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ThermoPro TP15

(337 customer reviews)

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Digital Waterproof Instant Read Meat Thermometer

  • Completely waterproof】Digital meat thermometer has a IPX6 waterproof rating that means you can wash the water thermometer under running water with no concerns
  • Ultra-fast & Accurate】Instant read thermometer features food grade stainless steel probe with precise sensor that provides readings in 3-4 seconds with an accuracy of 0.9°F
  • Hold function】Turkey thermometer can lock readouts when probe is removed, don’t peer dangerously into grill/oven
  • Easy to store & User friendly】Food thermometer features magnetic back and hook allows for convenient storage; Cooking thermometer with backlit display ensures readability in dim light conditions; °C/°F switchable; Battery included
  • Calibration】Calibration Function allows you to re-calibrate the kitchen thermometer after a long period of use for higher precision, making this kitchen thermometer which lasts a lifetime;
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ThermoPro TP-15A 11

Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer TP15

If you’ve poking your meat with forks to test the doneness of meat every time when grilling, then here’s a better alternative for you to get a perfectly-cooked roast! ThermoPro TP15 meat thermometer with a needle tip probe for easy insertion in a variety of meats without leaving puncture holes, achieves accurate results in just 3-4 seconds. Once done taking a reading, the 100% waterproof design allows you to wash the unit thoroughly with soapy water. Never overcook or undercook meats again!

  • Response Time: 3-4 seconds
  • Temperature Range: -58 °F ~ 572°F (-50 °C ~ 300 °C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
  • Temperature Units: °F or °C
  • Probe Length: 5.36 inch (136 mm)
  • Power Auto-off Time: 10 mins of no use
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Cut out all the guesswork of cooking by getting the ideal food temperature in an instant!

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Food Thermometer
  • 1 x Silicone Cap
  • 1 x CR2032 Battery
  • 1 x manual

ThermoPro TP-15A 02

100% Waterproof

Cleaning the probe is a breeze as the entire cooking thermometer has an IPX6 waterproof rating, meaning it can washed thoroughly under running water with no worries.

ThermoPro TP-15A 13

Fast & Accurate Readings

Equipped with an advanced micro sensor to allow the meat thermometer to retrieve result within 3-4 secondswhile still being highly accurate to ±0.9°F.

ThermoPro TP-15A 12

Stay Safe

Lock the temp reading on the display even when you remove the probe from the food. No more dangerously peering inside your cooking appliance to read the temperature!

ThermoPro TP-15A 6

Lifetime Purchase

Calibration function adjusts and brings your instant read thermometer back to the correct accuracy, making this a purchase which lasts a lifetime!

ThermoPro TP-15A 14

Long Probe

5.36″ super long stainless-steel food grade probe keeps your hands safe away from the heat when cooking.

ThermoPro TP-15A 7


Backlit LCD screen offers an easy viewing experience when cooking outside at night or in other low light situations.

ThermoPro TP-15A 8

Temperature Chart

Never be without important meat doneness temps and always ensure you’re cooking your meat to a safe temperature!

ThermoPro TP-15A 4

Store Anywhere

A strong magnetic backing allows you to attach the unit onto your refrigerator door, barbecue rack or any other metal surface; You can hang it on a kitchen hook also!

337 reviews for ThermoPro TP15

  1. Dee Rosen

    Should thermometer read 78 degrees when first turned on?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The thermometer will read the ambient air temperature when it is first powered on.

  2. Vicente Mishou

    no but seriously, i have gone through ah lot of the “instant read waterproof” thermometers and this one ACTUALLY is fast, accurate, and waterproof. stick it in for about 2-4 seconds, hold temp, and remove. boom.

  3. Virgina Alberg

    I really like the extra length , tired of getting hot hands while checking food temp on grill.

  4. Daniel

    Came in on time and works like a charm. And the price is perfect.

  5. Michelle

    Love it, works super fast

  6. pepychou

    Very easy to use it

  7. Coulombe


  8. Iggy

    It works just fine instructions are not intuitive

  9. Wendy and Abbi

    Easy to use and read. Quick temperature calculation and accurate.

  10. Alice Zinowki

    Easy to read. Works great!

  11. ros

    This really has made cooking and readiness so much easier

  12. Eugene Beck

    Meat and fish cooking accuracy is very good. The price is, too.

  13. Bobbi

    Easy to use and read. Love that it is waterproof.

  14. Jessica Staniforth

    Arrived earlier than expected, works well, would definitely recommend

  15. Joan Dumontelle

    Haven’t used it yet but it looks fantastic.

  16. Daniel

    Great addition to the home chef

  17. April Wang

    easy to read, quick measurements. Very happy with the purchase.

  18. Garry

    It seem to work well and I like the magnet that allows me to stick it on the frige.

  19. TJ

    Accurate and easy to read.

  20. justin

    Just have to see how long it’ll last. Otherwise I can’t state any cons. Super handy.

  21. newoutlaw929

    Wifes favorite gift!

  22. Dan R.

    Love this thing! I dont overcook the meat anymore lol. Gets temperature very fast n easy to clean.

  23. Linda Page

    The read out is great for us old folks and with a light Bonus!! … so happy with it.

  24. Gary Gasparian

    Quick and accurate reading. Good price and quality. Very happy with the purchase.

  25. Paula

    Easy to use.

  26. carol fatah

    Easy to read, convenient to use

  27. aansonsit

    Not bad

  28. Michel Auclair

    Very practical when BBQing bigger peace of meat!

  29. Alex

    does not work properly and they promise extended to 3 years warranty for the registered product but the registration page does not work.

  30. dave

    If you cook you need it so buy it

  31. Karyn Sun

    This has been really helpful for cooking meats! It is quick to respond, and easy to clean. The magnet on the back is also handy!

  32. Kyle Durant

    Works great, does what it says it will do

  33. Wendy Schilka

    Love it, works great

  34. Darlene Ellis

    Very accurate & easy to read

  35. Lyne B.

    Seems quite efficient. Happy with purchase.

  36. dred

    For the price its hard to beat
    Much faster then my previous instant read thermometer
    Would buy again without hesitation

  37. CommonSense

    Don’t know why I did without this thermometer all these years!!!

  38. Neil

    This thermometer worked well, has a faster response than an Olivi brand I bought before. Would definitely buy another ThermoPro thermometer again.

