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ThermoPro TP19W Ultra-fast Thermocouple Instant Read Thermometer

(133 customer reviews)

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  • Ultra fast & Highly accurate】Instant read meat thermometer features a precise thermocouple sensor get speedy readings in 2-3 seconds, accurate to ±0.9℉(±0.5°C); 
  • 100% Waterproof & Safe】Cooking Thermometer can be rinsed off under running water with no worries, ensures the water thermometer cleanup ultra fast;
  • Ambidextrous backlit display】Ultra-large 2″ backlit display with 360° viewing automatically rotates giving you spectacular clarity no matter how to look at it, perfect for left handed users or awkward angles; 
  • Motion sensing On/Off/Wake/Sleep & Lock function】Grill thermometer is always ready when you are, engineered with advanced motion sensing technology which powers on the probe thermometer when the probe is withdrawn, powers off when retracted, sleeps when set down for 90s and instantly wakes up when picked up; 
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133 reviews for ThermoPro TP19W Ultra-fast Thermocouple Instant Read Thermometer

  1. Samsung s10

    this thermometer is very accurate, very quick (3-4 seconds) and very easy to use. theres no need to spend $100 on a thermapen when you can have this for $30. its very accurate and quick, I tested both. if it isnt accurate its able to be calibrated. I tried to calibrate it but it didnt need calibration so its hard to tell if it did anything but i just reset it back to factory calibration as described in the manual. the display is easy to read and the auto rotate function is great. the auto sleep function is 90 seconds and wakes back up as soon as you lift it up. has non stick pads and a magnet on the back. the lock function is really handy. it does everything i would expect an instant read thermometer to do as well as i would expect it to do. the effort to unfold the probe seems good, stiff enough that you can probe your food at whatever angle. buy it.

  2. B. R. Tesh

    works great and looks great

  3. Honcho

    For the price, the features of this thermometer are hard to beat. Temps are fairly quick and mostly accurate, easily good enough for the backyard chef.

  4. Jun G.

    I use this for my weekend grilling ribeye, chicken quarter leg & mackerels. Perfect temperature check for my grilling not to exceed 200 deg./f. Gives me a juicy & no blood inside the meat & love the taste of meat that I used the Weber Grill charcoal not gas or pellets.

  5. Robert S. Thomas

    Good product. This is my first digital thermometer.

  6. Joanie

    This was supposedly an upgrade for an earlier model. Was surprised that you can no longer easily remove the battery for replacement. They replaced a convenient snap cover with one that needs a miniature Philip’s screwdriver, which was included. It gets the job done and is easy to use.

  7. GeneB

    I bought a highly recommended food thermometer they said cooks like to carry around in their pockets, but the buttons were too tiny and I couldn’t read the temperature while it was in the food. But this thing is amazing Big easy to read numbers in any light and I don’t have to find or push any buttons to use it. Cool how the numbers flip, although they distract me at times when I’m laying it down flipping and flipping back. Still and all it’s the most useful food thermometer I could ever want. I also like that it doesn’t take a special battery but the same as I keep in stock for my remote controls. I highly recommend it. It sometimes takes longer than claimed to get to a steady temp reading but I don’t under-cook my steaks anymore. I even enjoy how it shows the room temperature before I stick it in the food 🙂

  8. Jeff

    This thermometer seems accurate. Reads quickly and has a bright display that rotates to orient upright. My only gripe would be is the magnet in it is too weak. The waterproof feature so far has worked and makes clean up super easy.

  9. Kalene L.

    There is no wire and you get an almost instant temperature reading. I keep it stuck to my fridge so it is always handy.

  10. Soloviajero

    I have a lot of digital thermometers and bought this one because of the speed (2-3 seconds) of getting a reading. The temperature reading is very fast, however fast to a point where you could think it fidgety. It displays to a tenth (.1) of a degree, and that tenth of a degree is constantly fluctuating, which means you might as well ignore it. The thermometer can’t seem to make up its mind what the temperature is. My other digital thermometers, while not nearly so fast, are easier to deal with because they’re not so sensitive and the numbers aren’t constantly changing.I like the LED display because it’s easy to read in low light. I also like that it’s motion sensitive, so it turns off after 90 seconds while the probe is extended, but turns back on instantly when you pick it up. It turns off entirely when the probe is folded back. The quality of build seems very high and detailed. You can recalibrate it manually if you like, or return it to the factory setting afterwards with the push of a button. I compared mine to an analog thermometer and three other (slower) digital thermometers and found the factory setting to be accurate. The concealed magnet is strong, so the thermometer can hold securely to the side of the fridge.For the price, this thermometer is a very good value.

