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How to Maintain Greenhouse Inside Humidity?

how to maintain greenhouse humidity

Depending on the season, temperatures can get quite high and in turn, increase moisture in greenhouses. Water will evaporate from leaves and the soil doubling the humidity levels in the greenhouse. Every plant requires certain levels of moisture for growth healthily. This causes the need to maintain humidity in greenhouse a priority. Before you think […]

How to Control Humidity for Musical Instruments?

how to control humidity for musical instruments

Musical instruments play important roles for most people. For some, they provide a calming effect and a sense of fulfillment. Checking the humidity level for musical instruments allows you to protect them. Humidity control is especially important if you have any instruments that are made of wood. This article will delve into all the different […]

Everything You Need to Know About High Humidity

High humidity inside your home can cause mold growth, and can be harmful for both you and your family. We think it’s essential to control humidity levels at home and this article throws light on everything you need to know about how it can affect your family if not taken care of. Content Overview: Part […]

How to Monitor Home Humidity Levels?

monitor home humidity levels

The levels of humidity in your home significantly affect your comfort level as well as your health. If the humidity level falls outside the recommended range, it can not only harm your health but also cause damage to fabrics, furniture, and mechanical systems. Maintaining an optimum level of humidity is imperative and an indoor humidity […]

How Humidity Affects Meat Production

humidity affects meat production

For meats and other foods to remain safe for consumption during storage, the proper precautions need to be taken. Humidity in food processing is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to storing meat and keeping microorganisms from thriving in a meat processing environment. Below, we have discussed how humidity affects […]

Difference between Hygrometer and Humidistat

ThermoPro Temperature and Hygrometer

If you intend to improve the level of humidity in your home, you need to learn about units used in measuring humidity levels. Generally, there are two types of hygrometer humidistat, and knowing the difference between hygrometer and humidistat is the easiest way to determine your exact needs and the instrument that will serve your […]

Ideal Indoor Humidity for Winter

ThermoPro Temperature and Humidity Monitor

When Jack Frost comes visiting this year, he’ll bring with him chilly toes and cold fingers. But that cold stranger may also bring hidden problems to your home in the form of low indoor humidity in winter. Low humidity can bring all sorts of issues that can negatively affect your health and your home. So […]

What Units Are Used to Measure Humidity?

hunidity measurement units

Humidity can be a complex topic to understand. Just about everyone knows that it refers to the amount of moisture in the air, but you’re a lot less likely to find someone who understands the different humidity measurement units. In this article, we’ll go over the five different units that you need to learn, and […]

How does Temperature Affect Relative Humidity

how does temperature affect relative humidity

Lots of people wonder how does air temperature affect relative humidity? You must understand that moisture is present in everything including the air. Just like a sponge, the air soaks up moisture. It’s called humidity. Relative humidity means how much moisture is in the air at a certain temperature. If the temperature rises, but the […]

Hygrometer, Humidity and Climate Relationship

temperature, climate and humidity relationship

Whether it is in the Earth’s atmosphere or a terrarium for plant and/or animals; humidity and temperature play a critical role in the environment. How the two of these interact to decide how moist the environment may be, the temperature, and the overall health of living things. Air temperatures change and affect the ability of […]