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ThermoPro TP17W Digital Meat Thermometer with Dual Probes and Timer Mode Grill Smoker Thermometer with Large LCD Display

(85 customer reviews)

$24.99 $24.99

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  • [3 Year warranty]: Although the sensor probe is rigidly produced, after a long-time period of use, a few amount units could experience incorrect temperature readings problem caused by careless or improper use. We will provide you a brand-new sensor probe, free of charge!
  • [Dual probe]: This grill thermometer makes it easy to monitor the temperatures of two pieces of meat or grill temperature without swapping probes or using different devices! Includes USDA preset temperatures and can also adjust set temperature manually.
  • [Backlit and large LCD]: BBQ thermometer displays both food /oven/grill/smoker temps and timer for the most intuitive experience when cooking at night outdoors. Flip-out counter top stand and magnetic back allow the meat thermometer to be placed anywhere within the kitchen or grill environments.
  • [Oven thermometer with step-down probe design]: Retrieves temperature precisely and quickly, alerting you of temp changes in seconds; 40″ stainless steel mesh cables rated for 716°F connects thermometer to base, which is located outside of oven/grill/smoker.
  • [Wide temp range]: ThermoPro food thermometer with a temperature range of 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C) and high accuracy of ±1.8°F (±1°C), can display both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.
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85 reviews for ThermoPro TP17W Digital Meat Thermometer with Dual Probes and Timer Mode Grill Smoker Thermometer with Large LCD Display

  1. felipe medina



    The Thermopro TP17H is surprising accurate. I have about 5 digital thermometers that I trust and a ton of them I’ve thrown away. I test them all at once at room temp, then start heating water, checking them as the water slowly warms up to see if they agree. A lot of them in the past would be ok at one temp, but then be way off as the temp rose. All 4 of the probes and my other thermometers were within 4 degrees!!When the water boiled all of them read around 210 degrees F. I recommend doing this frequently. as I’ve had some that would go bad after a while. When used for brisket, it’s really important to know when to start probing. I have no way to get a constant temp to test them for higher grill temps, but when I twisty them to my pit thermometer, it’s real close. I like that it uses a standard battery, has long leads, and is very affordable. I’ve paid a lot more for much less. I use this weekly, and so far, so good. Thanks Thermopro!Thermo

  3. KM5791

    I have used this a few times now with the gas oven. Easy to use and program. Temperature readings seem accurate. I like how the temperature wires are attached to the probes. The probe and the wire are not visibly pinched together.

  4. Les Vertz

    Works well

  5. Amazon Customer

    It was great at first. After a few months, only the timing setting works (not the temperature one). The display is completely blank when switched to temperature. so its still reading temp but i have to use the timing setting and that’s frustrating. I also kept this outdoors (covered) so i am wondering if the heat (texas) was a factor in it not working.

  6. BOBBY J.

    done what I bought it fore great

  7. mariea allen

    instructions could have been more clear

  8. KenW

    Used it today to make an Easter prime rib. The probes worked great. My only real gripe is that the probes are very long. I’d like to have a pair that are half the length.

  9. roxanne

    Took me a minute to figure out the settings. But works great

  10. 7&7 Ranch

    Product was exactly as advertised, easy to read and accurate readings. makes grilling much easier.

  11. nyfisherman

    This unit has a helpful HI/LO alarm option which drew me to it. However, there is an important limitation – this can only be used in “BBQ” mode – and in this mode, you cannot set a high limit below 140F.In normal mode, you can set the high limit wherever you want – but you no longer have access to the low limit.This arbitrary limitation means it is useless for monitoring high/low limits on something like making yogurt where I target 106-112F, or really any process where you may want to maintain a temperature range less than 140 F.Additionally, in the BBQ mode, it is very easy to inadvertently disable the alarm – an option only found in BBQ mode, and to make it extra easy to screw this up, it happens to be one of the two temperature up/down buttons. This burned me today as I was pre-heating milk for yogurt – it’s very easy to not realize this, and badly overshoot your temperature. No alarm at 180 – only knew it overshot when I heard the pan rattling and the bottom was totally scorched. In other modes, it seems that the alarm is always on.Fundamentally, this unit suffers from a lack of buttons, random inclusion of an alarm disable on one mode that shares a temp setting button, thus requiring some very non-intuitive hold/keypress sequences, pre-set meat modes that are not really necessary and further confuse setting it up, strange limitations like not being able to access hi/lo limits in the standard user-defined mode.Next time I’ll have to read the entire manual before buying such a device because this one looked like it had promise but missed the mark.

  12. Billy P.

    So far so good! Used on several cooks and it seems to work ok.

