ThermoPro TP410 IR Pocket Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Laser Thermometer for Cooking, Temp Gun with Range -58℉~1022℉ for Pizza Oven Accessories, Griddle, Grill, HVAC, Engine

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About this item
  • Pocket-Sized Infrared Thermometer Gun: Compared with other heavy & big temperature guns, this pyrometer’s Small, Light-weight design is convenient and portable; Pizza oven thermometer with backlight is a must-have user-friendly tool for home and industrial use
  • Highly Accurate: The surface thermometer uses a Thermopile Sensor for quick and accurate measurements while its adjustable emissivity allows for precise customization with different textures
  • Safer Measurements from a Distance: This laser temperature thermometer infrared allows you to measure quickly and safely from a distance using its 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio and 0.5-sec response time
  • Multi-Temperature Display: This ir thermometer smoothly measures heat fluctuations by outputting a range of readings that include maximum, minimum, and average temperatures, making you a professional engineer to diagnose any problems with your AC vents or car engine
  • Multiple Home and Industrial Uses: -58°F–1022°F (-50°C–550°C) measurement range makes this infrared thermometer cooking perfect for food preparation, auto maintenance, home repairs, and more.


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Auto rotating display


Backlight display


Calibration feature


High low temperature alarms


Lock function


Probe length

3.75", 6.0"

Probe quantity


Response time

3-4 seconds

Smart on off




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ThermoPro TP30 Infrared Thermometer Gun, Laser Thermometer for Cooking

ThermoPro TP450

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