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7 Easy Grilling Tips for Vegetarians

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Finally, the weekend is approaching, and everyone is getting ready for outdoor grilling. Well, outdoor grilling is fun. The bright sunny afternoon where everybody gathers, have some beer and chill. That’s what we expect our weekends to be like. However, to grill perfect vegetables, you must know some of the hacks to grill your food like a pro, and it makes sense to use a ThermoPro Food thermometer while grilling. The thermometer lets you grill all your veggie dishes in the right temperature to neither overcook it or undercook it.

Well, since we know that you want to become a grilling master, we have prepared 7 tips to grill vegetables like a pro. Want to know how then read on!

It’s time to say goodbye to the meat and say hello to some lip-smacking veggies. The advantage of grilling vegetables is that they grill quick and yes, they are delicious. Use a ThermoPro Food Thermometer to quickly check the temperature and get your food ready in no time! Unlike chicken or steak, vegetables will not take a lot of time to get grilled. Now, that’s good news.

7 Super Easy Tips for Grilling Vegetables

Tip 1. Use good quality oil and lightly oil the vegetables

oil the vegetables
Vegetables can quickly lose its moisture once grilled, therefore to retain its moisture, coat some oil on all the vegetables. Don’t use a lot, though. You just need a little not to make the veggies go dry. You will surely not like to have your veggies completely drenched in oil.

Tip 2. Season well and marinate the veggies well

Right after oiling your vegetables, the next thing to do is seasoning them. Everyone likes delicious and flavourful grilled veggies. So, season them well and let it soak all the seasoning for at least an hour or so. Once you feel that the veggies have soaked in oil and seasonings properly, take them out and start putting the vegetables on the griller one by one.

Tip 3. Cooking time is important

Here’s the thing, there are a few vegetables which will be grilled in just a minute or two, whereas others will take some extra time. For instance, dense potatoes will take the longest to cook, but thin asparagus will be done the quickest.  Don’t use too-high heat because it will char them on the outside while the inside will remain raw. So, the best thing to do is to sear vegetables over high heat for a few minutes or seconds depending on the vegetable you are using and let them cook in the cooler part of the grill.

Tip 4. Want to grill small vegetables, use a skewer or a grill basket

If you want to grill some tasty cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini, then the smart thing to do is to grill them using either a skewer or a grill basket. You don’t want them to fall or roll through the grate. Now, if you don’t have a grill basket, then use a heavy-duty foil, fold the 24-inch long piece of foil paper in half, fold the sides of the foil to give it a basket look and there you go! Your homemade grill basket is ready.

Tip 5. Want to cook quick? Cut small pieces

cut vegetable to small pieces
This is probably the most useful tip that will save you a lot of time on your cooking. Use smaller pieces of vegetables to grill your veggies. Smaller pieces look delightful and they are easy to eat as well. Probably few of your guests are hungry and the delightful smell of grilled food is making them drool. So, cut vegetables like eggplants, potatoes, onions, and more in round shapes. Don’t forget to use the ThermoPro Food Thermometer to know precisely when to take out the veggies from the grill. Since these vegetables will be cut in smaller pieces, you must be alert and not burn them off.

Tip 6. Thinking of grilling dense veggie? Use cooking packets

If you are grilling dense vegetables, for example, corns, carrots, potatoes, and other root vegetables, then use cooking packets. Dense vegetables like these take a good amount of time to get prepared. And when everyone starts coming, you hardly get time to speak to your guests. So, pack them in a foil paper and lightly coat them with non-stick cooking spray. Make sure the cooking spray doesn’t touch the food though. Foil the veggies all over and pinch the sides. Cover the grill, and your vegetables should be ready within 12 to 15 minutes.

Tip 7. Crispy vegetables are the best

For those who like their onions and fennels a bit crispier, let them stay on the griller for a few more minutes. However, don’t let them burn and never leave the site. Thinly sliced vegetables have a high probability to burn faster, therefore keep an eye on your food. Make sure to cut the vegetables evenly to make the dish look presentable.

