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ThermoPro Goes 3D with Virtual Reality BBQ

ThermoPro brisket 3D model

Do you constantly crave BBQ? Want to enjoy a perfectly grilled steak over the internet? You’re in luck because delicious, mouth-watering BBQ is only a click away with virtual reality BBQ!

These amazing, life-like 3D models were created by Tobias Chen, a 3D modeler with a passion for barbecue. Tobias has created 3D versions of a grilled steak and brisket that are so life-like that is difficult to distinguish them from the real thing! 

Virtual Reality BBQ Steak

Check out the mouth-watering virtual reality BBQ models below! By using your internet browser, you can interact with the model by zooming in and out, and view them from any angle by using your mouse or fingers (for mobile phones). 

Here is the render of the steak:

ThermoPro Steak by Tobias.Chen on Sketchfab

Virtual Reality BBQ Brisket

And here is the render of the brisket:

How It Was Done

“Our company used a process called ‘Structure from motion,’ which is a photogrammetric range imaging technique for estimating three-dimensional structures from two-dimensional image sequences,” explained Tobias, adding that the entire process “took around 1 week.”

But seeing them in your browser is just the first step. If you happen to own a virtual reality headset, you’ll be able to see these 3D models from a true first-person perspective. If this becomes a popular trend, then who knows, maybe we’ll begin to see the rise of “virtual reality BBQ”!

Eagle-eyed ThermoPro customers will also notice the inclusion of our very own TP27 in Tobias’ models. We couldn’t be prouder that this is the first depiction of a ThermoPro product in 3D!


ThermoPro brisket 3D model

ThermoPro: Ideal for the Backyard or Virtual Reality

As Tobias tells us, he’s become a faithful user of ThermoPro thermometers. 

“The TP27 was the product we used during the cooking process, but throughout our house we use several ThermoPro thermometers and hygrometers,” he said.

Just as he is with 3D models, Tobias is likewise no slouch when it comes to his BBQ technique.

“I don’t have a smoker yet, so my favorite thing to grill is a ribeye steak!” said Tobias, specifying a preference for “either beef or bison.” 

More 3D BBQ to come?

As impressive and delectable as these look, Tobias hints at the possibility that there may be more BBQ 3D models to come in the future. 

Absolutely!” he said. “A 3D Tomahawk would look amazing!”

Are you a BBQ connoisseur looking to upgrade your barbecue skills! Consider getting a meat thermometer like the TP27. This wireless unit features a standalone transmitter with a 500-foot range that allows you to always keep an eye on your cooking. Equipped with 4 color-coded probes, the TP27 lets you monitor up to 4 different cuts of meat at one time, or save one probe to monitor the ambient temperature of your BBQ, grill, or oven.


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