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ThermoPro TP28 Super Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Smoker BBQ Grill

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  • Dual probes for both food and BBQ】: Digital food thermometer for cooking has dual probes to monitor food or BBQ/oven/grill/smoker simultaneously, making it the ideal solution for monitoring temperatures for extended periods of time such as when BBQing, smoking, grilling, deep-frying, homebrewing and oven-roasting;
  • Extra long remote range of 500 feet】: Digital cooking thermometer features next generation RF wireless technology to achieve extended range up to 500 feet and stronger signal strength through obstacles and walls, essential when monitoring meals at a long distance and guaranteeing to reach anywhere in your home or yard;
  • Standalone transmitter】: Digital meat thermometer features a unique design where all key programmable buttons are located on transmitter to allow usage of the kitchen thermometer without the receiver, perfect for those fast cooking meats like fish or steak in short distance;
  • Timer & smart alarm】: BBQ thermometer features count up and countdown timer that is perfect timing side veggie dishes; The receiver has 4 alarm modes to choose from: Beep, Vibration, Beep & Vibration, Silent, perfect for those late night cooks;
  • USDA preset temperatures】: Smoker thermometer contains preset temperatures for 10 types of meat and their various doneness levels recommended by USDA. All the preset temps can be adjusted to suit your personal tastes;
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Wireless Meat BBQ Thermometer Banner

ThermoPro TP28 Wireless Meat Thermometer

Features dual food graded probes, ThermoPro TP28 can monitor temperatures for extended periods of time, making it ideal for smoking, BBQ and grilling. Built with the new generation RF wireless technology, meat thermometer wireless has a long range up to 500FT and transmission strength available for an alarm thermometer. Guaranteed to keep you connected to your cook from anywhere in your home or yard.


  • Remote Range: Up to 500 feet
  • Smart Alarm: Beep, Vibration, Beep&Vibration, Silence
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C)
  • Backlit and Large LCD Screen
  • Countdown & Count Up Timer
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Low Battery Indicator
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

Package Contents:

  • 1 *Receiver
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 2 x Probes
  • 4 x 3A batteries
  • 1*Clip
  • 1 x Manual


  • Dual probe technology, monitor two different meats or one meat and the grill/oven/smoker temp
  • Programmed with preset USDA approved temperatures for different types of meat and doneness levels, ideal for beginners and experienced cooks alike

High Accuracy & Heat Resistance

Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C). Meat thermometer wireless has upgraded 6.5″ Super Long food grade stainless steel probe with ±1.8°F/1°C accuracy in a range from 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C) to detect the core temp of meat.

Smart Temperature Alarm – Silent Mode!

Smart Temperature Alarm – Silent Mode!

Once the temperature of the MEAT/BBQ reaches your set temperature, both the transmitter and receiver will sound an alarm with vibration, never miss the perfect cook again! Silence your devices for when having those late night or early morning cooks.

Large LCD Display with Backlight

Large LCD Display with Backlight

The compact receiver features a Large LCD screen with backlight button that shows the ALL current temperature readings. The backlight makes it superbly easy to view in all light conditions, even at night; Select between Celsius/Fahrenheit readings.

Countdown & Count Up Timer

Countdown & Count Up Timer

Countdown and count up timer with two time duration options (99min 59sec, 99hr 59min), manage your time effectively.

No More Mess! Tidier Storage with Probe Winder

No More Mess! Tidier Storage with Probe Winder

Probe winders put an end to messy probe wires in your drawers. With the TP28 probe winder, store neatly!

Convenient Placement Options

With sturdy base, put your thermometer on a countertop; Strong magnets on back to attach to the the side of your grill/smoker; Place it on a kitchen hook with the hanging hole.

Thermometer Work with Any Cooking Appliance

23 reviews for ThermoPro TP28 Super Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Smoker BBQ Grill

  1. gillettrobert

    Read-out responds quickly. Readable in the sun and shade. The remote receivers connects and works as one, with the base transmitter. Stand alone Bluetooth doesn’t require a phone or internet (exactly what I was looking for). Settings are a little challenging, but this is the first time use. Should be fine when becoming more familiar. Would recommend to friends. SIDE NOTE I bought the hard case for the TP99. Not a “custom” fit, but works just fine. I store the 3rd and 4th probes in the cover pouch.

