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How to Grill Perfect Hot Dogs?

grill perfect hot dogs

Should you boil hot dogs before grilling? Like many hot dog purists, deciding how to roast your hot dog can be quite a challenge. To some, the questions of how long to grill hot dogs on a gas grill are even more disturbing. However, there are tips and tricks on how to grill hot dogs […]

Can Meat Thermometer be Used for Making Yogurt?

meat thermometer for yogurt

When it comes to making your own yogurt, it’s all about how well you work with the temperature of your culture. If it’s not warm enough, it’ll take you forever. If you’ve got it too hot, you just killed your culture. Growing your own culture of delicious and healthy yogurt bacteria can be regarded as […]

Time and Temperature Control (TCS) Foods Full Guide

TCS Food Time &Temp Control

The TCS food meaning is simple: It’s the process of monitoring time and temperature controls of foods that are at risk of spoiling. In restaurants and commercial kitchens, food safety is of paramount importance. TCS food is the type of food that needs careful monitoring of time and temperature to prevent bacterial growth that can […]

ThermoPro TP19 Review – Easy to use Instant-Read Food Thermometer

TP 19

Have you ever been using a food thermometer, and the screen was simply too difficult to read? A lot of food thermometers have narrow view angles, dark displays, and slow read speeds. If you’re a left-handed individual, those problems are even worse. Most food thermometers are oriented for right-handed people, and lefties are typically forced […]

Super Benefits of Using a Thermocouple Thermometer

product TP-18 )

When cooking different types of meals, it hard to keep up with varying times of cooking. Using color can be unreliable. Sometimes, the food might turn color too soon. Besides, the outer part of the food can cook nicely and the inside to remain uncooked. This challenge is common when preparing a large piece of […]