  13. mike

    used this 6 times so far in my outside smoker… works fine and keeps an accurate temp

  14. Dallas

    I was amazed how much the temperature differs from on top of the grill where the factory temperature sensors are, and at the grill level. I want to maintain a nice 225 degree temp for my ribs and this unit works great. Smoker temps read about 50 degrees higher since they are at the top of the smoke chamber. Glad I purchased this.

  15. A Ken

    This is very good at measuring the internal temperature and has presents for several different types of meat. I made a whole roast chicken without over cooking it by using this device.


    Great thermometer – told me griddle top was 75F cooler than thermometer level on my BBQ.So great for two temps and one in the roast!

  17. Rob Smith

    A reasonably priced functional probe thermometer and timer. I found it worked as expected and provided accurate temperatures vs a thermopen. However, the lack of an automatic shut-off (you have to power it off by sliding a switch) is a disadvantage.

  18. Adam Gilson

    Update: I’ve now had this for over a year. I’ve used it probably for a total of 500 hours, and have forgotten it outside a few times during that time. I haven’t had to replace the batteries or the temp probes during that time, and it is still accurate to within 1-2 degrees. This thing is a tank.——-Original review:If you’re just starting out smoking like I was when I bought this a year ago, or like to be more precise with your oven work, this thermometer is a work horse!I think I’ve probably used it nearly 40 times now, for a total of, rough estimate, 200-250 hours. I’ve accidentally left it outside over night a few times over that time period. And the thing just keeps on working. I haven’t even had to replace the batteries or the probes.For the cost, this was totally worth it.The only con I could think of is that the button markings have all but rubbed off over the last year. But that’s probably my fault for leaving it out, letting it get wet, and such. Regardless, it’s only four buttons and pretty easy to remember what is what.

  19. Pam Stiegman

    I like the the long cables, so I can set the control box on top of the oven and smoker. I would buy this again.

  20. Schectermanc1fr

    I bought this for my smoker and I love it. I can probe both racks of ribs at the same time and set an alarm to notify me when they reach the temperature I want. Super simple to use!

  21. Eric

    The probes are about 8″ long. Makes it difficult to use in a pan on the stove. Wish they had different sizes.

  22. LBIrish

    Now I’m no chef but my friends can say that when I use the ThermoPro when cooking steak and chicken it comes out perfect. In the past I could forget how long the food was on the BBQ when guests arrive early. With this I can see the information from the table and the beeps mean its ready to go. I will look into the wireless ThermoPro next.Please note a few things with this type of product:- Just as with any electronic device, the probes can go bad due to being dropped or for other random reasons. It has nothing to do with this brand. I have another brand this has happened with.- As an individual who did not cook often in the past, one would not necessarily pay attention to the size of the meat and whether is a bone-in piece. If there is a bone in the meat, the temperature closer to the bone will be lower than an inch away from the bone. Also, I have two duel probe units. I can have them in four pieces of chicken and the temp will not be consistent across all four. They will normally be within 3 degrees(my experience) unless the sizes of the meat vary greatly or there are bones in some and not in the others. If there is a difference swap the inputs on the unit and see if it is consistent with the swap. There is a possibility the probe may be damaged.

  23. M. Ladd

    This is our second one of the model in the last few years. Our grill overheated the last one. I use this thing constantly for making candy and curds. I rubberband it to a whisk or spoon. I love it. you MUST MUST MUST cover the magnet with something like duct tape or it WILL damage whatever you stick it to like anything chrome. The magnet is strong enough to handle the extra protection. It is a great device. it is a 5 star item but it does have. a major flaw

  24. carol douglas

    Only one use so far. Seemed OK.

  25. Phillip

    When I tested the probes together with some boiling water they were all within +/- 2F of each other. That is good enough for cooking.What I did not like, reading the instructions there is no way to turn off the temperature alarm. You can lower or raise it, but not disable alarm. I was cooking a really large prime rib so I placed different probes at different depths so I could watch how it rose, but I didn’t want an alarm notification on these other probes. Instead I just set them to a wildly high number so they wouldn’t alarm, but I would rather have the ability to disable the alarm.The back of the base is magnetic but my stainless steel oven doors are not. Manufacturers add a ferrous backing to stainless steel refrigerator doors to make them magnetic, otherwise stainless steel is not magnetic. Thankfully the probe leads are long enough to place the base on the counter, but I wish the base also had a popup stand.

  26. David Luna

    Magnets to place near cooking area

  27. dcsf

    Works like a charm.

  28. Joseph Matz

    Works fantastically

  29. Leslie Curtin

    I have only used this product once to cook chicken breasts. Despite saying there were preset temps for a variety of meats, I couldn’t get my thermometer to read 165 for chicken. I turned it on and it was set at 160. The chicken was perfectly cooked so it’s hard to say if the temp was accurate. I would have to use two thermometers to determine that, wouldn’t I and then it would all be relative. I haven’t used it in a smoker or outdoor grill yet. Perhaps I’ll write more if I do.

