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ThermoPro TP16W Digital Meat Thermometer

(77 customer reviews)

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  • Cook mode with USDA preset temperature settings】ThermoPro cooking thermometer ideal for meat, oven, smoker or stove-top. Programmable alert with preset temperatures for specific foods recommended by USDA. All of the preset temps can be reset to your desired tastes
  • Timer mode】Digital kitchen timer features countdown and countup ability, up to 99 hours, 59 minutes
  • High accuracy & Heat resistance】Meat probe and wire can withstand up to 716°F, you can cook with a wide temperature range from 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) with high accuracy: 1° resolution, 1. 8°F/1°C
  • Easy operation】Accurate grill meat thermometer with 6. 5″ food grade STEP-DOWN tip design stainless steel probe to get temperature precisely and quickly. 40″ stainless steel mesh cable connects thermometer to base, outside of oven
  • Convenient storage】Digital food thermometer features a magnetic back to allow you to easily attach to the refrigerator or any metal surface; a hanging hole for your kitchen hooks or a lanyard;tabletop for any layout situation
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Meat Thermometer with Timer

The ThermoPro TP-16 food thermometer enables inexperienced or experienced cooks to enjoy the simplest operation imaginable to measure the internal temperature of their meat. Whatever type of meat you wish to cook and to whichever preferred doneness level, the TP-16 can provide temps for all! Plus, you can also set a timer for vegetable side dishes that need to cook for exactly 10 minutes.



  • Meat thermometer timer features countdown and countup ability,up to 99 hours,59 minutes
  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.Set your own temperature settings manually
  • Accurate oven meat cooking thermometer with 6.5″ food grade STEP-DOWN tip design stainless steel probe
  • Programmed with preset USDA approved temperatures for different types of meat at various cooking levels recommended (Poultry,Beef Well,Veal/Pork,Beef Medium,Ham,Beef Rare/Fish)
  • Food thermometer Uses: BBQ,Oven,Smoker,Candy,Meat,Food,Bread


  • Temperature range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C )
  • Meat thermometer with high accuracy: ±1.8°F/1°C
  • Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C)
  • Tabletop, magnetic back and wall-mountable design
  • Stainless steel temperature probe with steel mesh cable.
  • LCD Screen: Displays meat temperature and set temperature while in cook mode. Displays countdown when in timer mode.
ThermoPro TP16 Package

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Temperature Probe
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • 1 x Manual
Thermometer for soup

Large LCD Display

Large screen with huge digits, makes it easy to read current meat temperature and settings even at a distance!

Grill briskets

Durable Probe for the Most Accurate Temperatures

40” stainless steel mesh cable with 6.5” food grade stainless steel food; Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C). Ensures the probe will work with any grill or oven while reaching the center of the meat.

Thermometer for grilling

Alarm Function

Never miss out on the perfect time to remove the meat from the heat, as our unit is complete with an alarm when the perfect setting is reached.

Thermometer for meat

Preset Meat Temperatures

No more needing to remember the correct temp for medium rare beef! You can choose from various pre-programmed preset temperatures or their associated doneness levels. Have your own preference? Feel free to enter your own temperature manually!

ThermoPro Thermometer

Pocket-Sized for Portability

Whether you’re cooking up in the kitchen, even outside on the BBQ and smoker, this is the perfect size to carry with you for wherever and whenever.

Temperature range

High Accuracy & Wide Temperature Range

Wide and accurate temp range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) with high accuracy: ±1.8°F/1°C. Cook any type of meat and receive the best results every time!

ThermoPro Screen display

Timer Mode

99-hour, 59-minute countdown timer and count-up timer. Monitor all dishes during your meal preparation including those timed vegetable cooks!

ThermoPro Timer for Kitchen

Multiple Mounting Options

Tabletop, magnetic back and wall-mountable design. No matter your kitchen layout or how you wish to position your thermometer, we provide a variety of mounting options to fit any kitchen.

77 reviews for ThermoPro TP16W Digital Meat Thermometer

  1. J-Pow

    This has made cooking meat (on the grill, in thr oven, or on the stovetop) so much better. Instead of relying on estimating time and small incisions for readiness, this gives me confidence that meat is prepared thoroughly.

