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ThermoPro TP610W Dual Probe Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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  • Two in One Thermometer Design】: With the unique two-in-one design, enjoy a food thermometer for any situation; The enhanced instant read food thermometer is ideal for temping steaks and the wired probe thermometer with alarm prevents preventing an overcooked turkey.
  • 3-4 Second Read Time & Highly Accurate within ±0.9°F】: Digital meat thermometer features a lock function to lock the food temperature on the display, so you don’t need to linger over the hot cooking surface.
  • 180° Auto-Rotating Backlit Display】: This meat thermometer for cooking and grilling has a large rotating backlit display making it perfect for either hand or when taking temps in tight spaces.
  • Easy to Use & Rechargeable Battery】: Cooking thermometer turns on by simply unfolding the probe, feels like an extension of your body; Built-in rechargeable battery saves you money and time.
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating & Convenient Storage】: Simply wash the waterproof thermometer under running water; Features magnet and a large hang hole to store it anywhere; Special bottle opener design for the BBQ thermometer.
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TP610 instant read and internal probe thermometer
ThermoPro TP610 Large LCD Screen Dual Probe Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP610 Large LCD Screen Dual Probe Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP610 waterproof two-in-one dual probe meat thermometer is the ultimate choice for a food thermometer which can do it all! The folding probe allows you to quickly read an accurate temp within 3-4 seconds, the wired probe with the preset temperature alarms, instantly informs you once your food is ready in the oven, making this digital kitchen thermometer extremely convenient. With the large backlit LCD display, you can view both temperatures at the same time even in the darkest conditions


  • Thermometer Probe Response Time: 3-4 seconds
  • Wide Temperature Range: -58°F to 572°F (50℃~300℃)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.9°F meat thermometer
  • Power Auto-off Time: 10 mins of no use
  • Uses: Oven, Smoker, Grill, Meat, Food, BBQ Temperature
  • Display: Ultra-clear backlight LCD display & 180°Auto-Rotating Display
  • Waterproof rate: IPX5
  • Battery: Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery
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Cut out all the guesswork when cooking and always know the internal temperature of your food!

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Meat thermometer with probe
  • 1 x Food Temperature probe
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Cook Like a Pro with your ThermoPro TP610 two-in-one dual probe meat thermometer!

ThermoPro TP610 thermometer features

Multifunctional digital food thermometer makes your life easier & tasty!

Accurate Readings

Accurate Readings

The instant read digital meat thermometer reads in just 3-4 seconds with an accuracy of ±0.9 degree Fahrenheit, with a wide tempreture range from -58°F to 572°F, to ensure you always cook to perfection!

Dual Temp Backlit LCD Display

Dual Temp Backlit LCD Display

Large backlit display allow you to view both probes of the grill meat thermometer. Conveniently use this meat thermometer for indoor or outdoor cooking no matter the light conditions!

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

The grilling thermometer features a rechargeable battery, meaning no time or money wasted on replaceable batteries! Digital meat thermometer with probe can be used for 300 hours on a single full charge!

IPX5 Waterproof

IPX5 Waterproof

The digital thermometer for grilling can be washed and cleaned under running water, making cleanup a breeze after a long day of cooking, baking, or BBQing!



The probe thermometer features a foldable 4.6″ probe which when unfolded turns the thermometer on and when folded turns the thermometer off!

Lock Temperature

Lock Temperature

Lock the digital cooking thermometer temperature for 5 seconds to safely view the reading away from the heat!

ThermoPro Cook Like a Pro Every Time

66 reviews for ThermoPro TP610W Dual Probe Instant Read Meat Thermometer

  1. Steve P.

    Compared to others I’ve tried, this works well enough and is pretty (but not entirely) accurate. The magnet IS NOT powerful enough to hold the thermometer’s weight which is disappointing — thermometer just slides down.

  2. t sull

    It’s rechargeable! Has the hard probe and a remote cable probe. I bought three.

  3. Rick in NC

    Like many others have said it works fine except the magnet is so weak it is useless and beep you cant hear unless you are standing right next to it. I also would not trust it as a bottle opener.

