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ThermoPro TP910

(197 customer reviews)

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500FT Bluetooth Meat Thermometer for Smokers, Rechargeable Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling with 2 Probes, Grill BBQ Thermometer with Smart Timer, Alarm, Cook Time Estimator

  • 500FT Bluetooth 5.0 remote range & certificate by SIG】: Bluetooth thermometer utilizes advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide you a strong, reliable connection allowing you to monitor your meat 500ft away; If you move out of range of the wireless thermometer, you’ll receive a phone notification to inform you to move back in range.
  • Highly accurate dual probes】: Meat thermometer wireless features highly heat resistant temperature probes, measuring temp range from 14℉ to 572℉ with an accuracy 1.8°F to let you Cook Like a Pro; Includes meat probe thermometer winders, no more mess
  • Simplistic, multifunctional APP】: Smoker thermometer contains 9 editable presets and 5 doneness levels recommended by the USDA; Digital food thermometer has a HI/LOW temp range feature and temp track graph to allow you thoroughly monitor every step of the cooking process to Cook Like a Pro
  • Smart alerts & cook time estimator】: Meat thermometer bluetooth receive real-time alerts from the ThermoPro BBQ App; Better manage your time with the cook time estimator & temp pre-alarm guarantees you will be ready to take the meat from the heat; Cooking thermometer provide 28 different alarm sounds, including vibration ON/OFF
  • Rechargeable & backlit LCD】: Smart meat thermometer for cooking uses a high capacity battery and a commonly found USB cable; Charge fully in just 3 hours which can last up to 8 months! Backlit LCD display ensures you can view the thermometer during any light conditions
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ThermoPro Wireless Grill Thermometer BBQ APP simplifies your cooking experience with the assistance of artificial intelligence!

Enjoy cooking Like a Pro every time with our Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

Receive an alarm before your meat is ready, so you’re nearby the grill.

Keeps a history on alarms, so it’s easier to stay organized when tracking multiple temps.

Set a High/ Low Temp alarm to keep your grill/oven within a certain range.

Let our algorithm inform you with how much time is left until your meat is cooked perfectly.

1. 9 Preset Temperatures, 5 Doneness Levels and Create Your Own Presets

Grill meat thermometer to programmed with preset temperatures for 9 types of meat with 5 doneness levels: All preset temps can be altered to your own desired taste or create your own new preset profiles for your favorite recipes

2. Temp Track Graph

Meat thermometer digital wireless app generates a temperature graph in real time to view your cook results via a different way and export this graph to help you optimize your cooks!

3. Algorithmic Estimated Cook Time Left

ThermoPro BBQ APP stands out from the competition by being able to calculate the estimated time until your meat is cooked to perfection, which helps you manage your time better.

4. Smart Alerts

Once your preset food temperature is out of range, the oven safe meat thermometer will send an audio alert and you’ll receive a notification on the ThermoPro BBQ APP.

5. Create a Timer

Set a timer for your side dishes, kitchen thermometer for each probe can remind you to flip the burgers in 5 minutes or the veggies are done.


The digital meat thermometer with probe is designed to be splashproofperfect for those rainy grilling days. Note: Don’t submerge in water.

Rechargeable Battery

Thermo pro wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking runs off a rechargeable lithium battery, powered by USB Charging Cable (Included), so you can always conveniently charge via your PC. You can also charge and monitor the temp simultaneously.

Out of Range Alert

Never walk out of range without knowing! If you out of the range of the wireless bbq thermometer, both the smart thermometer and your smart phone will begin to alarm.


197 reviews for ThermoPro TP910

  1. Craig Hill

    I’m generally an anti-technology guy. I like old cars without computers and the same goes for my barbecuing. I was hesitant to get this product because I didn’t feel that I needed it, but I was wrong. It is helped me manage my temperature zones, different meat cooking rates and monitor the heat range that my firebox is putting out. Also, when doing 20 hour smoked brisket I don’t have to get up every 30 minutes to check temperatures I can just monitor what’s going on with my phone. I’m very happy with this device and can highly recommend it to anybody. I also like the steel construction all around. People have bought me things in the past that have broken and we’re not up to the task. I can say fully that this is a product you will not be disappointed in.

  2. Jamesgrandma

    Gave this to my son-in-law as a gift. He loves it. No more constant checking of the meat, and since he has been using it, nothing is overdone or raw. It is easy to read and use. He was able to monitor the temp on the smoker and realized that it was going down. He checked and sure enough, he was out of pellets. The monitor saved the Memorial Day bbq!

  3. Richard K.

    Love this gadget. I got the 4 probe and it makes life so much easier. I was able to keep track of my meat temp as well as the ambient temp in 2 different spots on me smoker.

  4. Henry

    Works great I love it. You won’t be sorry if you buy it.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I am a pretty big fan. I am only two cooks in, but very satisfied so far. Makes grilling even easier. This one has been much better than what I have used so far.

  6. James

    Love this brother and I smoke almost every weekend. Bacon, ham and sausage all homemade.

  7. Maegan Muir

    I love this thermo. I wish someone would make thermos with interchangeable sized probes-a shorter one for burgers and chops, etc, longer ones for bigger cuts of meat. Overall I love the functionality of this. The only this I wish is that I was WiFi or otherwise allow you to be able to see temps when you’re not home.For the price point, phenomenal buy. I smoke 2-3 times per week and this has been a great addition!

  8. Alexandria Peterson

    You get a lot out of this product from a great price point. Love the app features.

  9. Arlene W

    This is a Christmas gift for a son. He picked it out so I am guessing he researched and this was best choice, I liked the ease of buying and I am NOT a an online shopper!! Ordered….it arrived….no problems!!


    Work’s very good. Using pixel 3xl, the range is amazing. The app is good but, can be better. It disconnects when you are out of the app but as soon you opened it reconnect. For me it is ok I usually checked every 10 to 20 min. The alarms work fine. Sometimes changes the language to the language of my phone lol. I set it to be in English but some time changes alone.Update 2020/05/10The android app has been updated, not disconnects anymore in google pixel 3. Change to 5 stars

  11. K. P

    Easy to use. Model TP-25 had no problems with my Samsung S9 phone app. I haven’t used for hours [smoking meat] but for steaks, chicken and ribs on the grill, it’s perfect. There are no reference to the enclosed clips in the manual, so I went back to Amazon page to see that you could use the clips on your grill to hold the probes. Do use gloves or potholder to handle probes after they are on the grill, I forgot & went to grab the “handle grip” to pull out of meat, whoa/ouch. I won’t do that again. Love the choice of meats and level of doneness. I am happy with the purchase.

  12. Jenn K.

    He absolutely LOVES it!!!! Searched and search for a digital Bluetooth wireless thermometer for frying fish. This doesn’t advertise and there is no other product out there that does for frying. But but the silicone attachments… and it works perfect for oil frying! Plus he uses it for meat too. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone!

  13. F. M.

    Truly great product.Purchased a while ago but first used today. Totally happy with this thermometer! Very easy to set up. Very accurate readings of temperature. Reasonable range of connection to my cell phone. The connection was lost inside the house but keeping the phone near the patio door solved the problem. The alarm of temperature reading being out of the preset range is loud; can’t miss it. Really helpful for smoking!