  2. 44Edward

    Sturdy and accurate

  3. Otter Jotter

    We got one of these before Christmas eve – a family gathering time – and one that traditionally includes prime rib. We didn’t have it for Thanksgiving, and as usual we in and out of the oven during the final stages with an external probe thermometer to check internal temperature. It works, but the constant need to check is a pain.With this, you put the probe on the end of the sheathed cable into the center of the roast (or turkey, chicken, pork chop, etc, set the external reader to the temperature that is best for the doneness level you want, put the meat into the oven and close the door on the cable leading to the external unit you place on the counter.Then you just let it do its job. When it reaches the temperature you have specified, it will beep to alert you, but throughout the cooking, you can see the current internal reading. For the price, it’s a great little unit and our first uses….the beef and later thick pork chops wrapped in bacon, both were done to perfection.

  4. Johnny Y.

    Works great! I dont know how I lived without it!

  5. L. Evans

    This is the second TempPro thermometer I purchased. I still use my first one. This one was purchased as a gift for my niece because she has seen me use mine and she loved it. She contacted me recently to see if it can be used with a crockpot. This thermometer can be used with a crockpot but not a grill. It is wonderful.

  6. Joyce Lochhead

    This kitchen thermometer is super easy to use right out of the box. It took some getting used to remember to keep it out when cooking fish, hamburgers, chicken, etc. But it is so easy to use. Just set the thermometer to the temperature you need for the meat you are cooking and insert the probe as needed or you can leave it in the meat. That’s it. Thermometer alerts you once the correct temperature has been reached. We love using it in the kitchen or on the grill. It has a magnet so it can be stored on the side of the refrigerator and the probe wraps up nicely to be stored in the kitchen drawer.

  7. BG

    I was happy about on time delivery, well packaged, temp is spot on, directions easy to follow for all modes!!

  8. Terri H.

    The previous thermometer was well used for about 10 years and was great. So, when it died we bought another. Easy to use, easy to read, and it is pretty much idiot proof! LOL

  9. Shelly Sarabia

    It is easy to use and easy to read. I use it often and it is quick to get the temperature. I like the magnet its handy to be able to attach to the stove instead of the counter

  10. erin carter

    Stick it in the meat and pull it out when its done. Doesn’t get any easier with a chime..!!

  11. TricksAndThings

    I got this thermometer because I wanted to put the probe in meat while it cooked so I knew when it came to temperature and the meat wouldn’t dry out with extra time. I had to do a lot of fighting with it (if it’s not plugged in all the way it just screams constantly + the meat would sometimes not be to temperature when it said it was) but after I got the hang of things it works great.If you leave the probe in the meat ide recommend changing the minimum temperature +5-10掳 higher than what’s recommended just in case.

  12. Kristina B

    We’ve been stuck in the dark ages using one of those old timey stick it in and watch the gauge move AFTER you pull the dish out of the oven of whatever it is you’re checking… such a HASSLE! This thing? Wow! I don’t even have to get UP to check it! IT lets me know when my roast is done – and my goodness, the distraction of getting up and down to check and check and check – ok, maybe that’s some exaggerating, but really – I was SO tickled that there was an alarm on this! Seriously, I’m easily amused, but this thermometer is so easy to use and it does EVERYTHING as described! I’m buying a few as gifts for Christmas as my girlfriend is stuck in time too! If you are even thinking about this product, you need it and will love it!

  13. Diane Hostetler

    Small, easy to use and accurate. Even comes with a battery. Good purchase.

  14. David T. Jones

    First time we used it, the readings were really off. The thermometer said it was 171 degrees but the meat was still pink in the middle.


    Great gift.

  16. Richard in Huntsville

    When item was first received,, I tested it and it was way off (5+ degrees) with other calibrated food service thermometers I emailed customer service and got a prompt reply. Felipe Flores (Thermopro Cusomer Service) handled my problem with curtesy and professionalism and immediately sent out a new probe. The replacement probe is a little better(about 3.5 degrees off) but still almost double the 1.8F accuracy advertised. My 5 star rating is based on Felipe Flores excellent customer service and not on the item itself. Still, for less than $20 and great customer service, it will work for home use Our professional food service thermometers allow for calibration to their probes and always pass inspection. This unit would not pass state and county inspection based on accuracy.

  17. Tarek Nuseibeh

    Easy and quick to use.