  4. Joel McNary

    Realy slick probe

  5. Alan

    I bought a cheaper one before this. Don’t do that. This is about as inexpensive as you want to go.Sturdy casing and it feels fairly strong at the joint. I like that it’s rechargeable, even has a battery indicator.I have not yet used the wired probe for cooking but it checked out okay in ice.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very impressed with this thermometer. Very easy to use and reads temp quickly. The included probe is great for reverse searing steaks. I would buy again

  7. KD

    Best meat thermometer that I purchased so far, has a bottle opener. Also water resistant, I’m not brave enough to submerge this in dishwater, but it does well under running water when cleaning.

  8. Kathleen Weiss

    I am able to leave this thermometer in the meat while cooking on my grill. Takes out much guess work!

  9. Frequent Customer

    Used this for a multi-pot party meal of fairly delicate foods. Was able to take instant reads from several pots and get them off the stove at the moment they were done. Easy to use. Easy to read backlit display.

  10. Amazon Junkie

    Not sure how precise it is. The internal temperature showed lower than optimal when I measured a bone-in chicken thigh, but the dish came out perfectly. I really like the large display and temperature hold features. I haven’t used the external probe yet.

  11. Maureen Roberts

    Adequate for most kitchen cooking. Have not used for outdoor cooking

  12. Thejaded1

    I really like how compact this thermometer is. the instant read can easily be read and the numbers flip to read if you’re left handed. I also like having the probe line for deep frying or things in the oven to keep an eye on the temp. it’s also rechargeable and magnetic. it would be nice to have a storage bag to keep the probe line with the thermometer or a small clip setup where the probe line can be clipped together with the thermometer and all be magnetic to stick to the fridge.

  13. Bob Hakanson

    Like the sensor attachment for cooking in the oven,

  14. Sara Wright

    Magnet is not strong enough! Slides right off stove

  15. Mochamantis

    I have an air fryer and I’m constantly over cooking things. I bought this to try out and wow! It works great! I had tender, juicy ribs because I had attached the probe and set it. I’m sold!

  16. Patricia N.

    Bought the thermometer for baking. Only charged it once when I received it and is working well.

  17. Art

    Works quickly and is easy to use.

  18. Davidb2

    Manual in English, out of order, in-elegant numbered instructions for use. Hypothetically one buys a hybrid oven thermometer for digital read out , while food is in the oven. According to the instructions you tap/hold to get the temperature to the designated alarm temperature. LINE 3 when using wired probe 2. press and hold temp up/down buttons for proper reading. UNFORTUNATELY , line 4 explains that you must TAP c/f SET button on the back of thermometer FIRST. suggest perhaps reverse some of this information/instructions or… separate Probe 1 and Probe 2 instructions. IN proper order. 1.> tap c/f set ONCE , 2.> HOLD temperature for fast scrolling. For those english speaking , less than stellar mechanical types, (especially with set button opposite sides of the thermometer) , you might save a few returns , because they read instructions , too literally.

  19. NL

    Appearance: Nice-looking thermometerThoughts: Charge this to full before you start using this. Good thermometer and takes fast readings. Nice to have a temp you can set and just attach the longer probe into your food. Pretty nice. 5/5Overall: Nice Thermometer

  20. Nanciejeanne

    I had a Polder oven probe once I got from Williams Sonoma. I was so excited that I could cook bigger items more accurately and just leave the probe in it with the heatproof wire. Well, for some reason, it kept reading that things were 500 degrees or something and it was obviously not even close to being done. So I got rid of it in favor of one you have open the oven and manually stick it in things. I saw this and thought that maybe the technology had improved. Nope. Same thing happened when I was cooking thick pork chops. It was going fine, then all of a sudden, it was reading high, but I knew (and could smell) that they just weren’t done. I mean, it doesn’t go from 100 degrees to 185 in 5 minutes. So I switched to opening and closing the oven with the other probe and it was right. I don’t know if fats or bits of food get baked on the sensor or what the problem is. It wasn’t all the way through to the pan, it wasn’t on a bone, I just don’t know. I will probably try it again because having it read the temperature and alert you is really nice. I like that it is rechargeable as my other one takes those button cell batteries that I never seem to have around. You can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the back. You can also use the wired oven probe AND the foldout one to make two things at once without having to erase a single reading.Still opening the oven isn’t that big of a deal. I really love cooking meat by temperature. My old method of just guessing by time or pressing (or having to cut one open) ended up with meats that were just too overcooked. This helps me make lots of things that are nice and juicy and cooked just right.

