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ThermoPro TP03

(320 customer reviews)

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Digital Instant-Read Thermometer

  • Super fast】 Instant reading thermometer with backlight features 3.9 inches food grade stainless steel probe gets temp readout within 3-5 seconds with high precision sensor.
  • Accurate readout】 Cooking thermometer with temp range of -58 ~ 572 degree Fahrenheit (-50 ~ 300 degree Celsius); accurate to ±0.9 degree Fahrenheit; Perfect for indoor outdoor cooking, grilling, BBQ and so on.
  • Easy to use】 Kitchen thermometer with foldable probe design folds away easily and locks into base for portability; Magnetic back and hook allows for convenient storage.
  • Smart design】 Digital meat thermometer will auto shut off if readout stays on for 10 minutes; Powered by AAA battery; batteries included.
  • Backlight display】Grilling thermometer features backlight LCD display to let you see clearly while cooking in the evening, indoors or outdoors.
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ThermoPro TP03 Smart Design for Cooking

ThermoPro: Cook Like A Pro Every Time!

ThermoPro TP-03 is an effective solution to achieve the most accurate temperature in a matter of seconds. The digital kitchen thermometer with a simplistic yet practical design that a push of the button, the foldaway probe will pop open for quick an easy temperature reading, and when you’re done taking the temperature measurement you can fold the probe back in to ensure the probe is kept safe and clean. Don’t sweat powering the food thermometer off as it’s designed to conserve battery power after 10 minutes of no use. The meat thermometer with a backlit LCD display, reading temperatures in your preferred unit of measurement between Celsius or Fahrenheit is a breeze. Stop overcooking or under-cooking your meat and perfect meat temperatures like a professional, ensuring the perfect temp every time you’re grilling or cooking!

CAUTION: The thermometer is designed for temporary, hand held use. Do NOT leave in an oven. Do not leave inserted in extremely hot foods or liquids (anything over 572°F) for more than 1 minute.

ThermoPro TP03 Features:

  • Unique Fast Reading system achieves an accurate temperature reading within 4 – 7 seconds
  • Ultra-clear screen LCD display
  • Foldaway probe is designed for safety and cleanliness
  • STEP-DOWN probe thermometer to get temperature more precisely and quickly
  • Battery power saving design
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit selector
  • Backlight

ThermoPro TP03 Specifications:

  • Temperature Range: -58°F to 572°F (-50°C to 300°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
  • Probe Length: 3.8″ food grade stainless steel probe
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food, Liquid, Milk

ThermoPro TP03 Package Contents:

  • 1 x Digital Thermometer
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x AAA Battery
Executive Chef Guy Mitchell

Used and Recommended By Guest White House Chef, Guy Mitchell

Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best affordable thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

320 reviews for ThermoPro TP03

  1. Wayne Stokes

    I was gifted a TP03 very happy with the ease of use and even the magnet on side which I attach to my grill when using
    Had a problem and customer service replaced it

  2. Ric Donofrio

    I use this thermoPro almost daily over a hot infrared BBQ. It performs very well and and stands up to the intense heat all while taking accurate inner meat temp readings. The unit I purchased started showing a minor problem with the probe coming loose from its hinged mount which required a slight push inward before folding the probe into the body. After a while the probe fell out exposing the wires and as soon as support was notified they offered a free replacement. Now to me that is pride in one’s product and unwavering customer support to make things right.

  3. Bill Vance

    Really like the product … Bought it in 2017 and it needed to be replaced. Customer Service was great… Crazy response time of under ten minutes via eamil.

  4. Robert

    My customer service Rep was very efficient, He stayed with me through my many Mistakes, Recommend Products and service.

  5. Nancy Fowler

    Customer service was great! Quick response and they took care of my issues immediately.

  6. John

    Handy, like that it folds up, quick register

  7. Nick Almeida

    Works well; I had a mechanical issue but it was quickly resolved by the excellent customer service.

  8. Dale

    I like the size, accuracy, and convenient use of the thermometer. I took off points because it broke just before it was a year old. Customer service was so great at replacing the unit that I only took off a single star.

  9. Jim Webb

    Great product and even greater customer service! ThermoPro is the only “Best” instant read thermometer!

  10. Dave

    Didn’t believe it was accurate within 0.9°. It is. Tested on ice water and boiling water.
    Found out one of my deep fry thermometers was off 12°.

  11. Helen

    I ordered one a while back. It was deliverd pretty fast. I love it.. Works womderful up to 400 degrees as far as I know. I used it to check frying oil. Cookies breads brownies pork chops everything. I just am ordering 3 more for zChridtmas Presents. I know my boys and their wives will love it. For the price if it even worked for a couple if years I would order it again. Dont ne fooled by Chinese cheap imatation with sound alike name. Only does meat to 175/200 degrees.

  12. Kathi

    Purchased last month, LED screen only flickers with no read out. I had been very careful with this one as my last thermometer was a Weber and only lasted a couple months. Needlessl to say, very disappointed.

  13. Lacie

    It only lasted a year before the probe pulled out during cleaning. Accurate and handy until then.

  14. Lacie

    It only lasted a year before the probe pulled out during cleaning. Accurate and handy until then.

  15. bstnh1

    It’s fast, but I wouldn’t call it “instant”. It takes a few seconds to get to temp. I checked it in boiling water – spot on at 212.0°. Locks closed and locks fully open, but does not lock at the halfway position which would be handy. All plastic except for the probe itself. Seems like it could be easily damaged if any lateral pressure is put on the probe. For the price, it’s a good deal. Most importantly, it’s accurate!!

  16. Bill

    Size wise, very handy for storage. The display is easy to read. The probe is just the right size to measure all thickness of meat, etc. I would recommend this unit.

  17. Catrice Gillum

    I have been grilling more lately and for peace of mind regarding food safety, it’s good to know the internal temperature of different meats. Previous to this product I used cheap throw away thermometers. So far I’m very happy with my purchase.

