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ThermoPro TP16S Digital Meat Thermometer with Smart Cooking Timer & Backlight

(539 customer reviews)

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  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY!】REGISTER your digital meat thermometer after purchase and INCREASE YOUR WARRANTY COVERAGE FROM 1 YEAR TO 3 YEARS
  • Touch Backlight Button】Illuminate the display with a light touch on the conveniently placed backlight button to easily adjust settings or check temps in dim light conditions. Backlight stays active for 10 seconds unless there’s further operation, ideal for conversing battery power.
  • Preset Temperature Settings】Smoker cooking thermometer programmed with preset temperatures for 7 types of meat with their various doneness levels; All preset temps can be altered to your own desired taste. Stay safe and cook with confidence!
  • User-Friendly Design】Our intuitively designed probe thermometer allows for you to see both the meat cooking thermometer mode and countdown timer mode on the display without having to press a button to rotate between both modes. If you do need to quickly adjust a setting, our front facing buttons are conveniently located on the front of the thermometer.
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Frequently Bought Together

ThermoPro TP-16S Digital Meat Thermometer + ThermoPro TP03
Price for both: $36.98
ThermoPro TP-16S Digital Meat Food BBQ Thermometer

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Temperature Probe
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • 1 x Manual

The upgraded user experience ThermoPro TP-16S, displays the temperature and time at the same time coupled with front facing buttons and a backlight ensures you’re able to input settings quickly in all conditions! Do you often forget about the food you’re cooking, so it becomes an overcooked disaster? Don’t worry, this thermometer will BEEP to remind you when the food has reached your desired temp. Preset Temperature Settings provides you professional cooking temps to enable you to Cook Like a Pro.

  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
  • Range: 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Grill, Meat, Food
  • Certifications: FCC certified, CE certified, ROHS
  • Power: 1 AAA batteries (included)
  • Size:2.8*2.6*0.7inch
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

ThermoPro TP-16S Product Banner

Simplify your cooking experience!

Programmed with preset USDA approved temperatures for different types of meat (Poultry, Beef Well, Veal/Pork, Beef Medium, Ham, Beef Rare/Fish). No longer need to remember correct temperatures for different meat. Just cook with preset and professional temp!

Prefer your own desired temp? can also set it manually!

Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

Touch screen backlit makes grilling in dark easy.

ThermoPro TP 16S Feature 1

Heat-resistant & Accurate Probe

With a probe with a high accuracy of ±1.8°F/1°C, and a wide temperature range from 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C) plus a durable probe wire that can withstand up to 716°F (380°C), to allow you to enjoy any type of meat with the most delicious results.

ThermoPro TP 16S Display

Displays Both Countdown Timer and Thermometer

Be able to track both your timer set for your vegetables and the temperature of your meat effortlessly due to both modes being shown the LCD display unlike other traditional digital thermometers.

ThermoPro TP 16S Feature 3

Pocket Size for Compact Storage & Multiple Mounting Options

Store your candy thermometer anywhere due to its compact figure, allowing for convenient storage in any kitchen. When it’s time to use your thermometer, place anywhere you like such as a tabletop, magnetize to a fridge/stove or use the kitchen hook.


Question: I lost my instructions. Is there a site to got for new instructions?
Answer: Yes Here https://buythermopro.com/operating-manuals.

Question: Does this give an “instant” reading – like can you take a turkey out of the oven, insert the probe and immediately see the meat temperature?
Answer: Yes – I have done this with pork. Not exactly instantaneous because it “climbs” from room temperature to the cooked temperature, but certainly within 15 – 30 seconds.

Question: Can I use this for my grill?
Answer: Sure – the cable connecting the thermometer probe and the display box is about 2 feet long and it has a metal jacket.

Question: Is there a way to set the temp at what I want on the thermometer and will an alarm go off when hits the temp I set it at?
Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: Can I use this for deep fried turkey?
Answer: Yes.  

539 reviews for ThermoPro TP16S Digital Meat Thermometer with Smart Cooking Timer & Backlight

  1. Junior

    I’m using Thermopro TP16S and the manual is not clear about how to switch from celsius to farenheit. Does anyone know how to do it?

  2. Anonymous

    I love that I can check the temperature without opening the oven door. I also love that I can use this for stovetop cooking or getting the temperature right for water for yeast. Basically, it isn’t a limited range, so you can use it for everything. If you’re not sure what temp for chicken should be, you just set it for chicken. You can set a meat type, a temperature, or an amount of time, so it’s incredibly versatile. I wish the cord was about 3 inches longer, but I have an old range.

  3. Anonymous

    This thermometer is super easy to use and clean following use. I like that it beeps when it hits the temperature it needs to reach, so I didn’t have to keep watching it to see where it was. The cord is a great length and leaves plenty of space to reach from the counter into whatever food I am cooking. Great purchase overall.

  4. Anonymous

    This thermometer is great. No more under or over cooked meat. Just make sure the probe doesn’t touch the bone or the pan and your roasting or grilling like a pro. Easy to use. It has preset temps for ideal meat doneness or you can use to manual setting if you like your meat a particular way. Just insert the probe into the meat, put the meat into your preheated oven, close the oven door, and stick the magnet-backed unit on the oven door, and let the thermometer do the work. Also useful for candy making.

  5. Anonymous

    Works perfectly, the probe wire is a decent length to be able to place it appropriately in a roast pan in my oven and still have plenty of slack.

    The magnet is strong and allows for easy placement on the oven door. Just don’t forget it’s there, it is a fairly strong magnet and can easily pull your meat around or out of your oven (the probe slack is good, but not good enough to open the oven all the way on some dishes).

  6. Anonymous

    Overall, I like this thermometer. The Fahrenheit/Celsius switch button shares the same button as the power button. Because of this, it is a little tricky to switch between the two measurement scales without accidentally turning it off. All the preset meat temperatures are a little tricky to change. It took me many times to figure out how to select a different meat preset temperature. The buttons are touchy and the sequence of pushing them has to be in the right order for it to work correctly. I did check for accuracy with a pot of boiling water. It measured 210 degrees instead of 212. If I had to purchase a meat thermometer again, I might rethink this one.

  7. Anonymous

    It works fantastic!! I recieved mine a few days earlier than expected and i use it all the time at work. I’ve checked for accuracy with my older biotherm that is always calibrated (for work logs and such) and it’s spot on. It works on all the ovens in the kitchen and is used for all the roasts and carvings we cook up for functions and events. I’m all aces here!