  11. Robert G.

    Yes works awesome

  12. Ottawa Customer

    The probe broke away at the point that it joins the main plastic body. Either the plastic became brittle and/or the swivel joint does not slide as easily as when it was new. Replaced it with a competitors model.

  13. Jeff

    Well made and very accurate. I have owned several and this is the best one.

  14. james

    This is the one you were looking for when you search instant thermometer

  15. Carole Steinhorst

    Great product

  16. BMillet

    Everything about this thermometer is quality. It is easy to use and accurate. Additionally, if the product is registered there is a 3 year warranty. I’ve owned mine for a couple of years and recently the probe broke where it attached to the body of the unit. I called ThermoPro to find out how to get a replacement and a live customer service rep actually answered. The very next day a replacement arrived! So not only is this a great product, but ThermoPro stands by their warranty. Highly recommended.

  17. Student of the Universe

    Everything is great about this product except for 1 defect. There is a screw in the battery cover that depends on a plastic threaded tap for the securing the screw. The tap should have been a metal insert for the threaded screw tap instead. When I went to insert the battery, I turned the screw without knowing why the cover would not open. I soon discovered that the tap was stripped. I was able to re-secure the cover by putting a broken piece of a tooth pick in the hole (old-school trick), but, I have to believe that others will suffer the same issue. I suspect that this was a cost reduction effort on the part of the manufacturer and should be re-visited. Other than that, the product is great.

  18. Amazon Customer

    The thermometer quickly gives accurate readings. I also like the fact that you can easily calibration the device.

  19. Christopher Howard


  20. Ronnie

    I’ve been using this now for over a month. I can’t say exactly how accurate it is, but it seems fairly accurate. I’ve used it on cooking turkeys, pork, steaks, chicken, and burgers thus far. It worked well on these meats. I’ve only had one issue with it. I was testing the temp on a turkey and apperently it was little hot in the infared cooker. As I was testing the temp of the turkey, the heat slightly melted the plastic on the back of it and then it started reading and flashing “ERR”. Even after it had cooled off it kept reading “ERR”. I thought it was damaged at this point. I then just rinsed the whole unit under cold water for a few seconds and it started working again with no issues. I know a few of the reviews show the device has broken at the joint where it opens and closes. I’ve opened and closed mine thus far about 50 times and has not broke yet. Of course I’m careful with it, I don’t open it like its a knife.

  21. Gwenn

    We like this so well we purchased another one for the cabin.

  22. Jerry C.

    Excellent cooking thermometer.

  23. AK engineer

    While I like some of the features, such as reading left or right handed and being waterproof, I have noticed it will read a bit high in grilled meats. Likely that鈥檚 due to where the actual sensor is in the tip of the probe. It will take some getting used to. Overall I would recommend this thermometer.

  24. Hewy

    While smoking some meat the other day, my husband said “this might be one of the best $15 (he bought it on a flash sale) I spent. I love this thing!” He uses it regularly and it works perfectly.

  25. Louanne

    I like that I was able to read it easily, the magnet to attach to refrigerator side. Looked like a well built thermometer. So far have only used once.

  26. DaveP

    We have had the thermopro TP-19 for just over 2 years, now. We’ve used it, washed it, poked meats with it and it’s been great – we really love it. However, a couple months ago, the battery cover broke where the screw holds it down. Basically, the part under the screw just shattered. I managed to ‘reform’ it back together with some acrylic solvent. I figured maybe somebody got too aggressive with the battery compartment cover tightening, but I wasn’t sure. Anyway, everything was great until almost exactly the 2 year mark, where the plastic collar that holds the metal probe onto the hinge also broke (somebody else posted a photo of the exact same break – I forgot to take any photos, sorry!) I took it apart and again with the acrylic solvent reformed it back together. I also spread some petroleum jelly on the whole hinge assembly to make it easier to move. It felt very tight when it broke – perhaps it had just gotten gunked up over time? I’m not sure. Anyway, it moves easier than ever before and we’re happy to have it back! We tried some other, more classic style meat thermometers (while this was sitting on my desk waiting to be fixed) and they were very, very slow and not as easy to read and hold. As long as I can keep mending it, we’ll keep using it! It’s still our favorite. If I hadn’t been able to fix it, I probably would have bought another TP-19 anyway since I suppose they’re priced for not the longest life, anyway.