  39. Denis Belanger

    enfin j’ai un bon thermomètre pour la cuisson des viandes

  40. Susan H.

    Was great for awhile until it died. Definitely not waterproof.

  41. Richard Arbour

    Use this for maple syrup production very accurate and easy to read have used others but this the best I have found would recommend for other cooking as well…..

  42. Dave

    I like the strong magnet on the back so it can stay on the barbeque. The temps are very fast to read and seem to be bang on accurate.

  43. Ozge

    we used only for 2 weeks and it does not showing right temperature

  44. Charlotte

    Works well and very quickly. Backlit screen is very easy to read. Never overcook your food again now that you have this 🙂 Good for meat and candy (we made sponge toffee)

  45. Aaron

    The ThermoPro TP15 Digital does it job well. It eliminates the guess work from cooking times and let’s you cook your meats and food to exactly the right temperature you want it at. Had no issues with it so far, just turn it on and insert and you’ll see the temperature displayed instantly.

  46. TW

    Previously had a Weber brand Instant read thermometer. Was nowhere near as fast or nice to use as this one. It’s great and gives fast and seemingly accurate readings. The light is really helpful when those BBQ sessions extend past dark.

  47. Jungle Jim

    If you are baking bread you need to make sure the water temperature is just right for the yeast. This does the trick well. It also has a magnetic back so you can stick it on the fridge. Very accurate and very quick.

  48. Le Jaccasseur…

    I love it, very easy to read Cel. and Far., 3 year Warranty instead of one and it is easy to register.

  49. VLavell

    I purchased this thermometer at the beginning of my sourdough bread making journey. It works wonderfully for that and I have since started to use it for many other baking and cooking activities. My husband decided to try it once and is now using it for his cooking needs as well. Nice fast readings. Display is easy to read.

  50. Fred

    I put a whole chicken on the BBQ and 10 mins later it reads 190c.

    Same with steaks. It’s not even close

    Might have a defect unit but would rather get a known brand that I can trust

  51. Andrew

    It’s inexpensive and fast to measure in my experience. But after a few weeks of use the plastic casing is already starting to peel from where you touch the on/off buttons. I suppose the quality of plastic material is reflected in the price. However it hasn’t affected the performance yet, so will update

  52. Thomas

    Works well, easy to read and change between C and F. Nice backlight so numbers standout. Seems accurate and reading is very fast – no long wait for it to read the temperature. Even used it to measure the room temperature to verify thermostat!
    1 star off since it is described as waterproof but instructions included say not to get it wet ??

  53. EW

    We use this thermometer when cooking indoors and on the barbecue outdoors. The long probe keeps my fingers further away from the high heat of the barbecue or the oven, and from the sides of the deep pot on the stove. The backlit LED light helps to read the temperature when barbecuing at night. Switching temperature scales is helpful when testing if meat is cooked (in F) or checking water temperature (in C) for an AeroPress coffee. The instant read feature is slightly slower than my previous thermometer purchased at a restaurant supply store but it’s good value for the money.

  54. Ivan

    Love this one, it made my cooking much more easier, faster and without guessing game. No more overcooked dehydrated meets, or undercooked BBQs. Appreciate how it’s designed – long enough to get in the far ends of my oven. The cooking tips on it’s back are very helpful. Easy washing under tap water – no leaking. Storing on the fridge with a strong magnet is a great idea, I always know where it is.

  55. mark

    I thought mine was broken since it didn’t change from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa after 3secs of long press but it just needed to be pressed longer than that until you see the changes.

    Accuracy is good and did the calibration as instructed. Magnetic back which can be hanged on the side of the ref for safekeeping.

    Waterproof but didn’t try to run down the handle in the running water just to be safe.

    Overall, would recommend given with its friendly price.

  56. RDR

    Bought this item In May, and shortly after it stopped working, I contacted the seller and they sent me a replacement. I used it about 10-12 times and the replacement stopped working as well. Sadly I cannot figure out how to contact them directly about this so I will leave a review. Amazingly we have a non-waterproof one that has we bought before this one and it is still working….

  57. Myra

    I really didn’t want to buy this because it was so cheap. I’m pleasantly surprised and really glad I didn’t spend more and even got it on discount. I’ve only had it a couple weeks though and don’t use it often. I tested the accuracy on boiling and cold ice water and it performed fast enough and within 2 degrees. I did not have to re-calibrate it out of the box. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s pretty impossible to read without the light on which turns off separate from the on off (15ish seconds?). I would just prefer they made the light stay on all the time especially when you’re bringing something to temp (eg. chocolate, candies, water for yeast). I don’t use it without the light. Switching between C and F is easy enough too. I usually buy the mid expensive option vs the really cheap option for most things but in this case the cheapest option seems better than the mid range. I have hope this will last a while too.

  58. Mojomojo

    I bought this thermometer probe before buying another one due to the lack of being able to actually fold or retract the needle. If you use this indoors at home and have a place to store it (like a fridge door, since it is magnetized), then it’s not much of an issue. However, if you need to bring it around, it’s nicer to buy a probe with a foldable needle. Compared to an analog probe, this digital reader is much much faster, but there are other digital ones that are even faster at significantly higher priced.

    For some people it’s not a big deal, but since buying my other probe, this one is lacking some features even at similar price range. The screen is bright since it has a light on capability and the digits are readable, but the display does not reorient itself if you go upside down. The needle itself cannot retract so there is a rubber tip protector to avoid poking yourself.

    The probe is sufficiently long enough to temp read most food between 3-5 seconds without feeling too hot on your hands, but if the grill or stove is very hot, you would’t want to hold your hand there for too long.

  59. maryann roman


  60. Paul R. White

    Very easy to use and accurate

  61. Trisha

    Easy to read. Food comes out perfect every time.

  62. Connie L. Butera

    Great product. Reliable

  63. John

    It does it’s purpose

  64. Frank B

    The unit is very easy to use and seems be accurate. The price is also competitive.

  65. Kuno

    Affordable. Compact. Easy to use. Easy to read. Works great.

  66. Chestnut Pony

    Has magnet on back. Quick read and accurate. I love this. I was able to make steaks perfect at mid-rare. It’s waterproof and back light.

  67. Joy Bells

    I purchased this based on a blog post reviewing several professional grade thermometers at various price points – and for being lower priced thermometer this has been an excellent choice!