  18. E. Keatley

    I love being able to stick the probe into the meat and come back when I hear it go off. I’m not very good at judging ‘done’ when it comes to steaks and porks so this is a kitchen essential for me. This is the 2nd one I’ve ordered.The downside to it is that it isn’t as durable as I”d like–I got 4 years out the last one, which isn’t very long given that I don’t use it more than 2-3 times a week. You need to be careful of the probe cord–it shouldn’t be allowed to kink, or get pinched so thing about how you can store it.One other thing that could be better–this really only works on dense items, like meats. If you try to stick it in, say, a frozen casserole, once the food has thawed, the probe won’t stay in position very well. Ditto if you have a very thin piece of meat, it will flop over. I can get around this by holding the probe in the right position and closing the over door to catch the probe cord to hold it in place, but it would be nice if they would make a clip or something that would hold it on the side of dishes.Presets are handy, and you can tweak them–i.e. 145 is fish, but I like my salmon a bit drier so I select fish and then raise the temp a few degrees. Alarm is nice and loud and it stays on as long as the temp exceeds your selected setting.

  19. Michael Bergen

    Accurate and good price

  20. Jean soko

    Someone told me to buy this exact one when I told them that I am always overcooking my meat. I even ruined hamburgers. I actually dreaded cooking most of the time . I hate to think of all the money I have wasted over the years on overcooked dinners. This has been a real game changer for me. My meat comes out perfect now, my chicken is juicy. I don鈥檛 have to cut into the meat anymore to see if it鈥檚 cooked. This makes cooking so simple wish I had one years ago. Bought one for my Mom and sister, they use it all the time too.

  21. Chris

    Had this for several years now, still works just fine.

  22. Kristi K

    Bought this to make a pork shoulder for pulled pork. Cooked low and slow, this was perfect for monitoring meat temperature without constantly opening and closing the oven. Worked great, no complaints!

  23. JanG

    Used it on a pork tenderloin & it came out perfectly! Will definitely use it on chicken. That’s the hardest protein to get right.

  24. Yasmin Steinke

    Love it because it’s easy to use, but wish it had a silicon tip near the wire because it’s too hot to pull it out of the meat.

  25. Tracy

    Temperature was on target when roast was done

  26. glen henzel

    worked perfect,

  27. edward janosko

    Makes cooking easiet

  28. Rich

    Instead of using this specifically for internal meat temperatures, I hang it through the rear opening of my upright propane smoker (being careful to not be in contact with the metal sides). Since I’m only interested in the smoker’s temperature status, I set the “goal” temperature at 350 degrees to keep the alarm from sounding since most smoker temps need not exceed 300 degrees. Very accurate readings! Easy to use like plug & play. Digital numbers are easy to read as well.

  29. Toni M Velasco

    Great price

  30. Lorenzo T. Batt

    This devise works well. The settings are exact and if you want something medium-rare; that is exactly what you get.

  31. sarah

    The long cord of this allows me to track the temperature of what I am cooking without multiple oven door openings and handling hot dishes more than I need to safely.

  32. Hedy Stern

    Works great, wEasy to use. It even works well for the barbecue.

  33. bill

    I’m on my second one. It gets much use and maybe some abuse. The probe will be the first to go which was why I needed another. It’s easier to leave the probe in a piece of meat than an instant read where you have to open the oven door. I typically use it to reverse sear steak. It takes the guesswork out and the meat turns out perfect every time.

  34. Terry H.

    It does the job.

  35. SusieQ

    I am using this daily to check the water temp. in my two Betta aquariums with heaters. Found this gives an accurate reading vs. the suction cup thermometer that came with them. So easy to put the tip in while holding and the reading immediately comes up. Good Product for my use.

  36. George

    First thermometer I have owned and it has performed great. Very handy around the kitchen as well as backyard bbq. The magnet holds the unit solid to metal surfaces, the temp probe has worked well with no issues. Battery life is great too. Would get same item again if this one ever gets issues.

  37. Jorge Luis Cabezas

    excellent product fully recommended

  38. kat lowry

    In all my years of cooking, I’ve never used a meat thermometer like this. It’s incredible! I wanted to try a very specific recipe and needed accurate internal temperatures, so I read the reviews and chose this one. It arrived this afternoon and I put it to work :-)The directions are clear and easy to follow, and the thermometer is very easy to use (even for those of use who are technically challenged…..). My roast was beautiful, and tasted great!The “beep” signal is loud enough to hear from an area of the house separated from the kitchen. The LED screen is very easy to read, which I really appreciate. I definitely recommend!