So, we are done with the tips, sounds exciting right? If yes, then these 20 best and easy veggies to grill will make your Saturday party even more fun!

Veggies, by any means, are not boring at all. Vegetables are full of nutrients, and gladly there are so many of them to try. Plus, even kids love grilled vegetables! Pro bono!

20 Best and Easy Veggies to Grill

Let’s start our list.

Healthy grilled corn

Corn is delicious, they are healthy, and yes, you can grill them easily. Use the right seasoning and please don’t make them too complicated.

Lovely asparagus

Asparagus is so crunchy, serve grilled asparagus for dinner. Your asparagus will be grilled in just three to four minutes.

Grilled Green Beans

Beans are so underrated, but when grilled they are to die for. For seasoning use virgin oil, soy sauce, honey, chili garlic paste, some red pepper flakes, salt and once grilled garnish them with sesame seeds.

Grilled Cheddar Bacon Ranch Corn

Oh my God! Grilled corn topped with cheddar bacon, what else do you need?

Crack corn

Nothing can beat crack corn. Just add some brown sugar, cayenne, salt, pepper, melted butter, and mix them well. Grill the corn for five minutes and coat the corn with this delicious mixture.

Grilled Cauliflower

And you thought the only steak tastes better?

Kids will love these grilled brussels sprouts

This is what you need, some brussels sprouts, mix them with extra-virgin olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar, red pepper flakes for the punch, salt, grainy mustard, and once grilled garnish the dish with parmesan. So good!

Grilled corn but a bit spicy

Grill the corn for five minutes and coat them with sweet chilli sauce, melted butter, sriracha, finely chopped cloves, few drops of lime, salt, black pepper and garnish the grilled corn with cilantro. Serve piping hot.

Grilled Zucchini

It’s summer, and all you need is some grilled zucchinis

Low Carb Caesar Grilled Asparagus

Just some honey, salt, extra-virgin olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice, some honey mustard, chopped garlic, and mayonnaise on the asparagus. And your dinner is served.

Grilled Caser wedge

Want to have something light yet super tantalizing, try grilled Romaine caesar wedges.

Grilled zucchini and cauliflower skewers with Feta

Shave zucchini into long strips, throw some seasonings onto it and use a skewer to put one zucchini strip and one cauliflower piece one by one and add some drop of lime juice.

The Mexican street Corn

Forget about the same old way of grilling corn, preheat the griller and grill the corn for ten minutes, now brush some mayonnaise and add chili powder, cilantro, and cotija. Delightful Mexican street corn is ready.

Yummy grilled potatoes

Boil the potatoes and then grill them.

Tenderlicious Grilled Balsamic Vegetables

Want to try an Italian dish? Here’s what you need, onions cut in round, few pieces of zucchini, and bell pepper. Cut the red bell peppers and zucchinis in small pieces. Marinate them extra virgin oil, finely chopped garlic, few drops of balsamic vinegar and parsley to make the dish look attractive.

The must try grilled peppers with goat cheese

For those who want to have a healthy snack, try grilled peppers and fill them with goat cheese. They are super addictive, and we bet you will like to try them again.
Hot tip: Add a dash of lime juice.

Don’t ignore the grilled eggplant bruschetta

If you want to have a low carb dish, then eggplant has to be on your list.

Grilled Mushroom Skewers

It’s summer, and you should make sure to eat your food on skewers. Try garlic grilled mushroom skewers for a hot sunny afternoon brunch.

Grilled fajita vegetable skewers

Use skewers and add as many vegetables as you like to make a healthy fajita. We are already drooling!

A basil vinaigrette delight

Cut the veggies in small pieces, toss them with salt, olive oil, pepper, and the main ingredient basil vinaigrette to get that extra kick.

Get ready for a fun fiesta. Try these essential grilling hacks and easy dishes. Let everyone enjoy and most importantly, just because you will be doing most of the grilling, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy! Sing along, have a good time, and have some delicious grilled food on the menu.

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