  2. T. Crossland

    got to use while using our electric smoker. This is amazing. don’t have to sit and babysit it or constantly run out to check. We found it to be easy to use and accurate. worth every penny.

  3. Donald Young

    Very easy to use

  4. Bill M.

    I’ve had several wireless cooking thermometers over the years, and I’ve even had a ThermoPro wireless cooking thermometer before (TP07), and to date, this is the best wireless thermometer I’ve owned. In my opinion ThermoPro got this one right. It’s a pleasure to use. I like it a lot.

    Using this wireless thermometer is as simple as can be. Simply insert probe 1 into your meat, turn the transmitter and receiver on, select what you’re cooking, set the doneness level of the meat, and that’s it, you’re pretty much good to go. And, of course, you can setup probe 2 to monitor the temperature of a second item or piece of meat if you wish.

    I became interested in this wireless thermometer primarily because of the shortcomings of my previous thermometers. And the main shortcoming for me has been the wireless range. The manufacture’s stated ranges are, of course, their achieved ranges under ideal conditions, not typical conditions. Consequently, none of the thermometers until this one would send a reliable signal to every room in my house. My home office is the farthest room from my barbecue and smoker, and this is the first wireless thermometer that actually keeps its wireless connection while in my office.

    Additionally, I think this type of wireless thermometer is far better than the Bluetooth/smartphone thermometers. And that’s because it gives you an always-on display unit/receiver. You can get the current temperature of your meat with a mere passing glance at the receiver. That’s simply not the case with Bluetooth/smartphone thermometers, and that’s a really big negative in my book.

    So, if you’re looking for a wireless cooking thermometer, this is the first one that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It feels beefy and well built, it’s super easy to use, and the useable range in real world conditions is excellent. ThermoPro nailed this one in my opinion. I’m very happy with it. I recommend it.

    If you have any questions about this ThermoPro dual probe wireless thermometer, please feel free to ask, and I’ll try my best to answer. I hope you found this review helpful.

  5. Joseph J. Carter

    I really like this thermometer. It is very easy to use and pair with the base. It is easy to select the doneness of the meat for each probe. That has been incredibly helpful when cooking steaks. I tested it against my other thermometer and the temperature for both probes was accurate. There are many ways use whether propping up, attaching it to a surface via magnet or clipping to your belt. I also like that the probes have a plastic piece that helps you store it without the wires becoming a mess.

    Very easy to use
    Dual probes which can have different temp settings
    You can step away from the stove or grill and atill monitor
    Probes are accurate

    None so far

  6. Hairy Potter

    I have a pellet grill that has two temperature probes. I ordered this meat thermometer so that I would have a separate temperature system that I could use in conjunction with the grill’s probes to ensure that I was getting proper temperature readings when I was grilling. I really like this thermometer. I could tell when taking it out of the packaging that it is well-built. It is not a lightweight thermometer like others that I have owned. The probes are high quality and have long leads. The thermometer is loaded with features, and it has a claimed transmitting range of 500 feet, which is quite a long distance for a digital thermometer.

    The kit comes with a transmitter, a receiver, two probes, a grill clip, four batteries, and a manual. The probes come with a probe winder that keeps them organized when not being used. The grill clip is used to hold one of the probes in position off the grill to track the grill temperature, rather than the meat’s temperature.

    The manual is detailed and provides all of the information needed to use the device, except for adequate information on how to insert the batteries into the receiver. The manual shows the location of the battery compartment for the transmitter, but not for the receiver. Unfortunately, it is not clear just by looking at the back of the receiver where the battery compartment is and how to open it. I initially did not want to start prying on anything for fear of breaking something, but I eventually was able to pry open a latch that revealed the battery compartment. This latch opens from the very top of the back of the receiver.