  27. paul p moyer

    Simple and easy to use

  28. Peter

    Easy to use, bright display which automatically flips to be right-side-up no matter which way the probe is going. Waterproof so no stress about washing it after use. Seems to be precise and reads out the temp really fast. Definitely worth the couple dollars over the cheap(er) meat thermometers.

  29. A RHEA

    I bought this to replace another (2 yr old) model whose probe just fell off. It was advertised as “instant read” but took at least 5 seconds to show temps (probably more like 10 but as fast as my previous one which had no light). This ThermoPro TP19 reads within 2 seconds or less. The lighted read-out is bright and large. In fact, the whole thermometer is larger than I thought it would be as I really didn’t pay attention to dimensions. It seems sturdy. I don’t care for the battery cover as it was difficult to replace while not leaving a smooth back. I don’t use the magnet, but it does seem to work all right. At first, I thought it needed calibration as my boiling water was registering above 212 F, but when I set up the ice bath, it registered perfectly. I use an instant read for water temps and low carb bread baking. On occasion, it will help as a grill thermometer. Overall, I really like this and would recommend it to anyone looking for a true instant read thermometer in this price range. I like the 3 yr warranty, also but hope I never need it.

  30. Jerry Roberts

    Love it, quick read, large numbers (no glasses needed) and waterproof.

  31. Elphaba

    I have looked for a good, simple cooking thermometer for a long time … this is it. It’s a handy size, turns on automatically when opened, and gives temp of food immediately! Plus I don’t have to worry about water hurting it. Can’t beat it!

  32. Amazon Customer

    Not cheap – solid quality.

  33. kyle

    Works great, looks good, feels solid, keeps me from under cooking and peeing out my butt for hours with stomach pain. Definitely a needed tool for anyone who hates stomach pain and liquid fire poo’s

  34. DGill

    Great product. Accurate, quick, and awesome design build.

  35. Brendan Clements

    This product worked well for me. There’s some resistance to open it which in the end caused the demise of my device. It technically works but it broke. Two years is decent, but I don’t do a lot of cooking so I’m surprised. I’m going to spend a bit more on my next one, but this is well priced and reasonable.

  36. Dagobah_Jedi

    So far it seems sturdy enough, it is easy to read and pretty simple to clean. I have not tried to submerge it in water or wash under my faucet, I just use a little soap and water and wash off the metal probe and then I wipe the handle clean before storage. It claims to be waterproof and it would be nice to just wash this under the faucet with soap and water but whatever, maybe I will give it a shot sometime soon.

  37. CharKu

    This is a fine instrument, easy to use and as far as I can tell accurate. Haven’t had it tested or calibrated but displays final temp almost instantly

  38. Joe Miller

    It works for the price. Easy to read and handy.

  39. TalkinTexas

    Slow response. Takes several seconds to respond.

  40. Heather B.

    This meat thermometer works extremely well, is easy to use and cleans up easily (you can place the probe directly under the running water of the sink).

  41. William D. Rouse

    After doing a considerable amount of research I finally landed on the ThermPro meat thermometer. I was not necessarily going after the cost of the thermometer but was certainly a consideration. Quality vs Cost. In the end again after researching a multitude of thermometers it quickly became very clear that I did not need to spend a great deal of money to get a great quality product. WHat I have found and confirmed so far is that ergonomically how you hold the thermometer in relationship to the meat you’re cooking which in my case is predominantly BBQing; Steaks, Chicken, Pork is extremely important. All of the online reviews called this out time and time again. This ThermPro product allows you to hold and use the Thermometer at a safe distance from your food and still give you an unobstructed view of the temperature. I also really appreciated the length of the probe whish allowed me to get a very accurate reading of a “Pork Butt” that I cooked on my Kamado. All in all I am very happy with this product, its quality and especially the cost. Great combo……but do you’re own homework, what works for me may not work for you.

  42. Dennis Thurmond

    Works pretty good. conenient

  43. Bob

    Easy to use

  44. Merlin330

    My first ThermPro was the TP 18. Being left handed, I had to read the display upside down. When the TP 19 came out, I saw it had an auto-rotating display, so upgrading was a no brainer. The TP 19 is a great tool for any normal use kitchen. It produces a quick and accurate temperature readings, the red on black display is easy to read and it is attractive enough to use its built in magnets to store it in plain sight on any nearby metallic surface. I like this so much, I bought one for each of my adult children.The ThermPro comes with a 1 year warranty that expands to 3 years once it’s registered. That warranty came in handy after my better half broke it as only she can. ThermPro’s customer service was great and its no questions asked replacement policy was a relief from the usual rigamarole one gets from other companies in trying to obtain warranty service.Overall, I’m completely satisfied with the TP 19, and ThermPro’s customer service, both of which provides good value for the money spent.

