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ThermoPro TP828BW Remote Meat Thermometer with 500ft wireless range and Dual Stainless steel probes for Grilling Smoker BBQ Thermometer

(110 customer reviews)

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  • Dual probes for both food and BBQ】: Digital food thermometer for cooking has dual probes to monitor food or BBQ/oven/grill/smoker simultaneously, making it the ideal solution for monitoring temperatures for extended periods of time such as when BBQing, smoking, grilling, deep-frying, homebrewing and oven-roasting;
  • Extra long remote range of 500 feet】: Digital cooking thermometer features next generation RF wireless technology to achieve extended range up to 500 feet and stronger signal strength through obstacles and walls, essential when monitoring meals at a long distance and guaranteeing to reach anywhere in your home or yard;
  • Standalone transmitter】: Digital meat thermometer features a unique design where all key programmable buttons are located on transmitter to allow usage of the kitchen thermometer without the receiver, perfect for those fast cooking meats like fish or steak in short distance;
  • Timer & Smart alarm】: BBQ thermometer features count up and countdown timer that is perfect timing side veggie dishes; The receiver has 4 alarm modes to choose from: Beep, Vibration, Beep & Vibration, Silent, perfect for those late night cooks;
  • USDA preset temperatures】: Smoker thermometer contains preset temperatures for 10 types of meat and their various doneness levels recommended by USDA. All the preset temps can be adjusted to suit your personal tastes;
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110 reviews for ThermoPro TP828BW Remote Meat Thermometer with 500ft wireless range and Dual Stainless steel probes for Grilling Smoker BBQ Thermometer

  1. Amy Dru

    Pros:1. Comes with long distance reader / wireless transmitter so you don’t have to walk outside to see what temperature you are at.2. Materials and quality of unit are exceptional.3. Comes with 2 high quality probes.4. Easy to use, was able to program it for my desired temperatures without the instructions so it is very intuitive.5. Has a bunch of pre-made settings.6. Able to change the alert method between none, vibrate, buzzer and both.Cons:1. none so far, I am very happy with this purchase. May have been nice to have a holder for all the stuff.

  2. D

    Thermo pro has helped me put out some awesome bbq and steaks. Had one small issue but customer service fixed me up ASAP. I reccpmend this product and seller.

  3. Sceth

    You know that sound that Tim The Tool Man Taylor made on his show when he got a new tool that he really liked. This thing is so awesome that it will make you make the same sound. Buy it. The only thing is that both probes are pointed. I wish one them was rounded. Not a deal breaker. I like the probe holder. The feel is great. Display is bright. Easy to figure out how to use it especially if you’re like me and hate to read the instructions first.

  4. Paul Fynes

    Fast service (am in NZ) good product and fair price.

  5. Vince

    I love not having to go outside and around my house to see what temperature my meat is at when using my smoker. Great quality

  6. Fergy

    A must have for anyone smoking meat. My Pit Boss smoker has 2 additional probes but with the Thermo Pro I can monitor another side of the smoker and another meat. It makes ensuring everything cooks at the correct temperature and is done to perfection. Very accurate and a must gave tool.

  7. Bruce Daily

    I’ve used similar products for years and this is easily the best I’ve seen. Well-built, it feels like you could drop it on a concrete patio with no damage. The temperatures are accurate. The two units are easily synced. The screens are easy to see. The cables are longer and thicker than the ones I’ve used before. They got every mechanical feature you could think of, including magnets for mounting. A feature I had not seen before that’s very handy is that you can set one of the probes on BBQ mode and set a minimum and maximum temperature and it will set off an alarm. I was smoking a well-seasoned corned beef the other day to make pastrami and my target temperature in the grill was 165. I set the minimum at 155 and maximum at 175, so I knew when to go back outside and remove or add briquettes. I’ve never used a gas grill or a Traeger so I don’t know if it would be important in that application, but for charcoal grills I regard this as an essential if you’re cooking large cuts of meat. It’s really nice to have such a fine tool on hand.