    It is easy to read, has a long, thin probe which makes it much easier to insert into thinner cuts of meat, and quickly gives an accurate temp. Very pleased with this purchase.

  68. Sharon K.

    Works great for the price paid

  69. Jan

    Worked like it should

  70. Robert Clayton

    Cheap easy thermometer

  71. BostonFraz

    Love that it is magnetic. Have it on my refrigerator … Don’t need to search in a drawer when needed.

  72. Willamena Hardrick

    Great for tempting food

  73. BY96

    Great thermometer

  74. TSullivan06

    Works as advertised. No need for an expensive model, this is cooking not laboratory work.

  75. Ann Best

    Live the thermopro products! Easy to use and accurate – couldn’t ask for more!

  76. Robert Jackson

    It worked perfectly for three months then stopped for no reason.

  77. MMC

    Love it

  78. Bettina Wolfe Payton

    This product only worked twice and I’ve had it for 5 weeks.

  79. Daniel Pacheco

    Works good for being free

  80. Cliff

    Works great

  81. Melissa Kavanagh

    Just what I needed. Does it job very well and fairly priced. When needed this is the first brand I look for.

  82. Holly

    great little thermometer for the price!

  83. Amanda Hupp

    Mine broke out of nowhere but worked perfectly before that

  84. MK

    Worked fine. Wish it was a little sturdier. Not sure how long it will last.

  85. DE

    Only used it once but I liked it. It was long enough that I didn’t burn my fingers and the light was nice. I just wish it had a better cap to cover the pointy end of the thermometer when not in use.

  86. Teresa Bartlett

    great thermometer easy to use!

  87. BG

    Awesome product and accurate too.

  88. Aletha neemann

    Great product

  89. Ererz

    Easy to use and highly accurate. I compared the temp reading to my friends expensive grilling digital thermometer he uses and the reading was just as accurate. Works for me.

  90. JessicaF

    Worked like a charm!

  91. HomeGnome

    accurate, easy to use, easy to read.

  92. Adrian Kohlman

    Well made. Durable. Very pleased.

  93. Jessica

    Bought it for my husband and he loves it!!

  94. Pj

    This seems to work well so far.

  95. F. Terkoski

    Good Equipment, grid price, works well, made well

  96. MrD2K5

    Very accurate. It really helps my Cooks out. Bar one for the smoker and barbecue pit and now I will buy another for the house.

  97. CK

    Good tool to check whether the food is cooked. Quick for reading.

  98. mstrat

    Nice thermometer that’s quick to read and nice to have a few within reach.

  99. Road

    It is a very handy tool in my kitchen.
    Very easy to use. Good value for the price

  100. Brian

    Great Thermometer works great. Love the fact you can re calibrate it & the fact that its water proof

  101. LesGarbs

    This thermometer is easy to use and very accurate. I like that it has a magnet. It stays on my refrigerator, and I don’t have look in a drawer for it as I use it all the time. Just don’t forget to remove it when you rent a house for vacation. Bought two so I always have a backup.

  102. Andee

    There was nothing to not like about this thermometer. It is very easy to use. My food came out perfect so it must be accurate!

  103. Brian B.

    Works great! Glad to have it. Accurate and easy to clean and operate.

  104. Tim

    Be careful when pulling the protective tip off of the probe.
    As you can see on my photo, the entire probe pulled loose from the housing.

  105. Kelsey Johnson

    This is awesome! It’s so easy to use, accurate, and fast. We have used it for pork, chicken, beef, sausage, and it has never steered us wrong. Each time our meat was cooked through and not under or over done. We will always own one from now on!

  106. Matthew J. Rowland

    All you need in a digital thermometer is to make sure it works quickly and effectively, and that is exactly what this does. As someone who cooks a lot of BBQ, I highly recommend this.

  107. Blake

    Great thermometer. It reads fast and is accurate when compared to my other thermometers. The magnet is nice so I can stick it to the fridge and always have it handy. Instant read is the way to go.

  108. Georgie Porgie

    It does accurate readings, but could be slow at times. Overall it was a great purchase.

  109. retro.joe

    Fast read; long reach and easy to see the display. Makes my life a lot easier and saves me from burnt knuckles waiting for my older thermometers to get to temp. Readings are in-line with other trusted thermometers I own…just faster.

  110. Bob Ridzon

    I had been looking for an instant read thermometer for grilling and came across this model. Easy to read and use, just as the description indicates. but I did find that I had to re-calibrate as mine was off by about 7 degrees. No big deal as this is something I do with my thermometers anyhow, so all in all I would say that this is going to work for me just fine. I have only used it twice but I am basing my review on comparisons side by side with my other thermometers and now that I have it “dialed in”, I am not afraid to use this as my sole thermometer.

  111. W & K Steward

    Great instant read thermometer. I use it when grilling & smoking. It give me a very fast reading & has a backlight when cooking at night. There is a magnet on the back of the thermometer that allows me to keep it attached to my grill which is very convenient and easily accessible when cooking. Recommend this wholeheartedly, and have had no issues thus far.

  112. John Knowles

    So far so good. Somehow found out about a flash sale through a bbq group online and got 4 for free when I applied a discount code. I’ve used one of them several times and been satisfied with the results. Reads fast, reads consistent, seems to be quite accurate. Not a chef level thermapen (although I don’t own one), but I’d certainly pay to buy another one if this one broke (or I’ll just grab one if the other ones I have waiting in reserve).

    In summary, after using one, I’d pay full price to buy another and feel good about the purchase.

  113. Cassandra


  114. ibis seraphim

    Broke incredibly fast

  115. Charles Beard

    Perfect tool for any kitchen

  116. titojoe

    easy to use

  117. Susan

    Long probe makes it easy to use.

  118. Deadhead

    My husband likes it too! That’s saying a lot!

  119. Michael

    Works well. No more uncooked foods or meats

  120. Nicky G

    For the $$ its well worth it.

  121. Mary Kempa

    Works great

  122. w. whitmire

    Very precise reading. Within tenth of degree. Great value.

  123. Nick

    Fast reading and easy to use

  124. Typhoid Mary

    Highly inaccurate. If you like gray meat its fine but then again why use it?