  39. Patricia wolf

    Great item, will get slot of use out of it

  40. AF

    Used 3 times so far. Seems to work fine. Finally I can get the perfect cook on steaks

  41. Tamara Glennon

    Excellent. Easy to use. Alarm when meat is at temperature.

  42. Barb B.

    Best way to be sure things are cooked properly and safely. Assuming the probe is accurate (placed properly as well as calibrated properly) I have had great results. I use with everything from casseroles to roasts to steaks and it seems to be very accurate. You want a steak medium? If you follow the temp that is what you will get in my experience. I love that I don’t have to keep checking with an instant read or just hope that timed cooks always coincide with cooked safely. You just set the temp you want and it will alarm when that temp is reached. Controls are easy to set I think. Probe and braided metal cable seem well constructed. Been using regularly for months without any problems. Highly recommend

  43. midwestreading

    UPDATE: After this review.Well, I like it but I’m not in love with it. I still want a more expensive one; however, it works.1) Calibrate it before using it. Mine is about four degrees off. I found instructions for calibrating on the Internet. I used boiling water and crushed ice water. Because I didn’t do this until after I cooked – I pulled the food too early. I should’ve trusted my experience — I could tell it was too early just by looking at it.2) TOUGH cookie. It’s gotta be well made because I made a big goof. I packed to cook at someone else’s house and in haste forgot that I had stored this thermometer in the bottom of a roasting pan, below the rack. Rack and turkey went into a 450 F oven. Soon, maybe less than 3 minutes, I heard “beep beep beep”, and to my horror I remembered it was my new thermometer IN the oven. We rushed to pull it out and the face of the thermometer was seriously blackened about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. I went on and forgot about it. 2 days later, I unpacked and found it. The screen was no longer black. I recalibrated it and it appears to be working just fine. WORKING! I’ll retest on next cook but I am so surprised and glad I did not throw it away.3) I did have to change out the batteries after one use. Not surprised that the battery that comes with it didn’t last long. I’ve used four times since and even forgot and left it on for hours, still going on the second battery.4) The cable that attaches to the the probe is thin and kinks easily. So, it’s a bit awkward and feels delicate.Overall, I would buy it again… especially for the price.=======Original review=======I will update as I use this temperature probe more; for now, here are my first impressions.Excellent packaging. Pristine. Very well done for a product out of China, one I suspect is private labeled. So often, packaging is not first quality and the English instructions reveal the poor attention to details, and in general the product presents as CHEAP. Not this product. It’s gift quality! I should say, when there ARE instructions at all – this one HAS instructions done just right.I am happy that a starter AAA battery was included. Didn’t really expect that these days.I have wanted one of these ever since I saw Alton Brown use one on his show years ago but I wouldn’t pay the $$$. This price enticed me to try it. And I did try it out …. right away.It’s simple to use, not overly complicated with options. Switches on the back allow you to choose Fahrenheit or Celsius, and between Off, Timer, or Temperature Probe. Buttons on the top control settings for timer hours and minutes (no seconds), and setting the goal temperature. There are preset options for food such as poultry, but those settings are way off anything I’m accustomed to using. (180F for poultry? That’s a dry bird in the end.)The display panel is big, easy to see, and shows both the current temperature and the goal cooking temperature. Love that I can judge how far I’ve got to go to serve.The alarm that goes off when the temperature is reached is not very loud. That’s my only criticism. I don’t think I would hear it over music or washing dishes. I’ll have to pay attention and check on it. But that’s really OK by me.Out of the box, I started probing everything. My coffee (113F), my water(70F), my hot water tap (133F!!), and the temperature of the brine water for the turkeys(45F)!!! (I added more ice to the brine immediately. No worries, folks.) I am happily surprised to see the temperature range go that low. (The high is 700F.) The probe reacted quickly with hardly a delay as I checked different food items.I’ll be cooking a lot this week – two turkeys, fudge, candy(see PS below!!)…etc I’ll come back and let y’all know how it does.P.S. When I cook candies I won’t be relying on this alone as it is NOT designed to be submerged in liquids. I don’t want to risk damaging the probe or cable. But I will be using it to double check my hard-to-read candy thermometer. I’ll just hand hold this new temperature probe, pop it in and pop it out. It’s all good.