  8. Anonymous

    I primarily bought this to ensure my COVID inspired baking of Bauern Brot (German farmers bread) would go to completion without having to open the oven and shove an instant one into the loaf. I use a somewhat variable recipe with a lot of teig (sour dough starter) and that variability makes this solution so much better. I have the unit stuck to the door of the adjacent refrigerator because the GE Profile ovens look like stainless steel, but have no iron on the surfaces, it seems. Works fine anyway and I can hear the alarm a good distance away.

  9. Anonymous

    This thermometer works great!
    – It’s very intuitive to use. Just click on the type of meat you are preparing and stick the tip of the probe into the thickest part of the meat. If the temperature is high enough, it will beep, and it also shows both the actual and the target temperature on the display.
    – It’s small and hence easy to stow away.
    – It’s magnetic on the back, so you can attach it to your oven or stove while you are monitoring the temperature of your food.
    – On a side note, it came with the battery included.
    In sum, I am very pleased.

  10. Bikerdlp

    Short and to the point, this product works as intended. I had no issues with it.

    I didnt realize you could set the beeping to go off based on temperature. Cause im an idiot and even I could figure out how this works! Knowing what temperature my food is at all points in time is going to change my world!

  11. Lori

    I purchased this thermometer to use for the turkey that we deep fried on Thanksgiving. Unit worked perfectly.
    This unit only allows for one remote probe. I inserted the probe into the turkey breast. I selected the poultry default setting, which set the target temp to 165 degrees. You can also set the desired temp manually. The unit alerted me, with a BEEPING sound, when the temp was reached. I like the magnetic back which I was able to “stick” to the propane tank. The probe and signal cable are stainless steel and very easy to clean. The unit displays the current temp, the target temp, the “meat type”, beef, pork, etc. It also shows the timer. I like the fact that all this is on the screen at the same time. You don’t have to toggle between screens. I have only used this once, however, I do not have any negative things to say regarding this. I would definitely purchase this again and would highly recommend it.

  12. Jeremy M. Loffredo

    My sister recommended the Thermo-Pro TP16S. She is a strict vegetarian but cooks meat for her husband–and she sends recipes, too. A pork tenderloin in 20 minutes? My cheap old thermometers were not accurate enough for meat that keeps cooking after it comes out of the oven. Came our restaurant quality! Easy and almost fun. Now, this is not a complaint against this cool gadget–it is a heads-up that the probe and the handle of the pan you cook in will come out of the oven blisteringly hot. First, I seared a probe-sized crease into the flesh of my thumb, then I burned my entire palm and fingers by grabbing the pan’s handle to move it. My sister tells me you’ll learn very quickly.

  13. Jeffrey Woods

    I waited to review this item until I got a good chance to test it’s use on a large beef roast. The roasting time was about 3 hours and there were no issues with the probe use. It was easier to setup than to read the very small print in the instructions. Once the roasting was complete I tested it’s accuracy against a very trusted instant read thermometer I have used for years and they were within 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit on each other. My son who uses a similar thermometer said that this unit is easier to use than the one he uses for smoking meats . I would buy this unit again if necessary.

  14. Randall Scott A. Cruz

    This thermometer helped me save the large center block (32″ x 32″) of a Baltimore Album quilt I’m making. The red fabrics had bled and the only way to get the excess dye out was to use a couple of products made for this purpose in exactly140-degree water and stir for 20 minutes in each mixture. Worked wonders and saved the quilt block which had taken months to applique by hand.

  15. Christopher N. Burton

    Now it is time to express my thoughts on this Digital Thermometer and it is Xmas with a turkey in the oven, it work flawlessly with no problems, easy to set up and well worth the money.

  16. Chris Austin

    The thermometer works great and is pretty straight forward to use (even without reading the instructions…lol). There is a magnet on the back that allows mounting to the grill (in my case a pellet grill so I mounted next to the pellet controller). You can use the preset temperatures based on the meat of your choice or adjust to your own desired temperature. The unit beeps when the temperature target is reached. The beep is loud enough to be heard over 50 feet away. The probe connection into the main unit is very secure (I read this was a problem on other brands, so I decided to avoid those). There is a timer which I have not used yet but will in the future.
    I am glad that I purchased this thermometer.

  17. Maxter50

    Many great things about this tool. Bright screen so easy to read. metal probe can stay in the over, or air fryer while you cook, so better heat control without opening the door to check. Presets are handy for common meats but it lets you set a temp, like I cooked a baked potato which is crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle at 205 degrees. I inserted the probe and the alarm on the thermometer started beeping when it hit 205. It also has a timer. You need to be careful with the probe wire, but that is just good practice. Highly recommend this tool.

  18. Matt T

    I initially bought a TP-15, as I’ve been getting into the “reverse sear” method of cooking steaks. So the TP-15 worked great, it was quick, easy to read, and a good value. The lady who cleans my house was also interested in learning how to prepare meat this way, so I decided to give her my TP-15 and upgrade to the TP-16S, because I really liked the fact that I could leave the probe in and shut the oven door. You’re slow cooking the steak at 250 degrees to reach your desired internal temperature (in my case 130 degrees), so the fact that I didn’t have to keep opening the oven door seemed like a great plan. So she comes over, I’ve got a 12 oz filet, coated with sea salt and pepper on both sides, I get it to room temp and we put it in. once it hits 127-128, you pull that sucker out and then do your searing in a cast-iron skillet (you can search the web for specific instructions). It worked perfectly, and while we were going to split the steak and she’d go home with her 6 oz., she ended up eating the whole thing while she was here! So she’s happy with her TP-15 (with the 3-year extended warranty), and I’m happy with my TP-16S (with the extended 3-year warranty)! I can’t wait to tackle a standing rib roast for the next holiday with this thermometer. I will recommend it to everyone but my ex-wife!!

  19. Thrilled2Pieces

    Unit was easy to use. Being smaller than my previous unit made the display a little harder to see with the smaller icons.

    Would be nice if the unit included some warning beeps like say 10 degrees prior to reaching set temp. I liked that feature of my older unit.

    This unit works as described, and the presets for the different types of meat were correct in my unit. I had read reviews where pre-set temperatures for specific types of meat were incorrect. That issue was resolved with my unit.

  20. Country Girl

    Bought this product to use when I have roasts in the oven. Saves me from having to open oven door to check the temperature of the roast as with other types of thermometers

  21. Robert Clark

    I waited to review this item until I got a good chance to test it’s use on a large beef roast. The roasting time was about 3 hours and there were no issues with the probe use. It was easier to setup than to read the very small print in the instructions. Once the roasting was complete I tested it’s accuracy against a very trusted instant read thermometer I have used for years and they were within 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit on each other. My son who uses a similar thermometer said that this unit is easier to use than the one he uses for smoking meats . I would buy this unit again if necessary.