  18. Benny Jira

    I saw a cooking thermometer similar to this on Cooks Country. This one is perhaps better. It swivels so you get a level readout and it registers quickly. The controls are few and simple. A commonly available AAA battery runs it. Good price.

  19. Sonya Gembarowski

    Spend less on a quality food thermometer and cook like a pro. Measuring made simple and easy for the perfect recipe.

  20. Zack Emmerich

    About 3 years ago I saved up and bought a Thermapen for about $100 because the reviews were excellent. I have used it ever since, and love it. But this week I saw an instant(?) thermometer on sale at Amazon for $10.99, and I wanted one for travel. So, I took a chance, and got it yesterday. (Pic below- the new one is red). As soon as I got it I wanted to test the speed and accuracy. I tried it, side by side, on some bread just coming out of the oven. They showed the same temp within a second of each other. Tried it again this morning on boiling water for my tea. Exactly the same temp in exactly the same amount of time. I don’t know if it will hold up long-term, but I’m really happy !

  21. James Hare

    Best Products You Can Buy!!!!

  22. Leia Ghekiere

    Accurate readings, great value and has made using a meat thermometer convenient

  23. Geraldine Wosick

    I have a couple products from ThermoPro. All work great and are consistent measuring temperature.

  24. Maurice Mancusi

    Just got this device and I love it !! Would definitely buy again

  25. Deandre Wethern

    I love the fact that this thermometer reads instantly. With the old thermometers I was always waiting and wondering how high it was going to go. This one works as it says it will, instantly. I like it very much.

  26. Beaulah Bailie

    I like this thermometer. One of the things I like best about it is that it takes a regular AAA battery. I will not have to buy a much more expensive “button type” battery like my last thermometer used.

  27. Epifania Lanuza

    Have been using this thermo for a few months now, and have been pleased with it thus far. It’s a bit on the bulky side for active kitchen work use, and fitting into a knife bag, but great at-home storage in a drawer.

    The only thing that I could offer as a future suggestion is making it a bit slimmer. The wear and tear that has occurred is mostly due to mishandling by co-workers has been the cover for the battery no longer sits snug in it’s place, and the probe seating is a bit loose from accidentally being force open without the button release.

  28. Sam Pandola

    You have to be careful you do not accidently push the Celcius button if you are using Fahrenheit. The way I hold the probe, I usually hit the button. Otherwise, great! Quick!

  29. Scott Puckett

    Reading is pretty quick, maybe 10 seconds. It is easy to unfold and fold. It is easy to clean. Very happy with this product

  30. Serafina Busard

    Works well. Does the job. I wish the face was a little bigger but oh well.

  31. Mitchell Juckett

    Very fast, and accurate. Fine quality

  32. Malia Mcquade

    My wife loves this thermometer. it is inexpensive yet spot-on accurate. Handy to use and uses an easy-to-replace AAA battery. What could be better?

  33. Zachariah Aita

    As advertised

  34. Trinidad Raybuck

    Great device for a home cook. It does have an on/off button which will allow you to clean the probe and allow it to air dry before you fold it. The ThermoPro is more of a fast read thermometer instead of an instant-read. I takes about 5 – 6 seconds to stabilize on a temperature. Also the thermometer is relatively large (approximately 6 inches long by 1 inch wide). If I was a line cook in a busy restaurant, I would want something faster and smaller. Those qualities would mean paying much more. Since I am using the ThermoPro infrequently, I prefer the cost savings.

  35. Cristobal Strattman

    Easy to use. Provides quick read. Accurate as best I can tell.

  36. Laraine Aronow

    Easy to use.

  37. Brice Taverna

    This works great and it is accurate when I compare it to my oven thermometer.

  38. Tammy Welty

    Works as advertised. Easy to use, convenient, accurate.

  39. Kendall Phelps

    I use it to measure meat temp and deep frying temps. It works as it is supposed to.

  40. Jae Summerlot

    The ThermoPro is an excellent value for what it can do. What I especially like about it is the instantaneous reading you get from it. It is also a very convenient tool for taking the guess work out of cooking. We also have the ThermoPro oven timer and probe which we also like and recommend. We originally purchased these same items for my daughter a couple years ago as a Christmas gift. We liked it so well that we decided to replace our existing ones with the ThemoPro.

  41. Damon Weispfenning

    Seems to work well,

  42. Johnna Didion

    The best meat thermometer reader works immediately not heavy and the prong part folds in when not using .

  43. Danial Akerman

    Love it, works so much faster than the probe that comes with the oven.

  44. Louis Otukolo

    Liked the most : compactness ; rapid registering ; push button opening .Liked the least : nothing!This is perfect for me .

  45. Sammie Cruzado

    Great product. I have had it for a few months now and have used it on roasts, chops, steak, pan-seared chicken, and liquids. I find it to be very accurate and easy to use. I am particularly happy that I can now get my milk the perfect temperature for the yeast when I make bread. So much more versatile than a conventional meat thermometer. It is compact, easy to store, easy to use, and the battery seems to last a long time. I use it nearly every day.

  46. Kiesha Wisotzkey

    I love that the temperature reading is almost instant! Recommend!

  47. Andrew Roarx

    It is a good product at a good price. The service was prompt.

  48. Toby Leab

    Meat comes out great every time. Very accurate readings.

  49. Susie Throneberry

    Love this cooking thermometer so much! No more over or under cooking meat. Also, this company stands behind their product. Mine was reading incorrectly about 6 months after purchasing it. It has a 1 year warranty and they replaced it right away!

  50. Arnulfo Kregger

    Works as expected. Have not had too long so time will tell.

  51. Oralee Repoff

    Product works well. No problems.

  52. Yong Hasselkus

    I just had the Thermo Pro a short time but am very pleased with it.