  14. Chris

    I’ve read many of the review and almost every bad review was operator error…they say it doesn’t work when all it takes is going into your phones settings and giving the app permission to run in the background…great product, almost all my smoking friends have now switched to it…bluetooth range for me is at least 100-150ft

  15. WandWitch

    After spending a day or more looking at reviews for this type of thermometer, I decided on this one and I haven’t been sorry. We used it to monitor a pug that we were slow-roasting overnight, and it performed great. I don’t think the connection was quite 500 ft but it was close. Everyone said it was the best pig they’d ever had, so the ability to keep the temp in the range we wanted with this ThermoPro was vital!

  16. dusty

    Fits my phone and easy to touch screen works .

  17. Larry W. Mullen

    This is a great addition to my smoker, when I might do a brisket, ribs and a ham at the same time. I don’t have to keep going outside to check temps. Just check my phone. No surprises if the brisket stalls, or the pit flares up

  18. rscearcy

    Every now and then, I might a couple of pork butts and maybe a tri tip in my smoker, sometimes along with a spatchcock chicken. Before, I was limited to temping only two pieces of meat, hoping that I could get to the smoker every now and then and use an instant read thermometer to check on the unmonitered meat. Now, with a 4 probe system, I can temp my chicken, a tri tip and two of the pork butts (larger and smaller) and not have to worry about how the untemped meats are doing. I’ve only used this a couple of times so far, but I already love it. I’m tempted to have bigger parties, so I can add more pieces of meat.

  19. MikeD

    Works perfect for me. All of the negative reviews on this seemed to be centered around the bluetooth connection. As long as you allow the app to run in the background you should have no issue tracking temps on your phone for the duration of your cook. I left the range of the connection, came back, and everything synced right back up. Highly recommend.

  20. F. Wells

    I just use this to roast meat indoors in the oven. It’s easy to use, no setup, intuitive app. The temperature seems accurate and the alarm is loud enough. I also like looking at the temperature graph to see how the temp is changing. I liked everything but the problems with disconnecting from the phone. When the app goes to sleep, it disconnects. You can just turn it on again and everything is ok, but it would be nice for it to work with no issues.

  21. Jordan hawaii tested

    Super easy to use. Didn’t try the Bluetooth yet. Best way to control the heat in my smoker. Cables could be a little longer but still awesome.

  22. Shonda foster

    Very easy to use thermometer. The app is simple and easy to navigate. Very good product ��

  23. Rich W.

    I bought this to replace an older model. What a difference. It connected right away to the app on my phone. The older one took forever to set up and would lose its connection frequently. So far, this one has worked perfectly. You can cook 4 different cuts of meat at the same time and be notified on the phone when each one reaches the selected temperature. This is another great product from ThermoPro.

  24. RayJay

    I love to smoke food. I have an electric, non digital, smoker. So a friend recommended I purchase a thermometer. This unit works terrific. It is also very accurate, as I have tested it against a digital portable thermometer. Love the bluetooth. Once in a while it will disconnect, but I reconnect it quickly. Love the app, as I made my own setting with my personal temps. This is a must, if you love to smoke large pieces of meet such as Pork Shoulder etc.

  25. GI Kung Fu Grip

    This changed the way I cook. Now I can relax with a beer and be alerted if I need to tend to the BBQ.

  26. Allen Jennings

    Very happy with this unit and would buy again. The bluetooth does disconnect unexpectedly every now and then but it reconnects itself in less than a few minutes. As far as my grill is away from where I’m at when this happens I’m surprised it does not happen more.

  27. Clay

    I’ve used this to pan sear steaks, grill burgers, and cook chicken in the oven after years of my life guessing when to take things off. Thought I could tell from look and feel when things were cooked to their best, but this thermometer proved me wrong. Makes a way bigger difference than I thought it would. With the bluetooth capability, I don’t have to stand there and babysit it either. No more guessing, just good eating.

  28. Brian

    Works exactly as described. I absolutely loved it. I can honestly say I think that that is the best Boston butt that I have ever smoked cooked perfectly. I was able to do many other things around the house because of the Bluetooth technology.

  29. Michael S. Hackney

    I had read good reviews so I gave this a try. Today I smoked 2-6lb whole chickens and a 3 lb pork tenderloin. Used hickory pellets (whole tube lasts approx 4.5 hrs). Seasoned with olive oil and 4 Rivers All Purpose rub. Pork loin had mustard for the binder and 4 Rivers All Purpose rub (Florida based company). The hickory pellets in the tube made the difference. 5.5-6 hrs later the chicken was super moist and had the perfect smokiness flavor which I had not been able to acquire from my Master-built Sportsman smoker previously. It did a fantastic job for the first time of use and I will sing its praises. I can’t say about its longevity but if it dies definitively be getting another. Happy smoking!!!

  30. Chottobaka

    First, I have been very happy with my Thermopro TP 20 and wanted to upgrade in order to get 4 probes rather than 2 and the additional cook information delivered via the app. The unit is well built and feature filled. Also, reasonably priced considering what it is supposed to do. It has one fatal flaw, however. The app continuously crashes. Since it relies on the app and bluetooth, and doesn’t have a dedicated receiver, it is useless without the app functioning properly. I bit the bullet and bought a Maverick XR 50 (more money) which gives me the 4 probes I wanted, a dedicated receiver and no reliance on erratic apps. I do not recommend the TP 25.

  31. CKReader

    Happy with the purchase, works just as intended. Using it in a Kamado Joe.

  32. Jay E.

    My wife bought me a smoker for my birthday, (had no clue I was getting one since I never expressed an interest) and I had to figure out how to smoke a brisket. My first brisket didn’t turn out to good. I purchased a probing thermometer where I had to open the smoker and insert it from time to time and simply couldn’t get it right. I saw this thermometer and thought I would try it. Gosh, it worked better than I imagined. I put three of the probes into three different parts of the brisket as well as one in the smoker to watch the heat. Boy did my second brisket turn out great. It was nice to be able to see the temperature of the brisket without having to open the smoker every couple of hours.Did I have any issues with the bluetooth, no. It was nice to be able to be inside the house and know what the temperature of the brisket was. I do highly recommend the thermometer.

  33. Barney

    Did exactly what I bought it for. The app is not perfect but really good and allows you to get instant readout as well as graph the temperature which was helpful in calibrating our oven. The 4 probes are nice to manage oven as well as food temp.

  34. Keisler

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this therm meter. It is simple, accurate, and easy to use. And if you like to geek out on the temp graphs, time to completion, and other great features then even better!

  35. Reece

    This system has worked out great. I was able to connect it to my phone and have not had any problems with it disconnecting. Thermopro has been the best Meat Thermometer I have ever used. I had a TP20 for 5 years and loved it. I passed it on to a friend and upgraded to the TP25. Love the readouts and predictions.

  36. shadowcrane

    worked good and got here in a timely matter

  37. Dave H

    Great product. Keeps accurate temps on all of the probes within 3 degrees. The simple blue tooth hook up to an in phone app is awesome.

  38. Mark Roseman

    Works as advertised good product

  39. Bryant Wesley

    Works as advertised. I use for grill and meat temperature.

  40. Eric

    EXCELLENT BATTERY life I had this for 9 months so far & haven’t needed to charge since the day I received. Love the 500 ft range I can keep track of Grill temp without being next to it.

  41. Roger

    Worked well on the 2 cooks that I have done since getting it.

  42. Check Six

    I don’t know why I didn’t make this purchase way before now! For those who grill or smoke meat on a regular this peice of equipment is a no brained and necessary (in my opinion). The cost is relevant to the frequency of use especially when you consider today’s meat and seafood prices. Got for it and make it so!