  30. R. Williams

    This product has surprised me. By having two probes, it kind of allows self testing of accuracy as it is unlikely for both probes to be off the same amount and in the same direction at the same time. I have found that both probes have been consistent with each other for the more than a year that I have owned this. Food comes out perfectly and consistently. The display is easy to read and the settings allow for any setting you could likely want. Most amazingly, is that this thing is tough. I left it out in the rain for a week by accident. I removed the batteries and let it dry for a couple days, then replaced the batteries and turned it on. Works like a champ and there is no sign of damage anywhere. Wow! Every other digital thermometer I have used has been garbage. This was finally a good purchase… a great purchase.

  31. Michael Wiggin

    Works great and makes it easy to monitor my items in the smoker

  32. China1985

    I love having a thermometer handy. It tells me why I am uncomfortable. Especially when the humidity is high.

  33. Will Gray

    Great bang for the buck. Bought this for my smoker and so far, so good. Like the easy to read display, the stand, and the magnets that allow you to stick it on the grill side tray. Very convenient. I like it better than my Weber airtemp for the propane grill.

  34. james v

    i needed it to verify information that had only been assumed about immersive cooling. this showed me that the oils i used are way to viscous to be used for cooling. this dual sensor setup showed me the data i needed to confirm the experiment would not work full scale and saved me 400$ in fluid purchases. it is best to not use gravity pumps for fluid that is high viscosity and the promised fluid characteristics of flow from heat are lies. so bottom line this sensor and dual temp is accurate enough to show variations in same tank 2 inchs to 2 feet appart. works great, has a back light and dual temp alarm so you can walk away and only check in intervals unless something needs addressed from temp alarm. i used it from 22c to 65c

  35. Michael Drake

    It’s nice and works as described. I did have one reading while smoking pork come back and say temp was 39 degrees while other 3 all were in the 180 range. Rest and it seemed to work fine.

  36. Local Man

    I purchased this dual read instant read thermometer because my last one died. I have only used it a few times so far, but I like it.I got the dual probe thermometer because (a) I have a double oven and it will be nice to measure the temp of foods in both ovens at the same time, and (b) for larger pieces of meat, probes in two parts of the dish will allow me to have a better idea on how it is cooking.I like that the unit has both a fold out stand AND magnets, giving me options on how to display the thermometer. The unit itself is a reasonable size, but the numbers on the face are large and clear The two probes have decently long cables, allowing the probe to remain in the food while it cooks. Once the set temperature is reached, there’s a nice, loud beeping that would not be easy to miss.If you only want to use one probe, the area on the screen for the second probe can convert to a kitchen timer. (Personally, I use an Echo Dot as my oven timer.)Some products have controls designed so well that you can easily pick them up and use them without reading instructions — not in this case. I tried to figure things out for a few minutes before I had to go back to the manual to figure things out. It certainly is not enough to knock down a star — I just need to learn its controls.The termometer comes with a AAA battery in the package, so all you need to do to get it working is to insert the enclosed battery. Manual is OK, packaging is good.Since I have only had this kitchen thermometer for a few days, I do not yet know how long it will last. But so far, I think it was a good value.


    I am going to install this in my 2 bee hives just to know what the temperature around my queen bee is being kept at.

  38. Lil Bit

    Need more time/uses, in order to properly test it out in all fairness to the product. I only used one lead and although I set it to medium well it, when I took the steak out is was more medium rare. Could very well be used error, based on size and thickness of the steak etc. So I can’t say anything negative or positive until I get some good use out of it. But Amazon kept asking for a review so this is the best o have at the moment unfortunately. I’ll definitely update soon. Otherwise I’ll be returning and get the wireless ones I see every YT chef using these days. A bit skeptical on the wireless Bluetooth etc ones but they all seem to love it so probably better choice than this long ass wire hanging out of an oven or grill.

  39. Lisa Marshall

    Unit appears to read 15 to 20 degrees too low. A steak cooked to 140 degrees was overcooked with NO pink in the center. I have to mentally adjust when using this unit.

  40. Michael A. Poli

    Works well. Very nice for the price.

  41. Roy P. Gebauer


  42. karenr

    Steaks were perfectly cooked

  43. A McGill

    Easy to use.

  44. M. Shipley

    I bought this dual thermometer a little less than 3 yrs ago according to Amazon. My husband noticed the inaccuracy a few nights ago. Decided to test it. One probe is def not working as well as the other.

  45. J. Ray

    After trying many thermometers with too many “bells and whistles” we found this one to be easy to use, easy to read and accurate. We especially like the dual probes that help when cooking large roasts and Turkeys. Having the longer cord allows better placement of the device away from the flame of the grill or surface of the stovetop.