  125. Frank Tift

    Very easy to use and appears to be accurate

  126. Chris Turner

    Works great. Quick read and handy magnet to put on side of fridge when not in use.

  127. ben roberts

    Accurate every time! A must if you BBQ

  128. Wojo

    Quick reading, magnetic

  129. Andrew J Kimoto

    Reads within seconds and can read temperature in thin meats. Super for the price.

  130. TattooedCyko$ue

    So easy to use! Love that it’s waterproof. Clear digital reading!

  131. Tommy C.

    Fine product

  132. Rosey

    This has to be the BEST baby therometer I have used to date. It’s so FAST that if they squirm you still get an accurate reading!

  133. Roger Hoyer

    Product works as advertiize

  134. Matthew Butler

    Love it. Fast, accurate and reasonably priced.

  135. jeb


  136. Annette Anderson

    Glad we bought it. I’m going to get another one to put in the camper.

  137. RtP

    It is not waterproof. I washed it now does not work.

  138. Christopher Schiele

    Heck yeah dude

  139. Carol Gemmola

    This was a perfect food thermometer! Simple & easy to use!

  140. Ruby

    Item arrived quickly and works well. Just as described

  141. Jeff

    Works great

  142. Laura Howe

    Love it!

  143. Mark

    its all good, it works.

  144. Michael Bohannon

    Really like the convenience and ruggedness of this. Use it all the time for outdoor cooking.

  145. joseph

    receive item and it won’t even turn on.

  146. Chris Wappelhorst

    Super easy to use. Long enough that steam doesn’t get into the electronics like others I have used.

  147. Kendall

    Didn’t get to use it yet but it came with a dead battery. Luckily I had a spare 2032 battery. Box was sealed so I’m sure it was brand new.

  148. Michael Bingham

    It’s fast and pretty accurate.

  149. Phil

    I had one for a year and bought three for Christmas presents

  150. Mark Szlaga

    Easy to use. Magnet on back to hang on fridge or stove. Best meat thermometer I have owned yet.

  151. Dave F.

    Never have overcooked, dry meat again. Check your meat in the thickest area for accurate cooking temperatures.

  152. Shawn S Chen

    Bought this and used it twice – I would have to put in a new battery every time and the next time I went to use it battery was dead, even though I made sure to turn it off.

  153. Doretha J Williams

    Needed a meat thermometer. This one meets all of my expectations Easy to read Registers quickly

  154. Jennifer G.

    Nice thermometer 🙂

  155. Katy

    Worked great for about 10 uses. Then the digital temp stopped showing up on the screen. Light comes in but no digital read out ☹️

  156. Aiken, SC

    Love this little gadget. Would recommend to anyone wanting easy to see numbers and the magnetic backing is a plus!

  157. Sandra Kavanaugh

    Love this thermometer so much, I’ll be buying it for all the men in the family for Christmas.

  158. Paul J.

    Works good a little hard to zero out but works fine

  159. Boris Lvovskiy


  160. Deborah I. Frerichs

    Love it!! Fast snd rasy

  161. vanda

    Works as advertised. Sensitive measurements, magnetized, good stuff

  162. James Young

    Thermometer works excellently

  163. Beachbum

    Outstanding instant read probe

  164. Bdub1019

    This thermometer is very fast , accurate and easy to use.

  165. Alexander411

    It performed exactly as expected.

  166. Dolores


  167. C Chavers

    Worked as described

  168. Chris Sullivan

    Great value

  169. Ann

    I just received it so have only used it once and it worked great! It is the perfect size for all meats.

  170. Hayden Kerr

    Good quality easy to use and read. The light doesnt stay on as long as i would like. Seems accurate

  171. Lauren Sanditen

    I don’t know if it’s accurate or not. I don’t have anything to compare it to.

  172. jc2010

    I can also count on this probe.

  173. Danita King

    Works great

  174. Pleased customer with items I received

    Can be used with no difficulty. Accurate reading of temperature which I compared with the one I paid a lot more for.

  175. JIM

    it was accurate

  176. Aaron

    tried other products, but washing them was a problem. fast and easy to use, and after six plus months still waterproof and working great.

  177. dave

    Cheap. Broke after 3 uses, and doesn’t accurately read high temps. I bought it to make candy, and couldn’t really use because the magnet wouldn’t stay on the pot, even though it was supposed to clip/ stuck to the side. Don’t waste your money.

  178. JLS

    Works great.

  179. Lorraine O.

    Works as expected

  180. Unclemilti

    Does a great job of reading the Tempature

  181. Christine

    Perfect! Accurate temp, I use it all the time. Love the magnet so it stays by my grill.

  182. Michael Moorhouse

    Honestly I dont know why I didnt buy this sooner. It takes all the guess work out of cooking to the temp you want. I have found it to be very accurate with the temps.

  183. ken spencer


  184. Missy

    So far I like it all.

  185. A. Evenson

    Works great, love the magnets on the backside that allow it stick to the front of my grill…. So I don’t misplace it

  186. Stephanie Mitchell

    Gift just what he wanted

  187. Stephanie McCoy

    Extremely easy to use, one button on/off, quickly delivers temp.

  188. David S

    Great product Very fast

  189. Barry

    This is a very fast meat thermometer.

  190. Lynnp2632

    Accurate and easy to read.

  191. Larry Judge

    I purchased two different water-proof thermometers at the same time and this is my favorite of the two.

  192. Ted

    Perfect for meat of any kind

  193. Mr. T.

    Working great so far. Simple, clear, and accurate.

  194. Judy M.

    Works like a charm!

  195. jcl

    Easy to use and accurate. Magnetic feature a real bonus.

  196. Charlene

    Ease of use

  197. Dakelton

    I’m very happy and would buy this again

  198. Anom

    Hands down the best of the best instant read thermometer on the market. You can calibrate! Removable battery! Thin probe! Near instant reads! Bright big screen! It’s got everything.

  199. Mark Derwah

    easy to maintain a necessity for every kitchen

  200. ALS

    Clear display, slim design.

  201. Sandra Williams

    I cook a lot of bbq and this is my go to spot check thermometer super accurate I love mine

  202. Ricardo

    Easy to use, accurate.

  203. B C

    Don’t know how I did without this?

  204. CW

    Works good

  205. Cristina B

    I love this thermometer. It’s easy to use and clean.

