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ThermoPro TP420

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Two-in-One Infrared Thermometer with Meat Probe, Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Non-Contact Laser Thermometer with Adjustable Emissivity for BBQ, HVAC & Car Engine

  • 2-in-1 IR Food Thermometer】: As the upgrade of temperature guns and instant-read meat thermometers, the ThermoPro TP420 can measure both internal and surface temperatures! Use the IR sensor to get the pizza stone surface temperature, and the meat probe to take internal temperature of your food
  • 【Fast, Accurate Temperature Probe】: This instant read thermometer with high precision sensor measures internal temperatures accurately to ±1.8°F within just 2-3 seconds; its wide measuring range from -58°F to 572°F makes this device a must-have for cooking, baking, heating liquids, BBQ, and air fryers
  • 【Safer Measuring with Thermopile Sensor】:With its distance-to-spot ratio of 12:1 and a response time under 500Ms, this IR thermometer allows you to safely take fast and accurate readings of different surfaces from a greater distance; switch and display MAX/MIN/AVG results on this pyrometer
  • 【Various Application】: Featuring an adjustable emissivity from 0.1-1.0 and recommended doneness levels imprinted on the back, this infrared thermometer cooking can be used to check the heat of your griddle, manage home HVAC operations and auto repairs, making it perfect for any of your daily tasks
  • User-Friendly】: This cooking thermometer features a 180° foldable probe and large backlight to help you cook in any conditions; simply unfold the waterproof probe and the temperature will be displayed on this kitchen thermometer
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Why carry 2 thermometers when you have this 2-in-1 instant infrared and probe thermometer?

Combined the ultra-fast speed and accuracy of an instant thermometer with the versatility of an IR sensor, this upgraded ThermoPro meat thermometer is capable of taking internal temperatures and non-contact surface readings at the same time. Featuring two professional tools in one design, this digital cooking thermometer is a must-have tool for cooking, BBQ grilling, AC vent or car engine repair, auto and refrigerator maintenance, and more!

  • Meat Temperature Probe Measurement Range: -58°F to 572°F
  • Meat Probe Accuracy: ±1.8°F from 32°F to 212°F, otherwise ±2%
  • IR Thermometer Measurement Range: -58°F to 1022°F
  • IR Thermometer Accuracy: ±3°F from 14°F to 212°F, otherwise ±2%
  • Distance-to-Spot Ratio: 12:1
  • Adjustable Emissivity: 0.1-1.0 (Default: 0.95)
  • Display: Touch-Activated Backlight
  • Auto Shut-Off: 90 seconds of inactivity

The ThermoPro TP420 Infrared Temperature Gun is not designed to measure human body temperatures. Do not use this thermometer infrared as a medical device to measure external/internal body temperatures (e.g. forehead/oral). Any temperature readings for humans will be incorrect.

  • 1 Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe & IR Sensor
  • 2 AAA Battery
  • 1 Manual

Fast & Accurate Readings

This water temperature thermometer equipped with high precision probe sensor takes internal readings within just 2-3 seconds in a range from -58°F to 572°F. Featuring a high accuracy of±1.8°F, this device allows you to cook with confidence every time you fire up your grill.

Quick Reference Temp Chart

This instant-read thermometer digital for food features a list of recommended internal temperatures on its back. Save your time without having to look up temperatures and ensure your meat is cooked to perfection!

Multiple Placements Options

With its strong, built-in magnet, this food temperature thermometer can be attached to any metal surface; hanging on a kitchen hook is another storage option for this pocket-sized instant meat thermometer digital.

Read Temperatures at a Distance

The built-in thermopile sensor with a distance-to-spot ratio of 12:1 enables the infared temp thermometer to safely measure target surfaces at greater distances. Please note that this infrared oil thermometer is not suitable for measuring human body temperatures.

Wide Range of Temperatures

Termometro digital cocina measures temperatures ranging from -58°–1022°F, allowing these infrared thermometers to monitor temperatures above boiling point and below freezing point, making it perfect for any of your daily tasks.


Review the maximum, minimum, and average temperatures from your last scan on this temp gun thermometer to better check and handle problems involving home appliances, car engines, HVAC, or cooking/baking.

Adjustable Emissivity

Improve accuracy when measuring any object or surface by adjusting the emissivity setting (0.1-1.0) on this cooking thermometer for frying oil.

This emissivity is 0.95 by default, making it suitable for measuring the surface temperatures of most objects. More accurate adjustments can be made by referring to the user manual.


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Availability In stock In stock Out of stock In stock
Auto rotating display Yes No Yes Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calibration feature No Yes Yes Yes
High low temperature alarms High - - -
Lock function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe length 3.75″, 6.0″ 3.9″ 4.0″ 4.25″
Probe quantity 2 - - -
Response time 3-4 seconds 3-4 seconds 2-3 seconds 2-3 seconds
Smart on off Yes No Yes Yes
Waterproof IPX5 IPX6 IPX6 IP65


Infrared Temperature Range: -58°F~1022°F (-50°C~550°C)
Tolerance: ±3°F(±1.5°C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C) otherwise ±2%
Response Time: 500ms
Infrared Sensor Type: Thermopile Sensor
Distance-Spot Ratio: 12:1
Probe Temperature Range: -58°F~572°F (-50°C~300°C)
Probe Tolerance: ±1.8°F(±1°C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C) otherwise ±1.5%
Probe Sensor Type: NTC
Probe Length: 305 Stainless Steel, 4.25″ (107mm)
Probe Response Time: 2-3 Seconds
Display: LCD, 1.5″ x 1.06″ (37mm x 27mm)
Backlight: Yes
Unit Size: 6.57″ x 1.61″ x 1″ (167mm x 41mm x 25mm)
Power: 3.0V (2 x AAA Batteries)


Q: What is the warranty on this device?
A: 3 Year Warranty

Q: Is this really a multi-functional thermometer?
A: Yes, it has a built in 2-in-1 Infrared and Instant Read Food Thermometer for a wide variety of applications.

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: Yes, it is waterproof but we do not recommend putting this in the dishwasher as it will be damaged. It can be safely washed under the sink.

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