  46. Stony Melton

    Used it the first time today. Included instructions which found easy to follow. I used it in my smoker. I’ve been using the built in thermometer since I’ve had it and found the reading on this to be fairly close to the reading on the built in one. The probes fit fine through the built in vent hole at the back. I would say the only complaint I have is that you can’t turn the temperature alarm off permanently so I found myself setting the temperature on this at a higher setting just so I wouldn’t have to hear the alarm go off every 15 minutes, because as we all know sometimes these smokers can have weird temperature swings. I’ll update after I use this a few more times!

  47. alan kaufman

    easy to use and easy to read

  48. pleder8

    This is one item you won’t be disappointed with. Very well made and functions well at over 500 degrees F. Be aware that the probes are very long, so make sure you adjust for clearance and or placement before preheating oven. Made an awesome Rib Roast using it.

  49. Anthony Bristow

    Purchased this product to use for reverse searing tomahawk ribeyes and the results could not have been better. I look forward to putting this product to use on the barbecue pit this summer. The dual probes are perfect for monitoring multiple dishes at the same time or for checking separate areas on the same dish such as a pork ham and shoulder. The magnetic back keeps it out of the way for the duration of your cook time.

  50. lenora de beaurepaire da silva schwaitzer

    I attached it to the control panel of my grill and works great! Back light really useful

  51. AL

    Easy to read nice alarm full proof just just follow pictures

  52. Doug

    Bought this as a Christmas gift to myself. It arrived at the house in record time, just as promised. I had the opportunity to use it immediately after I received it. I had smoking a pork-butt for pulled-pork scheduled. First off, I particularly like the dual probe display on the ThermoPro control unit. A person can use the two probes as best they see fit. However, I used one probe to monitor the inside temperature of my smoker/grill. The unit comes with a spring clip to hold the probe above the grate. The other probe I used for internal temperature of the meat. Since I started cooking by temperature instead of time, the meat I smoke/grill comes out “on-point”. The ThermoPro has an alarm feature for each probe which I find functional as well. It’s very intuitive to set the alarm temps. One I set for the temp I was wanting to wrap the meat (160 degrees), the other I set to alarm alert if the temperature of the smoker rose above 275 degrees. My goal was to stay as close to 225 degrees as possible throughout the cook. If the smoker started running “off the tracks” and spiked above 275, the alarm alerted to the fact (pork butts are very forgiving of temp spikes). When adding logs to the fire, initially the smoker temp reduces, and then “spikes” well above the cooking temp. By setting the alarm at 275 degrees, I was able to minimize these false “spike” alerts. Both probe temps are clearly displayed on the control unit of the ThermoPro, as are the alarm settings. I found the construction of the probes to be of high quality, and the probes themselves are heavier than other smoking/grilling thermometers I’ve purchased prior. The control unit display is simple to use, simple to read. Clean-up was a snap as well. Very easy to do so. Wipe everything down with a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent, wipe dry and allow to air-dry a bit before storing. Based on the results I’ve had so-far with this mine, I’d recommend it. I felt as if the price was very reasonable and the results are well worth the small investment. Keep “rolling” that smoke folks! Enjoy!

  53. Amazon Customer

    I use this for grilling. It is very accurate and easy to use. This replaced all my other temperature gauges.

  54. jrx350

    I purchased the ThermoPro TP-17 at the height of the 1st wave of the pandemic because our family was cooking every meal at home and to ensure meat was cooked for safe consumption, we needed an accurate and reliable meat thermometer, one with at least 2 probes to read the temperature of 2 different pieces of meat. The meat thermometer worked well for the first 2 months in the oven. But when the weather got warmer, we started using the outdoor grill. Somehow the probes that were monitoring the meats in the grill started displaying HHH and beeped and then the temperature readings would change every second from a high temperature reading to a low temperature reading. I suspect that the infrared heat on the grill was too high for the probes. I contacted customer service regarding the issue and after explaining to the representative that the proposed solution didn’t work, i.e. make sure the probes are inserted all the way into the socket, the representative said they are sending replacements probes to me. Within 2 days, I received an entirely new TP-17. I opened the new unit and tested the 2 probes that came with the new unit. Both units work with the new probes. The old probes probably shorted in the grill due to heat damage. ThermoPro has Great Customer Support! Because of their prompt and excellent support for their products, I purchased a temperature and humidity reader. It is also very accurate and an all-around high-quality product. Haven’t had issues with it.

  55. Ken

    I have not use this item yet and not sure when I will so can’t give you a rating at this time…however it looks good , came fast..

