readings.
        • Do not expose the unit to direct heat or surface.
        • Do not use stainless steel probe in microwave oven.


          • Always wear a heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. Do not touch with bare hands.
          • Keep the stainless steel probe sensor and wire away from children.
          • Wash the metal probe tip with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Do not immerse the probe in water while cleaning.
          • Wipe the transmitter and receiver with damp cloth. Do not immerse either in water.


Question: How does the 40 inches length work out, it is adequate? im going to be reviewing TWO of these soon as I  recieve them….and compare the two models?

Answer: Hello Jame, We believe the 40 inches length to be adequate for most kitchen/bbq applications but we’re actually designing probes that offer a longer length. At the moment, we’re around 3 feet but we’re releasing a cable that allows for 6 feet.

Question: Does this have a power button, or do you have to remove the batteries to shut down?

Answer: Yes there is a power button, I would look for something else, this thermometer isn’t very good.

Question: Can you choose your own temperature? Some thermometers I checked have presets and I need to set my own sometimes?

Answer:  Yes, I have used it for all types of food and even to check the temp of the oil when frying. If you just turn it on and let it sit out it will tell the temp. in the room.

Question: What does countdown timer mean, exactly?

Answer: Hello PeaSnap, The countdown timer lets you an alarm to beep after a certain amount of minutes.

Product Comparison

Product Info
thermopro product

ThermoPro TP06

ThermoPro TP-04 Thermometer Front View Probe Cord Attached

ThermoPro TP04

ThermoPro TP-16S Digital Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP16S

thermopro product

ThermoPro TP07

Price $19.99 $19.99 $14.99 $14.99 $21.99 $21.99 $29.99 $29.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Backlight display Yes No Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No No No
Calibration feature - No No No
High low temperature alarms High High Both High
Lock function - - - No
Mobile app No No No No
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe quantity 1 1 1 1
Range - - - 300ft
Remote No No No Yes
Taste settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof

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