  43. Brian W

    great to be able to monitor multiple proteins at the same time. phone app works great too.

  44. Kip Gochenour

    Works great so far. I used it to cook a meatloaf and it was right on. It has an easily readable screen. The app worked great. I was able to set the temperature in the app for ground beef. There are a number of alarm sounds you can set. The probes and cables seem durable. The holders are great for keeping things tidy. Can’t wait to use with my smoker and grill.

  45. dugsdesigns

    This is the first Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer that I’ve owned. I have other friends and family that use various brands but I saw this and based on features, price and positive reviews decided I’d give it a try. I wish I had bought one years ago…. it makes grilling and baking worry free. I used it for cooking our Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, and I swear it was the best turkey I’ve cooked in many years. I’ve used it for pork and chicken on the grill and works awesome. Easy to set up, the app is easy to use. I would recommend one to anyone that cooks.

  46. Mgallegos311

    I would recommend, very nice thermometer! I had issues right out of the box. The device wouldn’t turn on unless I had a power supply plugged in. The issue never went away and would only stay on for 10 minutes at a time. I emailed customer service and they immediately sent a new one out. The new one works great. I would definitely recommend this company and thermometer. It works great and I can be inside on the other side of the house and still monitor a brisket or other food.

  47. Amazon Customer

    Temp is spot on .

  48. John Doe

    I read the comments about the app. I was suspicious on why they would need your GPS and files on your phone to make it work. It works for me, and maybe I can help for the others having problems. I just put it in airplane mode after downloading the app. I allowed the app to access my files and GPS in airplane mode. Then I use the app and it worked perfectly! When I was done using the app, I uninstalled it in airplane mode, and restarted my phone. I have no issues with this product as I’ve used it several times doing it this way. By putting it in airplane mode there is no way that any data can be sent from your phone through the app that way. I also did not have any issues walking away from my BBQ 200 ft while I was in at Brick House. Hope it helps. good luck

  49. Ken

    Great product I use it every day when cooking in my outside bar. Also I just wish I could drive to the store and it still wouldn’t work not just the 500 linear feet

  50. P. Geis

    This was a gift for someone who roasts, grills, and smokes meats.So far, it’s only been used once – and by the end of the day, the recipient posted on-line that it was his favorite Christmas gift!A simple scan and the app was on his phone. He enjoyed showing off all the information and options and how it was working, including how long before the roast would be ready, and we all enjoyed that the roast was perfect.

  51. Kindle Customer

    I bought this as a gift. My nephew has used it all summer and loves it.

  52. Amazon Customer

    First use today. 8hr Boston butt. Worked flawlessly. Compared side by side with older ThermoPro dual probe I have they where with in 5degrees of each other all in all I am satisfied. One thing I wish the instructions had said is once app is installed (IOS users) go to GeneralsettingsAppsthermoprobbq turn Bluetooth on in app. That would have saved me some time. Maybe this will help you. After that unit worked as expected. The estimated time to finish feature never worked for me. But temp monitoring that doesn’t really matter.

  53. Dee Dee

    Easy to use.

  54. Wayne P Moloznik

    Only used it a couple times, meat and fish, but it did a great job.

  55. Danz

    I love this setup as I can have a variety of meats on my grill and know the temp of them all at a glance. Very durable, reliable, and easy to use.

  56. austin stewart

    Just used this for a pulled pork. I had it in the pork as well as in two levels of my smoker to measure ambient temperature and it worked wonderfully. It did lose connection a few times, but only for a minute or so….I was deep into my house so it’s totally understandable. Overall a damn good thermometer.

  57. ketch

    I use this for our Traeger smoker grill. It has provided a sense of confidence and liberty while using the smoker. I use the probes for for ambient temp in the grill and the meat. It has been spot on for temp but somewhat irregular for timing. It has given a false read for completion indicating the meat had reached the programmed temp. I haven’t worried about it since I knew that it can’t be 100% perfect. The price point is terrific for the product.

  58. Ethan Barbee

    I’ve used this twice and have had zero problems. I have a huge bbq pit and the multiple thermometer leads allows me to easily find the hot and cool spots. The blue tooth works great even though I have a cement house.I enthusiastically recommend this thermometer.

  59. George Ruggiero

    This is the best ever! I used one probe for ambient temp, I had probes in the salmon, pork chops and chicken breasts. I was smoking all of these at the same time and I was having a lot of temperature fluctuations the pro temp adjusted time for my meat to be done automatically everything tired out perfect! I would recommend this product with confidence

  60. Dale

    Used twice and love it. When used with app can keep track anywhere in the house

  61. Spagluvx

    I like this thermometer! I have had really good experience with the ThermoPro brand of products. I currently have TP20, TP19H, and TP03. I purchased the TP 25 for smoking summer sausage this winter and I really like the product. The 4 channels allow me to monitor 3 levels in the smoker and the ambient temperature. The app with the blue tooth works well (iPhone 8) with range that matches description. I also appreciate the fact that the temp probes are metal and seem of better quality that my TP20.

  62. Joel Hughes-Thomas

    I love the Term-pro so far. Used it a few time. I’ve used it in a weber grill and I then went inside quite some way away and hand connection. The only complaint I have is the “Temperature Graph” seems to not measure all the time. Seems you have to keep it open a lot to track the progress.

  63. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my husband to use with his smoker. He really liked it and said it works perfectly.

  64. Bryan Dill

    Just used the new probes. App is very easy to use, its just tell it what your cooking and it recommends temp for rare up to well. Has alarms..set it and forget it

  65. Allison

    This thermometer works great. Phone updates in real time and its super easy to use. battery life seems to last a while. Ive used it 3 or 4 times now and havnt charged it yet.

  66. Drew

    Awesome little temp gauge. I’ve used it on two cooks so far and its great for gauging Temps that your shooting for and will alarm you when your synced up via Bluetooth.

  67. Civilcaveman

    I usually only use two sensors as it gets jumbled in there with 4 sensors on my grill. I use more when cooking meats that take longer to cook so I do not need to keep opening the grill. The app works great and you can adjust the preset temps for the meats to desired temp. It is nice not having to guess the temp of the meat.

  68. Kevin Sorrentino

    Used this device for turkey on Thanksgiving. Worked great. I am using iOS 14.2 on an iPhone 7+, the app did not disconnect & worked reasonably well. I am attaching the white meat thermometer heating profile. My home is a split level & I was able to go up two floors & not lose signal.

  69. Mark L. Dodge

    This thermometer was a great investment. It’s super easy to use, easy to to read, and the app is very simple. Having four probes is convenient. I verified the accuracy with a calibrated meter I borrowed from work. It was spot on. You can’t this for the price. Wiring is heavy duty and the probes clean up nicely. Highly recommended.

  70. Michael Lindstrom

    A true ” MUST HAVE ” for the back yard bbq ! ! Easy to read, good distance for bluetooth, 4 probes all can be set to different meats and even an ambient temp setting so that 1 probe can stay in the smoker or grill to keep constant watch over your temperature ! ! Have already recommended this product to everyone I know who is an avid outdoor cook ! !

  71. Chris Zufall

    I use this anytime I smoke meat and it works great! Very accurate!

  72. Bob

    Use it to measure any temperature from anywhere. (below the melting point of the probes of course.) I was having some trouble with my baseboard heating system – laid one of the probes in a baseboard heater to see what was being delivered. Used another probe at the same time to monitor the room temperature. I could watch what was happening as I made adjustments to the boiler. Of course, it works great in the smoker – but you can also use it in your oven.