  56. Christ

    So the interface is basic and simple to use once you fiddle with it, but it’s not as simple as it could be, if they added a few more buttons to it. That said, once you figure it out, it *is* fairly simple to use, so go ahead and get it! Just don’t expect to open it up and go ham with it right away.

  57. Amazon Customer

    2 probes

  58. History Buff

    Very useful and accurate.

  59. sharon

    easy to use and very precise

  60. dale f

    I had to smoke 50 lbs of pork. This worked awsome. The meat turned out fantastic. 5 stars

  61. D. Thompson

    My first Thermo Pro was bought about 5 years ago. One of the 2 probes stopped working (probably from constant use). I seldom use both probes so I still use it but decided to get another. I have used analog and digital thermometers for years. The modern digital thermometers are a must if you want to prevent overcooking meat and fish and achieve consistent results. One of the best uses of this system is to get the temperature “just right”. If you leave the probe in the meat or fish after it comes out of the oven you can watch the temperature increase while the meat/fish rests. For example: I like my salmon at about 134-135F. I cook in a 375 F oven. I pull the salmon at 120-122. In 3- 4 minutes of resting it rises to 133-135. If you pay attention to true oven temperature and watch the thermo pro you can get your meat and fish exactly the way you want it. It takes a little effort to learn about your oven, the importance of thickness and temperature but the thermo pro is truly a valuable tool.

  62. Sheri Jensen

    Really, nothing to dislike works like a charm.

  63. Stephen C. Jayjock

    Use it on barbecue but you need to be careful – you can burn up the wiring, I use it all the time in the house. The last one lasted about a year. am hoping this one lasts longer.

  64. Robert J. Armijo

    First, I found these to be quite accurate. I noted in some reviews people complained about putting them in a cup of hot water and getting different readings. What I found is they are SUPER sensitive, so if one touches the bottom of the cup it will read something different. If they’re both suspended in the cup they read the same temp.Second, I don’t cook things that require thermometers very often. So when it comes to putting the probe in the right spot in the turkey I suck. Hence why I got a unit with four probes. I put them in various places in the bird and in the cavity stuffing and went with the lowest temp to determine when it was done. Perfect!Last, my one and only issue is the cables. They work fine, but they’re cumbersome. They don’t bend easily and tangle with each other easily. A minor issue perhaps, but getting the bird in and out of the oven with four cables hanging out wasn’t a snap.

  65. Jamie Bennatt

    I have been using this product for about 6 months now. I mainly use the grill attachment to measure ambient temperature of my BBQ pit. This product has produced several excellent racks of ribs. I can monitor the temperature to make sure I’m where I want AND falling temps tell me it’s time to add more coals (it obviously takes practice to get right, but that’s really dependent on your BBQ pit/smoker). I used the second probe on my first ever brisket (to monitor internal temps) and the brisket came out very good.I can’t definitively comment on the accuracy, but a few different ways seem to suggest it is. I have an infrared thermometer and the temps seem to generally agree (within 5-10 degrees–but I think that’s more error on the part of the infrared thermometer/user). I also used it once in my oven to see if the temps were right. Preheated oven to 350, thermopro read about 400. I thought that was odd until I opened the oven to put my food inside. The temp almost immediately went down to 350 and stayed there. So clearly the oven was “over” preheating accounting for the almost immediate temperature drop due to opening it. Not exactly conclusive, but two different instruments were both measuring 350 (the oven and thermopro).Cleaning: I use the same probe everytime I smoke on my pit. It has a very “nice” brown smoke film on it. This does not come off. I wipe with a paper towel after every use and a little bit comes off, but it’s not “clean”. After 6 months and ~20 cooks (so ~100 hours of being subjected to smoke), it appears to continue to work fine. So I don’t see that this affects performance at all.

  66. Rob

    Disappointed that it died with only a few uses, but contacting the company directly within the first year proved hassle free. Gave my contact info and Amazon order number and the replacement unit arrived in less than two weeks. Upgrading the review from 2 to 4 stars based on the service. Perhaps I just got a dud.Original review:Worked great – I love the idea of being able to monitor my food w/ dual probes. No more checking repeatedly if the food is done. Purchased in February. Used it a few times the first few months. When it came time to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving, it was dead. Batteries replaced, but nothing.I might buy it again since it isn’t so expensive – but was greatly let down at the longevity.The only other con I see is that the probes are very long – they can be unwieldy when cooking in a smaller (counter top) oven. Most meats are nowhere near thick enough to require such depth.

  67. George Bliss

    This may not be the fanciest thermometer, but it is well made and accurate, simple to use and clean, and has excellent battery life. The fact that it features two probes that can be used to monitor 2 separate temperatures is just the cream on top

  68. Matthew Stroul

    I have used this with my Dutch Oven, cast iron skillet, gas oven, charcoal grill, and yes – even a fire pit while camping! Every kind of MEAT – AND – BAKED GOOD!

