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Best Meat Thermometer Deals on Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday Deals-3

You want to find great meat thermometer deals when you’re shopping online, and you can achieve that on Cyber Monday easily! Here’s what you need to know about cyber Monday to find the best Cyber Monday deals 2018 and some websites where the best meat thermometers can be found: How Did Cyber Monday Start? Cyber Monday […]

Comprehensive Meat Thermometer Guide 2018

The Essential Function and Use of Meat Thermometers Everyone knows that great chefs learn their trade at culinary schools, and one of the first things that they learn in culinary school is all about meat thermometers. Meat thermometer guides are in the textbooks, and the critical knowledge of their use must be as comprehensive as […]

5 Care Tips to Prolong ThermoPro TP-18 Life

ThermoPro TP-18 Features

Even some of the best gourmet cooks forgo the use of a meat thermometer, but if you’re cooking or grilling a large piece of meat or poultry for a crowd, you want to be on the safe side concerning the inner temperature of both. You want the assurance that your dish is going to meet […]

Delicious Halloween Cookies Recipes: Bake or Break?

featured image halloween cookies

It’s that spooky time of year again, and delicious cookie treats are expected. How to bake cookies isn’t as intuitive as it should be. A lot of people just settle for mediocre cookies. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect cookies this Halloween! Get your cookies right the first time and wow your friends and […]

6 Reasons Why USDA Recommend Using Food Thermometer

food thermometer recommendation

An essential element of food safety is making sure that your prepared food is cooked until it reaches a safe temperature. You may ask, “Why use the food thermometer“? Well, the use of a food thermometer is necessary because every year in the United States millions of people are stricken with foodborne illness, and thousands […]

Best Black Friday Deals! Must Have Digital Thermometer Coupons 2018

best Black Friday Thermometer Deals 2018

The holiday season is almost here, so now is the time to search for the best Black Friday thermometer deals. Look no further — we’ve done the hard work to bring you these fantastic digital thermometer coupons and deals to help you save big on the digital thermometers you need. Here is a list of […]

8 things you didn’t know you could measure with a food thermometer

featured image

Food thermometer usage is most applicable in the kitchen to help in cooking food. It’s used to kill harmful bacteria and prevent food poisoning. Its usage also determines how well the food has been prepared. Checking food without the thermometer won’t give you the desired accurate results. You can’t look at food and assume that […]

2018 Halloween: Don’t be a Butterfingers When You Bake Butter Fingers!

Halloween Butterfingers Recipe

Were you the kid who tripped and dropped things? Did your ungainly manner earn you the title clumsy, klutz or the sweetest endearment of all: butterfingers? You’re not alone. But, now is the time to show the world that you’ve improved. Start by mastering a recipe for homemade butterfingers—especially in October when a Halloween butter […]

Top10 Candy Thermometers for Halloween 2018

2018 Top 10 Halloween Candy Thermometers Reviews

For a while now, Halloween and candy have been best of friends thanks to the trick-or-treat phenomenon. This October will be no different as people will be trooping to stores to buy billions of dollars in candy. Now, instead of buying candy, why not try making them this year? Making candy at home has never […]

Can Meat Thermometer Be Used for Candy?

featured image tempering chocolate

When making candy, whether at home or in a professional setting, the temperature is everything. Most recipes call for a candy-making thermometer to test the temperature of the ingredients, but not just everyone has a candy-making thermometer lying around in their kitchen. Indeed, those who are looking at making candy in the comfort of their […]