  45. Jess

    This is much larger than the one I have been using. I like the longer probe and the easy to read display. It shows the temp much faster than the old cheap one I have been using. This helped cook my 31 day dry aged steaks to perfection.

  46. swo

    While it’s not “instant read” as I think they claimed, it is quicker than my older digital thermometer.I do like that it’s one piece and that the probe folds in to the handle for protection when you aren’t using it. I also like that it turns on automatically when you open the probe.I bought this particular digital thermometer due to YouTube videos I have watched on grilling and smoking, and paying attention to what those people were using.I haven’t checked accuracy yet, and will need to do that before I can comment. But overall, I am happy.

  47. Discerning Shopper

    I looked at other thermometers for inside and outside grilling/cooking and was shocked at how expensive many are. This model was recommended by a food blogger that I follow (she has written 2 cookbooks) and I figured she should know. Works very well and is easy to use.

  48. SuzieQ

    Works within a degree. Hard to understand instructions to calibrate.

  49. tanner

    Quick, easy, and accurate essential tool for outdoor cooking

  50. Jerry A Prater

    Works great

  51. Debbie A

    The thermometer was very easy to use. I stuck it in and was able to read it quickly.?

  52. Penny Saunders

    I had always wanted a temp pen just like they used on America’s Test Kitchen. I didn’t know exactly what I would do with it but I thought it was necessary to cook like a chef. But ATK always said the price was over $100. Way too much for something I didn’t think I needed. I was so wrong. My cooking has been so much better. Perfect steaks and pork chops. Chicken that isn’t dry. The pen works beautifully and quickly. The only problem is the unit will turn off automatically and I have to wait a second or two for it to wake up. It has a big bright display and you can read it in any position because the display will flip to the correct orientation. And the price was nowhere as high as ATK said. I’m sure their unit is faster and fancier but this little pen is perfect for me. No timing and guessing if our steaks are done – just check the temperature with your pen for the right doneness. I may not cook like a chef, but my time in the kitchen is less hectic and I haven’t had to apologize for dinner being overcooked. I’m very happy I purchased this temp pen and use it every day. It works just as described. And the price was very reasonable. It has become indispensable in my kitchen.

  53. Nmb girl

    Very handy.

  54. e9snipe

    This thermometer replaces an old that broke. It very well made and an excellent value considering the price.

  55. Todd H. Whitson

    All of the above

  56. sally hendry

    We love the instant meat thermometer, the large numbers make it very easy to read.

  57. Dwain hagan

    So easy to see and use. Auto on and off is a game changer!

  58. DWD

    I’ve been using this thermometer for several months. My foods coming off the grill are better than ever. I trust this device and I won’t grill with out it.

  59. CiciS

    I bought 2, 1 as a gift and 1 for us. Excellent product and very fast . Our friend was very happy with this thermometer. The price is double compare with other brands but it鈥檚 worth it.

  60. kovach

    This is a very useful instant read thermometer. Some of the features are really nice. The reading rotates as you use it, you don’t have to push a button, it rotates automatically. The reading is backlit so you can use it in low light conditions, like when you barbecue in the evening. Nice thermometer.

  61. Al


  62. Jim Dass

    Good price and d easy

  63. Millie

    This thermometer is accurate, easy to use and easy to read. Nothing more to say about it.

  64. Donna Riggins

    All went well!

  65. Dr. Louis F. DeSantis

    Love it! Accurate, easy cleanup and it ties the guesswork out of cooking time

  66. Maureen McCulley

    The readout is large and easy to read. The thermometer is easy to hold and fits well in the hand. I’m interested in how long the battery lasts.

  67. Kidm3dic

    Very quick and easy temp display

  68. L. Finato

    While I am sure this little device gives up a little something to the $100 brand perhaps not quite as waterproof or such things. I really don’t care. I don’t intend to ever drop it in water, run it under water or any such thing. Happy to just wipe everything clean.It’s VERY fast. Giving a solid reading consistently under 3 seconds, accurate as well. Convenient since it can be hung, or magnetically attached. Large enough to hold and read easily but not so large it is bulky to use. I like the light up display rather than the backlit LCD which I find difficult to read at times. I also like the convenience of AAA battery use. We always have those around rather than those stupid button batteries you can never find.Is it as well made as the high priced brand……………….ehhh maybe not. But at less than 1/4 the price, a 3 year guarantee as well, I can far more easily get my $$$ worth than from the high priced one.Bottom line rock solid device that gives up NOTHING in performance to the high priced one, has a linger guarantee as well and is even easier to read. I call it a winner. Why 4 star? Well if it offered the build quality and the absolute water resistance as it’s competitor at the same price it would have 5 stars. Suffice to say I am VERY pleased

  69. fbj

    I would highly recommend this product

  70. mcsimmons123

    Had a small problem and Customer service was very good at handling the problem. The TP19 reads very fast and the magnets make it easy to store on the refrigerator side. I like a company that stands behind their product.