  22. donnevada

    This is easy to use. It is fast and accurate with temperature.

    I use mainly on a outside grill and appreciate the light and easy to read numbers

    Being using a short time but it is one of my favorite tools for being sure that I am grilling to the time and temperature that I want. I would buy another one for my kitchen.

  23. Ann

    This thermometer helped me save the large center block (32″ x 32″) of a Baltimore Album quilt I’m making. The red fabrics had bled and the only way to get the excess dye out was to use a couple of products made for this purpose in exactly140-degree water and stir for 20 minutes in each mixture. Worked wonders and saved the quilt block which had taken months to applique by hand.

  24. LunarSwifty

    I’m very happy with this ThermoPro because it’s easy to use. I like the preset temperature settings, but I also like how easy it is to set my own settings. I’ve used it when air-frying steaks to medium rare, and most recently I’ve used it while making yogurt. I like to stir the milk at different intervals, and this Thermometer beeps at when the temperature reaches the set time I entered. I do recommend this one for the value, the features, the convenience, and the price.

  25. Josh

    I’ve had this product for just over a year. Used it a lot. Worked well on the BBQ, in the oven and on the stove. The last few weeks it seemed to be off though. So I tested it and found to be 70 deg C off. Contacted the company and they didn’t ask a question just replied they were sending me a new probe. Excellent service. Will buy from them again.

  26. Mary Bodnar

    Works perfect

  27. athletic diva

    Very simple to use. Seems accurate. Helpful.

  28. Jean-Guy Parent

    Totalement satisfait

  29. malcolm campbell

    Is a needed item in every home to tell humidity

  30. Brians

    Works great very precise would recommend would buy again

  31. BrianS

    Just stick into meat, set desired internal temp and display sits on outside magnetically. Beeps when temp reached. Always cooks the perfect roast beef. Impressed, battery lasts long as well.

  32. Mother Goose

    I use this every time I bake meat now and have just started using it for breads as well. My meat was never quite done in time on recipe, but now I always know exactly when it is ready without setting any timer. Was going to order more from gifts for friends, but the were out of stock. A wonderful addition to my kitchen!!!

  33. H.W.L

    No more poking at it with a knife and seeing if the insides are white. My chicken no longer tastes dry. It works good, fried, boiled and baked with it. Still functions. Made meat a lot easier to cook with after years of stabbing meat with a fork.

  34. Harry

    After struggling with a variety of unreliable dial oven thermometers that required me to open the oven and try to read the temperature I finally smartened up an bought this little beauty. Now I simply insert the probe, attach its cable to the unit which lights up showing the temperature in large numbers. You can set the temp. you want and a bell rings when it reaches the set figure. Couldn’t be easier.

  35. Bonnie Hayes


  36. jean-marc Duval


  37. Cheryl Davidson

    Love all the features.

  38. Peter R.

    Made the best prime rib roast ever.

  39. sylvain dutour

    Bon produit

  40. Burlington Bob

    Good product – not intuitive.

  41. Beb

    Easy to use and love the magnetic back

  42. larry wilson

    like and used it for what it was intended for worked good

  43. Everett Russell

    would like probe wire a little longer

  44. Stephen Jowett

    I like the adjustable temperature feature.

  45. Julie M.

    Perfect thermometer. It was exactly what I was looking for and easy to use.

  46. Heather Warcholyk

    Very easy to use should have got one years ago can’t live without it now

  47. Eduardo Azeredo

    Awesome product! It’s helping me a lot!

  48. terri

    Did not register temperature correct.
    Only used once so far. Will try again.

  49. GP

    Very user friendly

  50. Youngs

    Design is nice work well i love it

  51. Paul C Boucher

    Product works great, difficult to store in its box

  52. Richard Theriault

    I like the price, the quality et how to use it…..very good tool….

  53. Luka

    Works great

  54. JL

    Good and accurate reading from the thermometer. Great help in monitoring the wellness of the meat cooked.

  55. Deb

    Used the item in my smoker, didn’t have to open the door to check temperature, save over an hour or two in smoking time. Very pleased 🙂

  56. Snow Joe user

    Nice unit. Had a bit of trouble doing settings but it’s good.

  57. E. H.

    Facile à utiliser

  58. Linda

    I used this on a pork roast which was cooked to perfection. Great that I didn’t have to keep opening the oven door to see how it was cooking.

  59. AAW

    Works as described

  60. etienne pare


  61. Rachel

    Works great and has made cooking meat a lot easier! I love it and highly recommend it.

  62. R.

    As advertised.

  63. John Gross

    All good

  64. Riccardo Matteucci

    Works great, just too bad you cant set a customizable setpoint and alerts. Other than that, it works as advertised.

  65. MrBill

    Sturdy construction and easy to use.

  66. M.D.H.

    This thermometer will get your food to the temperature – according to what you could set it to. And there is a pictogram to help you select the appropriate temps.

  67. Claudette

    Love this tool. Works perfectly.

  68. G!!


  69. Audrey Downs

    I haven’t used it yet but I had one before and used it mainly for roasts, including chicken. This one is just a little bit better. I can”t wait to use it.

  70. SallyA

    No indicator for lamb. Everything else covered

  71. netanthony

    Works well.

  72. Marie M

    Like it a lot. Very accurate

  73. Sally Mason

    Love it, does all that it says with ease.

  74. Red

    Very good overall

  75. Henning Jorgensen

    Works as expected

  76. David

    Works like a charm

  77. naerco

    It’s good. The power button is a little stiff but it works 95% of the time. I know it’s on warranty so I might change it. Probably just a faulty piece. Other than that, good experience through and through!

  78. Pierre

    Bonne qualité de produits

  79. Davs

    Much better than having to open the oven to check on temp, love the back light and that it’s both magnetic and has a stand… bought a second one as gift

  80. Jericho99ca

    Works great portability between kitchen and outdoor grill is supreme.

  81. Cody Crossman

    Haven’t had it long enough to know how durable it is, but it’s accurate, easy to use, and the price was right. I’m happy, anyway.

  82. Carrie

    gifted this to my mother in law….she loves it, easy to read and accurate.

  83. Vlad B

    Great product, very useful and easy to operate. very helpful after sales customer service.
    Thank you!

  84. James Cote

    Works as advertised. Easy to use. Great for the oven.

  85. DonaldG

    What a great tool. No more checking, checking and checking. Set the alarm to the temperature you want and you know it’s going to be great.
    Love it.

  86. anne shlarp-mcarthur

    We are very happy with this meat thermometer! Very easy to use and accurate. Most importantly it is sturdy- we have bought too many that have died after a few uses. Thx

  87. Cindy

    I like the probe which can be inserted into the food while in the oven to give accurate temperature.