  8. ReverendOlaf

    I’ve used Maverick wireless thermometers, Weber’s iGrill setups, and many generics. I’ll say that the biggest competition for this is the generics (sometimes price does win out). If you’re not going for the cheapest solution, get this.This setup just works. It works every time. It works without any hassles. It doesn’t require pairing, Bluetooth, or apps. This won’t become defunct when that app becomes unsupported or ask for all sorts of permissions to your data. It’s just a thermometer, a display, and a wireless display.The thermometer probes yield consistent results (between each other and my previous ThermoPro probes. This is unlike my iGrill where half my probes vary by 8-10 degrees F. The range is superb (I never got anywhere near the range limit, but I did throw several walls in between with no issues.Compared the other units (including cheaper generics), I think the reliable temperatures, easy to use controls, and availability of ThermoPro replacement bits makes this a winner. As an added bonus, I like the fact that the probes can be used for whatever. I have twice as many Web iGrill probes as I need due to the separate pit and food probes. None of that nonsense here.

  9. Chris Hamilton

    I have used other wireless probes for cooking before I settled on this product. My previous versions were app based and required a blue-tooth connection to my phone. As you can imagine, the distance from the probe to phone plays an important role in functionality. As a result, I wasn’t able to spend much time or distance away from my grill.This product has, at least for me, solved that issue. Using RF technology, I have had no issues walking away from my grill and fearing losing the connection to the probe. There is an included receiver that I can clasp onto my belt so that I always have the temperature information at the ready. If I am only looking for an easy to view read-out of current temperature right at the stove or the grill, the probes plug into a nice, legible transmitter that can rest on the counter or table-top. I have not yet needed to utilize both probes simultaneously (so far, I’m a single probe guy).But, the probes have proven to be accurate and QUICK. I was actually stunned by how quickly they fired up and provided accurate information. This unit features a timer (Nice! I like being able to back-time other dishes so that everything hits the table at the same time). This was I don’t need to use by smart phone to time something while using the probe to monitor temperature – it’s all right there in one unit.Finally, I love the nuance – I can set exactly the temp that I am aiming for, knowing that the unit will alert me via an alarm when my desired “doneness” is achieved. All-in-all this is a major upgrade from my previous phone-based system and the range of use and detailed information that it provides make this a winner for me. I hope this review helps you to make up your mind about this product.

  10. FLGatorengineer

    Very accurate. Range is fantastic. Overall great product.

  11. Mitchell Berck

    Very easy to use

  12. Dar

    It was a tad hard to figure out the settings but once I did it is great. Better range than my previous one and like the dual probes.

  13. jeri

    Perfect grilling experience

  14. Ron

    I have used it a few times and it works as expected. I double checked temps with my Pen thermometer after pulling off the smoker and it was spot on.

  15. Suzanne Starr

    Very quality product! The temp was accurate an wireless range was just right for us!

  16. L. Muolo

    ThermoPro Meat Thermometer TP28 : Easy to read, pretty intuitive to use. The probes go to into the transmitter with the settings so you don’t need the 2nd receiving unit just to use it in your kitchen. If you turn on the receiving unit it will ring too and it worked from the basement and 2nd floor. Some minor negatives, seems a little bulky for what it is, no case so I found a small box to hold everything, used clips to gather the probe/cables as the provided probe holders required a little stretch to get it on which might shorten the life of the cable. The lowest pre-programmed pork setting is well done but I think the standard for pork has changed (use the beef settings or custom). Overall a good deal on sale.

  17. Amy

    Will never cook meat without this again.

  18. Chuck

    Accurate and works as designed.

  19. Todd R. Adams

    This unit can be a little complicated to use and program. I like the remote feature. I have already burned thru one of the probes…it just stopped working when it got too hot for it to operate. This should not happen to a temp probe.

  20. Dolmanet

    I needed a good thermometer as I started getting into smoking meats. I really like this one because of the accuracy, the range and the display. The only issue that I have with it is that the probes are a little longer than I like. It makes cooking so much easier.

  21. Nick

    Will follow up if there are problems. Initially good.

  22. S. House

    Ok, the headine was a bit much… I love this product.. Easy to use, and you can watch a smoker or BBQ remotely while you enjoy company or watch a movie. Timer, temperature, meat type or wellness.. You can measure it all! Then, you can measure two separate meat types or cooking on the same device!! It is awesome and my Smoking and BBQ have ascended many levels beyond the pressing of the flesh, I used to do… Every cook I have done with this has come out perfect beyond my expectations! I can not recommend it higher!