    Before its first use, I followed ThermoPro’s online procedure for checking the calibration of the thermometer. This is not a required, or even suggested, procedure; I just wanted to check. The results showed that both probe’s calibration was spot on. I also tested the probes in boiling water. Taking into consideration the altitude adjusted boiling temperature at my home, they were again spot on. If you repeat the boiling test, keep in mind that unless you are at sea level, the actual boiling temperature decreases with an increase in altitude. With these test results I have great confidence in this thermometer’s accuracy.

    The two probes can be independently programmed. They can both be set to measure the same type of meat and doneness, or different meats, or different doneness, or one probe can measure meat and the other the grill’s internal temperature. The thermometer’s programming has preset temperatures for various meats and doneness that can be set or, if desired, overridden. The device will alert you when the temperature reaches the set point.
    You can set a minimum and/or maximum temperature that, if exceeded, will also issue an alert. This is a good feature for monitoring grill temperature during long cooks. A count up/down timer feature is also included.

  7. Shane O. Laake

    I’ve used Maverick wireless thermometers, Weber’s iGrill setups, and many generics. I’ll say that the biggest competition for this is the generics (sometimes price does win out). If you’re not going for the cheapest solution, get this.

    This setup just works. It works every time. It works without any hassles. It doesn’t require pairing, Bluetooth, or apps. This won’t become defunct when that app becomes unsupported or ask for all sorts of permissions to your data. It’s just a thermometer, a display, and a wireless display.

    The thermometer probes yield consistent results (between each other and my previous ThermoPro probes. This is unlike my iGrill where half my probes vary by 8-10 degrees F. The range is superb (I never got anywhere near the range limit, but I did throw several walls in between with no issues.

    Compared the other units (including cheaper generics), I think the reliable temperatures, easy to use controls, and availability of ThermoPro replacement bits makes this a winner. As an added bonus, I like the fact that the probes can be used for whatever. I have twice as many Web iGrill probes as I need due to the separate pit and food probes. None of that nonsense here.

  8. Adi

    I like it for oven baking poultry. It does the job but the accuracy is a little bit off. I recommend taking it out about 10-15 degree F before the actual temp. I use a different probe to check the temperature to be sure.

  9. Amy S.

    Easy to set up, Easy to hook up, Used it last night for the first time while smoking meatloaf, worked perfectly. The alarms are worth the extra money over the 20

  10. Sab H.

    I used these to cook steaks.

    I love how accurate it could be and how fast it reads the Temperature. I think if each probe would have a different color, would be much better to avoid following the wire and see if it is plugged in the number 1 or 2.

    I like my steaks super rare, and following the chart of temperatures, I was a little disappointed, although this is referred to regulations on the country. My steaks were actually more on the medium rare, so next time, I am not allowing that temperature going above 105F.!

    Using the device can be really intuitive and simple, you could not almost have the instructions and decifer how to use it.

  11. A. Fabbri

    Finally going wireless is a big upgrade for my long outdoor smoking sessions.

    – Rugged construction. Unlike some other cheaper ThermPro thermometers, this one appears to be much more rugged and built to last. Time will tell, of course, and I’ll update this review if it doesn’t hold up.
    – Dual probe is nice for larger cuts or cooking multiple items at once.
    – Good wireless range.
    – Clear displays with backlights are easy to read.
    – Pretty simple to use in basic “show me the temp” or “beep when its done” modes.

    – Minor nit: Some of the extra features are not obvious how to use without reading instructions.

    Overall I’m very happy with this wireless thermometer so far.

  12. Lisa S

    I purchased the TP28 to replace an inexpensive bluetooth thermometer received (and returned) as a Christmas gift. The bluetooth thermometer continually would have issues connecting to the app, even when I was standing right next to it – essentially unusable. On top of that, the button cell battery died after only a few hours of use.