  53. Delmy Reyne

    ExcellentI used it and it lived up to its expectation.

  54. Herman Brito

    Works great, fast temp reading.

  55. Petronila Fontneau

    The package I received was empty so I can not evaluate your product, but the quality control was the worst.

  56. Marcellus Sportsman

    Good price. Made well weeks good

  57. Chung Maiten

    excellent product

  58. Nathanial Hukle

    Have been wanting a digital temp meter and this is exactly what I was looking for. It came immediately and is easy to use.

  59. Zena Halvorson

    This is a great product. It is well made and is does instant read temperatures. I have had others that made the same promise but failed to deliver.

  60. Johnathan Scaffe

    I use this for work. It needs calibrated more than I like but overall, it is a good product.

  61. Treena Romanik

    works awesome

  62. Brad Binkowski

    The best food thermometer I have ever had.

  63. Cordia Gemaehlich


  64. Daren Delaet

    Works great. Would recommend to others.

  65. Fred Pendexter

    This is a great thermometer, I have already used it a dozen times and I have only owned it for 2 weeks! I tested it against my standard (non-digital) meat thermometer that I have been using for years, and they were within a degree of each other. Overall, I am very pleased, because this gives me very accurate readings a bit quicker than my old thermometer. I definitely recommend this product!

  66. Marvin Hoff

    Works well. I wish the Co/Fo button was in a different place. Accurate.

  67. Lavonna Shaggy

    I use this for almost every dinner. I never had an instant read thermometer before, but now I am a convert.

  68. Elbert Sauret

    How do you put the probe back in the slot? Other than that it works very well.

  69. Clarissa Reiche

    Wish it had meat temp guide on the thermometer.

  70. Cole Elldrege

    I have not used this product yet but did try its functions. It works well and I like the way the sensor retracts and locks in the housing. When I put the sensor in warm water it responded immediately and quickly. If it holds up well, I am sure I will be very satisfied.

  71. Conrad Tiffner

    Have t used it yet, but I am sure it will do the job

  72. Odette Dressler

    Quit working after 9 months. Now only displays the same message on the screen.Update: Thermopro customer service contacted me and sent me an immediate replacement. Thank you!

  73. Russel Wyrick

    I do not know whAt really happened, but it is becoming more and more difficult to close the needle.

  74. Xuan Zortman

    Great Meat thermometer.

  75. Andres Wild

    It works but is not very accurate. Close. Within maybe 5F. For meat that can work.

  76. Nicol Colorina

    This is a GREAT product!! I bought one for my daughter-in-law as a Christmas present. I was visiting her last week and used it to check if the chicken we had grilled was thoroughly cooked. It was so easy to use and gave quick results. I was so impressed I ordered one for myself as soon as I got home. I highly recommend this food thermometer. Wish I had bought one years ago!!

  77. Jefferson Gowdy

    seems to work correctly. good product

  78. Tina Rowe

    Worked right out of the box, and it even came with the battery. I literally pulled it out of the box, put the battery in, rinsed the metal part off and took it to work on the grill. I like the easy-to-read digital display. Much easier than my old thermometer!

  79. Emil Tarbet

    Works as described.

  80. Ward Nolasco

    ThermoPro works great and it does exactly what is is to do instantly. Which can make your food to your perfection

  81. George Peightell

    Works good.

  82. Jospeh Kies

    So far it seems to be very good.

  83. Elly Beger

    Easy to use, can check temperatures in C and F quickly. Neat and compact. Large display of the temperature.

  84. Tony Brin

    Makes it easier to get my meat done the way I want it

  85. Allison Revalee

    Great thermometer, reads temps quickly. Just do not get the part with the electronics in it wet! (I know, should not have to say that, but I did and ruined one).

  86. Raphael Neuner

    Very accurate. Great price.

  87. Margit Marquart

    Great product works perfect for when smoking meats. Good quality.

  88. Guadalupe Begum

    Quick shipping. Works well for a quick temp.

  89. Justin Humphery

    This food thermometer works great so far. it is very easy to use, it is fast, the read out is large and stays on plenty of time. It comes nicely packaged and clear instructions.

  90. Jaime Massengill

    I wish I had purchased one of these years ago. Fast and accurate readings. I do not grill or cook without it now.

  91. Tanika Coplon

    Why have I not owned an instant-read thermometer before now? All my life I have used an old-school metal meat thermometer with a big round dial. Once or twice I bought a digital one but they were not instant-read and the batteries were always dying. They were useless. I use this baby all the time and for all sorts of things. Not just for cooking, but also candle making and other things.

  92. Ollie Garcilazo

    Works well.

  93. Claudie Diciano

    Accurate and easy to use. What more can be said? We have used this for a few months now and we are happy with our purchase.

  94. Kasey Bonasera

    it is simple and easy to use, exactly like a thermometer should be. I have had mine for a couple months and am happy so far.

  95. Marth Starrick

    Easy to use and read, and I love the different angles it adjust to. Love the sturdy case and design. So much better than the standard thermometers. Plan on buying some for friends and family.

  96. Bernardo Rouleau

    Compared this to the Thermoworks thermometer I have. Thermopro responds more quickly but getting to 120 deg F was not that different. Both showed the same temps. Testing flowing hot water into a cup. But this is another level up in convenience.

  97. Veta Hanlin

    great handy little tool for inside & outside cooking. Nad is acurate.

  98. Hugh Minotti

    I have been searching for a good meat thermometer, this one works great and I like that the probe can be flipped up!

  99. Ashlea Weinstock

    Dinally a Thermometer that feel like it will hold up!! A few months later with uch use I am pleased

  100. Darryl Lweis

    The unit kept turning itself on–bad switch? A replacement was sent quickly and works fine–very fast and accurate readings and the probe is easy to place and keep clean.