  69. Amazon Customer

    Must have item for perfect meat and fish.

  70. g cross

    works well !by i wish the leads were a little longer.

  71. Michael Patrick

    Love it first one didn’t work at all so I return it and got a new the new one works like a dream. Do all the test with I could to check the accuracy and everything was good .

  72. Paul B

    This product is very good for use with meats one is making on a skillet and even the grill. Of course my MEATER is much better for thicker, longer cooking meats, but this product is worth every dollar. Excellent to be sure sausage, thin steaks, or thin fish fillets are to proper temp.

  73. ken jacobsen

    works great with my smoker,nice that it has a magnet on the back

  74. C. Baur

    Had this for few years and it worked well. However it’s starting shut off over the past year. I have to keep turning it back on over and over again which is frustrating because I use the temp alarms. Batteries have been changed several times.

  75. Timothy D Riley

    This is excellent for smoking on a barell grill

  76. Slowleadmccey

    I use this as a backup to the internal thermometer in my smoker as I have found the internal to be inaccurate. One probe gives me the interior temperature of the smoker and the other the temperature of the meat. It works well and is easy to see in the dark. If you set a temp alarm though, it goes off everytime the setpoint is reached. Which, in turn requires you to go out and silence it.

  77. Julio T.

    El producto lleg贸 en buen estado y es de buena calidad lo uso en el grill y cuando horneo carnes.

  78. dvanwey

    WOW.No more dry chicken!I don’t know how I ever grilled without this.Set the temp, shut the lid & go have a beer.Can’t overcook your stuff because the alarm will go off.The 3 stars on accuracy is because I’m not sure of the temps yet. I put one probe on the included spring clip & left it in the smoker. It is about 30 degrees off so I need to investigate to see which one is correct. My hunch is that it it MY smoker is inaccurate, not these thermometers.3 stars for durability because the LCD display fades in direct sunlight. This is common with any LCD display when overheating. Keep is away from grill heat and out of the sun.This is a great device though.

  79. Delhooters

    These worked very well for multiple roasts for a large family dinner.

  80. Scheentz

    After years of smoking fish and meats in a box smoker with only a cheap thermometer on the front of the unit to work with, using this device with one probe in the fish and the other on the rack (with appropriate clip) next to the fish has drastically improved my results. I’m totally satisfied.

  81. Isie

    Works Great, but you need to push the probe in to the monitor all the way in!!!!!!

  82. J. Keith

    Sometimes things LOOK cool! But the probe after being in a 375 degree oven get pretty hot! Use an oven mitt to remove it and not your bare fingers! Live and learn and have ice handy!The battery lasts a long time, the temperature is very accurate (it reads the air temperature accurately). It is very fast when just testing rather than leaving a probe in while cooking. It’s the best thermometer I’ve had.

  83. Bob C

    It worked as described and was really nice

  84. Shortstack

    Some people will complain about everything that comes along. The complaints about this thermometer are signs that some people just do not read the product descriptions and owner’s manuals. I had no trouble at all in understanding the directions and getting full use of this tool. It was a pleasure to use and I have no regrets getting it. I used both probes to track the temperatures in 2 different pieces of chicken in a 12 inch cast iron skillet filled cheek and jowl with thighs and drumsticks and Thermopro TP-17 did not disappoint. This beats the heck out of the old mechanical temp gauge that I’ve been hassling with. I love this thing and so does my adult son who does most of the cooking. So far the gas oven has been the test-bed. Next………..the GRILL. Folks, get this temp gauge and you will love it too. Would I buy it again? YOU BETCHA I would. I did the ice and water test on both probes and they both were dead-on accurate. Both probes read 1 C. and 32 F over at least 3 different test cycles. As I wrote; both probes consistently read 1 C on the Celsius setting and 32 F. on the Fahrenheit setting and I am NOT worried about that 1 degree C. I use the Fahrenheit scale on everything and the calibration reading was dead-on 32 F on both probes. I cannot and do not ask for better than that. The TP-17 that I received is absolutely the best and extremely easy to use. Just follow the directions and you will not go wrong. Then, of course, the winers complaining about the warrentee did not read the directions, so they probably missed THOSE directions, too. Too bad. This TP-17 Dual Probe thermometer is the BEST you can get. Thank you ThermoPro for making such a GREAT meat thermometer. The entire unit is extremely well made with NO loose connections or in / on the main body. It is SOLIDLY built.

  85. M. Harter

    We smoke 2 pork shoulders at a time, so this worked perfectly.