  21. Duane Gourdin (Muzistion)


  22. Dwight Ratcliff

    Very accurate and quick

  23. sh

    Super easy to use and read

  24. Bailey Thomas

    Works like a charm

  25. JPMellin

    Still haven’t figured it out. Will need to reread instructions, again.

  26. marshe

    Like the easy-to-read temperature, loved that it can be recharged rather than depend on a traditional battery.

  27. Stephen Trageser

    Quick and easy to use

  28. mark

    The product, with the exception of having an extremely faint (almost impossible to hear) alarm sound, works well.

  29. PLC

    I ended up returning this after receiving it. I couldn’t justify the expense. At this point, I don’t really need this tool. Has all the bells and whistles, highly recommended on cookware sites in their reviews.

  30. Kindle Customer

    I purchased this twice as gifts for my sons. It works well for use in the kitchen as well as the outdoor grill.

  31. Ren


  32. Ben York

    A buddy had this one for his smoker and suggested this one when we we found that the one that came with my smoker wasn’t great, mostly hard to read the display.Did the ice test for accuracy and it was within .5 degrees of 32*, leading me to believe it’s accurate enough for what I need for cooking and the pellet smoker. If you need finer accuracy you’re likely looking for a totally different class of thermometer. As an FYI the product mentions a +/- of .9 degrees accuracy.Yeah I’d recommend this. Checks all the boxes for a dual display thermometer with a second probe.To do the ice test:Fill a cup with iceFill it with waterLet it sit for 5minStick the thermometer in close but not touching an ice cubeIf it reads darn near 32, your thermometer is likely accurate enough. If its not darn near, but just near, you can decide if it’s near enough. Personally I prefer darn near.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Awesome BBQ Thermostat, the remote sensor worked great when doing a rack in the Kamodo

  34. Dr Doug

    I got this primarily to make candy with. I wanted to know the accuracy, so I did the technique of submersing the probes into ice water and boiling water. Both probes read within 1 degree of each other and each took about 4 seconds to stabilize the reading. So far so good. I do note that it takes longer when testing non liquid items, but still seems to get a reading in about 6 or 7 seconds. I do note that while the display orients itself automatically, that this is easier to use right-handed than left. So far, with a couple months usage with several hours of actual temperature reading time, the battery meter hasn’t budged suggesting that it won’t need to be charged often.

  35. J. Spiegel

    ThermoPro TP610 Programmable Dual Probe Meat Thermometer with AlarmI have numerous ThermoPro temperature devices in my home and this instant read food thermometer is my newest. I like the general quality of these products and relatively good accuracy. I say relatively good as when you get into the upper reaches of the price range you expect a more near to perfect accuracy and assume it for what you paid. If you鈥檙e an amateur cook and aren鈥檛 as concerned but still want some decent accuracy this is for you. I have found this device easy to use, and has some nice extras.I love that it has a remote probe that you can place in the meat and give you a reading from outside. The less you open the oven door the better if you鈥檙e roasting a big meat. I like that it鈥檚 rechargeable to save on batteries. It has a nice clear display and easy to use controls. It even has a bottle opener and a magnet to storage it on your fridge for east access. It鈥檚 a very well equipped device. I tested it against a ThermaPen and found it close enough to be usable. Perfect, no, very good yes. If you鈥檙e on a budget I think you will find this a great and needed tool for your kitchen.

  36. Terra Maya

    well worth it

  37. Peter

    Very nice overall. Very sturdy. Probe works just fine.

  38. Greg thomas

    perfect for what it is intended and works great

  39. caitpreast

    Easy to useExcellent quality

  40. juanEsteban

    Fast reading temperature

  41. Juan C Roa

    The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I have not used the extended probe to measure the grill’s temperature. Easy to see at night and fast temp readout.

  42. kyle tipton

    Great so far. Bought one as a present I liked it so much.

  43. kr

    Sleek design and easy to use. Have only used it twice, but so far am very pleased. The probes are slim and therefore easy to insert. The display is large and I can read it without reading glasses!It as delivered in a timely manner and packaged nicely.

  44. Yanira

    Muy buen producto.

  45. Boss

    Best thermometer I ever used. Easy to use and read. Tried it yesterday on bbq chicken. Looking forward to using it on other meats. Love being able to recharge it although it was fully charged when I received it. Highly recommend it.

  46. Firooz

    I like to have the option to see setup temp and present temp.

  47. PK Daly

    Tried a few cheaper ones where the wired probe and attached probe didn’t agree, this one does. Solid feel, seems like it will hold up.