  44. David H.

    Prime rib, brisket or tri-tip… Take the guess work out of BBQ, baking and smoking fine meats. Set your temperature and an alarm will inform you when your feast is ready

  45. FrogFriend

    I got this to help determine safe setting on my crock pots and stove top, to keep soup safe from bacterial growth. It’s really to probe meats and vegetables on a BBQ or grill, but worked well for liquids. At first I couldn’t get it to stop beeping at me and showing “HHH” on the digital screen. I am not one who likes to ask for help. I tried to stop the beeping next day, but no luck. Called their support number, they answered quickly, and nicely knew what to ask and how to give me the confidence I needed to push the plug more firmly into the digital reader. The beeping stopped immediately. Unfortunately I didn’t get a survey, but I can thank them again here. One small disappointment is that the probe’s connection to the ‘wire’ is not supposed to get wet. That makes soup harder to test, but is fine for BBQ.

  46. Don Barda

    Works great

  47. Arthur Endgaristel

    Brought our meat and fish cooking and baking to the next level. No longer overcooking just to be on the safe side. Used weekly, used in the oven and in the broiler, near the flame. Alas, after almost 4 years of service, the temp reading is off by a lot, suddenly and irreversibly. The rest still works so I suspect the probe. Still worth the money. Conflicted whether to buy it again.

  48. Terr S

    Works great, lasted over 2 years with oven and grill use – many turkeys, steaks, chicken and pork cooked to perfection. It finally burned out…worth every penny!

  49. Chris

    Works perfectly and love the magnetic effect on the back to just stick it to your grill

  50. Nancy D.

    We do a lot of ‘reverse’ cooking of steak and this product makes this cooking process easy.

  51. V. Earp

    I burned the previous one up on my grill! The magnetic attachment is awesome – the previous one had an easel-type stand. One feature I liked about the previous version was that it had a place to hold the probe. This one does not, but it’s a small concern and it’s understandable due to the sleeker design.I do feel this type of thermometer – that you can read from outside the oven – is the best way to ensure perfectly cooked poultry, meat and fish. My fish is always exactly right and my turkeys come out moist and delicious thanks to this gadget.

  52. Nicole

    This thermometer helps me to achieve the perfect cooking temps on all my proteins. Digital screen allows you to watch your meat temp as it cooks. It also allow you to select your protein using the preset temps. The probe can be inserted in your meat for the entire cook time and will alert you when your meat comes to temp. I will say I have made a mistake by attempting to remove the probe from the meat with my bare hands immediately after it’s just come out of the oven and burning myself. Coming from a battery operated simple meat thermometer it was a lesson I had to learn a couple of times. I appreciate how easy this product is to operate and read. I would love if the cord was a bit longer but it does the job just fine.

  53. Lisa

    Easy to use, easy to read. Good price. Takes guess work out of grilling.

  54. Marvin O. Smith

    I like to make sure my meat is cooked to the correct temperature without having to cut into the meat. My previous temperature control quit working after many years. I use this all the time when cooking and like its simplicity.

  55. Lawrence D.

    must have for cooking large items in oven or bbq

  56. Seqedit

    Bought in August 2022 for use mostly in our RV oven, which is notoriously all over in temperature. The ThermoPro allows us to fairly accurately keep an eye on the temps and adjust as necessary. It also can be used as a temperature probe, so serves double-duty. In March of 2022 the probe failed; it could not be inserted in the main unit. Initially I thought the mini-jack in the head unit broke. ThermoPro responded to my warranty inquiry almost immediately; within 5 days I had a replacement unit! So I would say the customer service is excellent. Turned out it was the plug on the probe that somehow failed, or got bent, the new probe fits the old main unit. My only minor complaint, when using as an oven thermometer, is that the initial temperature setting is 212 degrees, so if you want to set if for 350 degrees you have to keep hitting the up button until you get there. But, all-in-all, highly satisfied with ThermoPro TP-16. We have two other ThermoPro products as well.

  57. Pedro Sumpter

    I am getting back into cooking since my wife’s memory issues make it difficult for her anymore. My principle use is to check the temperature of meats either as they cook or to confirm they are cooked enough to be safe to eat. Simply switch the unit to temperature mode, plug in the probe and place it in the center of the meat. If you don’t remember the proper temperature, select the icon for the type of meat (pork, chicken, beef (well, medium, rare), mutton, etc) and the unit will display the proper temperature and beep when the meat reaches that temperature. It has a timer mode as well and that can be used at the same time as the temperature mode. The screen is easy to read and the unit is reasonably priced. It gets my vote.