  206. Gerald Anderson

    BBQ outside

  207. Nancy

    This thermometer is so quick and easy to use. It is very easy to read. I love it!

  208. jwm5

    Gives a quick accurate read.

  209. MJO

    Convenient magnetic back

  210. Stephanie

    Works great. The light is particularly helpful!

  211. Dennis Demuth

    Lightweight and easy to use. Highly recommended.

  212. Robin

    It has safe cooking temperatures listed on the handle

  213. Pat

    Easy to use

  214. Lana

    I am glad I bought this one. Works great. Light and magnet really helpful.

  215. Moriyah Squitieri

    Did not work!! Waste of money!

  216. Amy

    Could not make homemade bread without this little guy! Bought my mom one too!

  217. lily

    This is not good. We try many but it hard to get 0

  218. Rajun Cajun

    fast and accurate

  219. Marie

    Made a huge difference in cooking of turkey. excellent product

  220. Cinderella

    Works great.

  221. RJ/Kate

    Good little temp checker. 🙂 No problems.

  222. Deb

    Works well , should have purchased one years ago.

  223. Charles Pinkett

    work like it supposed to

  224. Blu-guru

    I received it in the package and the display was cracked had to send it back. Did not use it once.

  225. jason l.

    I use this nearly every day. It is fast and reliable and very easy to use. Great value!

  226. B

    Improved my grilling… always did it by looks and feel… as rule of was over cooking.. everything has improved with this simple tool… chicken juicey thicker steaks more accurate to guests requests…

  227. Michelle K.

    Works as advertised

  228. Metalman531

    Seems accurate and I love the magnet so I can stick it to the refrigerator.

  229. Jonathan Bustillos

    Useful for my job

  230. Jonathan Knieper

    Super useful in the kitchen and when brewing beer. Very accurate and quick

  231. DT

    Super easy to use and accurate. I have many other kinds, wireless, Bluetooth but always find myself turn back to these simple ones.

  232. Brian Orr

    The long temperature probe works well for the grill. I also use it to measure air temperature coming out of our HVAC air vents around the house.

  233. V. DeLong

    So much better and faster than the mechanical thermometers. I use it often.

  234. tafd1

    it was a gift, don’t know how it is performing

  235. Eric

    Works great for not eating raw chicken and seems to be very accurate.

  236. Ana M

    This is a game changer!! I would recommend everyone has one in their kitchen!

  237. Vm

    Lasted just a little over a year before it completely crapped out. Would not buy again.

  238. Jamie P.

    Got this for my mom for her instapot yogurt making and her yogurt tastes a lot better than with her $1 thermometer so I guess it works well lol. Oh and she said she could read it well even though she needs reading glasses so that’s good.

  239. kenneth bundy

    I’m 71 and have poor sight. the display is large enough foe me to read. thank you.

  240. Catpol

    Works as advertised. Very good product for the price. Husband loves it.

  241. rico lou

    Recommend this thermometer as easy to use,read and accurate.

  242. S. W.

    This is one of the best thermometer I ever used & Iv been a cook for years

  243. Marc Marchetti

    When my meat needs accurate reading for coitus, this the thermometer for the job. Extremely pleased!

  244. Seymour Buttes

    This is a very good meat thermometer. I bbq a lot and it’s quick. Do not pay more, this one works great.

  245. Kareem Elwakeel

    Good quality, easy to read and use , The magnet is a good feature 👍🏻
    Thank you.

  246. Earthlover

    Very easy to use. I’ve had it for a few weeks and it works well to check temperatures of meat, poultry, and water. My only complaint is that it’s made overseas.

  247. june k

    Love the magnetic feature
    Keeps my thermometer handy on side of fridge
    No more overcooked meat 🥩🍗

  248. The Professor

    Accurate and easy to use for meats in the oven and stovetop.

  249. Nathan Aeh

    Accurate. Easy to use. Good quality. Simple as that, good price for good quality

  250. mdub1234

    Easy to use. Auto turns off. Has a back light.

  251. DCurl

    Works great I use it all the time love having magnet on the back might be one of my favorite things about it

  252. Lisa daidone

    I ordered this because I needed a meat and candy thermometer. So far has worked well.

  253. R.F

    Great for any type of cooking. Accuracy on the temp right on.

  254. Brittany G

    Great, waterproof, easy to use thermometer at a nice low price

  255. FreeFlyFreak

    Fast, accurate, easy to use, reasonably priced. Doesn’t fold like more expensive models from the same brand.

  256. Grannysherry

    I have come to rely on this in my kitchen. It is wonderful for testing meat, cakes, bread etc for desired doneness .

  257. Vincent J.

    Almost instant read, by the time you look at it, it’s ready. Bright and easy to read. Just remember to turn it off.

  258. sandalsinmexico

    Works great. Not 100% sure on accuracy yet.

  259. UN4G1VN

    I own 4 different thermometers from these guys and the products and customer service are fantastic!!!

  260. GM87

    It lasted about a year before finally giving up on me.

  261. Nucks25

    Perfect tool for grilling/cooking meat. Can’t go wrong with this purchase IMO.

  262. Anonymous

    One of the best digital thermometers I’ve purchased.

  263. Jim

    Reads fast with the thinner tip. Have checked for accuracy and it is right on. Back light could stay on a little longer.

  264. Thomas Hegland

    Very quick to register the Temperature. Very happy with this product!! I think I will order more to give out as gifts!!

  265. RT

    Best and easiest digital thermometer I’ve owned. Picked up a second one for the RV.

  266. CErnst

    I love this thermometer. It was cheap, which always concerns me, but it has worked very well for the past several months. It has been accurate and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it.

  267. Toombstone

    Very compact and easy to use. Readouts are fast.

  268. Carrie o.

    Works well. Quick read and appears to be accurate every time we have used it.

  269. M2

    This is a nice digital thermometer.

  270. dimrilldell

    A vast improvement over my manual thermometer. No more guesswork. I use it for both frying and baking. Easy to use and easy to clean.

  271. happybluelady

    Easy to use. Love the magnet. Simple and works perfectly! Very happy with my purchase.

  272. B Thompson

    Like the easy of use and accuracy of this one. Well worth the money.

  273. A.Frost

    Works great. I’ve only used for meat on the barbeque thus far, but intend to use it for other cooking modes also.

  274. RB

    This is a nice unit that has worked flawlessly for the price.