  101. Shelley Hebeisen

    This simple item has made cooking and having perfectly made steak, chicken and pork easy.The fast read out works great and the unit is easily stored in a draw.

  102. Laverne Lazarczyk

    This is a revolution for your cooking. Never dry out meat again!!!

  103. Felicitas Standley

    Made well, easy to clean, large numbers are easy to read. Probe tucks away into the case when not in use. Great thermometer!

  104. Gil Gilcris


  105. Katie Pastorino

    months later it still works

  106. Ariel Preddy

    we love these little things, my husband uses one for his smoker to check the food he cooks outside, i use one inside and we bought one for his parents, we think this thing is the best little tool out there

  107. Lashawna Montierth

    Works as advertised!

  108. Eusebio Nuding

    Works as advertised! Very pleased!

  109. Cathrine Isaac

    This thing is great, I was using an analog thermometer and it took soooo long, this is instant and very accurate. I would definitely buy it again if I lost it today

  110. Berta Schuiling

    As described. Works great. Love it!!!!!!!!

  111. Mario Blaszczyk

    Really like this thermometer. Very compact, easy to use and easy to find (bright red case) Seems to be accurate. Very pleased

  112. Jerilyn Gehrking

    Very nice. Works Great.

  113. Foster Marconi

    Works great! Very affordable! Fast shipping!

  114. Carie Pastian

    I have been wanting to try one of these. Personally I have not had a chance to use it, but told my husband he may want to try it. He loves to grill but has complained about all of the thermometers he has purchased. He says this one is point on and loves it (guess he has claimed it :)). His only complaint is you have to open the grill, which lets the heat out. Thank you for the great product, this was a good purchase.

  115. Darrel Brighenti

    Works well enough. Would not purchase again as the placement of the C/F button gets pressed every time we use it.

  116. Allen Springate

    Excellent product. Seller very proactive.

  117. Quintin Gorski

    Accurate reading of temperatures (I tested it with boiling water and ice water before using it) and easy to use and store.

  118. Azalee Hoehne

    Works okay. Not the easiest to clean which bugs. I would prefer a simpler design.

  119. Gus Soose

    Perfectly accurate and fast!

  120. Courtney Sciabica

    Once I figured out the thermometer needed to be in fahrenheit, it worked great!

  121. Joel Mcelwaine

    Works as expected!

  122. Idella Karper

    Seemed a bit flimsy and poorly made but it works and is fast and accurate.

  123. Dong Korona

    Works well . Had no problems at all.

  124. Modesta Krysl

    Accurate thermometer. Just remember that case is plastic and do not leave in oven or anywhere it could get hot.

  125. Elisha Comes

    It works well.

  126. Trena Camell

    Excellent delivery time. It works great.

  127. Austin Chanthaumlsa

    got this on the recomendation of "the wolf pit" youtube channel, love it it is exactly what it is supposed to be! i recommend it to all normal people, if you are hoity toity however, it may not be expensive enough for you, try "the pampered chef" model for 59.99

  128. Ardella Mcnemar

    It always gives an accurate reading and is easy to use on thin pieces of meat

  129. Barry Curnutte

    Good value and seems accurate. It reads quickly. The only thing I do not like is that you can not seem to set it to automatically turn on with Fahrenheit temperatures, it sometimes turns on with Celsius and you have to switch it, but for the price I can live with that.

  130. Charlsie Sunder

    Easy to use!!

  131. Charlie Falla

    Our previous thermometer was expensive, quite large, required a pricey battery, and was inaccurate. Thankfully, the ThermoPro shares none of these qualities – it is small, reasonably priced, and very accurate. A double AA battery is included in the initial package so you can start using it right away!

  132. Rosenda Zapato

    arrived on time. Product works quick

  133. Armando Kuramoto

    My ThermoPro Digital Food Cooking Thermometer works great. No more over cooked food. Fast delivery, great customer service. They want you to be happy with your purchase.

  134. Son Brennaman

    Simple to use, accurate and lightweight

  135. Dillon Szczesny

    works fine, got a perfect medium rare.

  136. Shonta Turturro

    My husband loves this thermometer. It really takes the guess work out of grilling, especially larger pieces of meat. He has even dropped it a few times and it has held up really well. Good product under $15.00.

  137. Chance Risius

    easy to use; quick results

  138. Kieth Lumpp

    This thermometer works well and is a good beginner.

  139. Emerald Rustad

    this is a very easy to use product. Used it the first day we got it and loved it.

  140. Milford Henion

    I LOVE this thermometer! This is my second one bc I accidentally put water on the first one I had. I have had three different thermometers before this one and none are as accurate, fast and easy to read, clean, etc. I can not stop gushing about this bc I am seriously in love with it. Great price too.

  141. Yuette Borbridge

    We have only used it once and it worked great.

  142. Heath Freiling


  143. Louella Leiferman

    Works great!

  144. Sammie Allmon

    Easy to use and it shows the correct temp

  145. Angelyn Ausby

    Works exactly as directed. Fast and accurate temp reading and a great price. Recommend!

  146. Ethan Schlaefer

    Works great. Fast

  147. Elidia Rosenbluth

    Works as advertised. Love it

  148. Trinidad Montilla

    I liked this thermometer so much that I ordered another one to give to my son who loves to cook.

  149. Daine Hillebrandt

    great digital thermometer. Easy to read, rapid response and nicely designed.

  150. Sherman Marken

    Thermometer is quick and easy to use. A must-have for any serious cook.

  151. Charlesetta Schmucker

    Works fast and is accurate! Once received I tested it in boiling water and then ice water that had sat for a while to get close to freezing. Both readings were within a few tenths of a degree of what they should be. I also like the fact that it takes a standard AA battery.

  152. Isaac Sutic

    easy to use

  153. Regenia Pawelk

    The device works well and is simple to use.

  154. Fredric Breslow

    Very fast reading. Works great!