  58. A. Tidwell

    Very easy to use. When you get this delivered, let the unit hang from the probe for a day or two to stretch/unkink the cord so it’s easier to use. Battery lasts forever. A very small investment to avoid conflict with those who would have you grill things until they are unrecognizable.

  59. B. Short

    Very easy to use, accurate and easy to read.

  60. Firesoldier

    Cooking like a boss, no more guessing.

  61. Ronald pelke

    Great therm without costing you $100. Magnet holds it to your pellet hopper. Can read from the patio door without having to open & let the flies in

  62. Someone

    The connection between the probe and the cable is not waterproof, so great care must be taken when washing it! Also, if you like to use a temperature setting that is not one of the pre-set ones, then you must set that temperature manually every time you use it; there is no way to memorize a custom temperature. Also you must set the temperature every time you use it, it automatically defaults to 212F or 100C every time you turn it off and on. The only way to turn off the alarm is to turn the unit completely off or to timer mode, so if you want to continue to watch the temperature you have turn it back on, thereby losing your target temperature.

  63. Robert E.

    It is nice and compact will take some time to rated more favorably.

  64. C. Dana

    I originally bought this as a meat thermometer after I started cooking mini home meals for myself. I live in a second floor apartment, and my oven is a piece of crap, so instead of getting undercooked chicken because I was relying on my crappy oven, I bought this and decided to let science tell me when my chicken was ready. It’s easy to set up, and it has a magnet attached to it, so you can stick it to the side of your crappy oven too. I love this damn thing. About a year ago I was in a motorcycle accident. It crushed my foot and I lost a lot of blood circulation in my foot. The doctors told me to ice it and rest it, which of course I did. They didn’t tell me that after you ice it you should also apply heat, so it took about 8 months to heal. At some point I got so tired of being crippled that I bought Epsom salt from Amazon and started giving myself Epsom salt baths. Then I read online that between 100掳 f and 112掳 f were the best temperatures for a heated bath. I just so happened to have the therm Pro meat thermometer that I had bought for my crappy oven. It was then that I smiled, because I knew that it would also work for my crappy foot. The damn thing works great and I love it. 2 days ago I was moving things around and it fell out of my hand into the vat of the Epsom salt. I immediately retrieved it, remove the battery, then laid it on a towel. I had written the damn thing off until just now, when after trying another crappy thermometer I decided to turn this thing on for shits and giggles. The damn thing still works, and I love it. You should buy one.

  65. Chase

    Accurate and easy to use

  66. Mark Higashigawa

    Used this for cooking my steak. I love how the cord is heat resistant up to 700 degrees or so. Perfect for use in the oven.My only concern is that the needle portion cannot be submerged in water. Apparently there are some components that will corrode and you have to be careful about cleaning it. Not sure if all of these thermometers are like this…

  67. Robin S.

    I had an older meat thermometer (same co) where I could push a button to get the ready temp for the particular food (chicken, beef, etc). This one is more complex. I just keep pushing different buttons to get the picture (chicken, cow, fish) to blink for measuring. Other than that it seems to work fine.

  68. Kathy P.

    worked great at this time as only used once.

  69. Memphis55

    It takes a while to register the correct temperature. It will get there but I have had better ones.

  70. Amazon Customer

    finally got to use this for easter dinner. I have to say I should have purchased one years ago. I read the directions before starting but once tried it it makes sense how to use it. Can go by temp or time. has feature where if you don’t know what temp you want to go to you pick the type of meat(chicken, turkey, port, beef ect.) I checked the temp with my other thermometer when it was done and had the exact same temp.

  71. jw

    The thermometer part seems to work fine. But it has a bad flaw. There is no way to turn off the temperature alarm. When the probe temperature reaches the set temperature, the buzzer goes off. There is no way to turn it off other than increasing the set temperature. And when you turn the unit off, the set temperature goes to the default 212F. When you press the set button, the temperature changes to those preset points. I’m using it mostly to check the temperature while deep frying. So my temperature is usually around 350F. The buzzer keeps going off.Since I don’t really need the C/F option switch. I’m using the F only. I have decided to repurpose the switch to turn off the buzzer. I opened up the unit. Cut off the trace that controls the C/F setting and soldered it permanently. I then soldered the buzzer through the switch. Now that switch turns the buzzer on and off.

