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Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

Equipped with Bluetooth technology and comes with 4 color-coded stainless-steel probes that can be used to read four types of food at the same time. With the STEP-DOWN probe tip design and backlit LCD display, receiving and reading an accurate temperature is simple even in the darkest conditions. All smart design helps you Cook Like a Pro!

1. Why the Bluetooth Meat Thermometers Have Connection Issues

  1. The Bluetooth thermometer is at the low battery status;
  2. The signal is interrupted by any barriers;
  3. The wi-fi network problem;

2. How to Fix the Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Connection Issues

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth thermometer have charged;
  2. Reset the Bluetooth thermometer;
  3. Restart the APP;
  4. Remove all the barriers;
  5. Change Router Channel;
  6. Move Closer to the Router;
  7. Get away from microwaves and fluorescent lighting;

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth Meat Thermometers


  1. Cut the cord and go wireless on almost any device;
  2. Fast & accurate readings;
  3. Instantly send data to host device;
  4. No more paperwork eliminates human error;
  5. Technical support &SDK available;


  1. The signal of the Bluetooth will affect the reading;
  2. The range of the thermometer is limited;
  3. It needs to repair with the devices;

4. How to Use Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Accurately?

  • Step 1: Always stay away from the sides of containers. If the probe tip reads the temperature at any given side, it may result in an inaccurate reading.
  • Step 2: When testing a cold food item, you want to locate the warmest section. Then use the probe tip there.
  • Step 3: Do the opposite when testing hot foods. You locate the coldest part of the item. Then insert the probe tip into the section that appears the thickest.