  73. liz

    I’ve done a meatloaf, perfect. Steak, perfect. Would recommend it.

  74. Jason K.

    This thing is awesome i highly recommend. Also recommend the silicone gromets to run the probs through so that you dont have to pinch the lines in the lid or door.

  75. Pat

    This thermometer preformed like a pro. Very satisfied with it.

  76. David

    I like the blue tooth capabilities and the app has worked well enough for me so far. I cook barbecue on a competition pit and I like that there are numerous probes. Had it about a month now and done 5 cooks on it with no issues so far.

  77. Severo Batista

    the best thermometer I have ever had, no complaints. Meets all the requirements and terms for all types of cooking and meats. very good product

  78. dot

    Liked the product very well. My husband uses it all the time. He has trouble walking. He had the older model of a rollator and it was a pain to fold up and load.

  79. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic unit! I’ve used it on my pellet grill and in my oven. PERFECT! Very easy to use, love the display and the reminders. LOVE !!!

  80. Big Daddy

    Brisket came out perfect after using the ThermoPro. 1 probe in the brisket and 1 for pit temp. Should have got one years ago.

  81. Matt crane

    Hands down the best set up I’ve had or used for my smoker/grill. Easy to set up ,set it and forget it. Alarm is a little loud but its nice to have access on your phone to adjust everything. Would definitely recommend.

  82. KevE

    This thermometer works great for our smoker. Temp is spot on, range is good and setup was easy.

  83. Barbara S. Best

    Love having 4 probe and being able to monitor everything from inside the house.

  84. B

    I got a bad unit that stopped connecting via BT. Reached customer service to trouble shoot. After a very short conversation they offered to send a replacement unit. It arrived quickly and I’m back to cooking meat over an open flame. Great customer service!

  85. Mike Micklasavage Sr.

    First time used today and I’m very pleased with the operation. Patiently waited for the temperature alarm before removing from grill. Just need to check with a hand held thermometer to confirm accuracy. So far looks pretty good.

  86. Judy A. Malbuisson

    The Thermo Pro is easy to set up. Seems accurate (I only just got it, but my steak and lamb chops were perfectly cooked.I love this thermometer so much, I bought one for my son for Father’s day.

  87. Mark

    the device is 5 stars, the app is 3.They went too far to try and make the app idiot proof….would appreciate if they made the idiot selections secondary to programming the temperatures to what you are trying to accomplish. You can program the temps but its clearly not as straight forward as it should be.

  88. Ryan Dooley

    I absolutely love this item.

  89. Engprofpoet

    I loved the fact that the thermometer was so accurate that I realized that my skillet was not uniformly the same temperature. But nonetheless, it helped me sear three perfect–medium–filet mignons! And I mean perfect–152 degrees!!! Right on the money. I have had a bunch of thermometers but this is by far the best–and the easiest to use!!Great product!!

  90. Neal Obermeyer

    I use it for prime rib, steaks, turkey, whatever — this is magical. So easy to use and the app makes monitoring progress so simple. I have eaten many a delicious home-cooked meal thanks to this gadget. I can’t praise it enough.

  91. Bernie L

    Not a whole lot to say. Pretty straight forward. Maybe they can make the wires a little longer….and the hook on the back of the head unit needs some improvement on the design. Other than that, I’m satisfied with it.

  92. john stagg

    My family says I cant barbecue. (Not anymore)This is great. I cooked a tri tip, it turned out excellent.

  93. Joseph G.

    Great distance when using the App. I can view the status and get the alerts from just about everywhere in my house with the base unit outside. I like the multiple thermometers as some areas of a grill or smoker will cook at different temperatures. I know some people that have spent way more and are not particularly happy with their units. I recommend this to my friends.

  94. J

    Love the multiple probes I have only used 3 at a time of the 4 one for Ambient temp in the smoker,One in the brisket, and one in the Armadillo eggs I smoked on Easter of course.. all turned out great! Will never smoke with out this!

  95. Ted Toad

    Over the years I have had various temperature probes with mixed results. This device is by far and away the best I have ever used. After having it for several months and doing everything from smoked ribs to turkey breasts I have been impressed with the accuracy and design of the app.Tonight, I was grilling pork tenderloin and turkey breasts using a couple of probes I was able to monitor the progress on my phone. The predicted times were very close and I was able to cook these very different meats to exactly their proper temps, 145 degrees for the pork, 165 for the turkey.Highly recommended.

  96. Cindy

    So far I love this thing for utilizing in our smoker. Recommend. Only wish the count down function worked better. Or maybe I still don’t understand how to set it up.

  97. teripenn

    I gave this to my husband and he immediately set it up. He has it on his work desk (since we all work at home now) and he loves it. I do too, it’s nice to walk by it in the morning and know what the temp is with our going outside! Super easy to read screen and it tells outside and inside temp!

  98. Ally

    Boosting my husbands smoker confidence with meals and perfectly cooked foods. It’s been a fun Christmas toy for him.Has nice Bluetooth distance on it to his phone as well.

  99. Amazon Customer

    I have only used it twice, and only 2 probes, but it works well. It was easy to pair to my iPhone and the range seems to better than most bluetooth devices. The only glitch I have seen is that when opening the temperature graph it will initially have the wrong temperature scale, but it corrects itself after a minute or two.

  100. James R. Speiser

    This is a great digital thermometer that has made smoking and grilling on my GMG even better. It has given me better temperature readings than the digital thermometer that is on the grill itself.

  101. MstrOfSinanju

    It’s nice to not have to guess when the meat on the smoker or BBQ is at the appropriate cooking temperature.It link’s with your phone so you can wander from the area while waiting.The probs have spools to rewind the chords on and the whole package stows neetly away when not in use.

  102. P. Guillotte

    This is a must have tool. Connected easily. Very accurate. I love it. Live in country in deep East Texas so signal was great. My wife wants to use it with the new range. So I might be buying her own soon. Top Shelf thermometer and app. I could not be happier. 4 probes are a plus. Smoked 2 chickens and used a probe for smoker ambient temp. This unit ROCKS

  103. urdaddy

    This works awesome! I can watch tv and monitor temps on my phone while my smoker is running in the backyard. Love it!

  104. Aboffroad101

    Used this a few times and the temp is spot on accurate… love the light feature wish it had a temp alarm so I don’t have to stand there and make sure my meats don’t go over but overall happy with the product.

  105. Al Green

    I’m very happy with this, has taken the guesswork out of when the meat I’m BBQ is ready to remove. Now I’m waiting for 1 that I can use cooking on a rotisserie, maybe some day.

  106. Kostik

    first came in with Bluetooth issue, would not connect to the phone. Amazon sent in a replacement and it works great. nothing like being able to bbq beer can chicken while working inside the house.The only issue i have is with amazon as I have no idea if they received the broken unit and if i was refunded or not charged i do not even know how that works as I usually do not give second chances on DOA products.

  107. Amazon Customer

    Having temperature probes that I can check on my phone.

  108. R. Willis

    We bought this to be able to maintain temperatures of meat in our smoker because the thermometer on the front of the box is unreliable and this is awesome because I can put a probe in the middle of each rack and monitor the correct temperature

  109. W. Hixenbaugh

    I have only used this once since I bought it, but it worked great. So far. I would highly recommend this item.