  275. JustPassingThru

    Not sure how accurate it is, but seem like it is.

  276. Phillip Dart

    Thermometer was easy to use and read. Results were quickly obtained. Far better than anything I have purchased at local merchants. Finally have a thermometer I can use and depend on.

  277. AtomsForEnergy

    Love the fact that it can be calibrated per instruction sequence. Installed magnet is handy. Waterproof aspect is convenient.

  278. Daniel Warner

    Works great, easy to use. I like medium rare, my wife likes medium well and I was either overcooking steaks or having to microwave under-done ones for her if I guessed wrong, but this thermometer really helps. I can check temps while cooking and move mine to a cooler part of the grill or hers to warmer, so they can still be done at the same time but cooked how we each like them. Fairly good price for a pretty reliable reading.

  279. John Schultz

    Got this to compare to my Weber thermometer. Registers faster but the final temp takes longer than the list time of 4-5 seconds

  280. belle20002000

    I was impressed with design of the thermometer. My brother recommended so glad it was a nice as when he bought his a while ago.

  281. Richard

    Got a bread maker and needed something to test the0;liquid and this one does the trick and i like the light feature

  282. Cell Geek

    It takes the temperature very quickly. My past thermometers were much slower. And the magnet sticks much better to my stove.

  283. BBYE V8

    Light, small, accurate and quick to register a temperature.

  284. Sidney Stubbs

    Works very well! Haven’t noticed any discrepancies and I use it several times a week. Will order again!

  285. ML in NJ

    I always wanted a thermometer for testing the milk temperature when making bread as well as some other tasks. This has worked out perfectly. No more guessing.

  286. Victoria Wordeman

    Got a deal on Prime Day. Couldn’t resist getting a back-up

  287. Miguel

    Easy to use just turn on and stick it in. Easy to clean too

  288. Court B

    I got this thermometer after I accidentally ruined my last one in the drawer, it got bent. Anyhow, this one is fast and accurate when I’ve used it. Cleans easily, however I have never tested the waterproof or moisture barriers within it.

  289. T. Stutts

    I’ve only used it once.

  290. 2 at the beach

    I really do like this cooking thermometer. It’s so easy to use when checking chicken, beef or pork.
    I highly recommend.

  291. Matthew D. Barker

    This thermometer really improved my grill game. I am able to test the temp much quicker than my old thermometer. So I get a more accurate read which helps me cook meat more precisely.

  292. Donnie Lee Sexton

    Very quick read and accurate. I checked the calibration straight out the box and it was near perfect. Built pretty well for what it is, love the light up display. Great product

  293. mrsMe

    I actually use this with my aquarium-lol but it’s reliable and has been used weekly. I assume it would do well with other things. It’s easy to use and read.

  294. janeyjan

    Another kitchen gadget, that every cook needs! It’s accurate, and handy to attach to a metal plate I have next to my stove!
    It’s magnetic!

  295. Kathy

    Nice digital thermometer with a long probe and built in light. I like that it is magnetic and i just have it stuck to the side of my microwave which is an over the range model.

  296. Matt

    I would’ve given more stars but after 3 months of use, it works intermittently (usually after banging it on the counter) and I wouldn’t consider it fully waterproof. Sadly the return window has closed so now I’m stuck with it.

  297. Linda P.

    this thermometer is the best we’ve fiound. the display lights up and the thermometer is waterproof. it’s the 3rd one we’ve tried and it’s a keeper!

  298. Rark

    The thermometer is long enough that you won’t be burned by the heat, and it reads fairly quickly, to help with it. I wouldn’t dunk it in water, but it still is very water resistant. Overall, good thermometer for general cooking, and has a magnet so you can stick it on a fridge and grab it whenever you need it. You don’t have to ever worry about undercooking things now, and it’s easy to clean!

  299. Ann Marie King

    Use this on every meat cooked in my kitchen… the temp tells you right away which is critical to roasting. Made a tenderloin that came out superb… perfect for hamburgers too

  300. Dennis

    Based on the price I was worried that it would be a cheap replica of their more expensive line of digital thermometers. I was pleasantly surprised about the quality and accuracy of this unit. I have the more expensive ThermoPro unit but purchased this one to take along on a fishing trip and it worked just as well. Save your money and get this one.

  301. Just bassin’ time

    Fast on, fast read, accurate, long sensor probe, digital readout has a back light so you can read it when BBQ’ing at night. I searched high and low to find a good replacement for the one I had had for over a decade. This is it.

  302. JFW

    Accuracy hard to determine for sure but it reads 0 deg F in ice water and 99.7 F in boiling water so probably OK for cooking, EAsy to use and read equilibrates fast and is handy for everyday use.

  303. Brad Wans

    Tested against 4 other units, it consistently read lower than all others. Not much, and not enough to warrant replacing. Just irritating.

  304. Cristina C

    Whoever says the readying is inaccurate I tend to believe they do not know how to calibrate it. It came already calibrated to perfection. Never steered me wrong on beef steaks or chicken. I am
    Super happy with the purchase

  305. Robert

    What I like about this one is the temperature reads very fast and its accurate. 140 degrees for a fat steak to get the perfect medium rare. No moe guessing when its ready to rest. Super good price too.

  306. L. L.

    I started making yogurt as we eat a lot, and I had a yogurt maker I bought years ago but never used. I needed an accurate thermometer, and this one that I ordered has helped me to take care of business in style. I love the accuracy and the functionality of this thermometer.

  307. Jay Adair

    I was a little concerned after reading some other reviews, but took a chance. I’ve had mine for about a month, used several times, and am completely happy. This is easy to use, works quickly, going from steak to steak registers the different temps within a few seconds. I would purchase again as a gift or replacement if needed.

  308. Gregory Buckless

    There’s not much fancy about this thermometer, but it just works really well. Lighted display is easy to read. Thermometer reads temperature really quickly. It doesn’t fold, or beep or anything like that, but it’s lightweight and just works good. Don’t need anything more than that.

  309. Chazz

    I have meat thermometers that remain in the meat all the while I’m cooking but sometimes its nice to be able to take a quick reading on a hamburger. this unit is quick and very accurate. I highly recommend them and would buy it again if I lose or break it.