    Enter the TP-28. This thing is everything the other thermometer was not. 1: Simple (no buggy app to install or deal with) – and 2: reliable (never once had an issue with the receive not picking up the signal from the transmitter). I didn’t test whether the 500ft claim is truly accurate, but I did take the transmitter all over the house without any trouble picking up the transmitter.

    As for accuracy, I checked both probes multiple times (before and after my cook) and the one probe was spot on (212 degrees in boiling water) and the other initially read 211 (but later read 212 on my 2nd test).

    A few minor improvements I’d love to see added in a future version:

    1) I wanted to see what would happen if the transmitter dies, so I tried turning it off as well as removing the batteries to simulate the batteries in the transmitter dying. Unfortunately, nothing happened on the receiver except an indicator that flashes when data is received stopped flashing. Digging through the manual, it looks like there’s an alarm after 30 minutes. For me, this delay is way too long. I’d rather have it be as short as 1 minute to ensure the grill doesn’t change outside the set temp range and I don’t get notified. It would be nice if this delay was user-configurable. I’d like to be able to use this thermometer overnight for long smoke sessions, and not knowing for 30 minutes if the transmitter battery dies is a bit concerning due to the possibility of the grill temp going outside the target range.

    2) no way to disable beep when buttons pressed. When you’re messing w/ programming the transmitter before starting a cook, all the beeping can get annoying every time you press a button. I wish there was a way to disable the beeping, as you can see the display change when you press a button (so no need for an audio cue as well)

    3) I think the transmitter’s alarm only has two settings: flashing the backlight and beeping. I wish there was another option: off. When smoking overnight, it’s nice to have the outdoor alarm be silent, so it’s not making noise that could disrupt people sleeping in earshot of transmitter. It would also be nice to not have the flashing backlight unnecessarily wear down the battery.

    These issues are fairly minor, and overall this is an outstanding product. I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without such a device, but thanks to the TP-28, never again!

  13. Joe Hoesche

    TP28 Thermpro got this for Christmas only used it once so far for a prime rib in the oven. Worked great in the oven, prime rib came out perfect. Can wait to use it in my smoker and try out the “monitor bbq temp” feature. The probes are a bit long at 6.5 inches, I will be looking to purchase shorter probes. I will update my review once I have a chance to use it a bit more.

  14. Lauren Kenny

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. We’ve used a lot of thermometers and this one is way more sturdy. We love the WiFi feature!

  15. Anthony Hyjer

    Incredibly accurate and easy to use, heck yeah!

  16. Suzanne Starr

    Very quality product! The temp was accurate an wireless range was just right for us!

  17. Linda Jost

    Got this for my husband for Christmas. He could not wait until Christmas to use it. It works great for cooking meat outside. You can keep track of the meat temp without standing over the grill

  18. p secrest

    Purchased as gift for avid griller. Looks great, prompt Shipping.

  19. Douglas Leavitt

    Bought this for my propane smoker. It works great. The magnets on the transmitter and receiver make it easy to place anywhere. It can do a lot, so be sure to keep the instruction manual handy until you get used to how it works. It really needs a storage case though to keep it all organized when not in use.

  20. Josh Crockett

    Works great and easy to set timers. However, it would be nice if it included a pot clip so it could used easier for candy making. The clip included doesn’t clip on the side of pot.

  21. Sceth

    You know that sound that Tim The Tool Man Taylor made on his show when he got a new tool that he really liked. This thing is so awesome that it will make you make the same sound. Buy it. The only thing is that both probes are pointed. I wish one them was rounded. Not a deal breaker. I like the probe holder. The feel is great. Display is bright. Easy to figure out how to use it especially if you’re like me and hate to read the instructions first.

  22. Brian

    Good product. I did find that the probes are a little on the long side, gave me troubles using in my smoker box due to limited space. No problem with probes in the oven or bbq. I like using the second probe as an ambient temp monitor.

  23. The Toolman

    Easy to program.
    Excellent range. I tested this all over the house and it worked fine.
    Nice backlight.
    Dual temperature displays.
    Can be used with or without remote.
    Includes spools for storing probe wires.

    No negatives that I’ve encountered so far.

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