  71. Tom femano

    Easy to 8se ig and bright numbers

  72. Amazon Customer

    For the BBQ hobbyist/home cook, this item is a must. I’ve seen several reviews comparing this product to other instant read thermometers that are way over-priced and shall remain unnamed. Let me tell you how stupid I found those videos. People complain that the probe is harder to move…I’m sorry, but if you aren’t strong enough to move the probe, then you are also not strong enough to lift the lid of your cooker. I can literally use this one handed and the probe being stiffer isn’t worth the extra $100 for the other brand. The other big complaint was that it takes 2-3 seconds to get a temperature reading and the other guy takes less that 1 second. Wow…2-3 seconds…maybe your dainty little hands can’t handle the heat for that long? Never mind the fact that you most likely put the other one’s probe in the meat and then look at it for 4-5 seconds before removing it. Usually, both models were within about 2 degrees Fahrenheit of each other. I honestly can’t speak to longevity of product because I’ve only had this one for a couple of months. But from my perspective, unless you just want to spend a crap ton more money, this instant read thermometer is excellent!!!

  73. John C.

    great price,works great easy to clean

  74. Bobone

    I cook on a weber charcoal grill and temperature is crucial for a good outcome. This thermapro is a good compliment to my wireless thermometer. It was already calibrated right out of the box. I really like the self-righting feature. It seems of good quality and being water resistant is a plus for easy cleanup. I take good care of my barbecue tools so I’m looking forward to having this for a long time.

  75. Amazon Customer

    This product replace an inkbird that lasted about 6 months and customer support would not replace it…..been using Thermopro few times works fast and accurate so far so good

  76. Elizabeth. Polidan

    Accurate and very readable. Hard to be better.

  77. Amazon Customer

    It works.

  78. A.J.

    The ThermoPro TP19 is an amazing instant read thermometer. This company has not disappointed me yet. I also have their TP-08S wireless grill and meat probe thermometer.This particular instant read thermometer gives a faster reading, approximately 2-3 seconds, than any other “instant read” thermometer I own. I also have a Weber instant read, which takes approximately 10-11 seconds to give me an accurate reading. I tested the ThermoPro TP19 and Weber instant read going from the body temperature of my hand, 86 degrees, to a cup of ice cold water, and the TP19 had a reading of 32 degrees in 2 seconds flat, whereas my Weber instant read took 10 seconds to give me a reading of 32 degrees.Furthermore, the price of the TP19 cannot be beat! ThermoWorks offers that Thermapen Mk4 for $140. Anyone willing to spend that much money on a thermometer is a complete fool. It’s just a thermometer for checking the temperature of meat. No thermometer is worth that much money. ThermoWorks is a ridiculous company with clever marketing looking to empty the wallets of their consumers for a product no better than that of the ThermoPro TP19.ThermoPro has amazing products, and I will always look to them for an honestly priced piece of grilling equipment that I know will perform to my standards. If you are serious about grilling, and want a great product that won’t break the bank, look no further than ThermoPro. I am so happy I made this purchase.

  79. Joey

    I bought a TP19, I used it two days ago and left it outside and battery side up, I live in Boise and it has snowed every night for the last two nights. It was outside covered in snow and below freezing temperatures. It thawed out enough for me to see it sitting where I left it, and I was “oh No” I retrieved my TP19 it was recording the temperature at that moment still working like a champ. The o-ring seal in the battery compart kept the battery dry, needless to say this product is a high quality product capable of standing up to the elements and keep on ticking. Thank you.

  80. Tacia J Lee

    accurate, magnetic, easy to use. Recommended by Meathead, and there are thermometers 100.00+ that work the same as this one. Love it!