  155. Macy Pink

    This is a very handy gadget to have. I like it so well I ordered one for my daughter in law. I find it very useful for checking the temperature of water when proofing yeast. Meat too of course!

  156. Karl Regulski

    I have purchased a few of these they work pretty well

  157. Heath Dyal

    easy to read & use

  158. Kristian Polee

    After a few days, the probe no longer stays folded into the case (just pops out), so it is hard to store. I have also gotten wildly disparate temp readings, and I am an experienced cook. So, no, get a higher quality device.

  159. Chance Postin

    Convenient design, quick-reading.

  160. Janie Kimmes

    Works easy and my wife love it!

  161. Sal Eitniear

    Surprisingly, it works just like described. No more guess work in such cooking. I really have appreciated this.

  162. Ernestine Branford

    Easy to use, nice product!!!

  163. Luis Gulsvig

    Love it! Compact, easy to use, well made. Folds up, and opens with a press of the large button. Fahrenheit or Centigrade. Gives a quick temp read. Easy to clean and put away for the next use.

  164. Jani Grzesik

    Tested as accurate. Very light.

  165. Henry Artice

    After a few days, I had a problem with my thermometer and Amazon showed it as ineligible for a return. Luckily I-Tronics reached out to me to help immediately. They promptly replaced my thermometer, and I am thrilled to get this handy tool back in my kitchen!

  166. Carisa Schlesier

    This works great for cooking on the BBQ grill.

  167. Eliseo Potulski

    Great product! Works just as well as my aunts expensive one!

  168. Brandon Jervey

    does not stay closed

  169. Dianna Lipan

    A nice inexpensive thermometer that does what it is supposed to. Also a potential life saver. I found out that i was a bad judge and was undercooking things.

  170. Calvin Reano

    Fast shipping, great product. Easy to read screan. Easy flip and fold probe for safety. Large size for gripping. I bought 3. We use them in a commercial kitchen. Best ones we have had in 9 years.

  171. Leana Vanderwerff

    Great digital thermometer, reads fast and accurate. Very pleased with this little kitchen gadget. Also this came in handy when I moved my fish to a bigger tank recently!

  172. Lester Overmeyer

    Great product, works as intended and uses standard AAA battery.

  173. Marline Rennell

    ThermoPro TP03A Digital Food Cooking thermometer – works great as expected

  174. Octavio Mozley

    Use it for backyard cooking and stove top steaks. I am still working on the seasoning but my food is always at temperature at least.

  175. Kala Sieker

    Works fine, hope it lasts a long time.

  176. Ernie Bardsley

    Very accurate,does what it said it would. I use it all the time ,also I like the fast readings.

  177. Jenni Stelk

    Good price. I am using it effectively for baking artisan breads.

  178. Keven Livengood

    I have been using this to measure meat temperature for about 2 months. It is not instant, but measures within 30 sec or so and looks like reliable. But construction is cheap. About 2weeks ago, the metal case over the probe came off. I was able to put it back, but it comes off everytime I measure meat. I do not know if there is any warranty.Update- I found out this item has 1 year warranty. So, I called company and they told me to send a replacement. That was on Monday, I received one on Wednesday. I am very happy about their quick response.

  179. Enriqueta Dobrunz

    It is actually perfect. The only complaint is there is not a reference point on it. Like what degree something is done cooking.

  180. Jackie Booton

    Works great.

  181. Tracie Boback

    Works wonderfully and has been very durable.

  182. Maria Klinich

    Like the range of temps- not just meat but candy too. Not so confident about how long the plastic case will last

  183. Stacey Woodford

    It works great. Needs to also have farinhight

  184. Dewayne Heyl

    As advertised

  185. Scott Merksamer

    Instant temp. Worked as expected. Decent quality great price. Battery is not stupid.

  186. Ignacio Rotruck

    Good for the price

  187. Glenn Darwin

    Works very well. Reading stabilizes quickly. Appears to be accurate.

  188. Fausto Leyva

    This product does exactly as it says. Happy with the large numbers. Very easy to use! GREAT BUY!!!

  189. Pearlene Wittlin


  190. Lesley Trammel

    Works well. Feels kind of cheaply made. I dont expect it to last long, but it is worth the price and comes with a 1 year warranty.

  191. Rachele Jempty

    it is perfect! Measures temperature of meats like a champ.

  192. Kirk Selnes

    Simple to use, accurate reading. Would purchase again. Great value.

  193. Fernanda Merli

    This is a great product and works very well.

  194. Kennith Baher

    Works great, just open package, insert battery and it is ready to go.

  195. Evita Hofferber

    Works great for the price. Highly recommend.

  196. Doyle Granstrom

    can not cook meat without this thermometer. it is the most accurate we have ever used and we do not overcook food anymore.

  197. Robert Devilla

    Works well and easy to use. I recommend this ThermoPro TP03A

  198. Lezlie Kienitz

    I like everything about this thermometer, especially the fact it uses AAA batteries. This way I do not have to run to the store to purchase a battery because I have AAA is on him .

  199. Ezra Zanueta

    Great thermometer. Very easy to use!!

  200. Calista Okihara

    Works like a dream

  201. Brice Oksen

    I love the thermpro digital pen. It is perfect to use while cooking on my Big Green Egg. Easy to clean and with the foldable pen, it makes storage safe and simple.

  202. Thanh Uziel

    Great therometer. Quick read out and nice fold over storage

  203. Renato Jewkes

    I received the thermometer, and cooked baked chicken breast in the oven, using the thermopro digital to check doneness……worked as advertised, chicken was cooked to correct doneness without having to cut into the breast… LIKE IT !!

  204. Marisha Staniec

    Used it for the first time last weekend on a flank steak. Nailed it with this tool. Before was just guessing. Do have a couple of digital thermometers for my smoker but probes are too large for the grill and you have to contend with probe cable when flipping the meat, this is a must have addition to your grilling tool kit.