  23. A. Fabbri

    Finally going wireless is a big upgrade for my long outdoor smoking sessions.Likes:- Rugged construction. Unlike some other cheaper ThermPro thermometers, this one appears to be much more rugged and built to last. Time will tell, of course, and I’ll update this review if it doesn’t hold up.- Dual probe is nice for larger cuts or cooking multiple items at once.- Good wireless range.- Clear displays with backlights are easy to read.- Pretty simple to use in basic “show me the temp” or “beep when its done” modes.Dislikes:- Minor nit: Some of the extra features are not obvious how to use without reading instructions.Overall I’m very happy with this wireless thermometer so far.

  24. Allen J. Goodcase

    With the probe transmitter at the grill outside, the receiver was linked solidly through an outside brick wall a cinder block wall and two inside plasterboard walls 30 feet to my office.I’m an amateur radio operator and systems integrator so I am quite familiar with signal propagation over distance through walls. In addition to the impressive RF link the probe system seems to be accurate and quality built. Overall I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend this product.Now if I can only remember that after use the probes are very hot I will have it down.

  25. JVS

    Great product for the price. I used it for the first time several weekends ago on my gas grill slow cooking beef ribs. I just used one lead to monitor the grill temperature by attaching the clip to the grate. Temperature gauges on grills are not precision instruments by any stretch of the imagination, +/- 50 degrees at best. The Blue Tooth worked great, so I could enjoy the indoor AC along with everyone else.P.S. – I liked it so much, I sent my cousin in Wisconsin one just like it!

  26. CfC

    Very accurate and the remote always syncs with the base and the range is excellent

  27. Mark Bisig

    Cook all meats without the worry!!

  28. Off-Grid Family

    This is definitely a step up from my last 2 standard digital probe thermometers. I had one from IKEA that started to malfunction after about 6 months of regular use. The next I had was the base model Thermpro that I used and abused for a few years before I saw this one and decided to upgrade.This beast has 2 separate displays in case you are cooking 2 meats at once. This works if you are cooking 2 roasts or portions of meat that are the same or 2 totally different things. The settings are separate and can each be set independently for any type of meat, or just to a specific temperature if you are using them for something that isn’t meat.The design seems to be larger and more rugged looking than my other model. It also comes with a remote monitor, which mirrors the main display (that has the probes plugged into it) from other rooms or even outside the house. This means it will notify you when your meat is at temperature even if you are in another room, outside gardening, or if you are inside and using the probes outside in your grill or smoker. This allows you to relax a bit instead of constantly checking it and causing temperature fluctuations in the oven or grill. This means the cooking will happen a bit faster without you worrying you will burn something. It offers peace of mind and up to 2 types of food will be cooked perfectly with a lot less stress. So far I love this thing. It’s super useful for getting other things done while you are cooking without stressing that you will screw it up.

  29. Techguy186

    Worked great on my first cook. Temps are accurate.

  30. awesome

    Quality equipment and lots of control over hi and low temps as well as alarms.

  31. Douglas Leavitt

    Bought this for my propane smoker. It works great. The magnets on the transmitter and receiver make it easy to place anywhere. It can do a lot, so be sure to keep the instruction manual handy until you get used to how it works. It really needs a storage case though to keep it all organized when not in use.

  32. The Fischers

    Right out of the box it was very easy to set up and use. It provided good range and temperature accuracy. In my case the distance was about 75 feet between the smoker and my kitchen inside. I like that I can monitor the grill/smoker temp as well as the protein being cooked. The alarms are nice and loud so you won’t miss what temp your shooting for. Overall I鈥檓 glad I made this purchase.

  33. juan Fernando Mansilla Paetau

    Hacer carne en churrasquera 100 puntos

  34. Kurtis Powers

    Once you throughly read the instructions this becomes a must have tool for anyone new to smoking or grilling use mine almost every week smoking pork chicken or beef absolutely love it and the receiver works amazingly far away I actually now with it on my side and will work inside my house which is about 150ft away from my smoker

  35. Amy S.

    Easy to set up, Easy to hook up, Used it last night for the first time while smoking meatloaf, worked perfectly. The alarms are worth the extra money over the 20

  36. Joe H

    TP28 Thermpro got this for Christmas only used it once so far for a prime rib in the oven. Worked great in the oven, prime rib came out perfect. Can wait to use it in my smoker and try out the “monitor bbq temp” feature. The probes are a bit long at 6.5 inches, I will be looking to purchase shorter probes. I will update my review once I have a chance to use it a bit more.