  81. D. Ahlers

    I thought this was somewhat on the pricey side compared to other thermometers when I bought it. It was a replacement for a different thermometer that had broken a few times, but my husband was able to repair it. I am so impressed by the quality of the ThermPro. It is really heavy duty. The display is very easy to read. Cooking temperatures for meats are printed on the back of the thermometer so I never have to go look up what temperature to cook the meat to. I love the fact that it is magnetic. I keep it on the side of the refrigerator so it is very easy to access when I’m cooking. It can also stick to my grill table so I don’t have to worry about it getting knocked off. The accuracy seems to be spot on. I use it with my air fryer also, to make sure frozen items hat I’m reheating are all the way done inside. This honestly, is one of my best Amazon purchases.

  82. Amazon Customer

    Great product. I will for sure recommend to all my cooking friends.

  83. mitchell keltner

    It is the best thermometer I have ever owned

  84. Sebastian

    This is the best thermometer ever. We had one that lasted a long time, and then it got lost. Bought some cheaper ones that all broke, and then finally just ordered this one again. The magnet is great, the fold down system is great, and it really is waterproof. Why people don’t make waterproof thermometers is beyond me, because you’re obviously gonna wash the probe, and even a little water ruins most of them. This one is just superior. Great for grilling, that’s what we use out for most, and it’s worth the money.

  85. Gmon

    Works as described. A great addition to my cooking equipment.

  86. Mr. C

    I am pleased with the function of this digital thermometer even though the ability of the probe to eject itself from the storage position stopped working after one year. To extend the probe there is a part on the base of the probe that allows you to rotate the probe while pushing the release button. The probe seems to be accurate and is easy to use.

  87. Bardif

    it dose the job. a bit slow to get the temp. it takes 3 to 5 seconds to show the meet temperature. good value for the price if you don’t want to spend $80:00+ for quicker response time.

  88. Denny

    Easy to use, Easy to read, and it’s accurate.

  89. Theresa

    I’ve written reviews in the past on other items I’ve purchased from Amazon, some were good products and others were not. When I’m asked for a review of a product I purchased, I feel I should let the public know. I don’t sugar coat my reviews, I tell it like it is. The ThermoPro TP19 Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer I love the fact that it has a built in magnet. I placed it on my fridge and now I have easy access to it. I use a different brand before which has a long silicone wire allowing you to leave it in the meat while its cooking, but I found it very cumbersome and broke after 10 uses. The ThermoPro TP19 Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer allows me to quickly check the temperature of what I’m cooking. Every once in a while I make candy and I can’t wait to use this. I think it will be a lot easier than my current candy thermometer. In my opinion, if you are looking for a good food thermometer, give this one a try it’s worth it.

  90. Patricia

    Like this manufacturer . Product is comfortable in hand – easy to use and maintain. Definitely a product you would want to help in cooking food items perfectly.Great gift item with color choice.

  91. Dustin Bullard

    I was clued into this on reddit a couple days ago and figured for the price this was too much of a deal to pass up for a backup/loaner thermometer so I ordered it, worse case I’d just return it… I have been a happy ThermaPen user for almost a decade and I recently purchased a Mk4 because the wife accosted my original.The ThermoPro came in this afternoon and I took a moment to look it over and install the battery and give it a quick test against my current gear, I boiled a pot of water, threw some ice and water in a cup and did a few quick tests. All of them read pretty fast, I’d say that the bigger the delta the longer each took, which was impressive to say the least. I noticed that the ThermoPro was about a degree high on average but I’m under the impression this can be calibrated out… (Something I’m way to lazy to do over 1 degree)As far as build quality goes, The ThermoPro is decent, I see a lot of queues from the ThermaPen paired back. Its clearly built to a price point but it doesn’t feel poorly made… The only big gripe I saw out of the gate was that they chose to have the battery cover screw thread straight into the plastic case which will probably be the weakest link in the whole thing. The choice of a red segmented display on a black background makes for a nice balance between readability and not needing a backlit display… Without going all AvE on the thing I’ll just say that for the money, I’m not complaining I have definitely paid more for a lot worse…Overall, I’m pretty impressed, I might be a bit more hesitant if I was participating in bbq comps or cooking in a restaurant but for a home gamer I have already recommended this to two friends and I’ll be keeping this one around. I think for the money this is easily a home run and dont hesitate to give it 5 Stars

  92. Amazon Customer

    It’s very accurate and easy to use and read the display great product customer service is second to none

  93. Norman W Galloway

    No dislikes.

  94. Janine Goodman

    We use it every day!

  95. Dee

    It’s easy, fast and you know in a few seconds if your meat is done. Meat is too expensive to fool around with, so you really need this for accuracy. No more guesswork. After testing, Just wipe off the skewer, fold it up, stick it in the box and back in the kitchen drawer. It’s that easy, honest! I’ve used this on two (so far) rump roasts and they were perfect. Before, they were either under done or over cooked. Yuck! Nothing worse than an overcooked roast, as it makes your meat tough and dry. Just pull out your skewer from the box, place a battery in it, wipe off the skewer if it’s the first time and your good to go. Honestly, you need this!