  205. Hoyt Trnong

    This works great!

  206. Kellye Lathern

    Nice Product, Quick delivery!Quick display! No waiting for the needle to move!! Even my previous digital one was slow!This one so quick!!

  207. Norris Hume

    Very easy to use and accurate.

  208. Roseann Gwathney

    Very convenient and accurate. Love it.

  209. Simon Antonellis

    Awesome. Works as intended. Saved my life because i cook a lot.

  210. Toshiko Beringer

    Workd nicely. Good design too.

  211. Harley Mcglothlin

    First instant read thermometer, love it. It is instant and very easy to read, even without glasses. I like how it closes for storage.

  212. Jae Brahney

    Easy to use. You need to Google what temp. You need the meat to be but other than that its great.

  213. King Wehmeyer

    The ThermoPro does not give a readout as quickly as promised but is accurate.

  214. Beryl Fields

    Have used this three times since purchase and it works perfectly. Super fast read-out of temperature makes cooking easy. Note: this is not for use inside of oven. I do a lot of stove-top cooking and this is perfect for my needs.

  215. Sean Collins

    Quick easy read thermometer.

  216. Donnetta Pistone

    The ThermoPro works, but the only problem is that the needle, the thing you stick into the food, is not closing, I think a pin or a spring is not working and is making it not stay retracted. Other than this the product works as intended and is pretty accurate.

  217. Olin Ghamdi

    Works great and is fast. Be sure you press the buton on the back to go between Celsius and Farenheit-the first time I used it to check grilled chicken I could not figure out why it would not go over 95 degrees (C) LOL!

  218. Kristie Mcbath

    Great price and very accurate.

  219. Wilbert Glen

    Only used it a couple of times, but it works good so far.

  220. Dallas Adragna

    have not used it much yet but seems to be well put together and reads quickly. Not instantly but I really do not think most do but it takes probably about 5 seconds to settle and that works great for me.

  221. Brooks Bombardier

    Excellent and so easy to use!

  222. Danelle Gussman

    Extremely easy to use, clean and store! Temperature registers very quickly.

  223. Arlen Discala

    I bought this to use with my Traeger grill for instant temp reading on meats. But my wife loves it so much we use it any time we cook any type of meat or other dishes. No more over/under cooked food! Great product. I bought multiple for gifts and would definitely buy again.

  224. Ricki Longley

    It works. Just what we needed.

  225. Tomas Enmon

    Works terrific and a must have for any serious griller

  226. Eda Brownsword

    No more raw meat. So easy to use and clean. Easy read display and capable of stabbing russian spies.

  227. Mohamed Weihe

    Works great….very fast reading and nice quality.

  228. Bernie Minzel

    I will admit, the main reason I bought this was because I saw a certain cooking-with-science TV host using a similar model. And my old analog thermometer finally bit the dust. But mostly because of Mr. TV Host.The worst thing I can say about this is that it a little cheap feeling because it is quite plastic-y. But it is made in China so that is to be expected, as well as because of the price-point.The good? The long probe is handy, the button to release the probe seems fairly solid, the display is big and easy to read, the battery compartment is easy to access and it seems to read accurate the best I can tell. Here is hoping I get many years of use out of this product.

  229. Tressa Tun

    Does what it supposed to do. Easy to read and easy to use. Nothing fancy, gets the job done.

  230. Alton Andrachak

    Instant temperature read. Easy, and perfect for what we need

  231. Charmain Watsky

    Have used a couple of times and works great. Did have a couple of problems as no instructions enclosed.1.Took a bit to figure out how to pop the prob out. (Raised button opens probe, indented turns it on and off.2. Took a bit to find the button to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. (on back is a small button which switches between C & F)

  232. Buddy Sherrock

    This is a great product for the price. I use it with my smoker and it gives instant, reliable feedback.

  233. Reynalda Venetos

    Fast, cheap.. Works good so far

  234. Laverne Clantz

    Accurate and very easy to use. I am a little weary cleaning it because it has a slightly cheap feel, but wiping it down proves adequate. Very happy with this purchase.

  235. Kasi Voeller

    Other digital thermometers I had worked for a bit and then started messing up. No what happens when your $200 prime tenderloin overcooks because your thermometer says the internal temp is 110 degrees when it is really 140 degrees? Use this little red gem and it will not happen again.

  236. Sid Puz

    It takes 3 seconds to get a reading. That is fantastic for a thermometer that cost this much. Great deal! I should have bought this years ago. Now I can read the temperature much faster than using my old style thermometers. I am perfectly content with a 3 second readout. If you can get one faster than this I am not sure if it will be worth paying for the faster time. This is all I need. And I am a perfectionist.

  237. Danille Jolicoeur

    Must have for cooks.

  238. Wilton Stancoven

    PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – THRILLED! I received my thermometer several months ago and it worked perfectly. After sevearl months of use, while cleaning the probe was damaged. I contacted ThermoPro and offered to purchase a new one. But without hesitation or questioning, they immediatedly shipped me a replacement at no charge! I am absolutely delighted with the company, their service, and their product. I could not a higher recommendation, just fantastic!

  239. Sherril Diedricks

    I bought for making yogurt. and now I use it for all my cooking needs…Works like a charm..I Highly recommend and already have.

  240. Benito Arview

    Reads Temp

  241. Milissa Terlizzi

    Very convenient, easy to store, good price.

  242. Fernando Deblasi

    I like its simplistic yet extremely convenient design.

  243. Marina Beidleman

    I am new to meat eating and my husband ordered this for me. I was pretty nervous about undercooked meat especially being pregnant. I had been vegetarian/vegan for more than half of my life and was super unfamiliar with the entire meat cooking process. This has simplified it so much for me.I found that if I stuck the thermometer inside whatever I was temping, then turned it on, I would get accurate readings much faster.