  88. Ron C. Samson

    easy to easy , nice big display and its really accurate

  89. DaPepperman

    This is a great little thermometer. Very handy features.

  90. Mark

    This takes the guess work out of knowing when your food is properly cooked.

  91. TIZI

    I will never go without this item in my kitchen ever again! Love cooking with this, you always get the right cooking temp

  92. Chenoa machado

    got this for my hubby for christmas but I have been using it as well.. so easy to use and great price.

  93. Pete S.

    The best feature of it is the meat category presets. It tells you what is the best temperature for different kinds of meat.

  94. jack

    looks good have not used it yet, bought it as a backup for my analog meat thermometer

  95. Jessica

    We wanted a thermometer we could have inside the oven and this does the trick. Works great!

  96. Olga Giuliano

    I use for oven roasts but the temperature is off I end up with well done roasts instead of med

  97. Alisha

    LOVE THIS! has so many pre set meat temps and has the ability to manually put in your desired temp. has a magnet on back so it sticks to the bbq ect. Overall great product and worth the money

  98. phs

    We don’t do roasts often so this review is a bit delayed from the time we purchased the product. The device is simple to use and sturdy. we had a different one before and the probe (cable) was too fragile for every day use.
    Our roasts turn out great using the ThermoPro.

  99. Ron O

    Have not yet had the opportunity to use this item. It looks as advertised and in can to us in excellent condition so I can only at this time assume that all is well. If you with further info at a later date feel free to inquire..

  100. John Young

    Easy to cook food to right temperature but difficult to set to what you want. Need to use regularly to get the settings right

  101. Kathy W Yip

    Very good thermometer. I’ve used it a few times for roasts and bakes and it is quite accurate. There was one time where it was not but I’ve written it off as a one off. Though the temperatures that it suggests for medium rare roasts were not accurate so make sure you check your recipe.

  102. James Conway

    Wish that I had purchased this thermometer ages ago! It has taken all the guesswork out of baking and soon tells me whether the oven is too hot/cold and my need to adjust the oven temperature to avoid baking too quickly/slowly. The parcel arrived exactly when promised. Three days – WOW! I have yet to experience the “customer service” that most reviewers so clearly endorse, but expect to share their positivity should the need ever arise.

    I do not hesitate in recommending this product.

  103. Boris

    Can’t believe I’ve been cooking without one of these. Had this for a few weeks and used it three times. Results were great and the device is easy to use and exactly as I expected

  104. Pat Craven

    Bought this as I was just starting to use a charcoal grill for smoking meats. Unit is simple to use, easy to read even at night and has so far helped me with a dozen or so perfect cooks.

  105. Ray S.

    I had bought another thermometer last year which lasted only a few months, it had a plastic/rubber coated cable, when I pulled the thermometer out of the meat it separated from the cable. This one is way better, much more durable metal braided cable, also very easy to read plus temperature setting is more reliable than the last one. Definitely recommend this one!

  106. phil

    I was not impressed as it malfunctioned after only a few months of occasional use. Went to their website and was surprised to get prompt customer service. Then, within a week I received a new temperature probe and all is good now. In this time of using covid as an excuse to eliminate customer service, it is nice to see there are a few honest companies out there.

  107. Cottage guy

    Really like the wire mesh around the probe wire as I can use it in my infrared BBQ…no direct flames. However the mesh is stiff so you have to uncoil carefully to not stress the wires leading to the probe.

  108. JDLT

    Product worked great for first three months. After that it began it to display unbelievable readings i.e. meat temperature was over 400 degrees when it was probably around 30 degrees. Once that started we could never get it to work properly. Even changed the batteries, which did not help.
    I called customer service and they sent me a new probe. Thermometer works good now.
    Very good customer service

  109. Glen W.

    Second one we bought as the first was left a tad too close to the stove top that was on and well you know how that went!
    Would prefer the on/off button not to be on the back and to be larger but otherwise does what it’s supposed to do.

  110. Michael W.

    EDIT: Upgrading to five stars because of excellent customer service. After writing the below review about my defective probe, I contacted Thermopro and within a day, they had mailed me a new probe that works great. I’m still a bit wary about accuracy so I double check with another instant-read thermometer when I take meats out of the oven, but so far so good. Thanks, Thermopro, for addressing my concerns immediately!

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: For years, I’ve been using a standard ThermoPro thermometer that has served me faithfully, but I wanted something that I could use with the oven door closed. I ordered this ThermoPro meat thermometer with a metal cord during Prime Day, and was immediately excited to use it. The first time, it worked like a charm, producing an accurate reading and letting me know when my food was ready. But for the past four times I’ve used it, it’s given wildly inaccurate readings, telling me that meat is overcooked at 175-190 degrees, when it’s just barely cooked or still raw, even. I’ve attached a picture showing the wildly different readings of my two thermometers, the little pen-like one that I have relied on for years, and this new one. Will try to resolve it with the manufacturer, but sadly, I cannot recommend the thermometer at this time.

  111. Pool

    I have one of those old-fashioned oven with no timer or temp display. Often messed up my baking with burnt surface but underbaked fillings. With this I found out that my oven is around 50F higher than set temp. That’s why! Now I feel like more in control with the temp with real-time monitoring and timer.

  112. L. D.

    Was delivered quickly and works great!
    We tried it for the first time on Christmas Day, we set it at 165 and the alarm interrupted our long opening gift ceremony…LOL The turkey was cooked to perfection instead of guessing if it is cooked enough or not, like in previous years…
    I would recommend it

  113. véronica

    Je l’ai utilisée 5x avant qu’il ne me lâche.
    Mon liquide bouillait mais le thermomètre affichait qu’il était encore tiède et par la suite, une fois qu’il était complètement froid, il indiquait qu’il était encore chaud! donc ma recette est allée au poubelle!
    je l’ai laisser à la température pièce pendant toute une soirée (21’C ) et il affiche encore 48’C!
    Aucune précision! vraiment déçu pour le prix…

  114. Patricia Wasley

    Love it

  115. Donnersurvivor

    Works like a charm. Very convenient to keep I’m in the stove, not an eye sore, has all the info right in front of you.

  116. Francis Phelan

    It has a large display that is easy to read. I get a little confused in understanding the forecast

  117. Bea May

    The monitor works as advertised. The unit is easy to use and the features will satisfy any backyard BBQ pit master.

  118. Denice

    It works good
    It is not easy to set time without reading book

  119. Zeldi

    I really wanted to like this product but found it difficult to use for every day regular timer stuff around the kitchen. It’s hard to set a quick a simple minute timer. It’s good for my roasts at least.