  37. Joseph J. Carter

    I really like this thermometer. It is very easy to use and pair with the base. It is easy to select the doneness of the meat for each probe. That has been incredibly helpful when cooking steaks. I tested it against my other thermometer and the temperature for both probes was accurate. There are many ways use whether propping up, attaching it to a surface via magnet or clipping to your belt. I also like that the probes have a plastic piece that helps you store it without the wires becoming a mess.Pros:Very easy to useDual probes which can have different temp settingsRuggedYou can step away from the stove or grill and atill monitorProbes are accurateConsNone so far

  38. Mike Thompson

    New Green Egg owner. ThermoPro TP28 is durable and gives you confidence.

  39. Linda Jost

    Got this for my husband for Christmas. He could not wait until Christmas to use it. It works great for cooking meat outside. You can keep track of the meat temp without standing over the grill

  40. John Richardson

    Worked like a champ

  41. JAMES

    Works great, long range remote, well worth the price.

  42. Mary K Capasso

    We used the thermometer to smoke a prime rib and were very pleased with results.

  43. paul mills

    The quality of my meats has improved and so has our enjoyment of them. I wish I had known about it years ago.

  44. meto

    The dual probe and the timer is what I wanted. Very nice.

  45. D. Deardorff

    These meat thermometers work great on our gas and smoker grills. When compared to our other meat probes, they are accurate. Operation is intuitive, instructions not really necessary. Main box magnetizes to metal to stay out of the way. Watch the remote monitor in your house while you prepare other food. Alarm sounds when the meat reaches your desired temp.

  46. TT

    Very good meat thermometer and super easy to use. Really like the 2 probe feature and remote display. Temperature on first smoked meat was a little off but still within desired doneness. I would recommend and buy again.

  47. Charles M Bradham

    Poor instructions for set up and using.

  48. dahendry

    this one the best things i have bought for grilling

  49. Richard J.

    Just what I was looking for.

  50. Real Duchesne

    Work well, it’s enough easy to use

  51. Arnold Scott

    Hurry up and make a case for it.

  52. HPK

    I used both probs and checked them with two other thermometer that I know to be on the money they were all showing the same reading!! The range on the unit works great at 450 feet!

  53. Avid Reader

    I use this with my Kamado grill when doing long smokes. Very accurate and easy to set up for different cooking scenarios.

  54. chris Easterling

    Wanted to love this but it wouldn’t let me. Cheaply made, wire and probe cover slides up and down instead of being crimped- super annoying and dangerous. It got moderately we as all things do in a kitchen. Digital face was screwy after that then it was a slow death from there. At this price I expected 2 years but 6 months is unacceptable. Great concept crappy product

  55. Ken Allen

    Probes respond to surrounding heat becoming inaccurate representation of internal temp of meat. This is the most important function of this product. I sent it back after the first attempted use, which was a failure.

  56. FSUmommy

    This meat thermometer is accurate, but build quality is not the greatest and for price point I would expect a solid construction. Below is a list of pros and cons:Pros:Easy to read screen with great lightingGreat visible color, size and shape of each unitConnectivity is goodCons:Build quality could be better. Magnet fell off on the back so I can鈥檛 hang it up anymoreOne of the temp prongs malfunctionedThis is an okay product and is definitely accurate, but it needs so tweaking. Maybe I just got a faulty unit, but I can鈥檛 give 5 stars. If I repurchase at this price point, II would probably buy a different unit that connects to my phone.

  57. Erik P.

    Works pretty good. I am having an issue where it randomly will start reading the wrong temperature by a significant amount. Turn it off and on a couple times and that seems to work.

  58. Sab H.

    I used these to cook steaks.I love how accurate it could be and how fast it reads the Temperature. I think if each probe would have a different color, would be much better to avoid following the wire and see if it is plugged in the number 1 or 2.I like my steaks super rare, and following the chart of temperatures, I was a little disappointed, although this is referred to regulations on the country. My steaks were actually more on the medium rare, so next time, I am not allowing that temperature going above 105F.!Using the device can be really intuitive and simple, you could not almost have the instructions and decifer how to use it.