  110. Tom Waterman

    Everything about this product rules. However the range is more like 100ft through walls and the like. Other than that this is worth every penny!

  111. Kimberly Wilcox

    I just love that it has 4 seperate prongs you can use. It gives you a way better idea of how your meet is doing. The app is really easy to use.Only complaint is that sometimes you have to reset the bluetooth connection if you haven’t used it in a bit. But that is likely a bluetooth issue, more than with the device. I’ve never had it lose connection while operating, which is the important feature.

  112. Joe W.

    This is easy to use. Love the alarms on it. Makes it easier to control your temp!Great for anyone that enjoys smoking or grilling!

  113. Cma

    I was always so afraid to undercook the meat..and poison my family, that I would burn it or dry it out. Now they are perfect every singe time. The 4 thermometers allow me to cook multiple things at once. I can even monitor it on my phone and set alarms! Game changer.

  114. Nicholas Heinrich

    Works great! App was easy to download and use, gives accurate temps, and it seems to have good range.My one and only complaint is that it does not have a magnet on the back to stick it to things like the oven. It would be nice if the wire stand could be removed and have a magnet underneath.

  115. James M. Webber

    First time out I smoked two briskets and a big pork roast. Once the placement of the probes was done correctly, the temperature accuracy was excellent. I like it.

  116. Dallas Milem

    After using it for more than 24 hours, running Bluetooth the whole time it is still showing a full charge. Highly recommended.

  117. Soli Villalpando

    ThermoPro TP25 was a great purchase. Easy to use and set up. Remember to allow all the settings request when using the bluetooth. Used for slow cooking on the grill. I would recommend this item.

  118. Batman

    Used this to cook Thanksgiving Turkey and also Christmas Prime Rib. Liked being able to monitor cooking wherever I was in my home so it allowed me to do a lot of other things and gave me an alert about five minutes before the selected temp was reached so I could better assess cooked meats at the end of my selected temp.

  119. Amazon Customer

    This allows for multiple items on the grill/smoker at the same time and can take off at the perfect time. Temps were spot on after being checked with professional kitchen thermometer.

  120. Amazon Customer

    This little sweet 4 probe unit works exactly as promised the temperature of each probe is identical or within one degree of the other probes the range is as promised the only caveat is if your grill is in the middle of the backyard and you have a whole bunch of metal to go through you’re going to get 300 ft not 500. I am very pleased that I purchased this and highly recommend it.

  121. Robert

    Appreciate monitoring 4 meat temperatures remotely instead of in this Summer heat.

  122. UK Wildcat Fan

    no need to keep checking on the smoker temp with this wireless probe. Monitor with your cell phone. I love the freedom it gives me from worrying that the food may overcook. I would purchase again.

  123. Bama gal

    My husband loves it. Being able to watch the temp and get alerts on his phone made smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving a breeze. And this weekend we smoked ribs and filet mignon. So they were extremely handly.

  124. Amazon Customer

    Easy to connect, has good range, I like that it has four temperature gages, and it’s accurate.


    I don’t know why I cooked with a normal thermometer for so long!!! This thing is awesome. You can go on about your day and monitor your cook without constantly going to the grill.

  126. Kacy Read

    I bought this for my husband and he loves it! He uses it all the time and the food on the smoker comes out delicious!!

  127. Sue McSweeney

    It works great. My meat comes out perfect every time. So far I haven’t had the connection issues that others have had. I get quite a bit of range from mine & can be in my house with it outside & it works well. If I do lose connection(like going to the store) it alarms to let me know.

  128. GoBeavers

    After doing the research on different kinds of thermometer this seems to be the best fit for my patio BBQ as well as the oven. I like to be able to walk around and still keep a tap on what’s going on the grill. The Bluetooth range is quite good for a 2300 sqft. two story house. Thermometer temperature is good and the reading is accurate. Tried with my freezer too!Pros:- Accurate and responsive device.- Good Bluetooth range, easy to setup.- Allow custom range with alarm for upper and lower limits.- Custom range can be edited on the go.Cons:- The graph is lagging behind like 30 seconds. Wish they could do crosshair to check temp any point along the excursion.- Documentation has typos on 6VDC supply. USB voltage should be 5 VDC and clearly it says that in the device case.- Temp reading on the App could have shown all 4 readings in one on a quick view screen, instead you have to scroll down for other readings. Customization on color could be better for contrast or color blind issue.- After creating a profile, there is no fast dial for changing Temperature Input range, you have to use +- keys which is a turn off.Overall this is a good device for its functionality and price. Except minor glitches I highly recommend it.

  129. JoAnn

    He loves it, hooks up to his phone for timer and alerts.

  130. kkirkland

    Very happy with this purchase! Have used it twice and so much easier to grill pork just right.

  131. Frederick Ferguson

    I have several similar products, (Taylor, Weber). This one has multiple probes and is easier to use.

  132. D91101

    I love this Grill/Smoker thermometer from ThermPro. I use a 22” Weber kettle and often smoke a pork butt or Brisket, but may throw some wings or sausage on there too closer to the direct heat and with this product I can track the ambient smoker/grill temp, the pork butt or brisket in 2 spots, the sausage, and chicken all at the same time. I’ve also just used 1 or two temp probes at a time. Works with a really simple app on my smartphone. With no dense obstacles (house) I’ve tested the Bluetooth range out to 125’ — I will lose signal when going in the house or around the house. Used it for roasting in the oven too! Easy to clean, battery life had been impressive.

  133. Kee-main

    Convenient, accurate readings, and easy to use. If anyone is having connectivity issues, it’s because their phone wasn’t setup correctly

  134. George M. Bruck Jr.

    Last update: they KNOW it doesnt work! They tell me an update to fix the bug is coming in next few weeks….lol. liars.Avoid this unit if you use Android. It wont work and they know it wont work. I have the correspondance to prove it. Might be best to avoid the company i dunno.This would not sync up to my phone. No its not user error. It is an otherwise nice looking unit and the app looks like its handy. It just needs to sync up.Ive asked for a replacement and we will see if it works…UPDATEnew unit arrived in under a week and synced up first try in literally about 10 seconds. I checked the probes theyre all accurate with each other.

  135. M Squared

    In a sea of imitators this one stands out. Worth paying a little more.

  136. Laura

    We made the right choice to purchase this one. It works well and is easy to use. But, I’m not sure how often we’ll be smoking things. While the food can taste great using the smoker, it’s a very involved and time-consuming. 10-hours to cook something vs. 2-hours. that’s a big deal. You gotta RELLY love smoked food to do it regularly

  137. Gary Franklin

    Big shout out to ThermoPro for living up to their warranty and commitment.Had problem with one of their product.Contacted their Service department who are Very Responsive, and fully satisfied my issue.Great company and product.Very satisfied customer,Gary Franklin

  138. Slavko

    I’m using it in my smoker. Works well. The range is not what is advertised, but I’m not using it in the open field either. It’s nice to be in the house and be able to get temperature reading without stepping out. I’d highly recommend it.

  139. Paul Ponsford

    Been using for serial months. Have had no problem. Easy to use ,connects well to the app and holds a charge for a long time. The app was easy to set up.

  140. Stephanie R

    Very easy to use. The app is also very easy to use. Having just started out smoking foods adventures, this has been an absolute necessary item. I can’t believe we cooked without it! Don’t forget the prongs are hot when you go to pull them out!