  120. Chuckles

    Easy to read.

  121. rpeters

    Works great! No guessing when stuff is done. Used it to bake meatloaf and other items that setting a temp alarm stops you from overcooking or undercooking.

  122. Casey

    Ease of use

  123. Donald M. Kolstad

    Works very well and it’s easy to use.

  124. R. Janae

    Purchased to cook pork tenderloin. Worked great!

  125. Kindle Customer

    Absolutely love it

  126. Clayton

    Good product

  127. David W. Carter

    Works great and a must have when smoking meat


    Needed a new clock. fits the bill

  129. Barker House

    This was a life saver for thanksgiving. My first time cooking a turkey and everyone said it tasted amazing! I researched this little device before making my purchase and glad I did! I wouldn’t cook another one without it.

  130. Rocker

    This is a great product at a great price!

  131. goofball

    Awesome service and a great device for cooking. when you have a touchy menu that deserves a Thermo temp cooking then this is the unit you need. super good all around.

  132. Ed

    Great product
    No complaints

  133. B.Murdy

    Excellent replacement for a different one that just died on me. This one is great and I am very happy with it.

  134. Goyescas

    The stars say all. Has very good features.

  135. abb3y

    I use the thermometer every night. I’m on my second one because I’ve accidently crimped the cord. I get great results expecially with rack of Lamb (my kryptonite in the kitchen) on salmon its great, would not smoke chicken thighs without it . Accuracy can be a challenge depending on where you lance the probe in the meat or fish. I make great medium rare steaks with a crispy texture with this probe. ( I pan sear to start and finsh in the broiler. ). Buy it

  136. Ceemore Oldsters

    Had one some time ago, finally found it again – safe to use on Charcoal grill, in oven and others…the probe and cord do not melt (cant say so much for others). Do NOT stick the magnet to the grill or the unit will melt, put the display on anything but the grill, leave the probe in and you are set – perfect.

  137. jkrispies

    Been using this to cook meat for a few months now, and it works fantastic. Very easy to use, and the audible alarm makes it super handy.

  138. Tom Elantra

    Very good quality

  139. Norma

    Worked fine. Note, be sure to take the battery out of unit between uses.

  140. Tirador

    This makes things a lot easier. Calibrated in boiling water and it was accurate. It’s a versatile thermometer. Only concern I have is where the braided cable meets the probe it might be prone to wearing out. Only a concern – hasn’t happened.

  141. michelle

    Love. Gotta but it!!!

  142. Billy Bowlegs

    No issues

  143. KaliYin

    What a great idea to plug this into the food and have it alert you when cooked. We used it almost daily for over 2 years before it failed but the company promptly replaced the unit at no charge.

  144. Robert Blaize

    Reasonable accuracy, easy to read – the back light helps. Well made and durable.

  145. Brian

    A buddy of mine got this for me a year ago. I have used it about a dozen times and it is always on point. Perfect for so many applications. Perfect Prime Rib…. yeah…. worth it for that alone! Just gifted one to someone myself. Works with BBQ, Oven, Smoker…. etc. Highly recommend!

  146. No name

    Cooking all meats.

  147. ldogg

    Smoked some ribs this weekend and did great!

  148. David Contreras

    I’m very happy with this ThermoPro because it’s easy to use. Right out of the box its pretty straight forward. Its a must have!

  149. E. Benoit Rival


  150. David H.


  151. Kindle Customer

    It worked very well. The alarm was loud enough to hear in any area.

  152. Brian M. Rebholz

    Used this yesterday for cooking my turkey. Did the job perfectly!

  153. Carlos D De Jesús López

    Fácil de usar

  154. llaurelynn

    This is a great product. The temperature result is almost instant. Great product. Great price!!

  155. Linda M Blair

    Accuracy of temperature

  156. Tim

    I love this product. Great choice.
    You can’t go wrong. Great price.

  157. Claudia

    Excellent product! I do not regret getting it!

  158. Linda Bishop

    Easy to use, glad I bought it.

  159. Happy Customer

    Live this!

  160. A Deltadolly

    It works really well roasting a whole chicken and helps not to overcook beef.

  161. Loretta Walker

    Easy to use and great quality.

  162. Gary Brown


  163. Keon L.

    Works as it should

  164. Edward J Wilkinson


  165. Shauna Mikk

    Makes it so much nicer not having to open the oven and check temp.

  166. Sherry F. Mims

    I use it mainly to cook chicken. I now have juicy, tender chicken. It is never over cooked. The thermometer is easy to use.

  167. MrEd in FL

    Stepted on old one. Don’t do that.

  168. Pam

    Works as expected. Easy to use!!!

  169. Agilitydog

    He uses it all the time, he loves it

  170. Pamela Kuchera

    Hard to set up but works good

  171. Amazed


  172. Jason Cory Stephens

    Everything that I needed is now all in one. Awesome for smoking and grilling, I love it!!

  173. Dennis M Fox

    Time will tell, (no pun intended) but I need to explore all the functions. Many to see.

  174. Ms Mari

    Great for using for yogurt making.

  175. Selena Hedger

    Works like it should

  176. JoAnn Cliff

    I like the option to put the probe inside the oven and keep the magnetic thermometer on the my refrigerator.. By the way it works in the air fryer I have!!

  177. ED

    works well in my smoker

  178. Derrick Swint

    perfecr product

  179. ed osborn

    Very easy to use

  180. Mike

    Great quality

  181. Joan Hokenson

    Go size could use longer cord

  182. clare

    This is the second one that I’ve purchased it works really well but it stopped working very suddenly and I have no idea why , maybe less than a year old and not heavily used.

  183. Bob W

    My ribeye roast was cooke to perfection

  184. david


  185. Ed Sarrat

    Excellent remote thermo

  186. Sandra Dieterich

    I liked the ease of use. The last one I had was to complicated.

  187. RAP


  188. Raymond G. Caster

    handy, accurate, & easy to read. Good value.

  189. Backnthaday

    Quality product

  190. Georganne Baker

    My husbands loves it…perfect for accurate temps

  191. Dennis Barrick

    Works as advertised.

  192. Patty N

    Bought for my son as he was always borrowing mine!

  193. Phil

    Haven’t tried it on a lot of different meats but has done well on Turkey and Filet Mignon. Easy to set your own temperature or use the preprogrammed ones.

  194. beeben05

    Exactly what I was looking for, works great

  195. josey

    I like it works as should

  196. Jessica

    Bought for my husband to use when grilling and smoking. He loves it. Says it’s easy to use.