  59. Howard Estill

    Love how easy it is to read.

  60. Bob from Accounting

    I just used this for the first time in my smoker, it was great for telling me the ambient temp, and I love that I could take the receiver to the other end of the house while I work. However, after not too long, the receiver would beep a lot, and power down. In 3 hours I had to go back to the smoker and get the receiver to re-sync with the main unit.I’ll plan to update as my testing continues.

  61. NikNak


  62. C.Ball

    Product works exactly as described. Perfect for grill or oven! Made a perfect Xmas turkey with it!

  63. rjasper94

    I smoked my first brisket and used this thermometer. I smoked it overnight and was able to bring the wireless receiver to my bedroom so I could monitor it throughout the night and man oh man did that beat walking into the cold night to check it manually. I have been using other wireless Bluetooth thermometers before, and NONE of them would reach the distance I needed. This thermometer exceeded the range needed and I could not be happier. Highly recommend.

  64. go fly!

    Overall it works. I probably would have spent money on a unit that has an app. The small unit does not chime to let you know the food is done, only the outdoor unit does. The distance to keep the two units separated is closer to 15ft not what the manufacturer claims.

  65. Brian

    Good product. I did find that the probes are a little on the long side, gave me troubles using in my smoker box due to limited space. No problem with probes in the oven or bbq. I like using the second probe as an ambient temp monitor.

  66. daniel gillespie

    The ease of use . Showed my cronies and they agree great for keeping an eye on Temps for a novice smoker

  67. Knobby-Camp

    Easy to use, checked against my high-end HVAC meters and within 2 degrees, both high and low. Certainly accurate enough for cooking, by a sight!!! If a two-probe will suffice, this is certainly nice.

  68. J.D.

    I have a Cuisinart bluetooth wireless smartphone version that only works well if you are close to the unitithin 20 ft. Bluetooth wireless has terrible rangeThe Thermopro has great range and is accurate. If you are done with Bluetooth as I am, get one of these. Plus you get a the retro feeling of wearing a pager. Look it up young people.

  69. jc

    super easy to use, and unlike most everything else that lists a transmittable range, this actually delivers.

  70. Debra

    This is so EASY TO USE and ACCURATE..GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY..Don’t miss this one..

  71. Anon1

    Excellent purchase. This item is easy to use with great features. Our turkey came out perfect

  72. Carlos D. Herd

    Cooked steaks to medium and medium rare. The preset temperature for the probes helped cook the steaks perfect. And the unit is pretty easy to use.

  73. brett

    Great product. Properly cooked steak is much better!

  74. Lisa S

    I purchased the TP28 to replace an inexpensive bluetooth thermometer received (and returned) as a Christmas gift. The bluetooth thermometer continually would have issues connecting to the app, even when I was standing right next to it – essentially unusable. On top of that, the button cell battery died after only a few hours of use.Enter the TP-28. This thing is everything the other thermometer was not. 1: Simple (no buggy app to install or deal with) – and 2: reliable (never once had an issue with the receive not picking up the signal from the transmitter). I didn’t test whether the 500ft claim is truly accurate, but I did take the transmitter all over the house without any trouble picking up the transmitter.As for accuracy, I checked both probes multiple times (before and after my cook) and the one probe was spot on (212 degrees in boiling water) and the other initially read 211 (but later read 212 on my 2nd test).A few minor improvements I’d love to see added in a future version:1) I wanted to see what would happen if the transmitter dies, so I tried turning it off as well as removing the batteries to simulate the batteries in the transmitter dying. Unfortunately, nothing happened on the receiver except an indicator that flashes when data is received stopped flashing. Digging through the manual, it looks like there’s an alarm after 30 minutes. For me, this delay is way too long. I’d rather have it be as short as 1 minute to ensure the grill doesn’t change outside the set temp range and I don’t get notified. It would be nice if this delay was user-configurable. I’d like to be able to use this thermometer overnight for long smoke sessions, and not knowing for 30 minutes if the transmitter battery dies is a bit concerning due to the possibility of the grill temp going outside the target range.2) no way to disable beep when buttons pressed. When you’re messing w/ programming the transmitter before starting a cook, all the beeping can get annoying every time you press a button. I wish there was a way to disable the beeping, as you can see the display change when you press a button (so no need for an audio cue as well)3) I think the transmitter’s alarm only has two settings: flashing the backlight and beeping. I wish there was another option: off. When smoking overnight, it’s nice to have the outdoor alarm be silent, so it’s not making noise that could disrupt people sleeping in earshot of transmitter. It would also be nice to not have the flashing backlight unnecessarily wear down the battery.These issues are fairly minor, and overall this is an outstanding product. I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without such a device, but thanks to the TP-28, never again!