  244. Reinaldo Konty

    Readings are accurate and fast, within seconds.

  245. Marni Burgees

    I am a freak when it comes to cooking meat. This was easy to use and makes me feel so much better when cooking!

  246. Kiley Kassim

    I got this instant read ThermoPro for use in my back yard bbq and smoking. It is super easy to use and super fast! Great for checking temp for safe food consumption. Right on the money for true temps. Tested it with boiling water and ice water.

  247. Frederick Goodaker

    I like the speed, ease of use and accuracy of the thermometer.

  248. Tegan Loghry

    I love how quick it is. Almost instantaneously. Easy to clean . Reliable.

  249. Anthony Ricard

    This is so much better than my old manual thermometer. It does not take long to get the temp either. Love it!

  250. Rosena Sawhill

    As the title says, works well and was priced well.

  251. Andreas Monje

    In a household of colorblind people these things are great. Gone are the days of mother is undercooked chicken sushi that helps build "character". No more burn victim fish to overcompensate for ranges or white pink and red that look the same. No longer does the cow moo on the plate. Be careful not to accidentally hit to button that changes F to C.

  252. Bernie Mccard

    best food thermometer I have ever used. A million times more accurate than the round dial kind.

  253. Roger Chastin

    Been using for grilling and smoking. Quick and easy to use. No more guessing if food is cooked, and no more overcooking food on the grill or smoker.

  254. Coletta Attanasio

    easy to read and doesnt take up much room in the drawer.

  255. Ricardo Husted

    Works great and seems to be accurate. I am kind of a temperature Nazi because I do not want anyone getting sick so I constantly check temperatures. It reads 212 in boiling water and 32 in ice water. It reacts fast enough for me, but it is not really instant. (nothing is)

  256. Kira Krisman

    Product arrived quickly and I was pleased to gift it to a friend. I am sure she will love it based on all of the other positive reviews that I read.

  257. Sang Swim

    Great for the price you pay and makes grilling easier

  258. Melba Breckley

    love it, the reading panel is very easy to ready as the numbers are nice and bold and big enough so i do not need glasses! highly recommended.

  259. Russel Hairfield

    Easy to operate. Sturdy made easy to read temp

  260. Elodia Nirmaier

    Great product. My second one. Tried another and was very disappointed so I went back to this reliable one.

  261. Lamar Stokley

    Fast read, accurate, flexible, easy to read and if you drop it is not $100.

  262. Magnolia Lavoie

    It works great!

  263. Marcus Mabary

    Great product!

  264. Calista Domingo

    Great item

  265. Fletcher Leleux

    A great thermometer for the money! It works exactly as expected.

  266. Luana Stonis

    I love how easy this item is to use. One button to turn on the thermometer, the other to activate the swivel. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to cook their food to the correct temp.

  267. Don Porteus

    Great digital thermometer. Folds easily and opens easily. Readings are quick and accurate. Ref matches my kitchen. Digital readout is very clear. Would but again.

  268. Stephen Canson

    this is very accurate now I wont over cook my steaks

  269. Stevie Cary

    I chose this particular model due to the fact it requires a commonly used battery, should I happen to be cooking when it needed a replacement. I like how the probe folds into the handle to protect it. However, I recently just witnessed my son opening it by just pulling on the probe, not realizing there is a release button. For me, it is quick, accurate, and easy to use. One time though, I was working late or something, and directed one of my kids to bake something until it reached a particular temperature. Somehow, he hit a button changing it from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Thus he cooked it way to long. Anyway, I see no issues with adult use. I gave one as a gift and the recipient seemed pleased.

  270. Eliza Jahosky

    Works as expected. Good price.

  271. Ira Bazar

    very good

  272. Marvis Stiltz

    Felt a little flimsy at first but I was extremely surprised just how fast it got to temp on the food. It was almost instantaneously. Great purchase.

  273. Freeman Schwind

    Bought this as a gift for our son. He seemed to like it but have not heard of how well it works. My guess is, just fine. Not sure if I will ever know but I do have one similar to it and I love it.

  274. Evette Yerbich

    I was needing a good thermometer and wanted one that was not only accurate but would register the temp quickly. This is great. I cooked professionally for 30 years and wish I had this one during that time. Plus you can not beat the price. I will more than likely order a couple more for gifts.

  275. Merlin Hilton

    Quality product at a fair price and accurate. This Digital Instant-Read Thermometer works great.

  276. Cyrstal Bawa

    Excellent for the price. Takes temperatures very quickly and accurately.

  277. Leslie Weill

    Easy to read, quick results1

  278. Mayola Dominico

    Very helpful in kitchen!

  279. Willie Mirr

    This works very well and definitely quicker and more accurate than my previous glass thermometers, all of which have broken.

  280. Krystle Balles

    Works quickly and does everything it needs to

  281. Terrance Dudley

    Works great and the price was right .

  282. Alane Bakalar

    Works great!

  283. Donnell Higbee

    Easy and fits in your pocket. Love it!

  284. Nicolle Hickel

    Great thermometer gives a temperature reading quickly.

  285. Rolando Brancheau

    Not a bad package! I wish the probe was a bit spring loaded, but otherwise it is neat, compact, and durable. Would buy again, and most likely will.

  286. Sunny Consalvo

    Works great, and easy to use. Probe folds away when not in use and is protected.

  287. Alexis Molter

    Good meat temp gauge, work is well and is very accurate, price is OK too.

  288. Genevie Shmidt

    Works great. Would recommend to anyone who wants a good instant thermometer for their grill.

  289. Kristopher Rama

    simple inexpensive tool, that is easy to use

  290. Zita Woelfel

    Bought this as a backup to the one I already had. Great product to keep around the kitchen or grill.