  96. mike555

    This is a great product! I grill all the time and this is very accurate and fast.

  97. Walter Mansfield

    Quick and accurate readings are essential for the perfect steak. A few degrees off can turn a rare steak to a well done or ruined one.

  98. Vickie Smart

    I took a series of cooking classes recently. We used a thermometer for a lot of foods. I remember the chef instructor mentioned this thermometer specifically for its accuracy and ease of use so I was delighted to find it on Amazon.

  99. Brian Warner

    Its much better then what I was using.It states readings in 2 – 3 seconds.Its not that quick.

  100. Hunter

    Mine seems about 10 degrees off (low).Just seems my meat is more done than the temperature indicates it should be.Could be me too though…

  101. Evan Chapkis

    I use this nearly every day. No issues and cleans up quickly. Love the magnetic back end and that the reading flips if you hold it the opposite way. Auto shut off

  102. JK

    I like it. Works as advertised for a decent price. Anything better is quite a bit more $

  103. Robyn M. Musicant

    So easy to use, magnetic so you can keep it on the fridge, on the oven, etc. So happy with this purchase!

  104. Sandra Sosa Alonso

    Great buy. Accurate and very ergonomic design. I’m very pleased with the price point as well.

  105. DJDDay

    Picked up the ThermoPro TP19 – came with a battery, but I decided to use a Duracell instead of the generic it came with. Build quality seems solid, and it truly does appear to be water proof enough to wash it completely in water (though I only really washed the probe). Big easy to read LCD display – numbers are huge! Magnetic back allows you to stick it to your fridge or any other metal surface (that attracts magnets). Nice touch! This seems to be like a quality built probe – assuming it’s accurate I’m extremely satisfied. It does come factory calibrated, but get this – you can re-calibrate it if needed by opening the battery door and pressing a calibration button while going through a semi-non-complicated process using a distilled water with ice mixture (it comes with instructions). That’s pretty impressive for a $30 USD quick-read thermometer. Highly recommended!

  106. Friend

    Love this very simple meat thermometer.

  107. Susie

    Very easy to use. It also has temperature for desired level of doneness on the device for for beef chicken and pork. It would also make great gift to you favorite cook.

  108. Eric Bippen

    After trying numerous devices, this by far is the best one. Simple, battery lasts, and very easy to read.

  109. Mark R.

    It is a very nice product and is easy to use. I like the magnetic feature so it stays in one place.

  110. melinda williams

    Gave this as a stocking stuffer to my husband for Christmas and he loves it. Makes grilling, smoking and baking such a breeze. Very quick and accurate reading. 5 STARS

  111. Amazon Customer


  112. Zachery Bradshaw

    No complaints

  113. Chris

    I like the large display. Easy to read and it oriented it self quickly if turned upside down. Great! It seems accurate. Feels good in your hand like a quality item should. I did not time it but I say it reads full temp in 5 to 7 seconds. You can pretty much tell where the temp will land by how quickly the numbers change. Like I did on my last probe. Overall I am happy.

  114. James O.

    We use it for almost all food that needs to be cooked completely.

  115. PBW

    Near instantaneous readout allows checking temp at different depths. I was pretty good at gauging doneness by touch, but this elevates my game. Very happy. Bought one for father-in-law too, so confident in my enthusiasm…

  116. Cookie Buckelew

    Handy for cooking ,,easy to use

  117. Stuart

    Update: this was under warranty and a new unit was sent to me promptly, so I can’t help but increase my rating because I do think this is an otherwise excellent product with a weak point.Were it not for the broken hinge at the base of the probe, this would be an easy 5 star. I purchased this December 2019 and it broke today April 2022. It lasted a fair amount of time with normal (few times a week) usage. My advice is to move out the probe a bit slower if you want it to hopefully not break in a few years. Love it otherwise. I will change my star review if their return policy covers this design defect.

  118. 50,000 +views/reviews!

    I purchased this Thermopro after returning a Amazon recommended digital Thermometer (has about 26,000 reviews) that was pure junk. The thermopro tp19, actually works as it should, it’s a bargain and when compared to my Thermoworks thermapen. It reads within half a degree, and cost a third of the price of a Thermapen. I’d call that a win! The bright red illuminated numbers are very easy to read. I have absolutely no complaints and fully recommend for a budget digital themometer. I’ve been storing mine in the orginal packaging, I need to see if Thermpro offers a case or silicone sleeve to protect ir.