  310. Julie T

    I have been cooking more recently so have gotten a chance to try this digital thermometer. I really like it. I like the bright light that makes it easy to read, it takes up barely any space, and have compared with my other thermometer to see if it was accurate and it is. Is easy to hang on to too. Very Pleased

  311. Smitchell

    Ordered yesterday, recieved today in time to read, understand, set-up & use! From doorstep to use on 1 butterflied lean pork chop & 1 1″ chop 10 minutes. Relative temps for items were w/i my expecting. No longer have to rely solely on my trusty nose. Good Buy, packaging and service.

  312. Terry

    I found the temperature reading very accurate and reads very quickly. Using it for bread baking so far and love that I can now be sure my loaf is done before taking out of the oven. Also great for checking air temp, water temp, etc. Will be very useful for all aspects of cooking and grilling.

  313. Roughmatter

    UPDATE (from 3 to 4 stars): We still use this a year later. It is accurate and very well made even if it does take three times as long as advertised to read the temperature.

    Does NOT read in 3-4 seconds. It takes at least 15 seconds before it’s done climbing to 165°F. The magnet and display are nice.

  314. Emmett

    I use my ThermoPro to determine the temperature of film developing chemistry in my home darkroom. It works very well, and is much easier to read than a thermometer and easier to handle than a temperature gauge. And. best of all, it gives almost instantaneous readings. The error factor is about 0.5 degree (which I believe is stated in the description), but so what. It’s a very good product and I’ll buy another, if I break this one.

  315. Kitty

    It was hard to tell if this thing was accurate or not we know how/where to put the thermometer for meat so it wasn’t user error. We would take it off at medium rare and it would sometimes be completely rare or well done. Almost never what it said it should be

  316. Bernadette Conroy

    I came back to order another as back up, NOT because i need another. Mine from nine months ago is working Great, accurately etc. but I’m getting another as back up just in case. I make yogurt regularly, and need accurate temp to proceed in the steps. Not looking for another brand; am repeat happy customer. And I use this one like Crazy!!!

  317. L. Cox

    It worked quite well when I first received it, but about 3 months ago it starting going off when I was trying to get
    reading on what I was cooking. Contacted company and told me to change the battery. I did so and before I could use it again the company closed the ticket. Said I could sent it in for them to look at if I wanted. Why should I pay to send it back when it did not last 6 months.

  318. Rebecca retired Midwest chef

    Bought this one for my biz. We make truffles, caramels, candy. I have a dishwasher that always thinks these things are waterproof and ruins them. This one is accurate and easy to use. Don’t put a clip on it and leave it in a pot! That will not be good. Just use it to quickly measure the temp and take it out. Its FAST and accurate. Like it.

  319. Sherry Scott

    This is a really great product that is very accurate. The light does not stay on for very long at Fades out quickly. The probe does not fold in or retract and that was my fault I bought the wrong model. Overall I love it and love the fact that it has a magnet on the back side

  320. GaryH

    This reads much quicker than my old grocery store purchase digital thermometer. It is visible at night with the backlight which turns on. Not fancy, but simple and reasonably priced which is what I was looking for.

  321. KelloggMBAgrad

    Incorrect readings and super slow (7-10 seconds). It showed correct temp on the first steak. On the second steak, it was taking extra long time to read and it would only show 135F when I knew it wasn’t possible. I took the steak off and it was medium well… I wanted 145 or medium rare. Sending it back.

  322. JT

    Very easy to use and provides instant reading which is great. However, the temperature reading doesn’t seem fully accurate. The first few times I used this, I cooked my meat until the it reached appropriate temperature on the thermometer, and the meat ended up being way overdone. Recently I’ve been cooking until the thermometer shows about 10-15 degrees lower than the recommended temperature and it’s been better.

  323. Vista

    Unit failed after about a year (bought in August, 2019), which is too bad because it does work well when it works. Failure was in the display, sections of the digits stopped working…and the “1” number as in 150 degrees stopped altogether. This is supposed to be waterproof. To be fair, I did forget it one time at the grill and we had rain overnight…but isn’t that why you get a waterproof thermometer? The display end was never put under running water.

  324. djw746

    This has been spot on for the steaks. Keep in mind for steaks, the temp for rare-well will not match the temps written as the steak continues to cook with rest. The temp chart on meter is more a final temp number.

    But most importantly, it works immediately and easily and relatively accurately and has been consistent which is great. 5 stars

  325. Dallas

    Used last night after cooking chicken in the oven. Was very impressed wit the accuracy of the temperature reading It is easy to reed the numbers and the back light making the numbers bold and easy on the eyes to see the temperature reading. It is a great price and best of all you know that your food is cooked and ready to eat and not worrying about eating undercooked food that will make you sick. Made in China

  326. The Finisher

    So many probes to choose from!
    I picked this particular probe based on reviews and length of the tip. I was tired of my hands getting too close to the heat with my shorter probe, and this seemed to be an excellent choice. So far I’ve not been disappointed. Easy to read cooking temps printed on the back of the thermometer, and in this case longer is better.

  327. Bob Woodridge

    I’ve been using this for quite some time now, both in the kitchen and outside when grilling. I like it so much that I decided to buy a second one so I don’t have to remember to bring it in and out when grilling (I was always making another trip to get it). It’s quick to respond, sturdy, easy to read, and reliable.

  328. Jo Anne Buckner

    I have had this food thermometer for several weeks and used it to determine cooked temps in pork, chicken, and some beef recipes. It’s dependable in giving me a quick assessment and the displays are easy to read. Since it’s slender and has its own packaging, it’s easy to store without fear of damages to it. I’m glad I bought it and look forward to using it for a long time.

  329. Matt R.

    I bought this a while back and am only reviewing it now. It is a very good thermometer for the price. And works perfectly for each and every cook ive done since. Battery still going from the day i bought it. The temp is accurate. Havent had a bad brisket yet, hits 205 F and shes done, same for a Boston Butt, ribs, or literally anything else i have smoked or grilled. Mind you, I am not a temperature taking fiend I dont monitor the temp of my smokes, just to verify they are good to go. So i dont put money into the bigger bluetooth and remote monitoring kits, this works just fine.

  330. Joel R.

    It tested accurate right out of the box. It locks on to temperature within seconds. I wish the display could be rotated and really wish the light would stay on for more than a few seconds. I’d like the light button to be a toggle on/off button instead of temporary automatic. An automatic hi/low temperature record would be nice too but you know you are not getting those features when you read the description so there is no misleading info on this product.