  197. Patricia A., Sinclair

    This meat thermometer is easy to use and very well designed. I am very pleased with it!!!

  198. C Apt

    Great product and easy to read. Love that I can keep it in the meat while cooking so I need to open the oven/grill less often

  199. hhz808

    Works great and has made cooking meat roasts easier and better!

  200. tica

    Me salió el pavo perfecto la pechuga tierna y jugosa muy bien

  201. Indiana Jorge

    Anyone who cooks needs this! It works great and is a game changer when cooking.

  202. M. Paolucci

    Finally perfected my rib roast on Christmas eve!

  203. Carol Smith

    Makes smoking meat more efficient. No need to open smoker to check on things. Saves heat and pellets

  204. Ed B

    So far exactly what I wanted. Slightly difficult to program but seems accurate and so far like the temperature alarm.

  205. css828

    Buying these for gifts after purchasing one for myself a few months ago. Reconditioned my Turkey and chicken roasting game. Easy to use. So accurate.

  206. Patti

    Why did I wait so long to buy something like this!! It’s perfect for prime rib in an oven so you don’t open and let heat out. Perfect perfect perfect!

  207. KC

    It measures the hot stuff the way it is supposed to. It is easy to read and the alarm works. Just what I needed.

  208. L. Ohara

    My only issue with this device is the alarm.
    You cannot disable it.

  209. Slim

    Short and simple, this is a very nice digital thermostat. Good features and built well, and above all, it works.

  210. Michael Quinn

    Love this thermometer. Works great and appears to be accurate. Arrived on time and in great condition. Thanks.

  211. cheryl

    It works well for applications where an accuracy of 2 degrees is acceptable, so good for most cooking applications. It also gives fairly fast readings.

  212. jams411

    Got this to replace a Kitchen Aid that stopped working. Good quality, easy to use has numerous presets fo4 multiple meats as well as whatever you might want to set it to temp-wise. Temperature probe detaches from main unit which makes it easy to clean. Would definitely recommend!

  213. Sean D. Moore

    I love this thermometer…accurate, easy to use, and quick to test the temperature of meats.

  214. Joseph A. Loffredo Jr.

    For the money this cannot be beat. Accurate and easy to use and read. Highly recommended for the chefs in the kitchen

  215. PMC1985

    I don’t cook much. I bought this to monitor a thanksgiving turkey and glad I did, it needed an hour less time in the oven than the recipe said based on weight! It turned out great!

    Now I find myself using it whenever I cook meat or chicken (which I rarely cooked before) and end up with edible food instead of chicken so rubbery you could bounce it off the floor!

  216. Mark Porath

    The temperature probe works as expected and is accurate. It is easy to set the desired temperature or use the meat type for pre-set temperatures. The display is easy to read and has back-lighting.

  217. Ellyn

    Accurate and easy to read. Temperature alarm is loud enough, I can hear it inside the house while grilling. Would recommend to family and friends.

  218. M. Davis

    My wife overcooks EVERYTHING, but now, not anymore!! Love that it lets you know when the food is done

  219. Citizen John

    I like the metal case, magnet for metal surface or sits on table with built in prop. I haven’t used it yet but have high hopes .

  220. Nicole M.

    This brand produces my absolute favorite meat thermometers! My steaks come out perfectly every time with them!

  221. KristiB in AZ

    Works just like it should and lets us know when our meet has reached our desired temperature. It’s easy to use and to clean.

  222. Jack Mitchell

    It’s as easy to use as advertised. My previous choice was way to complicated. I just need a thermomature that provides accurate temps, and this does just that.

  223. JustaBob

    This often replaces Sunbeam that was never very good and lasted just over a year. So far this item is far better in ease of use and accuracy. Hope it holds up.

  224. Judy

    Easy to use & read

  225. bob falcone

    This little lifesaver is a real gem and a must have. Temp accuracy is spot on. Only wish is for an insulated probe, just be more careful than yours truly or you will burn your fingers!

  226. CobraJ

    We had an old unit that needed a replacement. We tried this one and my wife liked it so much that we ordered a second one for our son.

  227. Cmg

    As advertised. Works great for boiling eggs. Should work good for other liquids, like melting chocolate. I don’t eat meat so I don’t know how well it will work but it looks like it would be good.

  228. J. Buttke

    This worked beautifully for dinner last night! Very easy to use, easy to read display. I would highly recommend this meat thermometer!

  229. James Leary

    I no longer use a timer. This thermometer let’s you see the temperature while cooking. Very accurate. Meats are cooked to the correct done desired.

  230. Pam B

    I used this product for Thanksgiving and it was so simple to use. My turkey came out tender and succulent. They have many preset temperatures but also has a wide range of other uses. It can be used for candy making, bbq and smokers too.

  231. Jan

    Use this for steam canning to notify me when the correct temp has been reached. Last week I discovered that the buttons to change the temp setting were not working. Contacted the company and a replacement has been shipped. Excellent customer service

  232. fjcJr

    Best for my thanksgiving turkey!!

  233. ron

    I love this product I get to make chocolate fudge and if you didn’t know when you make chocolate fudge you have to hit an exact degree to make sure it comes out perfect and my fudge has been perfect every time I also use it to make turkey in my oven and again it was perfect

  234. Dylan H.

    This thermometer has an easy to use interface with presets for most meats. Plus you are able to set your own custom temperatures with alarms.

    We did have an issue with ours after a year of regular usage but after reaching out to the manufacturer they sent us a replacement free of charge! They really know how to treat their customers.

  235. dev123

    I purchased this on a Lightning deal, I was very happy with it. It seems pretty accurate and takes a reading relatively quickly. The cord is a nice feature, braided metal seems durable. The backlight feature of the display is also helpful.

  236. Jess

    Works well! I love cooking meat now that I don’t have to cut it open to see if its done. This is the best thermometer that I have ever had. I love how it has an alarm that will tell you when it’s done. It’s easy to use.

  237. Melanie Kay Haering


  238. Tina C

    Easy to use, and clean. My only issue is that it’s set to 170 for pork, which would give you shoe leather. I personally prefer 155-160 for a pork loin. I’ve made several whole roast chickens with this, using the preset temp recommendation, and they’ve turned out perfectly. Not overdone, or with any nasty pink in the middle.

  239. MissingNoh

    I got this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it!!! He’s used it on roasts, leg of lamb and turkey. Its east to use, very easy to read and it beeps when its set and done. And it is magnetic so that he places it on the fridge instead of losing it in the cabinets.

  240. Pauline

    I needed a better candy thermometer. This has been working for making peanut brittle. I also tend to use it when baking chicken breasts I. The oven. Ita great to push it I to the raw meat and then keep an eye on the temperature to see when it’s done.