  48. Sammy Ruiz

    I loved that this unit was rechargeable but less than 2 months in of regular use the plastic holding to probe broke when I put it away. I contacted the company to see what they could do for me but they completely ignored me I don’t recommend this product or the company if that’s how they’re going to treat their customers update company finally got back after post about product and offered replacement or refund I still find it annoying that you need a bad review just to get noticed but they took care of the problem

  49. ksteve

    Product: ThermoPro TP610 Dual Probe Meat Thermometer with Temperature Alarm, Rechargeable Instant Read Food Thermometer with Rotating LCD ScreenThis is a very nice dual probe digital thermometer. Overall, I am liking it. I have another digital thermometer, but I wanted one with a corded probe as well I could use in the oven or bbq. The P1 reading is the fold out probe. The P2 reading is for the corded probme.What I Liked:* The corded probe is long enough to reach into my oven or my bbq.* It鈥檚 not easy to accidentally chlit. ange the temperature display between C and F. This is an issue with my other thermometer.* Both probes can be used at the same time.* The display is easy to read. The display can be back.* There is a battery indicator, so you know if you have enough battery before you start cooking. It鈥檚 easy to charge and comes with a short charging cord. My other thermometer isn鈥檛 rechargeable, and I prefer this. I don鈥檛 have to worry about having the right battery.* You can just spot check the temperature or set a temperature you want to reach.* It is easy to operate.* It鈥檚 a good thermometer for the price ($21.99 when I got it)What I Didn鈥檛 Like:* The alarm is hard to hear. I really don鈥檛 rely on this when cooking, as I am usually checking my food periodically anyway. But if this is an important feature for you, it鈥檚 something to consider.

  50. DesertVine

    Very accurate and easy to use and excellent value for the price.

  51. bob

    Have not used all the functions so review is based on limited use. I do like the compact portability for use when traveling.

  52. Catalina

    Small enough to keep it handy.

  53. Christine Furgason

    The first two of these (not this model) broke at the pens base where it folds into the handle. The jury is still out on this model from the same company.Cheers

  54. Jan

    Easy to use, easy to read, accurate compared to my hanging oven thermometer, and easy to clean

  55. Kurt

    Works great! Accurate and takes just seconds. The wired probe is a great addition for long, slow roasting applications!

  56. joe j

    ease of use and cleaning.

  57. MrTLC

    I use it for all kinds of cooking. Smoking meat, grilling, cooking in an air fryer. It is a great tool for food safety!

  58. Alex

    Accurate measurements all the times, easy to use.

  59. markez

    I found that this product is easy to use. Used the wired probe twice now and the outcome was pretty good. My complain was no alarm when the food reaches the set temp. Or is there a switch for the alarm that I don’t know? Just in case i missed it, please let me know because I cant find it in the enclosed product instruction booklet. The other complain was the magnet can not support the unit. When you stick it,just keep sliding on down. It should have a stronger magnet so it can stay where you want it to be. Thirdly, My order did not come with a charging cable.

  60. Mark S.

    Very accurate. This is my second one, lost my old one. Accurate, easy to use and I’m glad I don’t have to keep on buying batteries.

  61. A Stewart

    What a great thermometer. Very intuitive and easy to use. Have used both the instant read and probe functions and the results have been perfect.

  62. Glenda G.

    Worked the way it was supposed to.

  63. rcs

    This is a nice product, typical of Thermopro. The only thing is, the manual seems to have no instructions on how to use the USB charger. I want to know if it’s fully charged upon delivery, if there is a “low battery” indicator, and how long it takes to recharge. I’ve contacted Thermopro customer service with those questions, and expect to hear back from them soon.

  64. travis

    I use this thing any time I grill and when I use my smoker. The best feature is how the display screen can flip upside down if you turn it. The extra detachable probe is really nice to use. It’s really easy to keep clean. Highly recommend this for everyone.

  65. Fred Heald

    Response is quick. It gets the temperature on the grill before my hand reaches well done!

  66. Kevin J Keegan

    Compact and very accurate on temperature of all types of meat, veal, chicken, even thicker types of fish. Good packaging and instructions for use. Can improve any overlooking or under cooking you may encounter in the kitchen.

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Lock function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe length 3.75″, 6.0″ 3.9″ 4.0″ 4.25″
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Smart on off Yes No Yes Yes
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