  119. Mitch owen

    I rarely use five stars but love this thermometer

  120. Luke Flesner

    Dose as expected

  121. Eric Robinson

    Like the size of the thermometer as a whole but the diameter of the probe is to big it leaves a channel for the juices of the meat to escape.

  122. Joe Louis Barile

    Very accurate, solid quality, bright readout, a is battery (included) and they even provided the Phillip’s screwdriver to remove the back for the battery, great purchase.

  123. Todd Schell

  124. Amazon Customer

    Very helpful!

  125. brian morton

    Works well if I am cooking meat or checking temp for bread yeast.

  126. Goldie

    From the pics you can see this is quite accurate to within 0.5F right out of the box before any calibration. It’s also got a nice long prong to feel a bit safer or more comfortable when reaching into an oven or holding your hand over hot pots on the oven. I’ve had various much thinner (and shorter) chef/stick type thermometers over the years, and this is my first of these folding ones. I like that it folds because it means theres no exposed prong in the drawer getting dirty or bumped, and that doesnt actually matter anymore because with the magnet, I have it on my fridge so I dont have to dig around for it or damage it. Also love not having to deal with pricey button batteries that I don’t use for anything else since this uses standard AAA(!).I haven’t had it enough time to talk about durability or longevity, or the waterproof claim, but will definitely update on those as needed if there are issues. If you don’t see an update, it’s because its doing fine :)Hope this helps make a buying decision with peace of mind,Goldie

  127. Frank Cioffi

    Works well but at times does not automatically turn on. Have to wiggle the probe and sometimes that doesn’t get it working. great when it works but undependable.

  128. Duane C.

    Use mostly when BBQing- works great!

  129. Anne Camille Talley

    You need this thermometer! So easy & accurate.

  130. lindylou

    I love that this lights up so it’s easy to tell if the meat on your grill is done after dark. I also love that it has the temperature different types of meat should be (including rare, medium, and well on beef) listed on the opposite side of the handle. This ready reference is faster to look up than on my phone. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

  131. maxwell smart

    Big improvement over former ones used. Great that it is magnetic so keep on fridge and not mislay. Love that probe part folds in so easy to hold in hand (which also shuts it off). Temp shown very fast so can test different places very fast. Easy to read big screan. Very sturdy- well made. Love that if forget to bend probe in to close it auto shuts off, so not drain battery. Easy to grip even though small hands. Easy to clean probe part – although not supposed to be problem if top part gets wet, easy to wash just probe. I use it every day to make sure what I cook in convection oven/broiler/ toaster heated through to high enough temp so no chance undercooked. Great buy. Worth extra cost – actually feel “bargain” for quality. Seems like made with excellent quality control. Like how products used to be made.

  132. skier008

    I’ve used a few cheaper thermometers and this one is way better, screen rotates very fast and is very fast reading. Love the magnet as well

  133. francine butler

    This device is a must have, best kitchen tool!

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TP19  Specification

Temperature Range -58 to 572°F(-50 to 300°C)
Tolerance ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±1.5%
Response Time* Less than 3 seconds
Sensor Type Thermocouple
Probe 304 Stainless Steel ,4 5⁄16 inches (110mm)
Display LED,1 3⁄4 Length x 3⁄4 Width inches (44x19mm)
Display Auto Rotation Y
Backlight Y
Unit Size 6 1⁄2 Length x 1 3⁄4 Width x 13⁄16 Height inches (165.0Lx45.0Wx16.0H mm)
Power 1.5V (1 x AAA battery)
*Response Time defined as the time it takes for Thermopro thermometers to read from ambient temperature (77°F or 25°C ) to within 1.8°F (1°C ) of final temperature of an object (150°F or 65°C). 150°F (65°C) is the recommended minimum temperature for many types of meat.

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ThermoPro TP19H Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grilling BBQ Waterproof

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ThermoPro TP620

Price $29.99 $29.99 $11.99 $11.99 $18.99 $18.99 $49.99 $49.99
Availability Out of stock In stock Out of stock In stock
Auto rotating display Yes No Yes Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calibration feature Yes No Yes Yes
Lock function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe length 4.0″ 5.3″ 4.3″ 4.25″
Response time 2-3 seconds 4-6 seconds 3-4 seconds 2-3 seconds
Smart on off Yes No Yes Yes
Waterproof IPX6 Not Waterproof IP65 IP65
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