  331. John

    Worked well right out of the box, then the magnets became dislodged. At that point, the thermometer became basically useless because of its length (doesn’t fit in pockets) and sharp probe. Once again, ThermoPro really came through & sent new ones & they were very helpful dealing with delays in shipping due to covid 19 & quarantine. Since I’ve received the new one, I love it when I’m cooking pork butts or beef briskets due to the long probe. It’s been great

  332. Larry K

    I do a lot of grilling and own a dual probe thermometer for a meat smoker I also own and have really been able to cook meat perfectly. This thermometer lightweight and reads quickly, so I don’t need to leave the lid on the grill open long, which is important and it reads accurately, based on the level of doneness of the meat as it comes off the grill. The display is easy to read and if needed, you can have the display light up at night, with a push of a button.

  333. Eric A. Chase

    Loved this thermometer for a few months. Gave accurate readings and was easy to read and use. Even though it says it’s waterproof, I rarely submerged it into water when washing it. But one day one of my kids did just that, and from that point on it didn’t work anymore. I thought it was the battery, but after replacing it, it still didn’t work. I could see water on the screen, so I even put it in rice overnight to hopefully get the water out, but that didn’t work either. Thus, I will be buying a different brand since the “waterproofing” description is inaccurate for this product that otherwise was great.

  334. Adam S.

    I had a cheaper version of this that died prematurely, I think due to water exposure. I’m glad I gave the brand another shot, this thermometer is great. It gets used a couple times a week and is accurate enough to make kombucha or more sensitive items, and durable enough to be used for grilling or cooking large cuts of meat. I haven’t calibrated it or anything but it seems to get air temperature spot-on and hasn’t led me wrong from “doneness” of food. The screen is easy to read and the backlight is a nice touch.

  335. socos

    Pretty good thermometer, I wouldn’t say it is ‘instant’ though, give it a few more seconds for the temperature to level off. The only thing I’ve found annoying is being a lefty, I tend to insert the thermometer with my left hand (whoda guessed right?), unfortunately the display is upside down for me. I just deal with it and read it upside down. Although I have adjusted to many things in this right-handed world, this is one that throws me off.

    Other than that, I appreciate the magnet (I stick it on the fridge) and the waterproof casing is great for quick rinse & clean in the sink.

  336. rfgendron

    This is the second one I have bought. Just to make sure I could get another one just in case.
    The first has been used a lot for starter temps (yogurt, active yeast, sourdough) and for testing baked bread in the oven. Used to check the T-Day Turkey. Used to check an oven roast.
    It’s really good.

    I’ve been through various low cost, low end thermometer measure and display buys that ALL failed after a short life. Not this. This is stick and check, like you were taking a person’s temperature.

    BEWARE: you cannot stick in the oven and walk away with this. It can be used for doing hot testing by hand.

  337. Bonana

    Easy to use and read when it works. I have probably used this thermometer once a month for the year that I have had it and even in the beginning its performance was spotty. Sometimes it displays a temperature, other times it just displays “L.LL”. I’ve tried recalibrating it, switching from Fahrenheit to Celcius, letting it rest for longer periods of time, exposing it to different temperatures.. there are only so many things you can try with a simple thermometer. Initially I had some success with taking out the battery and putting it back in after about a minute had passed. This cumbersome process worked maybe half the time, which has resulted in me abandoning the technique altogether. If it doesn’t read right from the get go, it goes back in the drawer and I return to my old measures of intuition and feel. I don’t want it to go in the landfill so I still try it from time to time with limited luck.

    So, no, I don’t recommend this thermometer. Especially not if you require consistency and reliability, or have limited patience for tools that don’t deliver.

  338. Customer

    This is the best “instant-read” thermometer I’ve found for under $50, and it’s only $14! It is accurate to within 1 degree Farenheit out of the box, tested side-by-side with my 3 other fairly expensive thermometers using my Anova sous vide cooker to precisely heat a 12qt container full of water to 125F, 135F, 150F, and 185F. I also tested them all using the water in the container before I started heating where the water was at 58.3F which was the average of all 3 good thermometers, and this one read 58.5F. Testing them this way vs testing a piece of cooked food is much more consistent since food will be hotter or colder on the surface vs toward the center. The entire container of water is exactly the same temp since the Anova sous vide cooker is constantly circulating the water and keeping it within 0.1 degree Farenheit of the target temp the whole time. This thermometer always read within 1 degree Farenheit of of all my other good thermometers at each of those temps so I know it’s accuracy remains good at a wide range of temps. BE REALISTIC IN YOUR THINKING AND USE COMMON SENSE! It’s cheap so don’t expect every one of them to have the same quality control, accuracy, and consistency of a $100 thermometer. I’m sure a few bad ones will slip through and be sold so if you get one of those duds, just exchange it and you’ll probably get a replacement that works fine!

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TP-15 Specification

Temperature Range -58.0 to 572°F(-50.0to 300.0°C)
Tolerance ±1.8℉(±1.0℃)from 32 to 212℉(0 to 100℃) , otherwise ±1.5%
Response Time * 2-3 seconds
Sensor Type NTC
Probe 304 Stainless Steel, 5 7⁄16 inches (138mm)
Display LCD, 15⁄16 Length x 7⁄16 Width inches (23.5L x 11.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size 9 1⁄3 Length x 1 3⁄16 Width x 11⁄16 Height inches (237.0L x 29.0W x 17.5H mm)
Power 3.0V (1 xCR2032 battery)
*Response Time defined as the time it takes for Thermopro thermometers to read from ambient temperature (77°F or 25°C ) to within 1.8°F (1°C ) of final temperature of an object (150°F or 65°C). 150°F (65°C) is the recommended minimum temperature for many types of meat.

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ThermoPro TP19X Instant Read Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP620

Price $14.99 $14.99 $16.99 $16.99 $19.99 $19.99 $49.99 $49.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock Out of stock
Auto rotating display No No No Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calibration feature Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lock function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe length 5.36″ 3.9″ 4.0″ 4.25″
Response time 3-4 seconds 3-4 seconds 2-3 seconds 2-3 seconds
Smart on off No No No Yes
Waterproof IPX6 IPX6 Not Waterproof IP65

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