    Good little unit, however, sometimes it’s difficult to move the various icons that shows the different items you want to cook. But you can always use the timer. I have had problems turning the unit on after prolonged storage and it’s not because of the battery. Replacing with new batteries doesn’t always correct the problem. The unit will just restart eventually.

  242. JAS

    Very cool gadget for the grill or oven. This has helped with proper temperature control. The thermometer sticks into the meat and the cord stretches outside the grill or oven then the magnet helps to attach it on the side. This would make a great Father’s Day or birthday or Christmas gift for that ultimate grill master in your life.

  243. Brandon

    Game changer for me. Just stick it in the meat and put the meat in the oven and it beeps when it’s the temperature you want. Works as it should and is just pretty great. Gotta be careful to make sure the probe is in the deepest part of the meat or it won’t be helpful, learned that the hard way when cooking a pork loin and it came out like uncooked in the middle. But yeah it’s awesome.

  244. PAUL JR.


  245. J. Price

    This is a great kitchen gadget to have. It is easy to set up and use, and the ability to leave it in the food while cooking is what makes this a must have. My mother in law is technology challenged and she was the first person to use this without any issue. She set it up and roasted a turkey to absolute perfection.

  246. Picky Virgo

    This unit performs its stated function: it allows the cook to enter the desired finished temperature for roasting meat and sounds an alarm when that temperature has been reached. There may be other bells and whistles but I don’t need them. The thermometer is accurate and the alarm is audible, and that’s all I ask.

  247. CathyAnn Turner

    This item arrived 5 days ago, first use was last night for a 4+# Beef Tenderloin. The ability to set our own desired temperature instead of using the pre-sets was really helpful. The roast turned out exactly as we had hopped and the thermometer was a huge help in monitoring the meat’s internal temperature without opening the oven door.

  248. Gary

    I have 3 other thermopro products, I am happy with them all. I just wish the on/off button was in a better location.
    It is hard to turn off, I keep hitting the on/off button but it don’t turn off, I have to keep hitting the button to get it to turn off. The cable to the prob is kind of stiff but I guess it has to be to keep in rugged.

  249. Diana anderson

    My old thermometer gave up the ghost in the last few minutes of my sourdough bread baking! It was really a touch and go situation. This thermometer was in the drawer because it was an extra. I was able to set it up, put in the battery and figure it out in a high stress situation. So it is user friendly. Not as immediate read out as my other one but it worked great.

  250. K.W.

    Great meat thermometer that is small enough to use when cooking hamburgers on top of the stove. It’s easy to read and it even dings when the desired internal temperature is reached. It can also be inserted as soon as meat, chicken or fish is placed inside the oven as it has a long metal cord which will allow the probe to be inserted in the food item and the device to be outside of the oven. I highly recommend it!

  251. toothdok50

    I was looking for a candy thermometer and when I saw this, I figured I’d do this thermometer, as my meat thermometer with remote readout unit was broken. Well, you can probably use this for candy, but not easily. Candy thermometers must stay in the boiling sugar and there’s no way to keep the probe in the boiling sugar. Holding the probe isn’t an option as it get quite hot. If it came with a clip to hold it on the pan, maybe it would be fine, but as it’s sold currently, I don’t see how you can use this for candy making.

  252. Danny

    Amazing quality! I cannot believe how good this thermometer is, given that it only costed $17!!! The thermometer withstood boiling hot oil at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and hot smoking bbq at 450. It can also accurately measure my meat temperature (135). According to the item, it can withstand upwards to 500 degrees without leaching metal or become defective. After using it for two years, it is still amazing!!!

    However, the pre-setted temperature for the meat, especially beef sucks. Medium Rare steaks is not 150 degrees, it is 130-135!!!. I would recommend you to run it on manual instead of the automatic temperature that is programmed.

  253. Brian Schlatter

    Bought it as a gift for a friend. Looks easy enough. He has not used it yet. He was excited.

  254. Renee Bruscemi

    Works perfectly! My roast came out at the exact temperature I wanted because the timer told me when it was ready. Super easy to use!

  255. BB

    This is a product that I will use over and over again. So important to get the right temperature

  256. Tower13

    It is easy to use and is accurate,

  257. CLS

    This was a Christmas gift and hasn’t been used yet but our SOL liked the remote app so he can watch the temp while smoking meat all night long.

  258. N Dorsett

    Easy to read got almost two years out of it. The preset temps are way off. Most thermometers seem to be… err on the safe (over cooked) side. I upgraded to the TP20.. Wireless rocks! Just do it… Same brand. My third Thermpro item

  259. Z. Taylor

    I was not expecting much from this thermometer, but I needed something to attempt to cook my first full turkey this past Thanksgiving. I wanted to know of the reading was off, and by how much, so I boiled some water in a clean Pyrex measuring cup, and it was reading at 219*F (104*C) I then realized that the microwave was heating the water beyond the boiling point (dangerous), which was why I was getting wacky readings. So, I threw a disposable chopstick in the Pyrex cup, and ran the test another 5 times, and every single time it read at exactly 212*F (100*C) and never any higher.

    I put the probe in the turkey, set the preset temp on the unit, and enjoyed the day only checking on it out of curiosity. The turkey came out perfect and my wife was impressed as I’ve never attempted to cook a whole turkey before. Just check any thermometer you buy against boiling water, if it reads anything other than 212*F or 100*C then it is not accurate, and you will need to compensate your alarms based on the difference. Ice water can be used as a test, but I don’t plan on cooling anything with this so those readings may be very off.

    If I had to make any complaint it would be that the wire for the probe is very stiff and holds the shape of when it was in the packaging resulting in some difficulty in getting it to cooperate. Once it is set though, it does not seem to move very much and held up to the oven temps (300*F+)

  260. Omar


  261. Ken dunlap

    Cooking meat

  262. POWsmitty

    good product easy to use

  263. Yancel Campbell Jr.

    Works great, use it all the time.

  264. Vince Saraceno

    Great Product!!

  265. Dottie

    Product works well , easy to use

  266. Gregory Suvajian

    Easy to use

  267. Garcia

    Easy to read

  268. SG

    easy to set up and use

  269. Yinet


  270. Esteban Ramirez

    So easy to use

  271. Chris Bazen

    to many options

  272. Rusty Wallace

    Did a great job!

  273. Robert Behrman

    Easy to use and accurate.

  274. Jeffrey Phillips

    It’s perfect accurate.

  275. Craig Albrecht

    Bought for a replacement of the one I had

  276. David Teuschler

    Easy to use.

  277. HAPPY

    Works great

  278. Tracy

    I already owned this product so I knew it was good.