  141. Bruce Eddy

    Working fine

  142. Richard B. Haas

    This product is very easy to use. I tested the probes with an instant read thermometer and found them all to be accurate. So easy to use I purchased another unit for my 78 year old father, who IS NOT tech savy! I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who values the ability to be versatile in monitoring the temperature of the food you are cooking as well as the actual ambient temperature of the environment you are cooking in.

  143. Doug Hamand

    This is a must have for anyone that grills. All of the guess work is eliminated! Perfect temperature every time.

  144. Renee

    This thermometer is easy to use. It cleans up well. I used two probes and set them to the desired heat while saving the type of meat and setting in the history.I’m new to smoking meats and found this piece perfect for beginners that don’t want to spend a lot of time reading through instructions. I was able to walk away from the grill and get alerts when the temp was reached.

  145. Customer

    Accuracy is not perfect but it’s close enough to be a very good and useful tool. It worked over a 100′ away in our yard which was a plus.

  146. Austin McNamara

    I think mine might be defective….but in a good wayOne of their selling points is that the battery “could last up to 8 months when off”…Amazon says I purchased mine 7/16/20, I’ve easily used it for 150+ hours, I’ve never plugged it in, and the battery still shows full. If it ever decides to run out of angry pixies, I’ll update my review.There have been a few Bluetooth/app issues, but they have all been on the Android/Samsung side of things, not the app development side (my Pit Boss smoker app won’t connect via WiFi on my S21 Ultra but will on Bluetooth, my Note 20 Ultra doesn’t have that issue). For Android 11 users – go to where you can switch/close apps, tap the icon at the top of the ThermoPro app, and tap “keep open”. As long as I stay within BT range it works fine, sometimes if it disconnects I’ll have to restart the app for it to connect again, not the end of the world.Also, if you spray your meats when cooking, be mindful of where the probes are, I’ve gotten water in where the wire goes into the probe and it’ll lose its mind until you dry it off.Overall, esp for how inexpensive these are, I’m super happy with it

  147. Charles E.

    Works great. Easy to use. Wireless set up could not be easier. Probes come with a generous cable length. Bluetooth range works great for my outdoor grill and my cell phone in the house.

  148. Sam

    I love this product, It has worked flawlessly and saves me time when smoking or grilling because you can see or set the alarm when your meat gets to your desired temperature. The app worked great on my iphone too, it will alert you also. It has preset temps or you can set up your own.

  149. Latin Spring

    My only complaint about this unit is the wires can be messy when using all 4 probes. Otherwise the unit is easy to use and accurate.

  150. Kaitlyn Pagels

    I have used this thermometer now roughly 10 times if not more. It is extremely accurate and easy to use. I have had a few connection issues with my phone but it could easily be due to distance. The connection issues has always fixed itself after a quick warning that it lost connection.

  151. Jeffery Hultman

    I purchased this to use with my smoker and so far I have loved it. The app is a little glitchy but gets the job done. I can set my target and limits on the thermometer, it has settings for all difference types of meat and for the ambient temperature in the cooking chamber. If I reach one of those it alerts me. I’m still getting the hang of smoking meat and this thing has been a life saver

  152. SportsFan6541

    The app is awesome! Set the type of meat and your good to go.

  153. yeisa

    My husband loved this product, he receives notification from anywhere in the house or backyard while working on the yard.

  154. mona aberegg

    used it once so far. Was very handy seeing the internal meat temp and the smoker temp. The app seems to work nicely.

  155. Crickett Giles

    Second bluetooth thermometer my husband has had. He loves this one, especially for the price. It’s very accurate.

  156. Kerri E

    OH my GOSH! This is such a great invention. I bought it when there was a sale on this and I am SO happy I did. My son and I have used it so, so much with smoking. I have not BBQ with it yet. I and my son are learning how to BBQ and Smoke meals since my husband passed. Love the slow cookers, Ninja Foodi and Instant Pot, but BBQ’ing and Smoking in the Smoker are so much fun!

  157. A Riggs

    Easy to set up. The amount of probes is nice. The distance for the Bluetooth is great as well. The temperature is accurate.

  158. Dennis Reap

    This has worked flawlessly for every

  159. EO

    I originally bought it for smoking so I could track different size/weight cuts, but after using it on the grill to cook different meats, I realized how useful this is for cooking to perfect temps.After 5 months it still works and having BT range means I don’t have to sit outside to monitor temps. For smoking, having the option of ambient temps is invaluable to prevent overheating and making the wood/fuel consumption more efficient.Loved it so much, bought more to gift for Xmas to friends and family cooks.

  160. Leslie

    Bought 3 for my “grillin and smokin” sons and SIL. Each commented how cool it is to stay visiting with family and friends yet being able to check on meat and fish remotely. Very convenient. Each had various meats on their own barbecue or smoker and results were perfect!

  161. Robert

    In the past I have relied on the thermometer on my grill and a digital battery operated one. Not anymore. the Thermopro is accurate and the best part is that I can monitor the cooking on my IPhone. My grill is at the bottom my deck that is about 10 feet off the ground. No extra trips to see how things are going. I used two of the probes in the meat and another to monitor the ambient temperature inside the grill. The alarms and custom setups are easy to use.

  162. modernprimitive

    It’s a little difficult to navigate at first, but it’s very helpful when smoking brisket and pork shoulders.

  163. Steve K.

    This thermometer works great. It is extremely accurate and connects easily to my iPhone. I have cooked a perfect Boston Butt and thick cut pork chop – no more guess work. Only negative is the 500’ range – that is over rated.

  164. WRK

    I picked up a new smoker and wanted to know the temp of individual cooking meats if I was to smoke them all at once. I thought of moving a probe around and realized that was not effective. I then came across this multi-sensor for temps. It was really a nice experience to use as I could track different meats and adjust the heat accordingly. The big plus was the device and it showing all 4 probe temps. Telling time to reach a certain temp was handy. But I really liked the APP that displayed all the information that the device did so I did not have to keep running to the smoker and check the temps. Oh, and an alarm feature was a plus.

  165. MIchael

    Kept good reads on temps. Helped to make sure the meat was perfectly cooked

  166. M Pierce

    I wanted something that was very accurate for cooking brisket bc I didn’t wish to poke a instant thermometer into it all throughout the cook. This thermometer is easy to read, wireless, and accurate. The distance in which it works with the app is fantastic! I’ve purchased a Meater Block device and it is absolute trash compared to this device and less than half the price. The only negative is that the time remaining is not accurate but personally, I don’t care. I needed temp and stable connectivity using Bluetooth. 100% recommend!*You see two temps in the pic bc I had two pieces on the smoker but pulled it off when it was done.

  167. Bill Wiltsch

    I grill about 3x per week. I have gone through meat thermometers like crazy – they never lasted. Either outright breaking or the screen goes bad. None lasted more than 5 months, most usually less. I have had this one now for 1.5 years and still fantastic. Four zones – I usually only need 2, but being rechargeable, blue tooth, you name it – extremely useful and reliable.

  168. Ali

    This is such a necessity if like to grill and smoke meats! We use this every single time. It has taken so much guesswork out of the process and allowed us to have perfectly cooked/smoked/grilled meats!

  169. MikeR

    The easiest setup of a Bluetooth device I’ve ever had. I like the coded probes although I wish they had a silicone wrap on the little handles. The alarms functioned as expected.