  291. Kelvin Plastow

    Product is exactly as advertised. Love the quick read, easy-to-clean and the fact that it uses a standard AAA battery.

  292. Karon Locklear

    It is a good tool. My wife uses it as well and says it is a great addition to our kitchen.

  293. Kareem Sarnes


  294. Lorenza Stutsman

    So much better than the last piece of junk I bought. Having the probe tuck inside is wonderful for storage. Easy to read and it takes AAA batteries. Finally batteries I always have laying around and I am not hunting down watch batteries.

  295. Rolando Layous

    100% takes the guess work out of cooking. My brother recommended this to me after I just acquired a deep fryer. This thing could not be easier to use.

  296. Meghann Rockwood

    I just counted up that I have bought 7 different meat thermometers for my grill in the past five years. Most just do not last, although maybe one or two have been my fault. But, they are for outdoor, and I leave them out with the grill. All of the others came with weak batteries, or most of the time would get a little moisture in and then could not read the temperature. All died within a few months. This one I have had almost a year now and has been rock steady in performance.

  297. Abraham Pickren

    The thermometer was super quick and easy to set up and use. I just popped in the included battery and pushed the button to change the read-out from Celsius to Fahrenheit. I immediately stuck the probe in a chicken breast I was cooking to see that the food was completely done (over 160 degrees F.). After I took the chicken out of the oven, I washed the tip of the probe and put it back in the cabinet. The whole process took only a few minutes. Excellent kitchen tool!

  298. Man Hancey

    This really helped with my anxiety of undercooked meat. Safety is key and this unlocks it every time I cook 🙂

  299. Rickie Ivon

    Best ever! Simple, easy to use and inexpensive! Always dead on wit the temperature and our food has never been better since I started using this!!

  300. Carry Rakoski

    Easy to use and read. Seller really stands behind product and service is important to them

  301. Mack Tudruj

    I like it and use kit often

  302. Idalia Baggerly

    Works as intended

  303. Edwardo Braner

    Best one I have ever owned.

  304. Lanie Shost

    Does what it should. Easy to clean. Turns on quickly.

  305. Cruz Fellows

    Easy to use and came with batteries. Pretty accurate thus far and easy to clean. I travel frequently for vacations and do a lot of grilling for my family so this came very handy. Easy to pack, etc.

  306. Melda Lostroh

    I love this thermometer ! I do not know what I did without it. I use it for bread, cakes, stew, meat, all kinds of things. Just read the directions and make sure that you have it set up for Farenheit or Celsius, depending on what you use.

  307. Pete Wadzinski

    Cons: -The spring loaded arm does not come out much on it is own and must be guided out.-The temp change button is on the opposite side from the power button and sticks out. I can not turn it off if it is lying face up, and it does not turn off by itself.-It is not all that fastPros:- it is cheap-I like that it operates at different angles.- It works fast enough-It is red

  308. Gisela Baronne

    It came promptly. I have only used it once so can not really evaluate it yet; but the one time I used it, it did its job.

  309. Chris Kauahi

    Good price and works great.

  310. Christal Fluaitt

    Was a gift.

  311. Elliott Falkenstein

    works great, easy to read.

  312. Willow Ipson

    Works excellent

  313. Orval Mean

    I love this product. Essential in the kitchen. Very handy and easy to use and clean. Would recommend to others.

  314. Sade Winemiller

    works well,would buy it again

  315. Garth Bogardus

    Best thermometer for your money. Would recommend to my Grammy.

  316. Tricia Metchikoff

    I bought this for a gift after previously buying one for myself. It works great and takes the guessing out of when the food is cooked.

  317. Troy Kobold

    I am very pleased with this thermometer. I live at approx 650 feet above sea level, and this thing reads 210.7 in boiling water. Very impressed with accuracy and speed for the price! Actually, any price!

  318. Adelaide Gristede

    Love it! Super quick reading and easy to use

  319. Howard Rusche

    Awesome for the grill. Very easy to read.

  320. Talisha Luhrs

    Very pleased. Works perfectly every time.

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TP-03B Specification

Temperature Range

-58.0 to 572°F(-50.0to 300.0°C)


±1.8℉(±1.0℃)from 32 to 212℉(0 to 100℃) ,

otherwise ±1.5%

Response Time *

3-4 seconds

Sensor Type



304 Stainless Steel, 3 15⁄16 inches (99mm)


LCD, 1 1⁄16 Length x 9⁄16 Width inches (27.0L x 13.0W mm)



Unit Size

6 1⁄8 Length x 1 Width x 15⁄16 Height inches

(155.0L x 25.0W x 23.0H mm)


1.5V (1 xAAA battery)

*Response Time defined as the time it takes for Thermopro thermometers to read from ambient temperature (77°F or 25°C ) to within 1.8°F (1°C ) of final temperature of an object (150°F or 65°C). 150°F (65°C) is the recommended minimum temperature for many types of meat.


Question: Is it waterproof?

Answer:  Water resisitant at least, dopped mine in water with no ill effects.

Question: can it be used with candy or oil?

Answer:  Hello ,Yes it can! Thanks

Question: How long does battery last before it has to be changed ?

Answer: I’m really not sure although it comes with the battery and you turn it off when you’re done using it so I would imagine it would last quite a while.

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP03

ThermoPro TP03

ThermoPro TP01H Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP01H

ThermoPro Thermometer

ThermoPro TP19

ThermoPro TP19X Instant Read Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP620

Price $15.99 $15.99 $11.99 $11.99 $29.99 $29.99 $49.99 $49.99
Availability In stock In stock Out of stock Out of stock
Auto rotating display No No Yes Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calibration feature No No Yes Yes
Lock function No Yes Yes Yes
Probe length 3.9″ 5.3″ 4.0″ 4.25″
Response time 3-5 seconds 4-6 seconds 2-3 seconds 2-3 seconds
Smart on off No No Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof IPX6 IP65

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