  72. Daniel bell

    I liked the easy of use and the Accuracy of the unit

  73. Bill

    Bought to replace a thermometer whose needle broke. This works great and is less likely to break. The only downside is that (unless it’s magnetized to a surface) this is a two-handed experience.

  74. George R Magarrell

    Worked as advertised, easy to use.

  75. Nol Pensock

    Love using this very accurate, simple thermometer. It totally takes the guesswork out of temping foods. I only gave it 4 stars because it’s a little tricky placing the probe accurately. Push it in too far or not enough and your reading won’t be correct, overall. So that last, lacking star is due to user insensitivity and error not the functioning of the thermometer. When placed correctly, it makes reverse-searing steaks foolproof!

  76. Christopher S.

    I bought this thermometer for monitoring meat cooking and also letting me know from a distance when my water is boiling for veggies and pasta. The alarm feature is great and I’ve used it every time I’ve cooked since I bought it last week, and I plan to continue. The only downsides are that it can take a few seconds between temperature updates, and it only gives about 2 degrees Fahrenheit precision (I’m guessing it registers in Celsius and then converts to Fahrenheit, which causes it to skip over Fahrenheit degrees sometimes). Of course, for cooking, being a degree off doesn’t matter at all; this is more just a minor personal gripe.While it does work well, I think if this broke, I would upgrade to a thermometer with multiple probes instead, because those are only a few dollars more and would let me keep an eye on multiple things at once.

  77. Wolfy

    Helps keep food get cooked through

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TP16 Specification

Temperature Range

32to 572˚F (0 to 300˚C)


±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (0 to 100°C),otherwise ±1.5%

Refresh rate

2 seconds

Sensor Type


Wire Probe

Total length: 47 inches (1200mm)

Probe length: 6 inches (155.5mm) 


LCD, 1 13⁄16 Length x 1 5⁄16 Width inches (46.0 L x 32.5 W mm)



Unit Size

2 7⁄8 Length x 2 9⁄16 Width x 3⁄4 Height inches (72.5L x65.0W x18.0H mm)


1.5V (1 x AAA battery)


Instruction Manual

Key Definition

ThermoPro TP-16 Key Definition  

  1. Temperature Probe Socket:  Insert temperature probe into this socket to measure meat temperature.
  2. LCD Screen: Displays meat temperature and set temperature while in cook mode. Displays countdown when in timer mode.
  3. MEM|S/S Button: In Cook mode, press the MEM button mode to enable the option to adjust quick temperature settings. Press again to save selection. In Timer mode, press the S/S button to begin the count-down or count-up timer. Press the S/S button to pause or restart the timer. When the countdown timer hits 0:00 press the S/S button to silence the unit.
  4. Up Arrow/HR Button: Press the up arrow to select food types while in quick temperature setting. Press the up arrow to set your desired cooking temperature while in manual temperature setting. Press the HR button to set hours while in timer mode. To clear time, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time.
  5. Down Arrow/ MIN Button: Press the down arrow to select food types while in quick temperature setting. Press the down arrow to set your desired cooking temperature while in the manual temperature setting. Press the MIN button to set minutes while in timer mode. To clear time, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time.
  6. ˚F or ˚C Selector: Move the switch towards ˚F or ˚C, depending on how you would like your temperature displayed.
  7. Mode Selector: Move the position of the selector to select cook mode, timer mode or power off the device.
  8. Flip-out Counter Top Stand:  Allows user to place device on counter for easy viewing.
  9. Magnet:  Allows user to stick device to a metal surface. For example, a refrigerator.
  10. Battery Compartment: Remove battery cover to insert 1 AAA battery. Note: This unit is designed to remotely monitor cooking progress. Do not remove the probe during cooking. The internal temperature will be displayed on the remote unit outside of the oven.

    Battery Installation

    • Slide open the battery compartment door at the back of the unit.
    • Insert one (1) AAA battery according to the polarity markings.
    • Replace the battery compartment door.
    • Remove the printed vinyl label from the LCD screen.