  170. Cantu

    This product has the potential to be a 5 start product. the quality is great the thermometer it self is very accurate and the app updates its temperature less than a second after the thermometer registers a change. Sounds like a great product but, as soon as you lock your phone or change to a different app (even if you leave the thermopro app running in the background) the thermometer will disconnect from your phone thus not giving you any alerts or keeping track of what you are cooking. If the app would stay connected to the thermometer and keep track of the cook this would definitely be a 5 star product. Hopefully thermo pro can fix their app or i will have to return the product. I’m using a Iphone 11 by the way. I know other phone brands have been having issues.UPDATE.Works perfectly after app update. Definitely a 5star product

  171. MATT J

    I had a whole hog smoking for 12 hours and this thermometer was able to take ambient temp and (3) locations in the pig easily and consistently throughout the process. Right out of the box the display had a good charge and super easy to use. The app is great with min max limits you can set with alarms, I get notifications on my Apple Watch as well. I won’t be buying anything but ThermoPro as long as they keep up this kind of product. 6 out of 5 stars and worth every penny!

  172. mr hamjam

    No more multiple probes and multiple thermometers. This thing was accurate with my house temperature when I opened it, steaks were cooked perfectly. Color coded probes & plugs is a plus.The probes are long, so I’ll have to experiment with them a little more. I had a super busy day the first time trying it and didn’t get to actually play with it or try out the other features. I’ll do that tonight or this weekend. Didn’t even download the app or anything. I just used it as plug and play yesterday. as a stand alone in meat thermometer I’m impressed without the other functions.Can’t wait to try them all out. I heard it not only monitors meat temp, but the probes also monitor the grills temperature. I’ll report back if I remember after using all functions.

  173. Michael T

    I use this in my smoker, thur out the entire cook and it give me 100% accuracy of true temperature control. Smoke prime rib to perfection. Set to 120° and as soon as it hits temp,turn off smoker and as soon as it hit 122° internal temp take out and rest for a 1/2 hr 45 minutes. The temp will rise to 125° in that time. Perfect…. I whisper….come get it

  174. Paul Y.

    I purchased the tp25 and put the app on my phone it would not pair with my Samsung Android phone.I tryed to pair it to 2 more Samsung androids. Same thing.So I tried to pair it to a couple co-workers phones of different brands and the device paired to them. I contacted Thermopro and made them aware of the problem. They are working to fix the Samsung issue. I paired the device to my wife’s phone it works very good, the range is excellent. I’m sure the Samsung issue will be resolved. This is a brand new product and I may have been the first to purchase.

  175. Casey Pilgrim

    This thermometer is really good. It is perfect for my grilling purposes. It was easy to set up and has good range despite some of the negative feedback saying it doesn’t. I also love having four separate temperature probes that are color coded. All in all I give this five stars.

  176. Mark

    So far so good. Seems to be accurate. Comes with 4 probes, I’ve only used two at a time. And the phone app works great so far.

  177. Mike

    I like the fact that I can monitor the temp from inside the house when I’m smoking. The blue tooth synced up with my phone with no problem. My only problem is that if I have 2 probes in the same cut of meet, I get 2 different temperatures. I’m sure it’s because of how I poked them.

  178. Philip J. Emmling

    I did not realize at the time of purchase that this is only the sending unit. However, I have a Samsung phone and the ThermoPro android app was easy to install from Google Play. The graph feature is really nice.

  179. Rick

    This is a great little device and super handy to have several different types of meat in the smoker at once. Seems accurate.

  180. David

    Solid tool to help you monitor meats as you use a smoker. Easy to set up. Good range with Bluetooth, I would recommend it.

  181. Pete

    Very impressed. Allows you to monitor every aspect of what you’re cooking. And reads high enough temperatures to allow monitoring of fryers, etc.

  182. jmbqcp

    So far I have used this several times. It works great, the range is good. It will only pass through one wall. Which is unfortunate. Or maybe I am at the range limit, ~150 feet away. The function of this is great. $ channels lets you monitor the grill temp and several pieces of meat.

  183. Frank

    This is a must have tool for the grill! With 4 probes, you can have 4 different items cooking at the same time and you can see the progress of each, allowing you to adjust the temperature as necessary so everything is done at the same time. Your well done and rare items can come off together, at the perfect temperatures! The Bluetooth connection to an app on your phone allows you leave the grill area and you can see the temps, rate of cooking, and it will notify you if you wander out of range as well as when the items are in 5 deg of being done. Excellent product – I should have hod one years ago! No fuss or risk of burns like a regular meat thermometer, just insert the probe and go – you remove it when you’re done cooking, and clean up is easy. This takes all the guess work out of grilling – perfect meat temps every time.

  184. Howard

    This unit worked perfectly the first time I tried it on a NY strip on my pellet grill smoker. The best part about it is that it is very easy to change any set points. I had a different brand and it was a royal pain trying to program it every time I used it. The interface to my phone was seamless, and the connection was solid even across the street. Well done!

  185. Eddie

    I’ve used this twice now and I have to say I love it! Bluetooth works all the way to my kitchen, I keep an eye on all 4 probes on my phone. Accuracy is great, the app is user friendly. I really love this 4 probe thermometer.

  186. Loren

    I have used this device twice, once for steaks and once for bone in chicken breast quarters. In both case the food turned out really great because the temp probes worked really well and kept me abreast of the meat temp.

  187. J. Robison

    I’ve had this for the better part of 6 months, it was a gift from the misses for Father’s day. The battery on this is awesome. I don’t think I’ve had to recharge it once in all that time. That’s having used it approximately 75-100 hours.We live in Utah where we get all seasons and all types of weather. This thermometer has held up very well in snow, rain or high heat. The temperature readings seem pretty accurate, I would say within 1-2 degrees at most when compared with a single probe thermometer or when the probes are reading general climate temperature.My biggest complaint on these is the probes themselves get extremely hot on the handle part. I don’t even know what a good solution would be since the entire probe is aluminum, and has to be encased in high heat environments for long periods of time. The manufacturer did put a strong warning on the probes but it’s easy to forget when you’re trying to pull hot meat off the grill and you try to quickly pull those little fire pokers out of the way and end up with a mean blister. It took a few of those experiences but I eventually learned. I always use a hot pad to move the probes now and let them cool outside. Overall would recommend this to friends and family!

  188. ALEX

    Trial #1: The screen wasnt working properly and not legable at all; Trial #2 T.B.D. Made it work using the APP.+ APP was smooth and easy to use+ Ambient temp worked good I’d say great but i didnt verify calibration or anything like that.+ Battery did well enough for my 13 hour cook even with the bad one ( 3 days strong and has full battery)- Range did get disconnected when I went upstairs. Might have been a hiccup but ill pay more attention to that on the next trial.- NO option to turn off the alarm on the device itself and keep the alarm on the phone “The APP” ON.(Explained: I’d prefer to have the alarm on my phone ” THE APP” which will be with me and not the device that will be outside with the pit.)* Preference:× Bigger screen× Alarm ON/OFF switch for the option to hear the APP and/or the deviceChanged from 3 of 5 stars to 4 of 5 stars: Felt like a couldnt justify a low 3 star review but I could support a 4 star average. Appreciate Amazon for the swift replacement but still a hassle having to return a defective device.