  279. Mauricio S.

    Great item vs price

  280. Anita Gilliard

    I liked it.

  281. Pamela Bunker

    Very easy to use and fast clear temps!

  282. TL Shelton

    Perfect for our prime rib

  283. Frank

    No complaint

  284. Sara Janus

    Easy to use.

  285. Thomas Weiss

    Easy to read and well built

  286. Dee

    Works great!

  287. Susan Leslie Laub

    Foolproof roast beasts from now on! Love it.

  288. Rick

    Cooking, Turkeys, Meats.

  289. Michael Kach


  290. Matthew Bradshaw

    Great to use when cooking steaks or bbq. Easy to use and pretty accurate.

  291. Richard Elwell

    It worked great we used it on our Christmas prime rib dinner!👍👍👍

  292. bill swiger

    used it one time and it did what I wanted worked well.

  293. shannon atkins

    Love knowing my chicken is done and safe to eat.

  294. Samantha k Henderson

    Purchased this thermometer for my smoker.. its awesome, super accurate and simple to use.

  295. Peter C.

    Great product … easy to use

  296. Ray G.

    Great Product!

  297. Dewey j Hendrix

    Great product! Easy to use

  298. Michele A. Weverstad

    Just used it on prime rib! It was great!

  299. Margaret McKay

    Very helpful

  300. Tracy

    Easy to use. Accurate reading would buy again

  301. Debby Tucker

    Perfect accuracy

  302. Tom Pryor

    super helpful to constantly have temp of food, rather to have to check randomly

  303. Michael T. Hughes

    Cooking by temperature is the way to go! Perfect every time.

  304. Donald Kotar

    Monitoring meat temperature in grill

  305. stephen c henry

    Easy to use, works as advertised.

  306. Davis

    Wanted instant read.

  307. Edward M Kauruter

    I use this when smoking meat in my smoker. Works great.

  308. emviscous

    It does what its supposed to.

  309. maryanne

    The ThermoPro TP 16S is just as it is described. Very handy, accurate, easy to read.

  310. lawrence

    This is easy to use and read.

  311. Pearl Brown

    Son and wife said gift arrived on time and they like it. More details I do not unfortunately know.

  312. Audrey Serban

    Was super excited easy to use right from the start. I use it now every time. Even used it as a candy thermometer. Would definitely recommend.

  313. Ryan Coppola

    Easy to use and set up. Worked great on our turkey for thanksgiving this year.

  314. Michelle Ropp

    This has saved my cooking!

  315. Brian Larson

    Bought this to cook the perfect filet migon for Christmas. It did the job perfect. Was easy to use and understand.

  316. Jerry H.

    We have one from the same manufacturer, we got this single probe device for grilling with our rv

  317. Lori OHara

    Haven’t used it yet, but I used to have the same one. Love it!!

  318. Dave Ajaski

    Just what I wanted

  319. Kelsey Houchins

    We use this for cooking duck. It does excellent

  320. Samy

    Great product, do everything it says. The cable is long enough to keep your hands out of the heat.

  321. fcgabbard

    Easy to use, works great.

  322. JMM

    Loved the thermometer. Worked perfectly on my turkey for Thanksgiving.

  323. Serhiy Yavorskyy


  324. Dewey Patnode

    It works

  325. Alex Johnson

    Simple and it does what it is designed to do!

  326. JerrTann

    Everything about this thermometer is easy and gets the job done quickly and well. I recommend it.

  327. Jennifer

    Appears to be accurate

  328. Bruce Freeman

    Ease of use and accuracy

  329. Donna Renfro

    good item

  330. Tiana Ryals

    It scratched my stove where I attached it (bad).

  331. William L. Stonebraker

    I use it in my woodworking shop to get accurate angles or I am able to measure different angles to make cuts for projects. The Thermopro is great in doing so.


    It does what it’s supposed 2 do should have been had one of these.

  333. Everardo A.

    Simple, easy to use and read the back light is helpful when it’s a bit dark. It is also very accurate

  334. Doug Harvey

    Really handy thermometer. Used it right after taking it out of the box. Made using my smoker much easier. Not letting the heat out during the smoking process to check temperatures is a huge plus.

  335. Jim

    Works great.

  336. Ervin Shaffer

    Used this unit on turkey, ham and prime rib. Anything came out great. Liked how with the magnet it attached to my roster, and over.

  337. SunnyDays

    This thermometer is exactly what I was looking for. I have used it several times and it is accurate and easy to use. Also it was a great price.

  338. Brian Symington

    My wife loves it.

  339. Kristol E Walker

    It worker great! Meat cooked perfectly.

  340. Wayne E

    It seems like a quality product. It’s accuracy is quite good. Just used it for the first time today and all the functions seemed to work as per the directions.

  341. Steven Wilson

    Came just in time for our $60.00 roast. Works fabulously

  342. mike palermo

    Very good quality

  343. Melvin Branch

    Works as expected but didn’t like the curved probe.

  344. cindy millikan

    Love this thermometer. Had one for years but it got dropped a few times. Bought replacement for myself. So many options cook to a temp or timed

  345. Gary

    Easy to use

  346. Brianne Feeler

    Works as expected. I prefer to cook my meats with these kinds of thermometers. Always comes out perfect.

  347. A.J. Dewey

    Simple, Easy, Works : )

  348. J. Eric Ham

    Performs as advertised

  349. Rob

    Compact and easy to use. Digital readout is large enough to easily read.

  350. aaron woods

    I’ve only used it once and it worked great. I had to take the batteries out to turn it off.

  351. Sara

    Excellent purchase. I feel like a master chef. Perfect everytime!

  352. Tiffany L

    So easy to use! No more dry chicken or overcooked steaks. Great gift idea

  353. Thomas C. Hernandez

    It was already preset for poultry temp of 160 degrees. Most people will use this for chicken or turkey.

  354. Tiffany H.

    Worked perfect especially for the price ~ I’ve only had it a couple weeks but meat turned out perfect if it breaks soon I’ll re review 🙂

  355. Kenneth Hudson

    Works great and cost less then my local stors.

  356. Dave

    It works as described…

  357. Tiffany Hunt

    Super easy to use! I am impressed! How did I live this long without a digital meat thermometer ?? Everyone needs one !

  358. Elise

    This had quick shipping and works well. It actually helped me cook my first turkey dinner for my family! Thank you so much.

  359. Robert White

    Does a great job, no more guessing on when to take the meat off the grill.

  360. DanielSanchez

    Easy to use! Good price!

  361. thepenskeman

    Easy to use

  362. George Lester

    Worked as advertised and is easy to use

  363. LFG