      • Using the Cooking Thermometer Clean the stainless temperature probe with hot water and soap and rinse clean. Do not submerge the probe and cable in water. The probe /cable connection is not waterproof.
      • Plug the temperature probe into the socket on the right side of the device.
      • Make sure the probe cable is free of knots. Make sure the sensor plug on the end of the cord is plugged into the device completely. (Note: if the probe is not plugged in properly or is crimped, the display will show LLL.)
      • Slide the switch on the back of the device to display the temperature in ˚F or ˚C.
      • Slide the mode selector switch to the cook position instruction settings .
      • You will see two temperatures on the LCD display. On the left is the actual temperature reading as measured by the temperature probe and on the right is the set temperature. The default reading is 212˚F
      • Set your desired cooking temperature by choosing Quick Temperature Setting or Manual Temperature Setting. (see Section Quick Temperature Setting and Manual Temperature Setting)
      • Insert the tip of the temperature probe at least 5 cm/2′ into the thickest part of the meat, but not near bone or gristle.
      • Place food into the oven. Before closing the oven door, make sure there is enough slack in the steel mesh cable to prevent the probe from being pulled out of the food when the oven door is closed. The device must be positioned outside of the oven on a stable surface and must be firmly connected to the temperature probe.
      • To prevent damage to the device, it should not be placed on a hot surface.
      • When the internal temperature of your food reaches the temperature you have set, an audible alert will sound. To stop the alert, either slide the mode selector switch to O or disconnect the temperature probe from the device and the alarm will stop within 30 seconds.
      • Before removing the food from the oven, disconnect the steel mesh cable from the device. Do not touch hot probe or wire with bare hands during or just after cooking. Always wear a heat-resistant glove.

        Quick Temperature Setting

        Your digital cooking thermometer is programmed with preset temperatures for various cooking levels; poultry (185˚F), beef well (170˚F), veal/ pork (170˚F), beef medium (160˚F), ham (160˚F) and beef rare/fish (145˚F). Follow these steps:

        • Press the MEM button.
        • Press” button up ” or “ button down ” to select your food type.
        • Press MEM to confirm and lock in the setting. NOTE: You can make manual adjustments to the preset temperatures by pressing” button up ” or “ button down “. Press and hold the button for fast setting.

          Preset Temperature Cooking Chart

          Preset Temperature Cooking Chart

          Manual Temperature Setting

          • For manual setting, press “ button up ” or “ button down ” to set your desired cooking temperature.
          • Refer to the ‘Preset Temperature Cooking Chart’  for recommended internal temperatures.

            Count-down Timer

            Your countdown timer can be used whether the thermometer is in operation or not.

            • Slide the mode selector switch on the back of the device to the timer position cutdown timer .
            • Press HR to set the hours and MIN to set the minutes.
            • Press S/S (start/stop) to start the countdown timer. The colon between hours and minutes will flash.
            • When the timer gets to 0:00, the alarm will sound. Press S/S to silence the alarm. This unit has a timing memory and will automatically display the original timer setting when S/S is pressed to silence the alarm.
            • To clear the time, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time. You can pause the timer while it is running by pressing S/S. Press S/S again to restart the timer.
            • If you are using the timer and thermometer at the same time, you may slide the selector switch back to the cook position during the timing session to view the cooking temperatures. The timer will continue the countdown.

              Count-up Timer

              In Timer mode, when it displays 00:00, press MEM/S/S button to start count up timer. Press it again to pause the timer. The timer will stop when it is reaching 99 Hour:59 Minute.

              Cleaning And Care

              • The device is not waterproof. Do not expose plug of probe or plug-in hole to any liquid, which will result in a bad connection and faulty readings.
              • The probe and cable are not dishwasher safe. They must be hand washed using hot water and soap. Make sure to rinse and dry the probe thoroughly before storing.
              • Do not submerge the base unit in water or expose to any corrosive cleaning materials. Wipe with damp cloth.


Question: I lost my instructions. Is there a site to got for new instructions?

Answer: Yes Here:

Question: Does this give an “instant” reading – like can you take a turkey out of the oven, insert the probe and immediately see the meat temperature?

Answer: Yes – I have done this with pork. Not exactly instantaneous because it “climbs” from room temperature to the cooked temperature, but certainly within 15 – 30 seconds.

Question: Can I use this for my grill?

Answer: Sure – the cable connecting the thermometer probe and the display box is about 2 feet long and it has a metal jacket.

Question: Is there a way to set the temp at what I want on the thermometer and will an alarm go off when hits the temp I set it at?

Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: Can I use this for deep fried turkey?

Answer: Yes.

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