  75. Anthony Hyjer

    Incredibly accurate and easy to use, heck yeah!

  76. Randy E Carmichael Sr

    Just used once still trying to figure it out. Should be nice to use when I get it to work properly

  77. Ken Shaw

    This device has a lot of features for the person that does not want to keep a close eye on the temperature. For me it is not what I want since I want to know exactly what the temp currently is inside my grill without setting ranges and then have this device beep at me when it hit the low or the high value. And yes it states that you can set it to measure the ambient temperature inside your smoker, but this again is done in ranges and to know the temp you have to use math to subtract from the high temp setting. I will replace with something cheaper…

  78. J Gray

    This is a must have if you are cooking a prime rib! Settings were hard to figure out at first but it works great!

  79. Jason Cheers

    Works great so far, I don’t use the remote though, I like to sit by my grill or smoker and have a few beers

  80. Carl Parnell

    There is nothing that I dislike about this product.

  81. Cliff Geiger

    Well built, but main unit is now outside and that kinda stinks.Functions easier to accessNo case available which is really disappointing

  82. Upstate New York

    This works great and is very accurate with temperature.

  83. DoItURSelf

    Great product for my new Char-Broil smoker (which is notorious for its temperature inaccuracies). I verified the ThermoPro’s accuracy: it read 33 degrees in a glass of ice water (mostly ice) and 210 degrees in a pot of rolling boiling water (the exact boiling point for my city’s 1,000 foot altitude). This helped me conclude that my Char-Broil runs 30 degrees to 60 degrees hotter than its programmed temperature. I mounted one probe on a rack of the smoker (a handy shelf clip is included to keep it off the metal rack) to measure smoker’s interior temperature, and put the other probe in the meat to track meat temperature. Learning how to change the various settings for each probe, different meats, and high/low temp alarms takes some effort, but overall this is a great device and a necessity for using my otherwise inaccurate smoker. I also used on a gas grill for 2 steaks – one probe set for med rare and the other probe for med.

  84. scubascaff

    This thing has quite a long range so I can be inside the house monitoring the temperature in the cold weather (we live in New England). Accuracy seems really good, and it is somewhat easy to use but I need to play around with a little bit more because, although I think I now know how I need to set it up so that temperature alarms and what not I’m still learning how to set it up.

  85. Straight Up Review

    I got this to replace the later version because it would always loose signal and not read temps when I was upstairs with smoker on back patio. This new version works perfect. Lets me know when those meats are ready to come off

  86. The Toolman

    Easy to program.Excellent range. I tested this all over the house and it worked fine.Nice backlight.Dual temperature displays.Can be used with or without remote.Includes spools for storing probe wires.No negatives that I’ve encountered so far.

  87. Rico

    I am so impressed with the bluetooth connection of this thermometer. I can monitor my grill that’s at the detached garage while i’m in the basement. Couldn’t be happier

  88. J R Evans

    100%!!!! top of of the line

  89. Django Fett

    I looked at a number of devices before selecting this one. There were some with Internet connectivity but I don’t typically leave home with the fire burning. This fully met my needs.Pointer: the recommended temperature for Pork is now lower than the default of the device. Very easy to modify, so a non-issue.

  90. Ralph Valenzuela

    I love this remote wireless thermometer. Totally takes the guess work out of barbequing.

  91. Dorian Goode

    I purchased this particular unit for outdoor grilling, but has become very useful for kitchen use as well. Great for multitaskers and I now store my unit on my refrigerator. The magnet on back keeps it in place.