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TP17 Specification  
Temperature Range 14to 572˚F (-10 to 300˚C)
Tolerance ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±1.5%
Refresh rate 1 second
Sensor Type NTC
Wire Probe Total length: 49 inches (1250mm) Probe length: 8 inches (205mm)
Display LCD, 2 1⁄2 Length x 1 1⁄2 Width inches (63 L x 39 W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size 3 1⁄4 Length x 3 1⁄4Width x 13⁄16 Height inches (82L x 81W x 21Hmm)
Power 1.5V (1 x AAA battery)

Instruction Manual

Product Image

ThermoPro TP-17 Product Image

Keys Definition

  1. LCD Screen: Displays temperatures, count up or count down timer and other information.
  2. Probe1/2 Button: In Cook mode, press the PROBE 1/2 button to select and enter Probe 1 or Probe 2 setting mode. The last row of the screen will display the meat type for the corresponding probe. In timer mode, press the PROBE 1/2 button to toggle the display of the Probe 1 or 2 temperatures in the first row of the screen.
  3. ▲/HR Button: In Cook mode, Press ▲ to select food types while in quick temperature setting. Press ▲ to increase your desired cooking temperature while in manual temperature setting. Press to turn ON/OFF the alarm in BBQ mode. Press the HR button to set hours while in timer mode. To clear time, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time.
  4. ▼/MIN/HI/LO Button: In Cook mode, press▼ to select food types while in quick temperature setting. press ▼ to decrease your desired cooking temperature setting while in manual temperature setting. In BBQ mode, press it to display HI or LO BBQ temperature. In Timer mode, press this button to set count down minutes. To clear count down timer setting, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time. Press and hold the button for fast setting.
  5. MEAT/ST/SP Button: In Cook mode, press the MEAT/ST/ SP button to enable the option to adjust quick temperature settings. Press again to save selection. The meat types: Poultry ( Poultry ), Pork/Veal ( Pork/Veal ), Ham ( ham ), Beef Rare/Fish ( beef rare & fish ), Beef Medium( beef medium ), Beef Well Done ( beef welldone ), and User-Defined ( user defined ). The pre-programmed doneness temperature setting for each meat type is recommended by USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter the BBQ target temperature setting; In Timer mode, press the ST/SP button to begin the count-down or count-up timer. Press the ST/SP button to pause or restart the timer.
  6. Probe 1/2 Socket: Insert Probe 1 and/or 2 into the corresponding socket to measure meat or BBQ temperatures.
  7. Magnet: Allows user to stick device to a metal surface. For example, a refrigerator.
  8. Backlight: Press any key to activate the back light of the screen. If there is no key operation for 10 seconds, the backlight will be automatically turned off. When there is alarm sound, the backlight will be turned on and flashing.
  9. Flip-out Counter Top Stand: Allows user to place device on counter for easy viewing.
  10. °C/ °F Selector (on the back of the unit): Move the position of the selector to select the temperature display unit in °C or °F.
  11. Mode Selector (on the back of the unit): Move the position of the selector to select Cook mode  instruction settings , Timer mode  timer mode  or power off the device.
  12. Battery Compartment: Hold one AAA battery.

Note: This unit is designed to remotely monitor cooking progress. Do not remove the probes during cooking. The internal temperature will be displayed on the unit outside of the oven.

Battery Installation/Set Up

  • Slide open the battery compartment door at the back of the unit.
  • Insert one (1) AAA battery according to the polarity markings.
  • Replace the battery compartment door. Remove the printed vinyl label from the LCD screen.

Operating Instructions

Using the Cooking Thermometer

  • Clean the stainless temperature probe with hot water and soap and rinse clean. Do not submerge the probe and cable in water. The probe /cable connection is not waterproof.
  • Plug the temperature probe 1 and/or 2 into the corresponding sockets on the right side of the device.
  • Make sure the probe cable is free of knots. Make sure the sensor plug on the end of the cord is plugged into the sockets completely. (Note: if the probe is not plugged in properly or is crimped, the display will show “—”.)
  • Slide the switch on the back of the device to display the temperature in ˚F or ˚C.
  • Slide the mode selector switch to the cook position “ instruction settings ”.
  • You will see two temperatures on each top two rows (the first row represents Probe 1 and the second row represents Probe 2) of the screen. On the right is the actual temperature reading as measured by the temperature probe and on the left is the set temperature.
  • Set your desired cooking temperatures for Probe 1 and 2 respectively by choosing Quick Temperature Setting or User-defined Temperature Setting. (see Section Quick Temperature Setting and User-defined Temperature Setting below)
  • Insert the tip of the probe at least 2”/5cm into the thickest part of the meat, but not near bone or gristle. You can use two probes to measure and monitor temperatures of two pieces of meat or two sections of the same large piece of meat simultaneously.
  • Place food into the oven. Before closing the oven door, make sure there is enough slack in the steel mesh cable to prevent the probe from being pulled out of the food when the oven door is closed. The device must be positioned outside of the oven on a stable surface and must be firmly connected to the temperature probes.
  • To prevent damage to the device, it should not be placed on a hot surface.
  • When the internal temperature of your food reaches the temperature you have set, an audible alert will sound. Press any button to stop the alert.
  • Before removing the food from the oven, disconnect the steel mesh cables from the device. Do not touch hot probe or wire with bare hands during or just after cooking. Always wear a heat-resistant glove.

