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How to Smoke Hamburgers?

how to smoke hamburgers

If you are wondering how to smoke hamburgers on a gas grill or how to smoke hamburgers on an electric smoker, you’ll be pleased to find that it’s really not that difficult to do. Smoking burgers gives them a deep flavor that’s not something you can replicate by just frying them in the skillet. Here’s […]

How to Smoke Pastrami?

If you love succulent, supple meats graced with all the flavors, it’s time you learned both how to make pastrami from corned beef and pastrami from a brine, worthy endeavors for any meat lover. Smoked pastrami, the sophisticated doppelganger of smoked brisket for you Texans, infuses tender beef slices with layers of spice and smoke. […]

How to Cook Perfect Beef Tenderloin?

how to cook beef tenderloin

As the name might suggest, the beef tenderloin is the most tender cut of meat on the cow. Butter-soft, rich, and bursting with flavor, a well-cooked tenderloin can be the perfect choice to bring friends and family together over a truly excellent meal. For many people, it’s the kind of meal that you can really […]

How to Smoke a Whole Duck?

how to smoke a duck

Smoked duck is truly a delicacy to be enjoyed as a flavorful dinner entrée or cold appetizer. For duck enthusiasts, it is often the 5-star central dish for a major holiday meal or important event. The best home chefs know that only plucked birds are fit for smoking at specific duck cooking temperature settings. Some […]

What’s the Right Temperature to Smoke/BBQ Pork Shoulder?

proper temperature for bbq and smoking pork shoulder

If you enjoy pork stew, pulled pork, carnitas, and meaty ragus, then pork shoulder should already be on your radar. It is if you are looking to make a meal for a big crowd or making a meal with leftovers to eat some other time. Pork shoulder starts as a fatty and chewy cut of […]