  92. Steve

    Easy setup, performed flawlessly right out of the box for 26 hours straightPulled Pork was so juicy I could stick my finger right into the meat.Definitely reccomend

  93. Adi

    I like it for oven baking poultry. It does the job but the accuracy is a little bit off. I recommend taking it out about 10-15 degree F before the actual temp. I use a different probe to check the temperature to be sure.

  94. herman rotter

    Really hard to set up. Not easy to ise

  95. grammie

    Purchased as gift for avid griller. Looks great, prompt Shipping.

  96. james

    Came on time and works great, like the duel probes, 1 for pit temp and 1 for meat

  97. Charles W. Andrews

    Awesome unit – much better than Bluetooth.I had a Weber Bluetooth unit and it was just about worthless. Any more than 10 or 15 feet away, and it lost connection.This unit, however works without interruption through the house and into the basement on the other side.Perfectly accurate, out of the box.

  98. Miller Tyme

    One of our friends loves to BBQ and use his smoker, so we thought this would be a good tool for his likes. He tested it the first weekend we gave it to him, and he loves it. The beef roast he made turned out amazing and he liked the way the thermometer worked. I cannot wait to see how good it works with the smoked meats.The gift was liked very well and will be used many times each year and we will be part of the celebrations.

  99. Gregfred

    Gave as gift. Wish I had kept for myself

  100. T. Crossland

    got to use while using our electric smoker. This is amazing. don’t have to sit and babysit it or constantly run out to check. We found it to be easy to use and accurate. worth every penny.

  101. Dusty

    Works Great and Quality is there.

  102. paintrbill

    Use this for smoking temps on my smoker as an ambient stand alone probe and a meat temp prob. Works as it should. Accurate and seems quality built.

  103. Outcast

    The 500ft range is no joke, I was further away than that and it works great! I love that there is no app to download or anything so anyone can easily use it.Seems to be plenty accurate, I haven’t overcooked anything yet!I found the timer feature quite cumbersome to setup and use. I’ve used the timer a couple times and have to refer to the manual every time.

  104. LostMC

    Over all I like it but it doesn’t seem to read the same as my probes on my smoker.

  105. N. Aoun

    It is not that difficult to use, will take 10 minutes to learn how to set it up.I have the old model with a single probe and I really liked it; so I chose to buy this one with dual probes.The problem is the accuracy; I noticed that it is off by many degrees when compared to the old model and to some old fashioned thermometers. Very upsetting.

  106. TJ

    Works great. Accurate – Both probes show water boiling at 210 degrees , which is exactly what it should be at my altitude. I kind of wish I had bought one with 4 probes, but some of the 4 probes models had bad reviews of shutting off after 2 hours so maybe this one is better. Although I don’t think I would ever go 2 hours without touching a button, at least not on a charcoal smoker. I split a brisket, so having 3 probes would have helped. 1 for the point, 1 for the flat and 1 for the ambient temperate of the charcoal smoker. But 2 probes still worked great. I love the high / low setting when in BBQ mode. I can relax a bit while smoking, even take a nap.

  107. Mary K Ely

    We use this on a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. The smoker had a smart phone connection that worked onetime. I like this feature so I can view the cooking process.

  108. Brian Crawford

    Easy to use, very happy with the device. As mentioned elsewhere, the probes are long and can be too big for some meats, but not a major drawback.

  109. Bill H

    Works as intended, seems pretty accurate. I’ve been able to receive the signal at the remote from over 50 feet with no physical obstructions in the signal path. And I can receive the signal from the grill on the deck to the kitchen and den in the house.

  110. Rick

    I would give 5 stars if not for a design flaw…The magnet on the back of the transmitter sits too far into a recessed well built into the battery cover. Because the magnet sits too low it doesn’t make solid contact with the object you’re sticking it to (such as a BBQ, oven door, or refrigerator); gravity takes over and the transmitter slides down to the ground instead of staying in place. What’s the point of the magnet if not secure attachment?A friend has the ThermoPro TP27 and on that model the magnet on the back of the transmitter sits higher and sticks firmly. Why does the magnet on the ThermoPro TP28 sit too low to work effectively?Love the performance of the probes. Would rate this 5 stars if the magnetic attachment was secure.

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