  189. Paul Camba

    El equipo funcionó perfecto las primeras ocasiones, todas las 4 agujas registraban la misma temperatura, pero la última ocasión la agujas usada para temperatura ambiente mostraba “HHH” en pantalla y al sacarla del horno empezó a registrar de 290C y bajaba de a poco, siendo que el.horno estaba en 150C.Al probar con el resto de agujas la temperatura era consistente.Ya estoy fuera de periodo de devolución pero busco aplicar garantía.Update de reseña.Me llegó 2 agujas de reemplazo lo cual me genera confianza en la marca y el producto, tras haber reportado el problema.Por tal razón le marco 5 estrellas.

  190. Thunderdog

    I have another Thermo Pro with a Bluetooth monitor and I really like it, but I needed one with multiple probes to monitor ambient temperature and a number of items in my smoker. After reading numerous product reviews I found a couple that appeared to fit my needs. As this one was well rated and a good price, I decided to go with a company I knew. I’m very pleased with my decision. It works as advertised. It was easy to set up and connect to my phone. Just download the app and turn it on and it asks if you want to pair. The app is very intuitive and easy to customize. Good range. Very pleased.

  191. Daragh MacGabhann

    Bought this as I didn’t want to have to carry around a dedicated display, instead I could use my phone and the app, or at least I though so, bluetooth disconnects if the app is not constantly active and phone not in sleep. Why on earth would you shut down the Bluetooth radio???????????????????????? do I need to add more question marks? if you want to cook something in 10 mins this is great but if you want to smoke something over several hours is just not usable! Again the concept is great but the implementation is terrible. Add to that the range is no where near what’s stated, I’m sure there is some small print somewhere that states direct line of sight at 25oC with no wind and no other antenna etc in 250 miles etc. Reality is we (most of us) live in multiple story properties (houses and or apartments) with multiple other bluetooth items. Until they iron out the poor implementation and the poor range issues stick with what you already have! I am going to cancel my gym subscription as I get more than sufficient exercise walking back and forth to reactivate the bluetooth radio and hence visually check temp doing at the unit when doing a 10 hour smoke.

  192. Amazon Customer

    I purchased another brand at a big box store and will be returning it. I wasn’t able to down load the app to make it usable. Setup was easy with the ThermoPro TP25. App was easy to download and use. I haven’t used the TP25 for grilling yet but I have high hopes that it will meet all my needs.

  193. Timothy Cardillo

    The first unit I received I questioned the packaging and unit seemed like it had been handled or used. The company immediately replaced unit. First use was overnight smoke for venison summer sausage . The wifi was great using the low and high temperature alarm which allowed me to actually sleep through night. The internal temperature setting was spot on at 150% tested with 2 other instant read digital thermometers. I like so much I purchased ThermoPRO TP50 Hygrometer for my curing chamber and it’s solid accurate humidity and temperature instrument. Smoking -curing meats accurate temperatures are critical not just for quality product but most importantly ensure product is safe with accurate temperatures .

  194. Husband & Wife

    My husband loves the multiple probes and custom settings. We grill or smoke meat almost daily and this unit allows us to monitor our food without opening the lid and probing the meat. The unit is easy to use and reliable. He loves that it has a longer range than most units and its rechargeable! The customer service of this company is outstanding. They stand by their product. We had a probe go out on first use and they replaced it immediately without question. That alone means a lot to me as a lot of sellers never respond or don’t want to stand by their items. I would definitely recommend this thermometer, and plan to give this item as a gift to family members in the future. We only wish it came with a carrying case. Maybe that’s something they will add down the road.

  195. Watermelon Assassin

    Bought a thermopro last year when I first bought a pellet smoker grill. It had a transmitter and receiver and just two probes. This new thermopro is much better. It has four color coded probes. I no longer have to trace wires back to find out which probe is giving me which reading. It has a much better range and instead of a receiver you use your smartphone. My smoker is not in a direct line of sight with our house. It is around the corner of a detached garage and about 50 or 60 ft away from the house. I used to have to walk to the back of the house and hold the older thermopro receiver by the window and hope to get a signal. however this new unit which works with my smartphone lets me sit in the front room of the house and still get a signal. Worked great for a couple of fresh cut ribeyes in its test run. (Proof is in the photos if you like medium rare steak like me). Oh and I also like that it charges via USP and seems to have a good battery life. No batteries to worry about. Two thumbs up from me!!!

  196. Robert Peters

    I hate trying to figure out when meat is fully cooked, I hate trying to remember what temperature it needs to be cooked to, and I hate when one piece is over cooked and the other(a) are raw! I REALLY hate forgetting to check the temperature and ruining dinner.This thing eliminates ALL of that!I can put a probe into each piece of meat, set the type of meat and “doneness” I want it cooked to, hang the thing from my grill handle and go inside without fear.The Bluetooth range seems to be pretty amazing, pairing to the phone is effortless (with my iPhone at least).I love that it has 4 probes, so each piece of always perfectly cooked. It even alerts when the temperature is near the target so I have plenty of time to get to the grill.I’ve used it on burgers, salmon, chicken cutlets, steaks, pork chops, and even a rack of ribs. Perfectly cooked every time.It also seems to be incredibly accurate when I compared it to 2 different instant-read analog thermometers.

  197. CJD

    The thermometer itself and its probes seem well made. The interface with my smartphone is the problem. I tried multiple times to unsuccessfully pair the thermometer with my phone (galaxy S9 note) following the instructions provided. I called customer support. The initial technician stated “oh god a samsung phone”. It sounded like they had received a similar call prior to mine that day. While she was unable to help me she stated that her supervisor would be able to help me via email the next day. I was pleasantly surprised when the supervisor called me back about 30 minutes later. He advised me to turn on my phone’s GPS along with my bluetooth. By doing that, I was able to pair the thermometer with my phone. This, however, seems like an unnecessary step. I don’t think i have ever needed to turn on my GPS to pair with any other device prior to this. I figured that was a one time step, however this step needed to be repeated to reconnect to the phone once the thermometer was turned off. It also does not show up as a paired device on the list of paired devices. I feel as though connectivity problems such as this (presumably with android/samsung devices by the initial tech’s reaction) should have been ironed out prior to launching the product. My experience along with the others reflected in the review section makes me believe that this is not the case. After all, the draw of this expensive item is wireless connectivity and convenience. Perhaps things will be smoothed out with an update of the thermpro APP itself. As the hardware seems sound. Allow the APP to run in the background, update the ridiculous alarm system and make bluetooth connectivity more seamless. I did appreciate the attentive customer support and they get one of the stars I gave.

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Product Comparison

Product Info

ThermoPro TP826

thermopro product

ThermoPro TP07

ThermoPro TP920 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP920

ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Smoker Thermometer

ThermoPro TP27

Price $44.99 $44.99 $29.99 $29.99 $49.99 $49.99 $79.99 $79.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No Yes No
Calibration feature No No - No
High low temperature alarms Both High Both Both
Lock function - No - -
Mobile app No No Yes No
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes No
Probe quantity 2 1 2 4
Range 500ft 300ft 500ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings No Yes Yes No
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof


Wireless Range: 500ft Bluetooth

Temperature Range:  14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C), otherwise ±2%
Resolution: 1° C/F
Response Time: 4 Seconds Refresh rate
Probe Dimensions: 8″ Probe Length; 40″ Cable Length
Display Dimensions: 2.6″ Diagonally
Product Dimensions:  3.9″ x 2.9″ x 1″
Battery Type/Life: 1 Lithium ion battery
Water Resistance: Splashproof
Warranty: 3 Years


Q: What’s the difference between this and the TP25?
A: The TP910 only uses 2 probes for those who do not need a 4-probe device.

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: No, but it is splash-proof.

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