Quick Temperature Setting

  • Your digital cooking thermometer is pre-programmed with temperatures for various cooking levels: poultry (165˚F), beef well (170˚F), veal/pork (170˚F), beef medium (160˚F), ham (160˚F) and beef rare/fish (145˚F) based on the USDA recommendation. See the below table.
  • Press Probe 1/2 to select Probe 1 or 2 for setting. The display for the selected probe will be flashing for a few seconds.
  • Press the MEAT/ST/SP button to enable the option to adjust quick temperature settings.
  • Press ▲/HR/ Button 1 or ▼/MIN/HI/LO button to select your food type.
  • Press MEAT/ST/SP to confirm and lock in the setting. (The device will regard you’ve confirmed the selection if you don’t press any button for 4 seconds).
  • Repeat the above process to set the other probe temperature.

User-Defined Temperature Setting

If you prefer setting your own desired cooking temperatures and not using the preset temperatures, you can always change the setting by simply press ▲or▼ button to adjust the temperature setting to your desired one. Or you can press MEAT/S/S button to enter User-defined setting user defined  mode and then press ▲ or ▼ to set the temperature to your desired one. NOTE:

  1. a) In the lower right corner of the screen, if user defined  icon shows, it means the temperature setting is user-defined.
  2. b) When setting temperature, press and hold ▲or▼ for fast setting.


  • Your timer can be used whether the thermometer is in operation or not. Countdown Timer: Slide the mode selector switch on the back of the device to the timer position .
  • The second row of the screen will display the timer information and the first row of the screen will toggle the display of the temperatures of Probe 1 or 2.
  • Press ▲/HR to set the hours and ▼/MIN to set the minutes.
  • Press S/S (start/stop) button to start the countdown timer. The colon between hours and minutes will flash.
  • If the setting or the remaining countdown timer is less than 1 hour, the display will automatically switch to display the minutes and seconds.
  • When the timer gets to 00:00, the alarm will sound. Press any button to silence the alarm. The device has a timing memory and will automatically display the original timer setting when S/S is pressed to silence the alarm.
  • To clear the timer setting, press the ▲/HR and ▼/MIN buttons at the same time. You can pause the timer while it is running by pressing S/S button. Press S/S button again to restart the timer.
  • If you are using the timer and thermometer at the same time, you may slide the selector switch back to the cook position during the timing session to set or view the cooking temperatures. The timer will continue the count-down. The alarm will sound when it reaches 00:00 and you can silence the alarm by pressing any button.

Count up Timer

  • Slide the mode selector switch on the back of the device to the timer position   timer mode .
  • Press the ▲/HR and ▼/MIN buttons at the same time to clear the timer setting to 00:00.
  • Press S/S button to start count up timer. Press it again to stop/re-start the timer.
  • The timer will stop when it reaches 99 Hour: 59 Minute.
  • If you are using the timer and thermometer at the same time, you may slide the selector switch back to the cook position during the timing session to set or view the cooking temperatures. The timer will continue counting up .

Note: When setting the timer, you can press and hold ▲ or ▼ for fast setting.

Cleaning and Care

  • The device is not waterproof. Do not expose plug of probe or plug-in hole to any liquid, which will result in a bad connection and faulty readings.
  • The probe and cable are not dishwasher safe. They must be hand washed using hot water and soap. Make sure to rinse and dry the probe thoroughly before storing.
  • Do not submerge the device in water or expose to any corrosive cleaning materials. Wipe with damp cloth.


Question: I just received this today. It came with a V-shaped clip with a small hole on each side. I don’t see any mention of this clip, so what is it used for?
Answer: You use it to attach the thermometer on the inside of a pan, like if you were cooking candy. Squeeze the clip together and thread the probe through both holes and slide the clip over the side of pan, with the probe suspended in your cooking liquid. It keeps it from resting on the bottom of the pan and giving you an inaccurate reading.

Question: Can a specific temperature be set, or do you have to select from preset temperatures?
Answer: You can set a specific temperature.

Question: Can this be used with an electric roaster?
Answer: Yes, absolutely.


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Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No No Yes
Calibration feature - No No -
High low temperature alarms Both Both Both Both
Lock function - - No -
Mobile app No No No Yes
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe quantity 2 1 4 2
Range - - - 500ft
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Taste settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
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